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Found 93 results

  1. During a custody court case the Plaintiffs representation was terribly deficient and failed to present rebuttles on behalf of the client. Is it possible to have some of those same issues revisited and rebutted during a hearing on a different date after filing a newer petition?
  2. A client (2004) 10 years ago signed a surety agreement for a bank loan, secured by her now ex husband, and pledged her inheritance account totaling $83,000. to cover the debt. The husband defaulted within a year and in 2005 the bank took 73, 490. of her $'s as a set-off but put the remaining %'s into a savings account, but will not let her access the funds, claiming they are still theirs but it's been 10 years since the original loan date and 9 years since they took the set-off amount. Do either of the Pa. SOL's for Contracts 4 years, or for Negotiable Instruments 6 years now prevent the bank from now taking the balance of her $'s?? Is there any case law that is on point??
  3. If a Philadelphia resident was to get their Driver License suspended in new jersey would it be suspended in Philadelphia as well?
  4. I have 3 boys and I am on SSD and SSI (Social SecurityDisability and Supplemental Income). I am 95% deaf. My boys get $297 each from SS. My X took me to court to get more support. She said I worked undr the table. I do not work under the table, but the judge believed her. I have at times helped my friend snow plow and he gave me $75 to $100 on those 5 to 6 days I helped him. My Dad is a mechanic and I might help him maybe 5 days year or so if he needs someone to help lift thing or has a big job. He gives me $50. I get $1600 a month SSD and the judge assessed me for $22.50 as a heavy equipment operator for 20 hours a week. I do not make any where near that on the few days i help out. I only help out a few days a year not a month. I can not make that kind of money on SSD or I would not be on SSD. I need some advice on what to do. I know I can appeal but is the judge right in what she did. There was no proof anyone could find to making income except for my X saying I worked. Desperate because I have to pay $455 out of my SSD and do not have enough money now to live!
  5. My sister has been taking care of her ex-husbands dog for the last 2.5 years, because he can't afford a place of his own (lives with his mother). My sister has paid all vet bills (except for half of one bill), bought food, medications, etc. The problem is the dog has severe anxiety and is not okay to be left alone. When the dog is alone, the dog scratches himself, the walls, the cub-bards, etc. There is extensive damage to my sister's house (I can't seem to be able to attach the photo's), and her ex refuses to pay for any of the damages. He has not contributed to the dog in the last 2.5 years (with the exception of half of the one bill), and refuses to take the dog. The main problem is, when my sister had said (due to the damages) she can no longer keep him, he threatens to keep his son from her (the son is from a previous relationship, not her child but they do have a little girl together, and sadly he does not do anything for her either). I know she does not have any legalities over the son, but at what point is the dog considered abandoned by the original owner? What options does she have as she has been put into a very tough situation. I know I may sound biased because she is my sister, but I honestly thought she would be the one to push a problematic divorce and it is the polar opposite. He degrades her in front of both children, refuses to spend time with his daughter or pay child support, and anytime she tries to defend herself, he threatens her. This is the worst that I have seen, and I'm more concerned of the child's well being. If anyone can explain how to attach pictures, I can gladly do so. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's very bad.
  6. I am Pennsylvania licensed driver who recently received a DWI in New Jersey, which was a second NJ DWI I have received. The first occurred over 18 years ago in early 1996. The first NJ offense occurred before my home state joined the Drivers License compact in late 1996, so there is no record of it on my Pa. driver history (I checked). I have no other driver offenses in Pennsylvania. Because the first is well over 10 years old, I expect I will be sentenced in NJ for my current NJ citation as a first offense. My question is exactly what will be reported to Pennsylvania about this incident and whether Pa will receive information from NJ about the old 1996 offense, or whether only the current citation is reported. The reason is that Pennsylvania apparently does not suspend a license for an "out of state DUI" that is a first offense, but suspends for one year on an out of state DUI if it is determined to be a second offense. Any input from someone knowledgeable on what is shared under the Compact is much appreciated.
  7. My name is Daniel and I am a 16 year old who currently attends a public school in Pennsylvania. Recently, I tried to get my high school to let me take a Latin 3 course instead of my lunch period for 11th grade. However, they would not schedule it saying that "there was a law requiring all students to take a lunch period." I decided to research this law and have not been able to find it. I would really like not to take a lunch and take Latin 3 instead. Does this law exist, and if so is there a way around it?
