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Found 80 results

  1. I recently inherited a mortgage and note on a home a piece of land sold and financed by my father. The note has about 24 years left on it and I want to collect the funds now and not continue to receive a monthly payment. I have approached the people who are paying the note and asked if they would refinance and even offered more property and a discounted price on the note. They will not do so? Is there any way I can force them to refinance? The note states they have to keep insurance and cannot be late on any payments or they will be in default. They currently have the required insurance but have been late by 2-3 days on several payments. I have looked into selling the note but the discounted price is ridiculous. Any suggestions, please
  2. irs

    Father gets disability. He is married, living separate from his wife, and the child lives with the mother. His son gets child benefit. To who's social security number is the child's amount designated? Will SS's 1099 have the income as it is to be reported on a tax return to the father, mother, or child?
  3. I am a 60-year-old male on disability. The day began as I picked up my friend (Justin) at another friend's house (Margie) around 11 am. I was to drive Justin around to do small engine repair with the agreement he would pay me $150.00 for the day of driving. When I arrived at the pickup spot. I was shown a gun by Margie to which I told her and Justin there is no way we are going to take this gun in my car as I knew Justin was on parole. Somehow Justin snuck the gun and put it in his bag of paperwork in my trunk. Off we go. We went to a subdivision and in the back of this subdivision, we pulled into the driveway of a house. Justin went in the residence as I waited in the car. He came out with a weedeater to repair. It would not fit in the trunk so we placed it in my back seat. Off I drove and as I was Just about out of the subdivision a county deputy pulled me over for a faulty brake light. I gave my License, registration, and proof of Insurance to the officer as required. She (the officer) proceeded to interrogate me as to where I was coming from, normally I would have shut this down and simply asked her if I was being detained as it is no business of hers where I come and go in America, but I was worried about my friend in the car getting id checked (he was on parole as I stated earlier) so I told her exactly where I had been and what procured at this residence. Of course, this house was known to her as a domicile of thieves who steal small equipment so she asked me to step out of the car and requested a search to look for stolen equipment as she seen the weedeater in my back seat. I gave consent to the search because as the officer stated, I didn't want to wait a couple of hours in the sun for a warrant and as I had nothing to hide whatsoever...Big mistake!. Justin had a wallet in the passenger side door storage containing methamphetamine. The officer acted like she found a gold bar and yelled look Meth!. She approached my stunned personage and asked if I had anything to say. I stated I wanted a lawyer! This shut down all my interaction and cuffs were placed on me and to the patrol car I went. As I watched them open the trunk and find the gun Justin had snuck in his bag I flipped out and screamed JUSTIN WTF?. They found 1.7 grams in one baggie in his wallet and the stolen gun in his bag in the trunk. I was charged with possession with intent to distribute and possession of a stolen gun. Justin along with parole violation was charged the same. Justin admitted to the officer on camera these were his items. He also admitted this when we went to bond court on film also. The officer told me as we were about to leave the scene if I would not have invoked my lawyer I would be driving my car home as it was being towed... I spent five days in the worst jail in America before I bonded out with a 5000 dollar surety bond on the stolen gun and 15000 on the possession with intent to distribute. I really had NO idea on either of the items found in the car were there and Justin spoke up and confessed to both, not only to the police but in bond court too. Why am I still being charged? I understand the 2 possession elements and I'm pretty sure I have a valid defense of the drugs but I am scared poopless about the gun. I cannot be convicted and have a felony as I fear it would take my only disability payments away. Any and I mean any legal help would be appreciated. I am an avid reader and research very well. I am gathering any and all info to take to my public defender I will receive. Thank anyone in advance! ....PS I have never been in any trouble or law entanglements
  4. My husband died May 2015. He had opened a computer bank account years ago. I did not have the paperwork from the bank since we lost it in a move from the apartment. I am the principal on the local bank. I check my account every day. There are still deposits to the computer account. I cannot find out the account number of this account. How can I do this. Do I need an attorney? I have the death certificate. And it was a joint account. I do not remember the password of the account. How can I get information about it?
