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Found 78 results

  1. My boyfriend just recieved paperwork from a girl who bought him a truck. He had lost his job and couldn't pay the loan she took out for him. He returned the truck, she sold it. and is now harassing him for the amount of the loan, his name was never on the loan. they never had anything in writing but there are emails and txt messages back and forth saying he'll give her money. but that was also before she took the truck back. She filed a suit against him in civil court. sent the paper work to his dad who has the same name as him. and is now sueing him saying he was served. I guess my question is can she do that if his name was never on the loan, she took the truck back and sold it and never had him served ..... this girl is a nightmare
  2. Hubby just filed for emergency divorce and full custody of our children. He was mentally abusive and i wouldn't tell him where i was staying because he would harass me. I found out he filed by repeatedly keeping in touch with the clerk of court. He wants me to miss the hearing so he told them i left and he couldn't contact me. He does have my number. I have called attorneys but i just can't afford any. What can i do to make sure i don't miss that court date if i am not notified?
  3. I work in an Asian restaurant. The owners has known my family for over 25 years, before I was born. They both drink on a daily basis, from 9 am til we close. I also know that the husband partakes in substance abuse. Anyhow, the husband is the one that's always verbally and sometimes physically abusive. He's made derogatory comments about my intelligence, appearance, and work ethics. I'm a great employee! I know for a fact. His wife tells me constantly how well I do. I've documented a lot of these incidents. There was one time when I was talking to my coworker during our lunch break...We all sit together at one table to eat lunch. The owner began yelling at another employee and blaming him for the chefs using the rolled silverware (designated for customers) instead of regular silverware...? I was still talking to my coworker and I guess he was angry that I didn't stop my conversation while he was talking (although he was NOT talking to me). He then grabbed my ipad out of my hands and threw it to the opposite side of the table! There was also another time I ordered some food for myself during lunch. There was no other customers and I told the chef to make it when he had time. The owner grabbed my ticket and told me that they're not going to make my food and that the next time I put in an order, he will "piss in it". He's even physically abused me! He's pushed me, slapped my arm, grab my cigarettes out of my hand and crushed them! I could go on and on...but I won't. I love everything about my job except him! I love my coworkers, my customers, and the money I make. But I don't know how much longer I can take the abuse!! He jokes about how he LOVES to make his employees cry. He's made EVERY server cry. EVERY SINGLE ONE, man or woman. My boss is an A**H*** that drinks all day, does drugs in front of us, and verbally and physically abuses us (even in front of customers)! What can I do about this? If I just quit, it'll still happen to the present/future employees. There's got to be some way to stop him, right?? ALSO: they've both been arrested for DUI's, wife and husband. The wife twice, and she almost injured a senior citizen when she blacked out and rammed into their car.
  4. my x and I were married for 17 years, we have two children. We divorced due to abuse, adultery, and abandonment. our older son is 19 younger one is 10, which I have full custody. I was a stay at home mom for entire marriage, he owns his masters. feb. 2015 he was "terminated" from his job. The court "temporarily suspended alimony and reduced c.s. 780.00. He was required to submit his "job searching" to court every 30 days. One month after suspended in court, he gained employment, however the court did not reinstate the support. The court did not take into consideration he received $50,000 severance after losing his job either. My son and I have struggled, as I had a foot operation and been under medical care since June. We finally went to court on July 21, the judge did not sign off on final order until Sept. 1 2015, 4 months with no support!!! The order read "after the filling of this order x should pay x wife on 1st of each month alimony and on 15th c.s. (both reduced) Even though each attorney received papers no later than 9/4/15. X has failed to pay anything!!!!! He refuses to pay his 70% uninsured medical, for our son, which we have been in court for before!, he refuses to pay alimony and c.s. now it has been 6 months with no income, I have borrowed, and sold everything I own and from everyone, I am in a cast and facing yet another operation on my ankle, same foot thing, His attorney just filed a Motion to reduce c.s. and alimony stating the judge took into consideration x current wifes daughters income??????? which is CRAZY No mention of "current wife, nor any previous kids" were ever mentioned. Then stated I said on the stand, "that I hid monies" This is a lie as well. I never said that, I do not have money. We acquired his bank statements and even after he was terminated, he admitted to purchasing a Porshe, and spending over 40,000 in gambling. The judge said in final order "he was not a creditable witness, and evasive" I do not understand how he gets away with this stuff. I am under a lease, and does not expire until March 2016, my credit is already torn, that would make it worse, but I don't know how to make it. My attorney is not charging me anything now, thank God, but we keep filling motions, contempt's, going to court, and having orders, yet he gets away with abusing me through the court and his attorney lies, with no proof, no transcript of the hearing, just randomly states lies.