  8. Hello, I would like to file for bancruptcy in the US and I live in Canada. I worked in the US and I made some credit card debts. I would like to send some job applications in the US and I would like to solve this problem. I have to file for bancruptcy because I do not have the money to pay the debt. The problem is that lawyers from Canada can help me file only in Canada, but even in this case my US debts would not be cancelled. So, I have to file in the US where I have an address with a friend. However, lawyers in the US say that I cannot file in the US because I did not filed my taxes in the US in the last three years. Please give me the least advice where I should start. Thank you.
  9. My ex-husband was let go from his job 2 weeks ago. He owed money for current support which was recently deposited into my account. The current order was just modified in June 2014 due to my son being taken off the order and now I only have one child on the current order. While it stinks that he lost his job, I am still reliant on this income twice a month in order to keep a roof over my children and food on the table. Since he lost his job, will I still receive payments through CS or do I have to wait until he starts a new job? The next payment is due August 1, 2014. Any information is helpful! Thanks!
  10. I have been separated from my husband for 2 years. I have Primary custody of our 2 minor daughters 14 & 16. He has visitation rights, however he chooses not to take them. Its been over a year since he saw them, 6 months since he called them. He pays support, now that it is deducted from his pay. We have joint legal custody. PROBLEM; Our 16 year old has some learning issues. is on Medication for depression and anxiety. After months of counseling and seeing her physiatrist he suggested that a home based program would be a great alternative I came upon a homeschool program that fits my Daughters needs. It's a credited program where by there is no time limit to finish, but she will have a high school diploma in the end. Because he has shared Legal custody I tried to explain to him how this would benefit her. I am above being qualified to do this with her, and I am on Disability,, so I am always home. He simply said NO. So now we are back in court, Now, because he won't agree, his attorney wants the court to decide what is best for her. The only Problem is that they are looking at programs that are for children that have behavior problems. This is not the case. I cannot afford another attorney. I need some suggestions.
  11. ive never done this before so i geuss ill just state my problem and hope for the best. my name is janel im 16 and i am a lifegaurd and i have another job throwing hay and ill be getting a job at the end of the summer so i can have a winter job. i have been wanting to be emancipated since i was 15 and i am not wanting to leave bc i dont like it here its just i dont agree with my mothers rules and her way of dealing with situations when it comes to me. i am cyber schooled i have been for 3 years now and she dosent teach me. i really dont have a reason to live here bc 1. i do my school work on a labtop and have tutring through it 2. i have my permit and i have money 3. i can walk to work or my co worker offered to pick me up for work and i have my oler brotherto stay with and pay rent he is 18 has a job and an apartment he dose fine but he is more understanding and easier to get along with. i know most people think oh shes 16 shes just going through a phose. No just no im ready to be on my own i know my stuff i can take care of myself i can get jobs i have car rides i can take care of myself i can buy food and clothes and do school work with no problem. but my mom wont support me getting released from her being my gaurdian and im gonna try to leave bc it makes things for me so much easier. no really dumb rules ill have my own privacy and i wont have to get grounded over the dumbest little stuff and be able to be with who i wanna be without her getting a restrainging order against the guy or girl im not a difficult teen im responsible for my actions and i can pay my own bills/ rent (depends on where i go to bc if i live with my other relative then its rent and some bills) i have been researching for a long time for this moment and i know ive reached maturety and im ready to face on the world by myself. i need a little help on getting my petiton and all
  12. I have a debt collection agency after me for a debt that I DO NOT OWE. I shut off my services with the American Water Company on March 14th because I had to sell my mobile home. My final bill, which posted on March 19th, was for $7.89, not due until April 10th. Yet on the 23rd of March the water company added a "Misc Postin" of $130 after I had already received my final bill of $7.89, making the changed 'total' $137.89. I found out that even though I was no longer their customer, a third party who NOT AUTHORIZED on my account, called for repairs to the water meter. I was not present when these repairs were made. I did not ask for these repairs. I did not consent to them. I signed nothing. I didn't even know about these repairs until after they were made. To learn more continue on. I apologize but the story is a bit complicated. The day I decided to discontinue my services. (They'd actually shut off my services without notice months prior) I'd been without water for some time. My home was basically inhabitable. I sold my place at a reduced rate because of a broken water meter that both the water company and the landlord refused responsibility for. It was my last resort. You can read about that ordeal here: http://forum.freeadvice.com/landlord-tenant-issues-42/mobile-home-owner-rents-lot-water-meter-broken-who-has-pay-602901.html On March 23rd, the day I went to pack the last of my belongings from my mobile home, I saw a notice on the door. Someone from the water company had been there and repaired the water meter. I also had noticed a missed call from the water company and a sketchy voicemail I ignored, which didn't make sense to me at the time. Something about a 'work order' and.. "Well.. I hope someone is there." I actually laughed at first when I saw they had finally repaired the meter because I thought it was ironic that they waited until I was