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Found 93 results

  1. I am the administrator of my mother's estate. the Real Estate is jointly held by my parents who are both now deceased and their is a home equity line of credit on the property. If the estate money runs out before the property is sold, who is responsible to maintain the monthly expenses on the property? The only funds that were distributed was a life insurance policy and stocks that were transfered on death to each of the children. If we allow the bank to foreclose on the property will this show on each of our individual credit reports?
  2. I hope someone can help me...Pennsylvania Location -Long story short, My father passed of cancer Feb 2015. We had a healthy father daughter relationship and loved each other dearly. I served as his caretaker while he was under hospice homecare for a month prior to his transition. He married his wife in 2005. They had an abusive relationship and lived in separate bedrooms. His wife had no interest in taking care of my dad and went about her life as business as usual. I was always respectful of her but never had a close relationship. Just cordial. -When my father passed she found paperwork that named me the sole beneficiary of an IRA account. She was livid and refused to take care of any funeral arrangements. I assume that was her revenge towards my dad. She refused to speak with me. So, I did everything. -A month or so later I requested a copy of my father's will from her. She ignored my requests so I hired a probate attorney. She ignored his written requests as well. -A month after that my attorney went to the Register of Will's office in Pennsylvania to find out that she opened a probate intestate (basically saying my father does not have a will) but refused to list me (his only biological daughter) as an heir. I had to petition the courts to add me. They did. She lied and told them someone in the office of the register of wills told her she didn't have to add me. She is not the brightest bulb on the tree but the courts granted her administrator of my father's estate because she is his legal wife and because I live 3,000 miles away. -I know my father has a will but she refuses to share a copy with me. He entrusted that she would carry out his wishes but I guess she wasn't happy with his wishes. I do not know the lawyer that prepared my father's will. She does. -I'm in a situation where she is not being forthright with his assets to benefit herself. I know that he had his own bank accounts he owned and operated in his name only, credit union in his name only, land/property in another state his name only, stocks/bonds. Possibly other assets. She hasn't handled any business regarding my father's estate i.e. taking care of bills, debts and out of pocket funeral costs. I recently had my attorney draw up a letter requesting paperwork that this is being handled and no response. She hired a paralegal to represent the estate and they've done absolutely nothing. I think its sad and unfortunate that its come down to this. Its been about 9 months now since the estate was opened. Moreover, I honestly just want her to be held accountable for her actions. Question: On what grounds can I have her letters of administration revoked? At what stage in this process can I insist the courts on a formal court accounting? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to move forward? How long does the probate process in the state of Pennsylvania usually last?
  3. My employer told us that the Transactional Reinsurance Fee for healthcare benefits (required by the ACA) would not be deducted from our paychecks in 2015. In fact, they said it was not required to be paid at all, even though the law specifically says all employers must pay a TRF for each covered employee for the years 2014, 2015, and 2016. (Supposedly, there is a provision in the law that allows employers to pass on the cost to the employees, but I couldn't find it.) They just informed us that due to "technical issues" the TRF is actually required and the entire fee will be deducted from our last paycheck in 2015. Last year, it was spread across all 26 paychecks; due to the "technical issues" it must now be fully deducted from one. Employees are obviously upset because 1) we were informed we didn't have to pay it and 2) it is being taken out of one paycheck instead of 26. Is it legal for an employer to tell us during open enrollment that we don't have to pay the fee and then tell us at the end of the year that we do? For reference, our benefits site tells us exactly how much will be deducted from each paycheck before we enroll. Further, is it legal to mandate it come out of 1 paycheck instead of allowing employees the option to deduct it over the next 26 paychecks?
  4. I was served today for a credit card debt I failed to pay. I responded that I do not agree and will be attending the hearing. What are some tips to be prepared for the hearing? If I am on disability, can they take that out of my bank account? I do not have a way to pay the bill. I am permanently disabled and will be recieving a kidney transplant soon. My parents have been supporting me since I stopped paying it in 3/2014. If I get an attorney, will they charge me or take their fee from the debt collector? I appreciate any advice.
