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Found 60 results

  1. If tree is on the line and appears dead am I required to pay half to have it removed? She is never willing to help with anything that I think is a joint property line problem but now that tree is going toward her field she is threatening to sue me.
  2. Tennessee law says that anyone who works 6 or more hours is due a 30 minute lunch. Are there any exceptions to this? I am an exempt salaried Assistant Manager at a grocery store. On nights that I close, I can not take a lunch because I am the only one in the store authorized to do certain things. My district manager still wants me to clock in and out for a lunch though so it appears i am still taking them. Don't get me wrong, I am not going through a whole 10 hour shift without eating. I will eat a bite when I get a chance, but I don't feel like this replaces a real 30 minute lunch. This is his logic though. If I am getting a chance to eat, I am getting a lunch. So, that's basically my question. Are exempt salaried managers in Tennessee still entitled a 30 minute break?
  3. On the 28th of July I came home to find a letter hanging on my door knob - which turned out to be an eviction notice. I think. There is a copy attached with personal information removed. It says Eviction Notice at the top but then states that if I don't leave an eviction action will be taken against me. After receiving the notice I responded to the office by email, stating that I did not have any unauthorized residents and explaining who my guests were and how long they had been there. (8 days on the day of the notice.) I also said that my daughter (one of my guests) had her own residence, complete with legal lease, and my other guest was in town from out of state looking for a house to rent. I asked the LL what the time limit on guests was in my email. "I thought the lease specified a 14 day limit on guests, but apparently I was mistaken. I actually did not find a limit, so what exactly is the time limit on visitors?" I also responded to the housekeeping 'issues' part of the notice, stating the following: "In response to the housekeeping issue listed, members of the office staff/maintenance have been in my apartment at least twice a month for either the monthly inspection or maintenance for the past several months and this issue has not been raised. I had not heard anything about a continued problem including up to and including the inspection on the 18th of July." I also questioned why, if there was a problem, someone from the office didn't just ask me who was there? "I obviously do not want to be forced out and would like to continue to stay until my current lease is up in November, even though I now feeling like I'm being 'spied' on, when an inquiry to me may have avoided this whole situation - obviously someone is checking up on me, why not just ask? If asked, I could have told you the situation and avoided a violation either by explaining what was happening or changing it the situation itself. I believe that I should be able to have a personal life with personal space in spite of living in an apartment community. I do not believe I have done anything inappropriate. " (This is a four bedroom town house, I now live in it alone and have been there for almost four years. - I don't even know if any of that is relevant.) This is the response I received three days later: " Even with several warnings about housekeeping, there is no ongoing improvement. You aren’t being spied on. At last inspection, it was obvious XXX was staying in your apartment and had been for a while. She didn’t mention anything about your friend when I asked what she was doing in the apartment. Regardless, the apartment is still in such disarray and we can’t let it go any longer. You have until August 31st to move." I have not responded to this yet... my young grandsons (all 3 of them age 6 and under) had spent the weekend with me while my daughter was out of town. She came in late that Sunday night and spent the rest of the night and then took her children home on Monday the 18th, the same day the monthly inspection was done. The LL asked my daughter what she was doing there and how long she had been there and my daughter answered her. And of course she didn't mention anyone else, there was no one else there at that time, I didn't even know I was going to have another guest then, and that person arrived on the evening of Wednesday the 20th. I think I've explained the timeline and situation... my questions are: Does the landlord really have the authority to force me out when according to my lease I have not broken the contract? I've had no guests for a period of time over 14 days and no 'warnings' about housekeeping issues after the first one. Was it reasonable for the LL not to answer my questions conained in the emailed response to the notice? My lease is up in November and I had planned to move at that time - no longer needing a place that large - but I am financially unable to pick up and move immediately. An attorney does not fit into my budget. How do I fight this? E-Notice.pdf
  4. I have lived in an apartment complex for 9 years...Recently I had a grease fire that caused extensive damage to the unit..I forgot about the grease and by the time i caught it the cabinets were already on fire...The smoke alarms never went off because, accorrding to the fire marshal, were hung too low for my cathedral ceilings..I live in Tennessee and also have Section 8..It has been 2 months since the fire..I had to move all of my stuff out so the company they hired could come in and clean..That was 6 weeks ago and nothing has been done to the apartment except removal of carpet and cabinets..I understand it was my negligence..I dont have renters ins..The insurance the complex has, has a $10.000 deductible..I have agreed to pay 200 a month on the damages..They wanted me to start paying before they have even paid any invoices..I have told them i wanted copies of all paid invoices but none yet..I feel like they are intentionally trying to get me to move...My section 8 has put their payment on hold and my portion i havent paid either...I offered to do the painting, as i have already painted the entire apt 2 times in 9 years with paint they provided..Now they are saying i cant do the painting for safety reasons..possibility of falling..???? Could they be partially liable for some of the cost because of the smoke detectors? i was told in the beginning it would take 2 to 3 weeks and now its going on 2 months..Is there a certain amount of time they have to do the repairs and can i do the painting myself..I have told the property manager to have the vendor call me and been told 4 times she would call same day but never has...Just wanting to know my rights and responsibilty..