no longer their customer. That is until I realized they were going to try to stick me with the $130 repair bill. (The employee they initially sent to check on the broken water mater told ME that it was a $400 part, that it was not their responsibility, and suggested I buy it wholesale and hire a plumber. Ironic.. had I known BEFORE deciding to sell my trailer.. that it would be $130 instead, I would have paid it.. but SINCE this all happened later.. I hope you can understand how upset I am that I had to sell my place and the water company is trying to charge me for repairs they refused to even offer when I was living without water for months!) Shortly thereafter I found out that the person who called in for this 'work order' was my neighbor (who also happened to be my sister's boyfriend). His friend was to be the new tenant purchasing the mobile home and apparently he called to have the water meter fixed prior to him moving in. Another ironic aspect... My sister's boyfriend/neighbor did not care that I was having to go without water for all that time, that jerk. Thus, without my knowledge or consent, a third party called the water company asking for repairs. He must have given the address, and most likely he dropped MY name. He would not have had my social security number (I doubt my sister knows it), nor my account number.. yet for some reason the water company honored his request. Is that even legal? My sister's boyfriend claimed that he would contact the water company and straighten things out. This was obviously not the case, or I wouldn't be here. No contract or agreement was made between myself and the water company. No request was made on my behalf. I was not their customer at the time this repair was made. They had already posted my final bill! After recieving my final bill I went to pay it online as I always did. I saw a "miscellanous postin".. for $130. I called the water company myself to explain everything and the representative I talked to said she would send my concern to the higher ups and I would get a reply shortly. The next day they sent a letter demanding me to pay the $130. I responded and attached my FINAL BILL as well as confirmation of payment. I explained that I was no longer their customer at the time this debt was incurred and never had any third parties authorized on my account. They ignored me and sent "Client Services, INC", a debt collections agency, after me, demanding I pay. I have a few days to respond to dispute this debt and require validation. I am looking for any advice I can get. Here is my FINAL BILL http://postimg.org/image/kdniw6jdh/
  13. I was arrested last year for a number of different charges due to alcohol but that is not what I am asking about. During this arrest I was injured by the police They transported me to the precinct, and then after noticing my injuries they transported me to the hospital where I was handcuffed to the hospital bed. At that point I asked multiple times to use the restroom and was refused. I asked repeatedly and was told "looks like you will have to pee yourself" After relieving myself in my clothing, multiple times, i was also told there were no clothes to change into. I was forced to remain in those urine soaked clothing for over 12 hours. Additionally i requested a lawyer over and over and was not allowed to have one or a phone call until after being arrained Is there a case here to file a lawsuit, or push for my charges to be reduced or dropped?
  14. my son is a senior and 19 ,he has a IEP , so its been hard to get him this far .and i was pleased to see him setting goals and attaining them this year.he will be hopefully receiving his welding certification from his vocational school. this required him to take a test that is longer then the school day ,we have one family car in use right now so its hard to scheduled around everyone ,he dose have a truck but it is in need of repairs so he dose have a parking pass at his home school, however they need special permission to drive to the vo-tech school, (this was short notice when the test would be given) which was approved with my vehicle,so no problem there. he went school that morning and then drove to the vo -tech ,started taking his test..now the school day is over but he is still finishing his welding test, a security guard demands he come out and open the vehicle there is something suspicious in my car ,which he replies this is my moms car lord knows. ok im thinking the worst i left a knife or medicine or something like that. not thinking my husband chews and i smoke .so there are a dozen empty cans and packs on my floor. security went through all the garbage till he found a can with tobacco crumbs in it .and charged my son with use of tobacco on school grounds. its to late to fight the suspension from school which did not seem right at all ,when i tried to explain to the principal that this was last minute for him to bring my car i did not think that garbage on my floor would be a issue.now i got a summons for more then i expected over this .and dont know if i should or my son should plead not guilty
  15. My ex-wife and I got our divorce in Sept 2013. We owned a home and the PSA has 30/70 split. I get 30. It also states the home will be sold. It is currently on the market. The PSA also states that she will be responsible for the mortgage, the taxes, and all maintenance on the residence. She currently gets a lot of alimony so she can easily pay it. At the time of the divorce only my two daughters (25/21 year old) and my ex were living in the house. Here is my dilema. In the process of trying to show and sell the home my ex wife has moved my daughter's fiance, three more adults and a toddler into the residence. The fiance actually assaulted one of my daughters in the residence and they are still allowing him to live there. What are my rights towards sale of that house and limiting the number of people who live there. Can she collect rent from these tenants and if so should she be reporting it or dividing it equitably with me? Are all these people in this house causing my property to decrease in value??? I do not have a key to the residence nor have I been in it since April of 2013 because I am told by her I am not allowed. The locks have been changed and I never received a new key.
