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Found 215 results

  1. I beleave police procedures are there to keep police with in the line and when they break procedure they breaking the law like this case and in this case chief of police did not follow procedure and arrest a person commiting child indangerment his job does not allow him to leave child in a situation that could be causing her harm, his job would be arrest her take child and then call cps. Well he didn't he broke procedure and in turn violated the law he called cps making all sorts of allegations so did he do wrong avoiding his duty as a police officer
  2. I'm trying to find the law which prohibits open fires in Mobile Home Parks in Harris County Texas
  3. reme


    I am planning to bring my fiancé her he had a visa but he was panned from coming back to the US for 5 years since 2015 how long will it take him to get his papers going now to come back to the US
  4. Is the owner of a property required to list easements when selling a property? And if a company who has a easement on a property goes out of business, How does the property owner get that easement removed?
  5. Hello, I live in Austin, TX. My neighbor has 2 pool pumps on his property, one for his pool and the other one for his hot tub. The pool pump makes noise that is comparable to that of an A/C compressor (about 50 decibels), but it seems to have a higher pitch, thus it penetrates through my windows more easily. When only the pool pump works, it almost cannot be heard if I sit in a farther bedroom and close all windows and doors. Keep in mind, though, that this pump works an average of 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, from morning till late afternoon. However, if it is the hot tub pump that turns on, then it can be heard even with all windows and doors closed, emitting an annoying humming noise. Therefore, that pump is the main issue. This has effectively made it impossible for me to be in the bedroom with the window that faces the pumps, and I can’t imagine anyone being able to sleep in that room while it is on. The pumps are located right under that bedroom’s window, and the distance between our 2 houses is very small, so the noise seems to bounce back and forth between them. If someone from his house uses the hot tub late at night, then it makes relaxing and going to sleep difficult, although lately they made an effort to finish all activities until 10:30 pm (when the city noise ordinance kicks in). I did reach out to my neighbor about this, and he has really tried to help, by cleaning and maintaining the pumps on a regular basis. He even agreed to dampen the noise using some plastic mixed with Styrofoam (which cost me about $150) but it caused the pumps to overheat, and so right now the pumps are not dampened once again. In addition, he has requested some quotes from contractors that may be able to build a different structure around the pumps. On my end, I received a quote for insulating my windows (which will cost me about $1,800), and I’m waiting the result of his quotes first. I do need to mention that while both of our houses are brand new, he and his family moved-in earlier than we did, and so the pool and spa were already there when we were building our own house. It’s just that at the time of our home’s construction they didn’t seem like they would be such a big issue for me. I mention this, because I read an article here on FindLaw.com regarding Property Rights and The Law of Nuisance. An interesting bit in this article is called the “moving to the nuisance” doctrine, whereby if I willingly moved close to the source of the nuisance, and it was already there first, then I may be restricted from seeking injunctive relief. Perhaps this is the case here, I don’t know, and I hope someone can tell me one way or the other, and perhaps offer me some useful advice. Is there anything else I can do, other than soundproofing my bedroom, moving to another room, or moving to another house? Is there justifiable cause here for a nuisance lawsuit, or for an injunction? Thank you!
  6. I am in process of name change for my minor child. Under Family Code Chapter 45 Section 45.002 it as if child is subject to continuing exclusive jurisdiction of court under Chapter 155. The court did terminate the parent-child relationship between his father and him. Does this make him the subject to continuing exclusive jurisdiction?