  5. Okay so here's what I desperately need to know. I am 17 years of age (keep in mind that I am also a lesbian) my girlfriend is 16 years of age. We will have been dating for 2 months on 19 November 2015. I, however, turn 18 years of age on 29 November. I know that in PA the age of consent law states that the age of consent for sexual relations is 16 years old. Meaning that if my girlfriend and I were to have some type of sexual relations before I turn 18, it would be completely legal and I cannot be charged or accused of rape. However, my real question is, once I turn 18, what happens? Like if we were to have sexual relations say, on New Years when I am 18 and she is still 16, can I be accused of rape? Keep in mind also that currently her mom and dad and step mom and dad aren't the biggest fans of our relationship. Her mother believes she is going through a phase and that her relationship with me and her sexuality (bisexual) as a whole is an act of rebellion against her. So if we were to do something sexual on New Years and her parents were to find out, could they accuse me of raping her, and if brought to court about it (god forbid it goes that far), would I be sentenced as a rapist/sex offender or would the court listen to the fact that we have been in a committed relationship since before I turned 18 and that anything done between the two of us after my birthday was completely consensual? This also brings up another question: are her parents allowed to accuse me of rape even though they were completely aware of our relationship prior to my birthday? But my biggest question is what are the rules/laws about being in a relationship and one of the people in the relationship turning 18, can they still have sexual relations without the 18 year old being accused of rape? Just what are the laws regarding this? I love my girl a whole lot but I'm beyond worried about any legal consciousnesses that could potentially arise.
  6. im 17 and not living with my parents because of the living arrangement. I'm staying with my aunt who only has an affidavit of support signed and notarized, currently i am pregnant and due in January but i dont turn 18 until March and would like my child and I to live with the child's father who is over 18 and is financially able to take care of both of us.
  7. At my school, we have a dress code which bans anything with a hood on it. There are other dress code regulations, but I'm focused on just this one. I was wondering if there is any way I can loo poll around this. I do not see a problem with wearing hoodies considering it's cold out this time of the year AND it covers up more than half the clothing that people actually wear to school. Girl's can get away with sleeveless dresses, but a hoodie isn't allowed??? If you can help me either find a state law or other loo poll so I can wear hoodies to school please let me know! Some kids already made a petition last year for them to be allowed and got over 200 student signatures, but that didn't change anything. please help ))):
  8. I'm a disabled war veteran and had my service dog stolen from me, what kind of lawyer do I need to be able to get her back? I tried the local police but they told me that they couldn't do anything and that I'd have to take her to court to get my dog back even though I know who has her. I tried contacting the York Co PA BAR Assoc but they've been unable to suggest a lawyer that would be able to help me and refused to tell me what kind of lawyer I would need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. My fiance and I are looking to obtain a marriage license, howvere she is "supposedly" going through divorce, we have searched high and low for this marriage certificate and cannot find it on record anywhere, she has been married for 3 years and nothing from the SSA, IRS anything saying she needed to change her last name after she took the last name of her significant other. i also learned the marriage licenses were bought online and it was for a same sex marriage. they were married in new york but still cannot find anything on any site of any record of this marriage. we currently live in PA. is she actiually married??? she was married in new york before it was legal in pa, 3 years and she took the last name of her significant other yet no legal documents or government anything has contacted or said anything about name change, and it was a marriage certificate obtained online and paid for. can someone help me with this matter please?? we really want to file for a marriage license in PA, if we filed at the courthouse would it get denied??? i need to know some information on this, any websites or places i can search for this license, places to call?? something?? please someone tell me this marriage is null and void or something thank you
  10. I Can't Find Anywhere To Do My House Arrest? I Was Sentenced To 1 Year House Arrest And 5 Years Probation . My P.o Wants To Violate Me ? How Long Will I Go To Jail For ?