  5. My dad is trying to adopt my daughter. He resides in NC, my daughter is in SC and he can not find an attorney to take his case. Why is this and who can help him?
  6. Lexington, south Carolina. My husband and I have been separated over a year, married over 3 years. We have a 20- month old daughter who lives with me. He is engaged and lives with his grandparents and My daughter and I live with my boyfriend, who is also the father to my unborn son. Anyways, for the past 6 or so months me and her father have been trying to work out custody and child support on our own, no luck. He was supposed to be getting her every other weekend and giving me 20$ a week for her, that's all I asked. Well for the first 4 or so weeks it was going good, then he started making excuses as to why he couldn't come get her on her weekends and that he couldn't give me any money for her because he lost his job. This has been about a month and a half. I haven't bothered him about him getting her or the money. He doesn't call or ask about her. Yesterday, he texted me saying he wanted her and threatened to bring the law. I don't want my child around him as of right now, until we go to court, I have proof that he doesn't take care of her when he did have her on weekends.. What do I need to do and how do I go about doing it? I'm looking at divorce and temporary custody with supervised visits until he can show me that he can be a stable parent for my child, as I am for her.
  7. I have a home the South Carolina, Horry County. I own the I own the Mobile Home and it is paid off. The house is unfeasible to move it's bricked in and has stone pouches. I was told by the owner of the land I could rent the house out but after posting the house for rent he has now told me today I'm not allowed rent it. I have never signed anything that says I'm unable to rent my property out but the rental is month to month. I was told if I do rent it out he would give notice a force me to move the house which would destroy it. I have invested thousands of dollars upgrading the house before renting it. I am abiding by all park rules to this point but don't know what to do.
  8. are the police in sc allowed to question a minor are the police in sc allowed to question a minor (16) without a parent or guardian being present.this concerned a female .runaway minor 15 who was telling the other minor that her parents especially the father was beating and abusing her.the 16 yr old thought he was helping her by not telling where she was.for his part the 16 yr old was whisked off to djj in Columbia sc and has been there a week,and how long does djj hold them until they are charged. 16 yrs)
  9. Hi, I was hired by a state agency in South Carolina on May 4th. I was then terminated on May 20th, approximately half way through my 5 week basic training course. My letter of termination specifies that I was terminated for inappropriate Facebook posts that were made prior to my employment. The letter states that the agency became aware of the posts on April 28th, a *full week* prior to my hire date. This means that the agency had sufficient time to review the content of the Facebook posts and withdraw my offer of employment before I began work on May 4th. Because the agency knew about these posts and chose to hire me anyway, and because I did not violate any agency policies during my employment, can the agency turn around and use Facebook posts that they already knew about as grounds for termination? My specific questions are: If the posts weren't bad enough to disqualify me from employment, why are they bad enough to fire me? And by choosing to hire me, despite their knowledge of the Facebook posts, isn't that implicit approval/acceptance of the Facebook posts? Are there any federal precedents that would relate to this? i.e. an employer knowing about someone's criminal record or medical history, hiring them anyway, and then using that information to fire them? Also, because the Facebook posts in question were of a political nature, is that considered protected speech?
  10. HOA

    Hi, we have a HOA litigation dispute that could possibly end up in foreclosure court. Our issue is the law firm for the HOA has given us a total amt of $2947.91 with a downpayment of 884.37 and 343.92 monthly, now do you think we would have an opportunity before the judge to settle on an affordable down payment/monthly payment in foreclosure court or will it be too late to try to settle? Thanks
  11. I had a customer bring in some parts for his car that he wanted repaired. It has been over 30 days and he has not returned to pay for them, What can I do at this point to dispose of them. Can they be sold for payment? If so what type of notification do I have to attempt to deliver to the customer before doing so.
  12. We have a former employee who is asking for compensation for time spent in court in relations to a subpoena received to appear in court for a shoplifting incident that occurred while still employed with us. The former employee stated that since it was our business that we should provide compensation at the hourly rate comparable to what the employee is currently receiving with the new employer. Are we obligated to pay this former employee for time spent in court/travel?