  7. I made friends with a woman just last year. She was in bad financial shape and I would help her out with certain things if I could. I bought a new laptop for my daughter, but she wasn't able to put it to use because she lived in a house with no internet access. Since I was making monthly payments on it and it was just sitting in my house unused, I let my friend borrow it because she could really use it. I told her I would let her borrow it until - 1)She was able to purchase one of her own, or 2)She would return it before she moved back to California in June 2017, or 3)My daughter was able to use it and wanted it back. My daughter contacted her last Friday and told her she was coming to her house to get her laptop. The woman told her that I gave her the laptop as a gift and not to come there or she would have her arrested. I went with her to the house and was met with her sister who refused to let us collect the laptop and told us to leave before she called the police. She even threatened to shoot my 5 months pregnant daughter if she did not leave. I tried to talk calmly and sensibly to the sister, and was told that the laptop was in storage and we agreed that I would retrieve it the next day. I tried to get in touch with my "friend" about coming out and getting the laptop and we could be done with it. I received no reply. I contacted her son and asked him to talk to his mom about coming to collect, but he didn't return my message. I did a device search of the computer and it reported that the laptop had been online just 1 hour before and it showed the location on a map. The location was her sister's house. I sent her an email telling her I knew she had the laptop in her possession and had been used that morning, and I included a screenshot of the location finder and the information it gave. I told her again to return my laptop - the time for civility had passed. Still no reply. I wanted to report it as stolen to the sheriff's office, and was told I couldn't because I had willfully loaned it to her. Now I guess my only alternative is to file a civil suit. What I want to know is what are my rights in this situation? Will taking it to court do any good or am I spending more money in court fees on top of the money I am out on the computer?
  8. Hello, Earlier in the year I have purchased a 2005 truck from a used dealership parking lot & it's been a rough year with this dealer & this at this point they have picked it up over it being 11 days past due. & now I am thinking of signing a surrender back with a volunteer repossession & she said they come out on the credit report as not a repossession like if they're not asking for credit back.. How should this work for tryin to get another vehicle??? & I hope she keeps her word.
  9. Nine months ago I hired a lawyer in Houston TX in defamation issue concerning Chase Bank. I was accused of withdrawing $1000 out of bank account of another Chase customer. While the investigation was ongoing the police gave a photo taken from bank camera to the customer who proceeded to post my picture on Facebook. After the Facebook posting in which people recognized me, I was fired from my job, people on the street accused me of being a thief. Eventually it was revealed that the mistake was on the part of Chase Bank. Chase bank teller accidently withdrew money from the wrong account. Chase apologized in person. The Facebook photo was taken down but no apology or message from the Facebook's poster, No message indicating mistaken identify. People in my hometown continue to believe that I am guilty. I still could not find work. So I decided to hire a lawyer to pursue damages. Is Chase liable? Or is it primary the Chase's customer who posted my photo on Facebook? If so, why is the case taken so long without any result.? Should I hire another lawyer?
  10. My husband and I divorced , he got the house. After the Divorce He got mentally ill and now in a nursing home he has dementia. I have been living in the home and paying the mortgage and doing upgrades. He did not refinance the home so my name is still on the mortgage what rights do I have . I have been told that I can purchase the home. My daughter is Guardian of the Estates and I am his Guardian of person.
  11. Hello, I am needing to evict my son who was supposed to just be staying a few days. It has now been over 3 months with no rent or bill payments made on his behalf. He is not on my lease and may even be getting me into trouble because I shouldn't have anyone there. He just doesn't care. He says he has rights and I cannot put him out. He is threatening me and trying to bully me around. I am ready to do whatever I can legally do in order to regain my peace. Please advise me on what steps to take to make sure he will not be able to gain entry into my home anymore. Thanks,
  12. I went on an filed for petition for divorce and informed I had filed. A fees days later he is caught with contraband(cell phone) and is now in solitary confinement and moved from camp to low security facility( he messed up) when he gets out "the hole" so I have only heard from him via letter in the mail. I have called his counselor to see if I can have permission to bring papers for him To sign BUT only get voice mail and no returned call. I know he can't receive visits or allowed to make calls so how do I serve him with less than 60 days to go? I get conflicted or very little Info (we have no info on him....") about him or what he will be allowed To do as if he is lost in the system literally. Any sincere advice is appreciated.