  5. My husband died may 2015. I live on Social Security and a pension. I was told by a social worker that I did not have to file if I owed no taxes. My income is the same since 2015. Is it true about not filing. And do I need to show a death certificate to IRS.
  6. Can an individual sue a city in Magistrates Court (Small Claims Court)?
  7. Is there a term in the law for something that is so obvious that it can be accepted as fact?
  8. Can employer require employee to work in a higher rated job, but not be paid the minimum rate for job.
  9. HOA

    There are 45 lot owners in this residential HOA. There is a lake adjacent to 10. Covenants were created about 30 years ago. Covenants give all lake privileges and rights exclusively to those 10 adjacent lot owners. The Covenants irresponsibly deeded the Lake to the HOA without specifying lake front owners only. Therefore, all liability, including a dam break, goes to all HOA members. We have no rights to a lake that is deeded to us. The original developers and the original Board were composed of lake side owners, so you can draw your own conclusions. Ownership and liability without benefits. A Quit Claim Deed would be ideal to right the wrong, but that requires 2/3 votes. That is virtually impossible. By the way, we don't want a Covenant change to give all members rights to the lake. Its only asset is the view, and we can't get that. We want out of the liability as several area dams have broken. Is there a law that would release us from ownership without a 2/3 vote to change the Covenants since it was incorrectly deeded at the beginning?
  10. I was sued for a credit card debt. I did not attend the hearing because I had to work. They were awarded a default judgment just under $2000. Today, I received a magistrate summons to appear for a bench trial on April 9th. I'm concerned about wage or bank garnishment or them taking my vehicle and need advice on what I should do, if anything. I own an older car (that isn't running right now but should be in the next week.) The value of it is listed as about $1500. It is my only way to get to work. (There is no public transportation where I live and car services would take almost half my earnings.) I own no other property. Is there anything I can/should do? What should I expect to happen at the trial and after? I know this debt is valid and wanted to pay them. I was out of work on FMLA for 6 months last year and could not pay my debts. Once I got back to work, I just couldn't catch up fast enough and pushed this debt aside while paying rent and other living expenses. I know I'm wrong for not paying it and am hoping I won't lose my vehicle or get my bank account frozen. I would appreciate any advice or information anyone can share with me. Thank you
  11. I did not give a 60 day notice that I would not renew my lease. The landlord says that I am responsible for rent and utilities (which must be turned on) for the entire 60 day notice. He also is unwilling to advertise the house as available until that dat, even though it would mean that it has to sit empty for well over a month. Is there any validity to his claim that a house cannot be advertised sooner if the tenant has vacated and gives permission to do so?
  12. HOW do you appeal your case if a NEW LAW/STATUE affects your verdict and your rights. my nephew has been sentenced & now incarcerated , we are trying to find help on how we can go forward to apply/present the new law to his case. I believe it is civil. he is indigent & also, looking for a group that can help someone indigent and incarcerated (once incarcerated no one wants to Help)
  13. In 2017 a friend of my brothers had some financial problems, and asked my brother if he would give him $2,000.00 for his truck. My brother paid his friend cash for the truck and the friend signed the title over. My brother decided NOT to sign the Title, nor to get it registered, incase his friend resolved his issues and wanted to buy the truck back later. After a few months, when my brother saw that his friend wasn't going to want it back, he told our mom that she could have the truck, and he would sign it over to her and get it registered and tagged for her when he got around to it. Sadly, my brother had a heart attack and died last June, and he had never gotten around to taking care of the paperwork on the truck. He didn't have a Will, so all of his possessions went to his only child, his daughter. She knew he intended to give the truck to our mom, her grandmother, so she respected those wishes. Apparently, the man who sold my brother the truck has also passed away in the intervening time. So, now my mom has the truck, and the title, that has been signed by the previous owner over to my brother, but who never signed the title himself, and never paid the taxes or registered the vehicle. How does my mom get this vehicle registered in her name so she can get tags and use this truck legally?
