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Found 80 results

  1. We rented a commercial property for automotive repair, it has debris and needs to be painted. We agreed to take the property "as is" and agreed to do the cosmetic work (ie: paint, remove debris, etc.). We had an electrician come in and check the property and it is not up to code. My question is the landlord responsible for doing the electrical repairs before we move in?
  2. I'm from Ohio and rented a condo in Myrtle Beach through VRBO website. I paid cash to the owner of the condo. After 1 night at this condo, my sister and I noticed tiny jumping insects. We took pictures. My sister was also bit. I took a picture of the bite. After doing some research we realized these were fleas. I notified the owner immediately after realizing the condo was infested. You could not sit anywhere in the condo without a flea landing on you. I told the owner we were leaving and wanted a full refund. She did notify the Real Estate Management company and an exterminator was there about 5 hours after I notified her of the fleas. We were told we had to vacate the premises for at least 5 hours. We did return to collect our belongings which I had to launder everything and disposed of my suitcase and purchased another. The owner refused to give me a full refund. She was very defensive and even suggested we brought the fleas in. She offered only to reimburse for the remainder of the stay. I was very upset about the fleas. I did not expect this stress when I paid for a supposedly nice place at the beach to relax. I was forced to spend time finding other accommodations in a resort town. These accommodations cost me a good deal more than what I paid the owner.
  3. In 2004 my ex wife and I married. She has a daughter that was 3 at the time. Fastforward 12 years and we separated and divorced this year. Her daughter (my step-daughter) has never had a biological father in her life. In fact she has always called me daddy and has always looked to me as her dad and would love to have me adopt her, however, her mother has decided that since we are no longer together hat she now refuses to allow it unless I agree to a voluntary increase in child support (we had another child together), or basically pay her to allow me to adopt her. At 17 in SC a minor child can leave the house without parental consent, but I'm trying to find out if me and her (my daughter) go to the courts after she turns 17 if we can petition the courts to overrule her mother's decision and allow me to adopt her.
  4. I am currently employed by a firm undergoing acquisition by another firm, this process has been ongoing for 3 months. In January I received notification that I had lost my insurance benefits for the third time, none of my medical bills dating from October 1 to January 1 would be paid by my employer provided insurance. When I questioned the employer I was told it was an error and I had insurance. I was shortly after served with a mail that my Doctor had turned me over to collections for nonpayment of my medical debt, company ownership apologized again and said if I paid my expenses out of pocket I would be reimbursed and I needed to send them the information for what I had paid. It has been three months and I have not seen or heard from the owner, I was told by our operations manager that the insurance was cancelled in mid December but BC/BS had back dated the cancelation to October 1. I was told I would get my money returned to me for expenses shortly. The money for my insurance premiums had been taken from my payroll checks for those three months, I was further informed that since they were willing to reimburse me for the money I spent out of pocket for medical bills I gained a benefit from those premiums and they did not have to return the premium money. Since this time I also discovered a payroll error and they have acknowledged that I am indeed missing a payroll check, they are waiting for the conclusion of the sale and I was told my money would be to me shortly. I still have no answer as to when I will receive my money. Can I sue or have ownership found criminally liable for this case? Thank you for your help.
  5. I was convicted (pleaded guilty) in South Carolina of 3424-BREACH OF TRUST W/FRAUD INTENT (embezzlement amount >$10,000) I was sentenced to 5 years probation and ordered to pay restitution. I wasn't aware that the monthly payment I was given would only amount to 80% of the total owed the victim so I had a balance left once I completed my probation. (It was shortened by 4 months due to compliance credits I was given.) I am now on Administrative monitoring until the balance is paid in full. I don't do drugs, have never done drugs, no intention of ever doing them and my conviction had nothing to do with them but I am thinking of renting a room from someone who smokes marijuana. It would be done in his room exclusively, not the room that I will be renting, but I wonder if this would affect me in any way legally if something were to happen that causes the police to come to the house and find it there. No probation agents will come to the house from my end as I have completed my 5 years and am not technically on probation anymore but I don't want to get into a situation where this persons drugs would cause me to go to jail or something. I know I was very fortunate to avoid jail for my crime and did everything I had to do the past 5 years to comply with the conditions of my probation. Is this something that could affect me and the administrative monitoring? Thank you for any assistance.