  11. My wife's long time family friend is a Attorney In PA. (We live in Fl. also have a home in Pa. She gave me her phone when she got new phone, in her msg between this Attorney were 2 years of sex txt, pictures which lead to sex with details graphic details . He has advised us different in matters and represented my son . I'll try to get to the point quickly. I have Pa. Drive license since 2001, I am disabled and have mail forward here Fl. She is being treated at Pitt Hosp. for RSD. going back and forth then she stayed in Pa for 9 months for treatment. But what her Attorney friend told her it will establish her as a Pa resident. I have phone msg recorded saying he made phone call to divorce attorney and he's glad he did. (He did this after I called July 4 Police in concern (not being malicious) to check on my wife because of the medications she takes and she was not answering phone and told me she was not feeling well. Early in the day she always answers or gets back quickly. When police arrive they were together discovered caught more like it We talked about working things out and not get a divorce and If it did go that route. together we would have papers draw up. I said we can do it our selves uncontested have papers review but a attorney told her and my son get it all just pay utilizes. (We are losing house here in Fl.) She came home and from Pa July 14 and left said we need to sign these together and get notarized I said let me read them. She said you can read them in the Bank. She was told we will get divorced in Pa and I am a Fl resident. I did not get to see papers I checked Pa. county records they are not showing divorce papers filed. I do know the name of her divorce attyI did not get to read them. She said if you want to play hard ball. He'll just serve you. My question? her Attorney friend is manipulating and pressuring her. Has a key to the our Pa. house Can he be reprimanded by Pa Bar Association. On ethics, morals or something he's done against the Oath He to as a Law abiding pillar of the community. I'm stretching for words / example. What recourse do I have. 33 years marriage. She doesn't have money but she was able to get divorce attorney pay for by him. I am fixed income and broke can't get attorney disabled and USMC vet. Help need some answers and options. Thank You.
  12. Hey guys, so basically client says he wants money back and i've "misled" him and haven't acted in "good faith" we're doing a tight squeeze in making 2 apps and a web panel in 1 month, so little no time to mess around and client i guess expected to see daily updates or a milestone, in which no milestones were made it was straight development. I've told client i would refund money within 45 days; if payments had been allowed in a recession agreement, i hadn't the money to pay said client back. Additional information I am seeking advice as to what todo; client seems to want to chargeback or maybe already has which would have breached the contract i presume. What steps should i take?
  13. Apartment is in Philadelphia, PA. 3 male college students have been renting for 2 years. Repectful, have taken care of the apartment, no damages done to it. The landlord provided a washer / dryer unit. The washer stopped working. Landlord was notified and he had someone come out to look at it. The repair person said it was broken probably because it was overloaded. At first the landlord was going to request for the 3 tenants to pay for the repair charges but he changed his mind and decided to charge tenants for a new washer / dryer unit. There were no instructions to go along with the washer dryer unit when we moved in. Is he allowed to charge for a brand new unit? It was not brand new when we moved in. We have been using this for 2 years. Is there not such a thing as normal wear and tear? We feel the landlord is just trying to be able to keep our security deposits because we are graduating and will be moving out in June. Any Advice?
  14. I filed an appeal of a Chester County, PA magisterial decision. I was defendent I complied with rule 1004( , including required praecipe for appellee It's past 20 days. Appellee has not filed complaint. Have I won? Need I do anything more? Does 1037(a) kick in? It looks like I still need to notify plaintiff and give them 10 more days Lastly, if I need to file praecipe, is there a standard template or format available? A notice to plaintiff is provided-but not to court Rule 1004 Rule 1037 Rule 237.1
  15. I had to refinance my home about 7 years ago. I foolishly added my son-in-law to the mortgage because he was going to buy me out :-(. Now he moved out 2 years ago and has given $0 toward the mortgage or anything related to the house. He is now trying to force me to sell or refinance w/in 2.5 years to get his name off the mortgage; however the house is upside down! 1. Can he legally force me to sell w/in 2 years with the house upside down? If he can force me,.... (And my daughter is not on the mortgage; but for whatever reason, she signed the deed) 2. Who is responsible for the difference between the value of the house and what is owed..... a) Is it split three ways? or Is it just splilt 2 ways - between my son-in-law and I?
  16. I know someone whose father passed away in 2005. When the man died, he owed a lot of debtors, so I think there was basically nothing left to distribute in his will. After all these years, there are some unclaimed assets. Do those assets go back to his Debtor's first, or to his family? Is there a statute of limitations on the debt owed by a dead person?
  17. I got married 28 years ago in Philadelphia and stayed with him approximately 2 years. After we separated I found out that he was married when we got married. He did get divorced approximately 2 months after we were already married. My question is "Is my marriage legitimate and if not what do I have to do to divorce him or annull the marriage?"
  18. Back in 2000 I was arrested three times in a year's time. One case was dismissed, plead guilty to the other two and was sentenced to run concurrent. I chose to do all of my time instead of getting out early on probation. While I was incarcerated, I had another court date that I wasn't taken to so they put out a warrant on me and I was charged with escape. I didn't find out about all of this until 2009. When I finished my time in 2004 I was told that it was done and over with, that there wasn't anything to worry about or take care of, even though I told them about the other charge I had elsewhere, the court, my pd everyone said I was free and clear. Five years later I found out about the warrant and went to the court and took care of it. After all that you would think that if I owed over two grand why am I just finding out now In 2015? How do I find information about those old cases and is there any way around having to pay?