  13. Medically retired from active duty December 2015 for 13 combat related injuries. Filed a motion to reduce child support in the same month. Jumped through all the hoops that the Texas OAG wanted me to jump through with documentation being sent in to support reduction in child support. Advised that due to my disabilities, i was unable to travel to court appearances and requested other accomodations via ADA. Accomodations were denied and case had been dragged out. We are now in November and the motion is yet to be granted (I keep getting the run a round). This process has caused me so much emotional distress and mental anguish, that my VA PTSD rating went up as a result of what the state is putting me through. I need some help or some advice on how to file a lawsuit against the state. I don't have a whole lot of money, I was infantry combat medic...I don't know how to give up or back down.
  14. If the "Grand Jury" did not indict the individual that was arrested with me and is really the person who the drugs belong to but he later admits to the drugs being his, can the grand jury bring him up on charges again for the same case, will they lower or raise the severity of the charges as well? What all can ultimately happen to this other man?
  15. Somewhere I had discovered that police were not allowed to go forth with a vehicle search, even if I was being taken to jail, if I had reason to believe that there was foul play about to take place but, I had requested a stand-in witness to view the officer as he entered and searched my vehicle and the witness had to be able to reach our location within a reasonable amount of time. Kind of similar to the police dog open air sniffs. Is there truth behind this in Texas? In recent time I had a police officer working with an informant to plant meth in my truck and the police officer pull me over for my traffic violation warrant, take me to jail, and magically find meth in my truck. The whole night seemed extremely odd and very fishy that foul play was about to happen so when I was pulled over I continuously demanded that I have a stand in witness before the officer entered my vehicle. DENIED! The one officer that I was most concerned about entered my truck on the driver's side by himself for several minutes while the other two cops detained me and the informant. The officer emerged from my vehicle asking if I myself was a good enough witness. He pulled out his phone, took a rear shot of my truck and trailer, opened both passenger doors to take another picture, opened my center console and stated "What is this?!" Funny part is that not an hour before this took place I had emptied my entire center console looking for butt connectors to wire up my stereo. No dope was in there at that time and I hadn't bought dope in almost three months at that point. I had just lost my house and was in the middle of moving from being evicted. Had no money to buy dope if i wanted to! Now I'm going to court on it and the one video that would show the officer's misconduct is blacked out. What can I do to prove this officer's role in this blatant set-up operation they ran on me. Whether or not I am a drug user should not be a factor because if there is one thing I can guarantee you, it's that if I legitimately had meth on me during this search, one I'd have been aware of it and two they would have never in a million years found it! Not with dogs, not by tearing my truck apart, nothing, no way no how, GUARANTEED! That is one thing that doesn't happen! I don't and have never lost or misplaced money or dope. Help please?! My court appointed is trying to talk me into signing first offer. They are enhancing me to a habitual offender and starting sentencing at 15 to life!
  16. 6 weeks into my marriage, my husband was arrested and eventually sentenced with approximately $20,000 restitution he has to pay. We have been married now about 15 months. He committed a crime unbeknownst my knowledge and prior to us knowing each other and yes he did NOT disclose some potential "legal issues" that could potentially lead to an arrest prior to us "walking down the aisle". Three months no after he went to prison I get a 18 page Financial Statement I am told to fill out to assess our assets and income since this is a community property STATE or it will be subpoena is I do not fill out. QUESTION: although I am not complicit to the crime or restitution can the federal government eventually come after my income or assets I aquire (now/later)while married to him if he does not pay for his restitution? I still have 3 children I am raising not by him but ultimately my repsonsibilty to care and provide for. I don't need this financial concern. After speaking to some legal counsel I was told Divorce may be the "smart" thing to do. Divorce or annulment is what I am considering to completely separate and "distance myself" from any financial responsibilty to his debt and crime. #IdidntaskFORanyofTHIS Advice/knowledge is appreciated.
  17. if i was in an accident and he car hit me as i had a green arrow to turn and he hit me on the back but he has no insurance and i dont want to get my insurance to pay my damages what are my options to make him pay ?