  6. A car was sold to a guy after the buyers drove,inspected and took the vin number to check it out. The next day they came and bought the car. A week later he gets oil change and says the bottom of car is rusted and wants his money back. Nothing was hid,no games just straight up sold the car. The vin number clearly says it was a New Hampshire car on car fax. 16 years old to boot. Question..what recourse do you think he has...if any. Is there such a thing as a used car lemon law..???
  7. Is it possible to name two executors with the understanding they are to work amicably together in carrying out our wishes?
  8. I am a licensed clinical social worker looking to private work. As of yet, I have not established an office and am hoping to share an office with an established therapist. I would like to go ahead and form a LLC, so I can begin recording expenses related to my licensure (for tax purposes). Forming a LLC requires a physical address. Can I used my home address even though I have no intention of seeing client in my home?
  9. I'm trying to find out what's the legality of increasing prices for a service offered. In most instances, the consumer is on a monthly auto drafted payment plan. Is there a requirement for notification of price increases? If so, what are the specifics?
  10. Is it legal for a SC landlord to pass convergent billing fees onto individual lease holders for monthly utilities if not specifically stated in the lease agreement? I'm in a high rise apartment building in a five bedroom unit and each of us are under separate lease agreements, so we are each being charged this fee. If paying via credit card or e-check, the lease does specify that a convenience fee would be applied but it does not specifically mention anything about convergent fees pertaining to utilities. Could the following paragraph give the landlord specific rights to charge this fee? "TENANT is liable for all costs or charges associated with LANDLORD having to provide special services (unless required by law) to TENANT or at TENANT'S request and for all fees or fines as described in Rules and Regulation. Unless required by law, the provision of any special services shall be at LANDLORD's sole and absolute discretion." The above mentioned "Rules and Regulations" do not address any rental fees. Until December 2016, I was not given monthly invoices prior to rent/parking/utilities being due but I did pay rent and parking on time each month and utilities were paid as soon as I was notified of the amount due. I have been withholding the monthly convergent fee for the past couple on months until I had clear information on what it was and why it was being charged. Recently, the landlord replied with this: "We don't charge it, the billing company does so have no lenience on our end to take it off of the bill." I was also told that if it was not received by March 1, then they would not accept my rent check.
  11. Child support order states parents are to split medical bills 50%. Mother has custody. She took child to two out of network providers when in network providers are available in her area and is asking for me to pay 50% of cost when I was not informed of this prior to child receiving services. 1 visit is to a chiropractor and the other is a vision exam. I have Medical, Vision and Dental coverage on my child. If she would have went to a in network chiropractor cost would be 15.00 copay instead of 230.00 total charges. Vision copay for exam is 20.00 total cost of exam she had at out of network office is 180.00. Am I required to pay 50% of these bills when she didn't verify before taking the child to these places if they were in or out of network and she didn't inform me until after the fact?
  12. I currently live in South Carolina. However, I had a secured debt (furniture loan) that was taken out in Ohio. I have regrettably defaulted on this, and am looking to file for bankruptcy relief soon. However, the lawyer I consulted with told me that I couldn't be garnished for consumer debt in South Carolina. However, the company is telling me that since it's secured debt, I can be, and will be, as they (per them) already do so now with people in South Carolina. I'm not sure if this is a scare tactic or what's going on, but I don't have the funds available to get the petition filed yet, so I'm looking for answers as to if I can be garnished or not. Additionally, my bank account, new since I moved here a year ago, gets funds deposited into it from Social Security. Does that protect it at all? I appreciate the help and guidance.