  19. I currently applied for a job as a bartender at a club, was more then qualitified for the job. Was told I had the job if they could get my criminal history. I told them the truth about my record the charges are about 7 to ten years old. They called to see if they could hire me due to my charges was felonies. Two days later I was called and told that there hands was tied due to the small gaming license laws, they was unable to hire me. I'm currently going to school for business management, writing a paper on workplace discrimination against ex felons. I came cross a site stating, that as long as my felons was over five years I could get a small gaming license. My felonies do not have anything to do with gambling. Therefore I'm confused on why I was unable to get the job. My previous job I had was at a store that sold lottery, more money dealt with then any small game deals with. But I was turned done because of federal regulations, I was told! Due to my criminal background history!
  20. I just received a letter from a collection agency saying that I owe money to bucks county clerk of courts in PA for cases back in 2000 that I was not aware of. What can I do to resolve this without having to pay $2220.00?
  21. Can my landlord at my business location increase my rent but not tell me the increase amount? I was told I would find out in my next invoice. And can they continue to increase it every month but still not say what the increase will be each month?
  22. Hey, I'm seeking some guidance here. My father drives for a car service in Pennsylvania. He is elderly, and has trouble seeing at night. The verbal terms of his employment with his employer was that he would only work during daylight hours. For the last few years, it has been as such, with him working from 5/6/7am on, depending on the season and sunrise. Recently, his employer has been trying to work later. My father reiterated his concern about not being able to drive at night, and the employer responded with threatening to cut his days down by 2 hours a day, effectively docking him $100 a week. The employer does not pay well...anyone decent at math realizes with the above issue, that he is only paid $10 an hour. The above is an issue that bothers me, however, I'm not sure there is much legal recourse there, I'm sure there is some Pennsylvania law where if the employee cannot perform the basic functions of the job, the employer has the right to act. The more troubling issue, and the one that I feel is definitely actionable, is that the employer requires him to hand in, and keeps all of his tips. Most of the jobs are paid by credit card, and he has to turn in any cash he receives at the end of the day. It's been this way for years. I've urged him to find a new job, but he does not have a degree, is a first generation immigrant, and is not really marketable, so he's stayed all this time. The cutting of hours seems to be the last straw for him, and is definitely so for me. I'm a newly practicing attorney in New York. Unfortunately, I'm not licensed to practice in PA. I'm sure I could get a court to admit me pro hac vice, however, I'm not sure I have the time or experience to help him with this. I've defended the employer in similar cases here in NY (I do insurance defense), and these sort of cases seem to be "slam dunks" so to speak for the plaintiff...at least in NY, if the plaintiff is awarded any judgement at all, they are awarded legal fees as well, so cases where it's clear the employer did not pay the employee appropriately, the defendant generally settles quickly and for decent amounts, as litigating would be far more expensive. Can anyone confirm my suspicions that this practice is illegal as well, and also weigh in on my recommendation that he get a lawyer? Does anyone have any experience with these sort of cases and can get me started in the right direction? Thanks so much. -ET
  23. I had an injury at work (State of PA) and missed 6 1/2 days of pay because of the injury (Dr.'s demand). My employer said that I had to miss 7 days in order for loss pay to be compensated. Is this correct?
  24. I pay bills through my online bank account. Some are paid electronically directly to the vendor & are subtracted from my balance immediately, but some are paid by a check written & mailed by the bank as paper. I just changed banks & this bank takes the funds from my account on the day that the check is supposed to arrive at the payee's address, i.e. the due date that I set for the payment. I need to know if this is legal? I have no guarantee that the check that was mailed actually arrived at it's destination, or that the payee even plans to cash the check, yet my account has already been debited for the amount of the check. The check has NOT been presented for payment! Is the bank allowed to remove the funds from my account BEFORE the check has been presented for payment, please? Thanks.
  25. In PA, I'm a grandparent that was awarded legal guardianship of my grandchild. Three years later, during a custody trial a judge ordered legal custody to the parent and shared physical custody between the parent and me. Does that mean the guardianship has been dismissed, modified or cancelled? If not, does that mean I maintain the same rights the original order granted?
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