  18. I just finished going to court and fighting for custody of my two daughters. I lost and we agreed on terms and signed the paper work. I then noticed after receiving the papers, that there was nothing in there concerning back arrears on child support while I had the girls in my possession, but not through the court on paper. Now the Attorney General is coming after me and garnishing my wages until I go to court and file "___________." This is where I am having a problem. I can't afford another attorney, so I want to file the paper work myself and represent myself. I have all the proof that they (my two girls) were in my home during the time they are trying to collect back child support. I have apartment leases, school records and my ex on the stand, under oath, stating the girls did live with me. Please I just need to know what forms to file. Thank you, Desperate mom
  19. Smith co texas I was arrested with a warrantless arrest. I was given a bond of 10,000.00 for a misdemenor offense. The Texas code of criminal procedure limits that amount to 5,000.00. My question is how do I recuperate the money that I had to pay extra to the bail bond co.
  20. Background: My brother left home many years ago to escape an abusive stepfather, and we never heard from him again. Fast Forward: Stepfather passes away, mother is now elderly, and sister (myself) has spent 25 years searching for her long-lost brother. Miracle: Two months ago, we found my brother alive and well and also living in Texas. We had a joyful reunion when he joined us for my mother's 80th birthday. When asked why he didn't stay in touch, he explained that he didn't want to deal with our stepfather and just assumed that mom and I would eventually forget all about him. He was thrilled to learn that we had been searching for him and surprised that our mother was even still alive. Tragedy: Two weeks after our reunion, my brother died from a brain aneurysm. After our initial shock and grief began to subside, mom and I began the process of wrapping up his affairs and so forth. We've got an attorney assisting us with gaining access to his bank accounts so that we can pay off his debts. Question: We learned from his employer that he had life insurance and a sizable 401K account, each worth approximately $40,000. Upon meeting with the benefits people, we learned that he had designated a national charity as beneficiary for both accounts, which he was required to reaffirm annually. We are certain that he would have changed his beneficiary designations to our mother's name. There was just no time to do so before he died. The only evidence we have is hearsay from his former coworkers that he was thrilled to be reunited with his family. We feel that we should make a claim as his rightful heirs and should receive those funds. We'd appreciate some opinions from you in this matter. Thank you so much.
  21. I was recently on fmla due to a domestic violence related incident. When I returned to work I learned my manager told everyone what happened when a co-worker mentioned the situation to me. Was it legal for her to reveal this information?
  22. Is there statue of limitations on a capias warrant
  23. I moved in a apt complex about 3 month ago near Houston .The Apt are is gated and secured by cameras. The apartment Manager lives on site. Last Saturday there was a shooting at 6 pm , the Apt managers boyfriend had a altercation with another resident ran in his apt and came back out with a gun and started shooting at the other man , he shot the car and some bullets bounced of to another car and a apt window. A total of 8 shots was fired . We called the police while the shooter and Manager ran of with they cars . I can not sleep since this happened and saw the Managers Boyfriend back on the complex a day later. I fear for my safety as we been the once who called the police and she knows that . We want to brake the lease asap as we fear for our safety. What right do I have ?
  24. My mother in law recently passed away. My father in law passed away 3 years early. We had been told many times by my father in law that the will shares everything equally among the 4 children. There is not good will between my wife and her brother who is the executor. Is he legally required to read the will and inform all the children when he does so?
  25. I recently heard that you were legally allowed to leave or sign out of school (Not drop out, specifically sign out and come back the next day) I am the age of 17. I have left at other highschools and have never had a problem, however now that I am here they refuse to allow me to leave without parent permission. My question is atthe age of 17, are you legally allowed to sign yourself out of school? I also have side questions, is school legally allowed to keep you after class? At 18 can I legally eave class without parent reference/permission? Please reply, Id like a direct answer to the question but Id'd also appreciate going into depth as well. A little bit of both would help me understand and grasp this topic easily, and just for some extra information, the location is Plano Texas.
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