  14. Last Summer, a "friend" of mine invited me to move into his house in Greenville, SC. He wanted someone around because he was going through some difficult personal issues. Since he offered to let move-in for free, I agreed and took him up on the offer. I moved in September, 2017. At first, things were awesome. After a while, he started talking about how he misses having the place to himself and asking me to leave the house for several hours so he could have his alone time. Then, he started locking me out of the front "computer room" where my desktop computer is setup. I am currently unemployed and looking for a job that pays $10+/hour and doesn't require me to stand for long hours, since I have Plantar Fasciitis. In December, 2017, he told me he wanted me to move out in March or April at the latest. Yesterday, he told me he wanted me to start moving my stuff out by the beginning of February. Today, he said he wants me to get my stuff out amd leave now. He is very whiny and insults me and acts as if he is offended by my presence. I cannot prepare a meal without this kind of treatment. I am constantly denied access to my computer. I tried to find work online, but for a couple of reasons, including being denied access to my computer, I am unable to work online. I tolerated this abuse for the last couple of months as long as I wasn't being insulted, but now, he is attacking me verbally every time we are in the same room. Because I'm not given a reasonable time to move and because I'm being treated with hostility, I am forced to move into my parents' house temporarily. There is no Internet access there, so I my ability to communicate or work online will be complicated and more costly. Because of the extremely inconvenient, remote location of my parents' house, I will have to deal with much higher fuel expences and commute times. It will make finding a job or commuting to a job much more difficult and costly. It will severely impact church attendance. In every way, being forced to move now will negatively impact my life. There is no written agreement between us. He just invited me to move-in and I did. Can I bring suit against him and what can I expect to recover in damages?
  15. Is 2nd degree distribution of crack Cocaine violent or non violent?
  16. HOA

    I want to file a complaint about unenforced Covenants that favor certain residents at the expense of others. Eleveen of the 47 homeowners are not required to pay assessments. Is there a department in South Carolina government that handles this? Consumer Affairs? Attorney General? Other?
  17. The defendants legal address is documented. However, he is hiding and refuses to accept certified mail service. He cannot be required to appear in Court without service. I was told service by publication is not acceptable for child support in South Carolina. Is that true?
  18. Hi am the Commercial Tenant, what are the SC laws on Landlord providing working hot water?. I had an Electrical Engineer check it and he said that there is not enough power supplying the Water Heater. I don't have access to the Control Panel, because it is located in the suite next to me that is being rented by another tenant.
  19. HOA was not part of my closing when I bought into the neighborhood. It is not a condo or townhouse neighborhood. All lots and housesare deeded to the owners.I was billed later and subsequent years. I have paid so as not to be criticized by my neighbors. Covenants are disregarded and there is an undesirable environment. Am I allowed to get out of this HOA?
  20. I live in a townhome just outside Greenville, SC. My connected neighbor constantly sits on his back screened in porch and smokes. This is constant all day and a lot of the night. It is so bad I cannot open my windows or enjoy my own backyard because of the smell and secondhand smoke. even with the windows closed, the smell occasionally wafts in. Do I have any rights - why do I have to be affected and possibly endangered (not meaning to be melodramatic) by his second hand smoke and obnoxious habit. Thanks.
  21. I was wrongfully terminated after a month and a half on the job. A few weeks ago my boss told me I was learning slower than most people that she has hired. Well, i have a mental illness, mostly PTSD. Well, that evening I decided to text her and let her know the reason why I was slower, was because of the mental illness. Her reply to the text was, "Oh ok". Not once did she ask if I needed any type of accomodations. Also, written on my termination paperwork is another reason: taking 3 smoke breaks without clocking out. The doctor I work for did not have to clock out to take his smoke breaks, so why should I? I believe that the smoking matter should have been a write-up, not cause for termination. And I also believe that my speed learning the software should not have been grounds for firing. Things totally changed after I told her about my disability. What should I do? Seek help from a lawyer?