  16. We entered into a written contract with a Home Improvement Contractor/manufacture for a huge home improvement project. Total Cost Just over $43,000.00 In the contract, documents included and made part of the contract. The contractor "Claims" They use NO subcontractors, The contractor provides all local building permits including drawings,sight plans to get the permits In the contract and documents included as part of the contract the Contractor CLAIMS "They are the manufactures of their products " Manufactured by us, right here in the USA " with their own Brand name, to ensure the customer is buying their products. The contractor and also in the written contract it CLAIMS "All of our Installers are skilled and trained craftsmen" No subcontractors are used. From the start of the project it was clear that none of the work was being done correct. Our home has suffered severe damage, Several times I confronted the contractor about my concerns only to be blown off. At one point we did create a "Punch List" that had 8 items needing addressed. Only two of the eight items were addressed and not even done in the correct manor to where the damage has only remained. OK long story short? The contractor NEVER did obtain any building permit that was needed for the work, The damage that our home now suffers is from the contractor, and there was NO damage prior. The contractor did in fact use subcontractors, and we never knew there were any on our property working. This should have been included in the contract, or a change order should have been created to the fact. The contractor DOES NOT manufacture their own products (Windows-sunrooms) they are in fact manufactured by a different company in a different state The work did fail two inspections by the building code officer, only to allow the occupancy permit to be granted allowing code violations to be over looked. (The contractor was allowed to apply for the building permit by the township after the work was completed deemed the contractor) The township was aware of the work being done with no permit. I have a March 4 2013 detailed report from a Forensic Structural Engineer I hired Feb.22, 2013 to inspect my severe concerns to my home. His report states his findings that "extensive repairs needed to bring my home back up to code standards." At present I have estimates of over $80.000.00 and I still need to get more But it is so hard to trust anyone and I am just so emotionally drained We have not sign a completion certificate with the contractor, the contractor will not provide us with releases from suppliers and persons (subcontractors) employed on the job. We owed the contractor $4,190.00 and I refused to pay because of all the damage to our home, and the punch list was never completed. He sued us in civil court and won. He gave false statements to file the judgment. There is Fraud and negligence, misrepresentation, False advertising, illegal breach of contract, miss use of our court system to file the judgment I filed with the PA Attorney General, the BBB and there is nothing that can be done because of the civil suit just sitting in the courts. I am with no attorney, I am forced Pro Se. I am tired, broke, not an attorney in any means. This all falls under ; 73Pa.Stat 201-9.3 Pa Unfair Trade Practices And Consumer Protection Law At present I am forced to file a new civil complaint into the courts Pro Se because the complaints that are there now are my answers and they have not made any move following my answers to their complaint. I guess with everything said, I am looking for advice?
  17. We have a month to month lease.Our landlord when we moved in has turned over his ownership and property to his son.Our landlord terminated our lease and it ends May 31st.Do we leave May 31st or do we wait to hear from his son about a new lease or not giving us a lease? His transferred ownership over in January and we got our letter the end of March.Just really wondering what we should do.It's not that easy to find a place that quick especially since our daughter is in school and that ends soon. I live in Pennsylvania
  18. hopefully someone can help us or let us know what to do.. My father is currently disabled and in the suspected early stages of dementia(hasn't been diagnosed). Regretfully his mind and his actions have us all concerned because two of his brothers we suspect have noticed too. In 1986 my father inherited his dad(my grandfather) property after his passing(my father parents were divorced). His dad died without a will and my father got the property(my father lived with my grandfather at the time of his passing) all of his siblings signed off on the property(when you look at the deed all of the kids signtures are attached to it) and my father is the sole owner. My father had no contact with his brothers(when my father dad passed away it was a big dispute) until about 5 years ago when he became disabled and began to receive social security. My father is married to my mother and they had 3 children together and two older stepchildren from my mother previous relationship. My mother and I live in the house with him the other children have moved out. The past few months my father has been getting rid of his possessions(we don't know why) and my mother and I have a fear that his brothers are going to talk him into giving them the property(house). My father and I were going to add me to the will a few years ago but I did not want to upset any of my other siblings so it never happened(yes, I regret it now). He has no will and refuses to get one. Is there anything my mother and I can do incase my father brothers convince him to sign the property over to them to protect us in the event of my father death? Thanks
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