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Found 88 results

  1. My question pertains to reporting statutory rape years after it occurred. Say someone is a mandated reporter of child abuse and is told about an incident of statutory rape that occurred years ago. In this scenario, the perpetrator is a 30-year-old teacher and the student was 15 and 16 when the incidents occurred. The victim is not yet 50, so they could still report because that statute of limitations in PA doesn't run out until victim is 50. Victim does not report, but does tell someone who is a mandated reporter. First, it is my understanding that if you don't have a name of a perpetrator, you cannot report. Is that true? Second, are mandated reporters required to report even if the victim is no longer a child, but middle-aged? Finally, who would you even report to--child line? What if the abuser is still teaching? What if the mandated reporter doesn't know if they are teaching or not?
  2. Interested to know how the medical work in the prisons here? My husband is in prison and will be till February 2017. He has a medical condition, he was on medication for that and other issues. Now the medical staff will not give Him any medicine. He was taken off all medicine. Why? He came in there with medical problems. Now he gets no relief why? Because he is a prisoner and deserves no medical help. Please can someone explain to me how the medical work in the prisons here? thank you
  3. My daughter in law was left a sum of money in her grandfathers will. She is 28 years old. Her parents will not give her the estate attorney's contact information. The attorney has not tried to contact her...she has questions she would like to ask him. Is there any way of getting the Attorneys contact information? Also she was informed the attorney decided to not send the settlement checks out until the first of the new year and when the checks are mailed, her check will be mailed to her parents address. This sounds a bit unusual and somewhat shady. Is this right? Her grandfather lived in Kentucky and she lives in PA
  4. In Pennsylvania, If a tenant continues to pay rent after the expiation of a 6 month lease is the lease then renewed for another 6 months with the same terms?
  5. Can a common carrier be fined for transporting freight without a bill of lading or a freight bill? Does the answer differ from state to state?
  6. I felt in a parking lot of a hotel with my two month baby on my arms, the ground was uneven with a hole on it. As a result my baby had blood on top of her and I had scratches on my arms a.as a mom my first instinct was to take her to the ER, thank God she was fine just a couple almost unnoticeable scratches. Meanwhile I have scratches on both of my arms, didn't have check out because I didn't have insurance and my baby did. On my way home I called the hotel explained what happened, told them to look at the cameras on the parking lot, and that I needed to be seen by a doc. Later on a insurance company called me to tell that they will pay for my doctors.... can I sue them for negligence ? Or emotional stress
  7. I have an unwanted "guest" from Airbnb in my private home, living with me. She has a 12 year old daughter with her and made a reservation to stay for 2 1/2 months before her move back to California -- she said. She has not paid for 4 weeks and has been given a Notice to Quit which is up on July 7th. I just found out that she is on welfare from her mail that has been forwarded to my home, without my consent. Can she consider this her primary residence when her mail is still going to her former home? She has obviously planned this and is a most unpleasant and uncooperative occupant in all ways and has damaged furniture, reported me to the police for "harassment" and called them to my home for "disorderly conduct". Can I expedite her exit in any way? She sleeps until noon and then leaves her 12 year old in my home all day. It's a nightmare and Airbnb takes no responsibility.
  8. I was terminated from a seasonal clerical position with the state of Pennsylvania's Department of Welfare in November of 2012, because of my attendance. It is 2016 and the agency and the state continues to block me from getting hired from any position and agency I apply to and considered for. Is there a statute of limitations in PA as to how long an employer can block someone from the state's civil service list? They're saying I'm not suitable for employment because of my work and attendance history. But, it was based on 1 seasonal job almost 4 years ago.
  9. My father purchased his home in 1987, at that time the Philadelphia Gas Works had an older model meter reader installed at the property. A few years later the older model was replaced by newer automatic reader models. Since purchasing the house my father never missed a bill, at one point he was on the budget program and he was billed the same amount every month regardless of decreased or increased usage. A few years later PGW came out to replace a gas pipe that connected the reader to some other apparatus. No complications were reported, no other issues were found and my father continued to pay the bill every month as per his billing statements indicated. In 2015, PGW sent my father a make-up bill for usage that their equipment supposedly did not read for I don't know how long of a time period. I was told that PGW is allowed to bill back 4 years to make-up for usage payments, but this was NOT my father's fault, he paid every month according to the billing statements and he was not made aware of the meter problem until he received the bill. He tried talking to PGW, and he filed an appeal and formal complaint with the Public Utility Commission of PA. They want him to agree to pay $756 a month payment plan. He's a senior citizen on a fixed income. My question is, what consumer law protects my father from this type of abuse? He said the way they talked to him and the way they made him feel was as if he had committed the error, when in fact this was obviously an equipment error and perhaps even an installation error either during the replacement or the pipe repair. How can we investigate this further?
  10. I have sole custody on my daughter with my husband who has taking care of her since she was 2. She is 6 now. In NY it came to me getting sole custody, an order protection because my ex had tried to kill me an my daughter. Also the court granted him Visitation one day a week supervised. Since then he had not followed the supervised visitation court order. My husband got a new job down in PA so we had to move. I did let my ex know we had to move and because of the distance we would not be able to come every weekend. my ex agree on every other weekend, we did this for about 8 months. Then I got a letter from the court he tried to violate me for every other weekend. I had every day documented that he was not supervised and the phone recording of him agreeing to every other weekend. So I counter violated him. A week later NY courts said since she had lived out of the county and state for more than 6 month that it is no longer a NY matter it's a PA matter. I was happy I did not have to go to court but not sure what this meant. I still have been taking my daughter to see him. He continuously is not supervise and he has been getting hostel with me and my Mother. Also been telling my daughter to do wrong things when she comes back. I guess my question is since NY put there hands up, could I stop going? Does it mean there is no court order?
