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Found 60 results

  1. Can I be employed and work in the state of TN by a company incorported in FLA? What steps should the FLA employer take in TN for licensing, etc.
  2. I'm trying to research making a simple will in Tennessee to exclude or significantly reduce one of my adult children from receiving any benefits when I pass away. I want my other two children to receive 99 or 100% of my assets to split between them. Does Tennessee law let me exclude her completely ( with a statement in the will saying that is my intention) or do I have to include her to receive some asset even if it is very, very small (e.g., 1%)? I haven't found a definitive answer as yet. Would appreciate any info you may have. Thanks Fester64
  3. My husband wants custody of his 13 year old daughter. His ex-wife insists that it is law she can not share a room with my daughter. Is this true ?
  4. What legal consequences would a person be facing if they were charged with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, driving without a license, two failure to appears, and another driving without a license that was later changed to driving on revoked even though the person never owned a license or a permit?
  5. please i need your direction,i already filed I-130 for my husband who lives outside the country with my permanent residence status but I'm joining the military so soon will become a citizen,hope to notify NVC of my citizenship status then. I'm going to boot camp this month and my husband is looking at visiting with a non immigrant to attend my boot camp graduation ceremony and to return pending his immigrant visa will be ready. But he applied early this year before for a non immigrant visa he was refused because of the fact that I-130 has been filed on his behalf. BUT please if he re-apply now and with an invitation card to attend to witness my graduation ceremony from boot camp , does he stand a chance of him being granted a non immigrant visa if he has invitation cards to attend my graduation ceremony from boot camp???? thank you, i anticipate your advise
  6. I was ran off a country road by a truck that took off. I was sling shot off the road and my throttle was stuck I hit a tree and telephone phone and daughter n I taken to hospital. 2 witnesses turned around to check on me and gave same statement I did. But there statements r not in my report! I refused blood work and my seat broke that daughter was in now they r trying charge me with a DUI,endangering welfare of minor cause the seat broke and no insurance but I have that proof. How can they get me on endangerment charge when it wasn my fault it broke. And a DUI someone help me I am facing time n jail and possibility of a cps investigation which is crazy. I am a good single mom and refuse put my daughter through the system
  7. Hello, My (single, divorced) Mother recently passed away in Tennessee, after being diagnosed with Last Stage Cancers & 2 surgeries all within 6 weeks. I am the Oldest Daughter of 4 children. During her last 2 or so months of her life, she Verbalized to Many Family & Friends that her Wishes were for Oldest Brother to inherit 60%, of which 25% he would give to me as needed for a home & healthcare. The other 40% was to go to Youngest Brother. Little Sister was to receive Nothing. I believe Older Brother & Younger Brother were to be co-Executors of the Estate. A 5 year old will was found, and everything in it is different from what Mom Expressed to Everyone before she died. In that will, Older Brother will have a Trust for me of 11%, to pay out, invest, hold, or whatever he wants with it. The rest of the Estate is divided in Percentages to my 3 siblings and 2 of Mom's grandchildren. Is there Any way to Enforce her Verbal Will? Older Brother and (supposed to be dis-inherited) Little Sister started Probate and are Co-Executors of the Estate, totally against Mom's wishes. Mom literally did not have the physical ability to write a new will, for she got deathly ill, had 2 surgeries, was lucid but could barely say our names in such a short period of time. Any and All Help or Further Questions are Very Much Appreciated!!! Thanks!
  8. There was no documentation of the victims injury, pain or bruises by the police officer, EMT or the hospital. 18 days after the incident the victims sisters gave the police a CD containing digital photos of these undocumented bruises. The sister won't testify to taking the photos, but the prosecution says she don't have to. Are these photos admissible? Should an objection be made against these photos during trial?
  9. I had a home built with a detached garage that was an upgrade with plans that called for 20x20 with a pull down and 4ft high ceilings and a light. After closing an issue of water leaking in the garage and after 6 months and mold starting to grow all over the drywall the builder came out to fix the issue and just keeps putting band aids on the issue. I was told they built it based on the drawings that were signed off on. So I measured the 19x18.75 with 2 ft of attic space with no light.... I sent a text to the builder and NO REPLY.... What should I do?
  10. I have a real problem with excessive noise from vehicles in my apartment complex and the road I live on with extremely loud vehicles with aftermarket exhausts and stereos. I am interested in finding a legal approach to addressing this issue. I have made a number of reports to the Knox County Sherriff's Dept. I think they are responsive and professional but have limited resources. I have exchanged e-mail with our senator who feels this is a local matter. I have exchanged e-mail with a number of local county government offices. To be honest, the response from our Law Directors office was a bit of a blow-off. Tennessee State law covers sound plainly audible at a distance of 50 feet from the vehicle and states "words or phrases need not be discernible and the sound shall include bass reverberation". Mufflers are also addressed and clearly state that a "muffler cutout" on any motor vehicle is unlawful. Mufflers must also be "in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise". These vehicles can be heard several blocks away. I have license plates, makes and models of the vehicles that are the biggest problem. Noise from these vehicles is severe and rattles window pains every time they pass. These vehicles basically harass people in their own homes. I would like to at least file charges for disturbing the peace.
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