  5. Early last month I received & accepted a new job offer with a security company. Immediately after I began a two week training course at the reginal office located 100+ miles away. My hotel accommodation were provided however I was responsible for the cost of transportation, food, etc. Initially I was to begin working at my job site on July 18th, however on the final day of training I learned that there would be a slight delay of 3-4 days before I would be able to report for duty due to an issue with my new hire paperwork (i.e. waiting for a signature at the corporate level.) Nearly 3 weeks have since past and I have still not began work. I have been in regular contact with my site supervisor as well as the regional manager and HR; all of whom keep telling me it'll be any day now. I received my first paycheck last week for the time I spent in training; however, I have no further income coming in until I begin working. Obviously my patience is running thin and I'm wondering what rights (if any) I have at this point. "Officially" I am an employee of the company; I have been issued uniforms & am on the payroll. I am also on the schedule at my job site, although my coworkers have been working OT to cover my shifts while we wait for what I am told is a simple signature.
  6. I was rear ended while stopping at a red light when coming home from work last month. I sustained no injuries other than the normal stiffness in your back that you feel after an impact like that. The other driver was found to be at fault and my car was totaled. I chose to allow my insurance go through subrogation so I could receive a check sooner and purchase a different vehicle. Both insurance companies seemed to agree this was the best route. At the time I contacted my insurance I was told that I did not have rental coverage but that I could put it on my card and the other insurance would reimburse me if they were found to be at fault. I contacted the other insurance today and they are telling me that since I went through my insurance they will only pay what I had on my insurance policy and that I would be responsible for anything outside of that. I called my insurance back and they said that was not true that they did subrogation for the car but that the other insurance would be responsible for any medical, personal property and out of pocket expenses. They also said under TN law that they were responsible for providing reasonable transportation cost due to loss of use after an accident. Now I feel like I am caught in the middle with a almost $700 rental bill. Although this is a lot to me I know it's not enough for a lawsuit. What are my options?
  7. I have already signed a renew lease, and I filled in the paper application that my wife will be occupant. After that the leasing manager sent me an electronic signature for the whole lease. I signed it and print it. My new lease will start in July 2, 2016. it is stated in the lease that: (OCCUPANTS. The apartment will be occupied only by you and (list all other occupants not signing the Lease Contract): ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ No one else may occupy the apartment. Persons not listed above must not stay in the apartment for more than _____7______ consecutive days without our prior written consent, and no more than twice that many days in any one month. If the previous space isn't filled in, two days per month is the limit). However, the leasing manager did not put my wife name as occupant. Right now the leasing manager asking me to resign a new lease with my wife on it, or will make my lease a month to month lease beginning from July 2,2016. the lease that I have right now is 12 month lease which is cheaper than month to month lease. Right now I do not want to sign a new lease because it was their fault, and they did not even apologized for it. can my new 12 month lease that I already signed be eliminated If I do not sign a new lease. with all my regards
  8. i graduated from a online high school in January at 16 i was wondering if there is anyway i could just go back to normal school and finish through a traditionally high school ?
  9. My uncle recently passed away he had MS and was in assisted living. My brother and I (nephews) had POA over him, and are now executor and co-executor of his estate. He died with a valid will documenting us as his beneficiaries. Our grandfather split his estate up among his 6 children, leaving the family home to our uncle (recently deceased). Our uncle made a gentlemen's agreement with one of his brothers in April 2015 to sell the property to his brother (another uncle of ours) if he would pay his medical expenses while he was in assisted living. From April 2015 to March 2016 my uncle paid a total of $3,000 to his brother in assisted living. The average monthly bill was around $8,000, of which we had to cash out his 401K, use every penny of his disability income, and still have a substantial bill awaiting. The family home and land should be worth around $100,000. Now my uncle states he wants to wait the creditors out so he can pay them less and get the home. This is not acceptable to my brother and I, and we intend that his debts will be paid in full. Since there was never a written agreement and the land is solely in the living uncles name (this was done to save money when my grandfather divided his estate) are there any similar cases in which he would have to pay the deceased's estate back for the home? Of the six siblings, three would testify if this came to court in favor of our deceased uncle, my living uncle would contest this, one sibling we aren’t sure, and then of course my uncle has passed away.