  22. I'm at nuclear security officer at a nuclear plant. I was told not to return to return to work yet, this was last week after my supervisors met with me three times in a few hours regarding equipment not working and two other incidents that occurred that night. The night vision batteries are what supposedly started the meetings with me. No way whatsoever is there any proof the night vision's batteries fell out while in my possession. Policy states to check the proper operation at beginning of shift, which I did. The missing batteries were reported by the next shift 3 and a half hours after I had left work. During the meeting they also complained that I responded to the wrong door when sent to an alarm , i misheard the door number so created about a one minute delay in my responce if that, and was told I shouldn't have left my rifle in the office beside my supervisor when I ran down the hall to use the restroom. That supervisor and I were in a completely empty building in the middle of the night. My Capt. advised me that my punishment was that I was going to be posted in the search lobby full time until further notice. The search lobby is the post that everyone hates. We have numerous posts and we always rotate to different posts every 3 hours. In the meeting my capt stated he needed a female in the lobby anyway, which is nowhere in policy and no other shift does that. I'm one of 3 females out of 40 officers on my shift. These "3" incidents my capt used as reasons to keep me in the lobby full time, all occurred after I was yelled at by my capt once again. He said I didn't do my security round fast enough which technically I have 12 hrs to complete but I did it as fast as possible but still doing it correctly. It's not safe or advised by the company to rush through a nuclear plant. What he wanted me to do would have violated our ALARA policy. After he was through fussing at me i again am crying my eyes out in front of everyone bc it seems I can never do anything right and I'm always so freaked out about losing my job because I'm well aware I have a target on my back, and I'm far from the only one who knows that. In a matter of a few hrs that night I had 3 meetings with these supervisors the first meeting was with capt and 3 Lts. The other 2 were attended by capt and one Lt. One meetings also included threats of termination only after I disagreed with them. I was so upset and crying that capt and Lt. Told me I could go home that day if I needed to. I stayed for a little while but couldnt stop crying bc this incident was just one of many and only added to constant issues I have had with mainly my capt. for almost 2 yrs now. I was so stressed out, freaked out, and upset that I just couldn't keep it together and didn't want everyone coming through the search lobby and my coworkers to see me crying. The next day,after all that, before shift, i was advised not to show up for work. For 5 days now i haven't been allowed to work. No one can tell me why I'm out of work, when I can come back, if I'm fired , suspended , if I'm getting paid or not, nothing. They have yet to contact to me unless I make contact. They always say they dont know anything. It's no secret on my shift among the 40 other teammates that I'm constanly picked on by my capt and Lts. It's no secret that alot of it is bc I'm a female and some say it's bc I don't stand up to them or stand up for myself, and bc I allow them to do it. I've been threatened several times with termination over little things that no one has ever gotten fired for. They know I'm a single parent and how important my career is. For almost 2 yrs Ive been terrified of making any mistake and stressed out beyond belief. There are a whole lot more incidents over these 2 yrs, like making me be a cleaning lady a several times, crude and sexual comments from supervisors, being called dumb in front of coworkers, etc. Plenty of witnesses to every complaint I have, documentation, and audio recordings of the 3 meetings I had with them that night.
  23. If you are accused of a crime and the victim and only witness dies before trial, what happens?
  24. My domestic pot belly pig was brutally attacked by 2 dogs that came onto my fenced in 6 acres while "Gilbert" was spending time outside, tethered with his halter on. The owner of the dogs was found later that night when we got back from the vet. She apologized and agreed to help in any way. Over the next 2 months, via text, she agreed to pay for his vet bills. I finally had to file a claim in Magistrates Court, I asked for a jury trial. I am planning on serving as Pro Se. She has gotten an attorney. He still has some pooping problems and as a result has become an outside pig. My jury selection is next Thursday the 27th. Can you give me any free legal advice or help with my case?civil case.pages Thank you, civil case.pages
  25. I am primary custodian of my 16 yr old granddaughter. My ex daughter in law is the other custodian in this matter. GD lives with me. XDIL and father were ordered to pay child support and split between the 2 of them all costs of health/ dental. Neither of them have paid anything. We went to court in another County. My question is this: Can I go to the County we reside in to do a "Rule to Show Cause?". I should add that payment of Child support was to be directly to me in the custody agreement. I want payments to go through the court. Thank you for any advice you can give me.