  13. I own a small auto repair business and recently a customer came to pick up his vehicle that I had repaired. I knew in advance that he had no intentions of paying. When he came, my employee ( I was not present) refused to give him his vehicle. He then called the local sheriffs department and was told he would have to file for a Claim and Delivery or pay to get his car back. The deputy called me and asked what we could do to take care of this situation and I asked him to tell the customer that if he agree to no future civil litigation concerning this matter he could take his vehicle and not have to pay his bill. The officer called back and told me he had agreed. He took the car but subsequently sued anyway? Is this considered a verbal contract and is it viable? The officer has agreed to testify to the fact that he made such an agreement (actually two officers) as well as there being video from the officers vest cam of the customer making the agreement. I am planning to ask the judge to dismiss the case based on this contract. Can I do so?
  14. Can a landlord jusf trow you out in take your property , with a month to month lease
  15. I let my sister in law use my car for a period of time. She was hit by another driver while driving my car. She has filed claim against his insurance but whatever settlement his insurance is offering is not enough for her. Now she is going to sue my insurance . What can I do ?
  16. I will try to keep this short. We are in South Carolina. All of our victims bill of rights have been violated, we have evidence of false reports by the police, failure to comply with court orders, contempt of court against institutions and the defendants, refusal to acknowledge FOIA's, police reports, request for protection, malpractice, refusal of motion to clarify court orders, incorrect redacted statements, victim advocate inadequacy and much more. Pending litigation for 1st degree sexual assault against a 9 yr old child for our 6 yr old child. Every one on every level refuses to act. We have a diary of evidence, reports, video, pictures etc. The solicitor has not accepted any requests, motions, or evidence for us. I want to take this case from the state or press charges on them, plus justice for our child. We have been forced to move, therapy bills etc are insane, our house is being for closed on etc. I need to know what steps, filings, actions I can take for our family. We are the 2nd victims. The solicitor didn't file charges with the first child. I have proof from his family as well. In Addition, He Was placed into custody of repeat convicted felons. I stopped printing at 27 felonies. 4 families have moved off the block. Please help us.
  17. What is the rule in SC. Concerning my fathers will. Are we automatically entitled to a percentage of his estate since we are his children
  18. I as a small business owner of an auto repair shop was recently sued. The merits of the case are extremely weak and when I went to hire a lawyer he refused to take my money because he believes the case has no merit and will be dismissed. I am supposed to be in court today for a pretrial hearing as i understand and to strike a jury. Is it possible that my case can be heard t today by the jury or do they have to be notified first. Is there a possibility of a jury pool already. This is a small rural county and I have never heard of that. I want the option of hiring a lawyer before going to trial if need be.
  19. I am going to civil court on a case I do not believe I will lose. If I do however, can I be jailed if I cannot pay. Also, is there an option of appeal in a case before a magistrate
  20. I lost my husband 9/1/2010 due to squamous cell carcinoma of the right tonsil, base of tongue. There could be no surgery as the tumor was attached to his carotid artery. He had initiated an asbestos lawsuit years ago, even prior to our marriage. ( The damages occurred in Pa. and the lawyers are in Pa. ) Occasionally he would receive a small check, perhaps from $1,000 to $3,000 dollars and he would sign the release and the attorney would then send the money minus his costs and fees. The companies using asbestos were going out of business at an alarming rate due to, my opinion, so many lawsuits. We got pennies on the dollar. We found, in 2008, that my husband had cancer. We went to, among other places, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando, Fl. We were told standard of care is standard of care, No difference. I asked if this cancer was caused by asbestos and they said no, it was the result of drinking and smoking together and also could be HPV. Despite their efforts he passed away. The attorneys for the asbestos suit were pushing for his asbestosis to be the cause of his cancer. I was told it was not. They were excited about this possibility and stated that if they could prove that, then this would be a landmark case. Well apparently they could not prove it as it is not true; though, at the time, I didn't know the difference or whether it mattered. I had lost my husband and that was my concern, period. The attorneys wrote to me after my husband's death and told me I was entitled to a bit more than $200,000. I don't know if this was after their fees or not. I was just devastated by my loss I actually didn't care about the money. AFTER they had made a settlement they told me that Medicare had a new rule and said my husband used Medicare's money for hospital bills for his cancer and Medicare wanted their money. I said fine, rules are rules. I received $20,000 and thought it was so kind of Medicare to give me something; my husband had no life insurance. The lawyers said "Good Luck" and I expected never to hear from them again. Not so. On a few occasions I received the sort of letters that my husband and I used to get...ex: "MMM has settled for $4,000, our share is $1600.00. However, because Mr. H used more of our services than he paid, we are keeping the money." Very strange, and then had the audacity to ask me to sign? I don't think so. Prior to this I was told we were done, he had paid all his expenses and their fees and now I get these letters which say SIGN HERE...big red X. I ignored them. If Medicare wanted more, let them work for it. I wasn't helping. Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of my husband's death. The more I thought about the case, the more curious I became. I had never received a letter from Medicare telling me they took my settlement. How stupid of me. In my grief I had acted like an old, addled woman with no brains. That I am not. I called Medicare. What I heard was shocking. I was told they could NOT speak to me as he was deceased and I wasn't listed on any papers saying who I was. They also said, "Your lawyer didn't do well by you." I asked why they took my money, under what rules and they explained that the cancer was caused by asbestos and the people who placed the asbestos in his place of employment were liable. I explained this was incorrect; two separate things. The cancer was not, according to all doctors, caused by asbestos. They told me to get this in writing from his doctor. I was told to send papers confirming who I was, they would then talk to me and they could "tell me something that would make me happy" AFTER I sent the papers. I asked if I needed an attorney; they said no. I think I have to have an attorney. They have made a huge mistake. I don't understand why my attorneys, who KNEW the doctors said his cancer was not caused by asbestos, would allow them to take my settlement. I didn't go to law school, I'm not versed in law and anything I say could make it worse. Can anyone help me? By the way, my attorneys got all of their fees recovered.
  21. A set of grandparents have had a minor grandchild in their custody for the past 7 yrs. The child's mother wrote a letter to the father, signing the child to him and stated in the letter that they agreed that she would not have to pay any child support or be responsible for anything else for the child. The father of the child basically gave the child to the grandparents because of his work schedule at the time. But the grandparents are been totally responsible for this child from the beginning of the transition with no financial support from the father. The have responsible for everything for this child, but have no legal documents for them to make decision for the child if something happens to them, because neither of the child's parents care or want to have custody of this child. Both mother & father of this child have very little contact with the child and both live in the same city only a few miles away from child. What can these grandparents do have legal documents file in the courts to establish sole custody of this child with rights.
  22. I own a small auto paint and body business in SC. About a year ago I was approached by a Limo Business owner to paint one of his cars. He asked for a economy job. We painted the car and we felt it was sastifactory be he disagreed and we agreed to redo the issues he complained about an no charge. He accepted the car with no complaints afterwards. A year later he returned initially with complaints stating that he had requested more repairs but we had told him we were too busy at the time. I do not remember t his. A year past and now over 12 months later he is asking that the car be repainted or for a refund of $400. Although the time frame was lengthy since we had last done work on the car and most of the issues were unrelated to the original work I agree to repaint the car a third time at no cost. Due to losing an employee the work was delayed by about 10 days but completed as he requested. He picked up the car, inspected it with no complaints. He now is suing me for $6600 including costs of completely stripping the car, repainting, cost of expert witness, lost wages, travel and more. My business is a legally formed LLC within the state of SC. Based on the above facts, can I be found personally liable for any settlement should one be granted. How should I proceed and what should my defense be.
  23. If I'm a patient being treated for depression, anxiety, & pain due to spinal problems can my doctor legally talk to my ex-girlfriend regarding my treatment and medications and terminate me as a patient because of a phone call regarding my medications. She verified he disclosed information about my treatment and she told him I was not taking my medications which was entirely false. Is he in violation of confidentiality and do I have any recourse...? I've been seeing this Doctor for over 7 years and for my pain medication since December 2010 during which time I've been on an increased dosage of oxycodone from 5 mg to 30 mg and I was only asked for a drug test twice and neither time was I informed of the results. I was only terminated as a patient after the ex-girlfriends phone conversation with the Doctor, and I've never been able to speak to him... any suggestions please Thanks, Confidential1
  24. My job is trying to make me work in a department I wasn't hired for, and wont pay me the same rate. Is that legal? Or can I refuse?
  25. I, as well as many other workers have not had a single day off in weeks, is it legal to work us 7 days a week, 8 hours a day? We ask for days off but they are refused. We are also on a point system. 5 points a year, if you are late on a week day, it's half a point, and if you call out without the doctor putting you out, it's a whole point. The weekends are double. Is that legal? We are paid hourly. Not salary.