  13. I was injured on my job in South Carolina and was on workers comp, I was put on light duty at several sites and missed quite a bit of work due to my injury, the last place I worked 2 employees falsley accused me of cursing at them and workers comp was denied me because of a false statement saying that I refused the work site, that occured 3 months ago and I have not had a income nor have I been placed on another work site and in addition to that they took my insurance away from me stated that I was on fmla but at the same time I was working. What can I do about this?
  14. I recently purchased a car didn't do my homework, I have only had the car three days but when I checked the KBB the car is a 2012 with a 103,000 KBB says the value of is 10,000 they priced it at 17,000 with finance charges the care came to 20,000 so I am wondering is there something that can do to change this I didn't check KBB until Saturday should I go back and make a formal complaint I voiced my concerns too the salesman by phone on his voicemail he has yet to call me back they financed with wells fargo
  15. I bought a car from a dealer in SC and they are supposed to send the title to my local DMV (in Va.) so I can register the car and then the DMV will send it to the lien holder. It has been over 6 weeks since I bought the car and still no title. I have called many times and every time its a different story. I was even promised that it was sent over night to my house and they said FedEx would deliver it at 3.30PM the next day. Of course nothing came and when I called they said they didn't send it. I love the car and it is everything they said it was and maybe even better. Its a 2008 Corvette that is almost flawless other than the fact that I cant drive it and have already canceled a weekend vacation with my wife and now I'm going to miss the Corvettes for Saint Jude's fund raiser ride to the Hospital. Does anyone have any legal advice for me and is there anything I can do? The dealer is a pretty good size dealer and they were very good to deal with at the time of purchase. Thanks for any help. John L.
  16. I just found out that my neurologist and his partner at Neurology Associates in Greenville, SC pled guilty to a federal government criminal and civil investigation of using non-fda approved Botox from 2010-2013. Apparently the FDA conducted a search warrant of their records awhile ago (2013) when their practice was linked to ordering large amounts off label Botox from Medical Device King in New York. I've been a patient since early 2008 and have received Botox shots for migraines almost 4 times a year since. My insurance carrier is Cigna who wasn't aware of the plea and still had them listed as preferred providers. Is there any recourse for us patients actually who pay for our insurance and were billed improperly for years? Also, if we're just now starting to find out about the investigation and settlement how do they know there have been no adverse side effects to patients?
  17. I am doing bullet points as much easier. Location: Bluffton, SC Mom met man on internet 2.5 to 3 years ago ( Man moved in after 3 weeks Daughters noticed moms memory was getting worse and worse Talked mom into going to a specialist for dementia/alzheimers Mom went but internet man insisted on going. specialist recommended further testing in Savannah. Internet man talked my mom out of it. Internet man bought new truck with my moms money for 30,000.00 Internet man had my mom attend a Baptist Church - pastor stated they should be married legally to be part of church Internet man talked my mom into marrying him but didn't want him to tell her daughters ( myself and my two sisters) Did not do a prenup per our request - and stated to my mom half of all she has will be his as soon as they get married (per internet mans two daughters who live in CT) They got married He bought a boat for 50,000.00 Internet man only has social security and has been married 3 previoius times. Right after marriage my mom went to her attorney with internet man and changed POA to him along with changing the will and leaving all to him including house Now remember - mom already had some signs of dementia two years ago and he would say nothing was wrong with her. 9 months after marriage - mom going over to neighbors houses - stating she needs to get away from him, he is spending all her money, she sees people in the house that are not there She takes walks in early morning and we have to call dispatch. She stopped taking her BP pills We ended up picking her up and took her right to the hospital (internet man didnt' even know and she was gone longer than 12 hours and he didn't even look for her) Carolinas Health diagnosed her 4 days ago with a UTI, dementia, dehydration, and high blood pressure. taken back home - took all her antibiotics in one day, took 5 blood pressure pills in one day. Next day, out walking at 4:00 a.m. and had to pick her up. Had dispatch come and escort into house to get her meds, clothes, etc. Internet man was not home - left door open. Internet man goes over to neighbor across the street and tells her that he is POA and everything she has is his. He changed all locks on doors and they only have one key and he keeps it. Internet man let my moms drivers license expire. She is held captive HELP! Every day it is as if we are allowing her life to be put in jeopardy. What lawyer should I get. He is neglecting her health, spending all the money my mom had left from my daddy to take care of her in her elderly years. neighbors document.docx
  18. We have rented our house in SC due to moving to California. We are ready to move back to our SC home but would like to break the lease to make their move out date sooner so we can move back. There isn't much in our lease agreement about the landlord breaking the lease- only about if the tenant wants to break the lease. This says they need to give 60 days notice plus 2 months rent as a fee on top of regular rent. We do have a clause that says "termination upon sale of property" says we can terminate the agreement with 60 days written notice. But we did not sell the house we just want to move back. Thanks.