  10. I took a Bankruptcy in 2002 and my layer told me not to claim property that I sold to my sister because I gave her a clear Deed and because she wasn't making payments to me. I hold the Deed of Trust . I did this in 1989 and my sister became ill and could work so I agreed that she could catch up payments or pay it off when she was better. She also agreed that if anything happened to her that I had a Deed of Trust that was unsigned and I could reclaim my property . My sister only got more and more behind and I want her to fill like she had something that belong to her so I didn't ask her to move but told her that if and when she could get a loan this that would be good enough or if she died then I would take back my property. I wasn't going to make my sister move . My sister died in 2015 and she didn't have a will so her son came and took anything that wasn't tied down including furniture that I paid for and he would not give it back.He hired a layer that looked into this and because in 2002 I didn't claim my property and in 2004 my sister did a Bankruptcy and did not claim the property His Lawyer is saying that he will take me to court for Percherery if I don't give them my deed of trust so he can claim my property . My question is because this was 14 years ago and I followed my lawyers advise even though he doesn't want to help me Is there a Statute of limatations on percherey . or can they take me to court? sorry for mis spelling . please answer this ASP Thanks B.J.
  11. I am an artist . I was asked by a local restaurant to loan them some artwork so that they could put it on their walls last fall. I loaned them 6 pieces 3 being very large pieces. The value of all 6 totals $2,750. I was just told two days ago that the place had closed. I was never contacted. I tracked down the original owner who sold to his partner. When I asked if my work was still there, his response was I don know! I then contacted the partner who said it should still be there. However, when I drove to the place and looked inside I only see one of the large pieces. I don't know what to do or what my options are. I contacted the company they rented from who said they were just as surprised as I was. What are my options??? Should I write a letter requesting either the return of the property, or payment? Would it be better to pay an attorney so that it would seem more official. I am sick about this these were some of my best pieces as they made sure to tell me that this would promote me as well as spruce up their business. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated.
  12. My daughter just moved out of a complex in Nashville where she lived for three years. The landlord sent her a letter saying that the carpet throughout the apartment has an "odor" and they want her to pay for all new carpeting. She does not have a cat, only a chihuahua. The chihuahua is completely house-trained, has never peed in the house. In addition, they included her roommates room in the list of rooms with "odor," where the dog never entered. So, it's not the dog. They are non-smokers and eat mostly take-out, so it is not food odors. These girls, and the dog, had been in another apartment in the same complex. They moved last year to have an upstairs apartment. They had no problem then, were not told of any "odor." I am ultra-sensitive to smells. There was definitely no smell there. Help!!
  13. Can chapter 7 be filed on some debt and chapter 13 on other debt at the same time?
  14. So I had my house raided without a warrant, about a year ago, in east TN. Even though there was nothing in my car they ended up impounding my car because it was outside of my house. I got bailed out and over the year the case was dropped but I had to wait an entire year before they would let go of my car. So I paid 2,150$ in fees to have my 2007 VW Passat 2.0T released to me. When I went to pick up my car it was just sitting in a field because the sheriffs office outsources their impound lot. Right off the bat they lost the key to my car costing me 250$, and then I look inside the car and rats had moved in. They had torn up my seats and had been living in my glovebox. They then charged me to have it towed to the only VW mechanics in town, even though they are the ones who lost my key. This was a few days ago and I get a call back from the mechanics today telling me that there is a high chance that my car is going to be totaled. They got a new key and put a new battery in her but the car won't turn on. They say without a doubt rats have chewed through the wiring and that they will take apart the steering column and if the issue is not there it would not be worth the value of the car to essentially rewire the car. Would I be within my legal rights to sue the impound lot/police department if my car is totaled? I would understand issues like the battery being dead or needing new tires but it was pure negligence for them to let rats live in my car for an entire year ripping apart everything. I am sorry if this is out of place but I can't seem to find this issue online and didn't know where to post it in the forums
  15. Hi, I live in a hud apartment. My husband got into a dispute with a neighbor that almost became physical( but did not). The neighbor went home and called the police and said he was assaulted and he was pressing charges. My husband was arrested and scheduled for court. The neighbor never came to 3 scheduled court hearings so the judge threw the case out and my husband was never charged with anything. However, my landlord informed me vocally that my husband was banned from the property and if he ever returned he would be arrested for trespassing and I would be evicted for allowing him into my apartment while knowing he was banned. This all occurred 6 months ago in August 2015. He was at my apartment tonight and the police came and said the landlord had called and said he was banned and he needed to be removed. The officers asked if he had ever been served with any legal papers saying he was banned. He said no which is true. They asked me if I had ever been served, I said no which is true. I told them she only told me but never gave me anything formal or had me sign anything. So the officers said since we hadn't been served legally they could not make him leave. They had nothing on file saying he was not allowed here so they said he could stay if he wanted. But I was afraid I would get evicted so he left. My question is; Is what my landlord doing legal? Can she SAY hes banned but never file any paperwork with that on it? Can she evict me for him coming over? Thanks in advance for any help. It is all appreciated.
  16. What are the legal conditions for a city, county, or state's airport taking property for a runaway without compensation in Tennessee? without notice?
  17. Can an employer pay overtime hours as straight time listing it on pay stub as a bonus and not hours worked? For example I worked 62 hour the week in question and my paystub is for 40 hours with the remainder 12 hours paid at straight time as a bonus.
  18. I got my "right to sue" letter and case file from the EEOC and it states in my file that I demanded a $10,000 settlement from the employer. This never happened. The first and only time I ever heard of this was when my last caseworker (I've had 3) said that the employer I filed against won't give me the $10,000 that I wanted. I said that I didn't know what she was talking about, that I never asked for $10,000. She asked me if I was calling her a liar. Can I take any sort of action against the EEOC for falsifying the records?
  19. A couple of months ago, I purchased a goat at auction that appeared to be healthy. When he died, I had a necropsy preformed and it turns out that he had an incurable bacterial infection. This particular disease destroys a herd. It doesn't show up until the animal 1 to 4 years old even though they most likely are introduced to it shortly after birth by the mother. Adult animals within the herd would have shown the effects of it, and poor management continues the progression. It becomes a snowball effect that contaminates the pasture and the bacteria can survive in the soil for a year. I believe that the person who sold this animal was aware that the goat carried the disease. This particular disease was very rare to my area so it was not what my vet would reasonably suspected. In turns out this person traveled from another state to bring his infected herd here where testing for this disease is not mandatory. Is there anything that I can do legally against this person for selling animals that were diseased?
  20. My daughter turns 18 in a month and is currently living with her father who is the custodial parent. Him and his live in girlfriend have made her life a living hell for over a year and we are counting down the days until she is 18. I have now been told by him that he can make her stay after she turns 18 because she's a senior in high school. I need to know, is this true or can I get her out of there when her birthday gets here?
  21. My husband and I have been married 6 years and lived together 5 years prior to marriage. He's very mentally abusive and I am ready to leave, but he threatens me and say that I can leave, but I can't take anything, no furniture, car, nothing but clothes. He says that me or anyone that tries to take anything from the house will not leave the property alive. He was in the process of building our home himself when we started dating and we moved in the year before we were married. There is nothing owed on the home. What are my rights as far as getting personal belongings and leaving so that I can have a place of my own with a bed to sleep in and furniture to sit on? What will he have to split with me?
  22. My father died several years ago and I was in his will along with my step sister and brother. then a several years late my step mother died but I am not in her will. what happens here? Do i get nothing, I may not have been there in the end but, I was there before they were born and had a lot of hard times. Now I think my step sister and brother have cut me out what can I do?
  23. My boyfriend is currently the primary parent of his 8 year old daughter. The mother lost custody after a man was shot to death in her home and she admitted that she couldn't pass a drug test. The mother can't hold down a job for more than a few months at a time and lives with her mother where her daughter doesn't have a bedroom and has to sleep with her grandmother. They also have a 17 year old boy living with them who is of no relation to them. She is attempting to regain custody of their daughter. My boyfriend is a truck driver. He is gone one extra night a week than he was when he was awarded custody the first time. They are trying to say that she shouldn't live with him because he works more. They are also planning on attacking me. They plan to lie to try and make me seem unfit to look after her while he is gone. I have text messages where the mother has admitted how much her daughter likes me and has fun with me. Yet, I still have a lot of anxiety. I love her like she is my own. Is there any chance that this woman could gain custody?
  24. I currently live in Florida and both of my kids live in Tennessee. I currently pay a total of $723 a month with $200 a month going to arrears(approx $800 in one case(daughter), and $2700 in another(son)). My AGI is $1849 monthly. The mother gave custody to her grandmother before paternity was established. So here are my questions: 1. Legally, does the mother of my son also have to pay child support? She has never paid a penny and all support falls to me. 2. The court is requesting to raise current support on my son from $316 to $468 a month, is this a fair amount since the worksheet has zero for income for the grandmother although she receives about $900 a month in income? 3. Are there any lawyers close to me that can help with custody and support for my son even though he is in Tennessee? I only get limited hours of PTO and am over 600 miles away. 4. I only have 9 days to accept or reject the proposal from child support so some help would be great thank you in advance as I don't want to simply sign it without getting some advice.
  25. Docs worker came to my mom's due to school filing abandonment on the grandmother on mom's side who had custody due to me being arrested .I was released and she let me have my daughter well she moved to Alabama to be with boyfriend but signed nothing at school so when they could not get a hold of her they called me I told them the situation and they told me about the abandonment ccomplaint .so when DCS came to my mom's to do home check he drug tested all adults in the house and said I fell it . Well he tells the school and my stepfather and calls the grandmother that moved to Alabama that I fell the drug test for meth .I need to know what I can do about it.... H De c D D D c f t
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