  19. While incarcerated ...pushed down steps and paralyzed....being held in solitary confinement while paralyzed
  20. First, let me take a moment to thank those of you who share your insight and wisdom in educating folks like myself in this forum. It is greatly appreciated. I know that SC is a "debtor friendly," state. Meaning that I know my wages can't be garnished for consumer debt. I'm in the process of getting the money together to file my bankruptcy petition, however, I have some concerns. 1) Can my bank account be garnished for debt? 2) Is the no wage rule in effect even if the company is headquartered outside of South Carolina? 3) If they can garnish my bank account, do they notify me beforehand or do I just get to be surprised? Thank you again.
  21. Recently, my husband and I saw an attorney who told us that if we wish to claim a common law marriage that we have to make some changes to tax filings, etc in order to file a joint bankruptcy petition. However, social security once told us that if he was married they would stop his benefits. At the time we were living in a state that didn't recognize common law, but now we are in a state that does. Before we start making the changes, though, we are trying to find out if social security will then stop the benefits once we claim common law marriage, or if they have a distinct difference between the two in their realm. I know at a state level common law is considered "legal" marriage but what we are worried about is what the rules of social security are. Thanks in advance.
  22. My husband (common law) and I moved to SC 7 1/2 months ago. We've lived as spouses for five years here & Ohio. We've found ourselves giving serious thought to bankruptcy, but want to know if we can do it as a joint petition since we're not legally married or if being common law is enough.
  23. Someone I know was supposed to go to magistrates court today on a criminal charge. The county index says Status: Failure to Comply Disposition: TIA Guilty Bench Trial Does this mean he did now show and was sentenced to 30 days? Not sure what TIA means
  24. I currently have soul custody of my Daughter who is going to be turning 18 in less than two months. Her Father pays 70% of her non reimbursed Medical, He wants me to pay his deductible which is his family deductible before she can have a CT scan. Am I responsible? No I haven't met my $250 I'm responsible for. Also, Does he keep insurance on her until she is the age of 26 or does it stop at 18? It costs him nothing to keep her on it. It will cost me an additional $175 a month to add her on mine. Then The child support, She will be going to College in the Fall can he be required to keep Child support and Insurance on her since she will be a full time student? This is not in our divorce decree, so I know I will have to take him back to court. He also hasn't seen her in 7 years all he has done is pay child support some what and keep insurance on her.
  25. Hi, I am on H1b & recently transferred to another employer. My previous employer has credited my last paycheck due to miscommunication from Payroll department. They reached for taking that amount back. However they requested me to pay entire amount including taxes & they told me that it will reflect in my W2 form this year. I told them I am not eligible to take salary as my new employer paycheck has been started for the period. Please suggest what should I do as I am ready to only pay amount that has been credited to my account & not the taxes for which I am not responsible for. Thanks, Raj Rayala