  11. My mom has lived with her fiance for 25 years (not married) She's going on a vacation for 4 weeks. Her fiancé said NO, no more than 2 weeks. If 2 weeks pass and he starts either getting rid of her belongings or destroys her property out of anger, would she have any rights? They have no documentation of any agreements, she's established residence there now for 25 years.
  12. Hello. In desperate need of help. Im currently trying to help my fiancé with his problems involving child support/custody. So recently, we have gone to a consultation with his child's mother over child support. However my fiancé is currently unemployed and is potentially facing criminal charges involving a drug case and an eluding one. After the consultation the lady had came up with a reasonable monthly payment of 108 dollars, however his child's mother is demanding that we give her 250-300 dollars in child support, which we won't be able to do so. So with her disagreement to the 108 we are taking it further into the courts. Can anyone give me an insight on what to expect, is there anything that I could do to make sure both parties are getting their fair share of this issue. ANYTHING that could help me would be much appreciated!! Now, with my first concern being said, I have one more. The demanding of child support but the mother does not allow my fiancé to see his child. So i have had enough, I'm taking all the measures on finding a lawyer for child custody but i also would like some feedback or get some tips on what and how to get this done the right way. We just want partial custody of the child that way my fiancé can get his time with his child and so will the mother. What do you suggest or recommend? THANK YOU
  13. My boyfriend owns a couple of trucks and is leased on with another company. The company who he is leased on with received a bill in the mail for $1900 for damage to a light pole at a business in PA. The invoice was from a 3rd party company who supposedly installed a replacement light pole. The invoice didn't list the name of the business that the damage was supposed to have been done at and as near as I can tell it was supposed to have happened back in November of 2015. I really smell a scam brewing here.... Shouldn't there be a police report or something? And why did it take 5 months for them to make any kind of contact? Can they just send a bill like that without any kind of proof that it even happened and expect to be paid?
  14. I have been divorced for 9 years. The divorce indicated that my husband would get 25% of my one retirement account. Divorce agreement stated that it was up to my husband's attorney to create and file the QDRO. Last December, I was copied on a letter that went to his attorney, that since they only submitted a draft QDRO that it would expire in 30 days, unless he submits a finalized QDRO. Since then, the company managing my retirement has given all participants an opportunity to withdrawal or rollover their accounts by then end of May with no penalty. I would like to roll this account into a different account, but I am hesitant because of the QDRO. So here are my questions: Can I withdrawal my 75% and leave his 25% in the account. Would that meet the divorce requirements? If he never files his QDRO does all o the retirement revert back to me? How long can he legally wait until he files the QDRO? Since it is listed in the divorce agreement could this cause problems when I go to draw out my money?
  15. I had a tenant living in my home and moved out in 2012 and stuck me for a $6200+ electric bill for which I am being held responsible for. I want to know the statute and if I can still go after her. She also stuck me for $11,000 in rent but she never signed the Lease so that I have to let go but my credit is ruined because of her electric bill. They would not shut the power off as she told them she had a special needs child.
  16. In May 2015 I received a tax bill for a property located in Lackawana County, PA. When I inquired as to what it was for I was informed it was for an empty lot my grandfather purchased in 1924. Apparently the property was never on the tax rolls until a search was done on an adjacent lot and it was found my grandfather's property had not been recorded on tax rolls. I was the only descendent they found information on and they are now sending me delinquent bills, for 2015 and current bill for 2016. I never knew my grandfather and all of his children are now deceased. Since the property was for all purposes abandoned, do I have any legal obligation to accept ownership of this property or responsibility for paying taxes? Thank you for any information regarding how to handle this bizarre situation.
  17. If you live in the state of Pennsylvania and you cross the boarder into Delaware, and purchase a lottery ticket(s) and win. What will happen as far as: (1)The state of Delaware allows you to remain anonymous How ever if you were to purchase that winning ticket in PA and live there you can not! (2) The State of Delaware has taxes on lottery winnings were as Pennsylvania does not. What would happen if you hold off claim your winnings and move into the state of Delaware? Can you do that?
  18. My daughter's apartment building burnt down and she needed to find a new place. AFTER she signed the new lease for $550/month, she told me her late fee was $40. However, I misunderstood. Her lease says $40 A DAY, after the fifth day! Is this even legal?? We live in PA.
  19. Hello, Two questions: 1) I want to revise a LW&T, or rewrite it, so that 100% of my assets go to a 501 © (3) organization. Problem is, there are independent state chapters of this entity, there is no central governing body than can dole out funds as it sees fit. You must name a particular state's chapter as the beneficiary. However, I will be living in another state when this happens. I assume the best thing to do is relocate first, and then change the LW&T after settling in? True____ False____ 2) I will have no other beneficiaries, nor living blood relatives. Will the organization who is the sole beneficiary hire an estate attorney for probate, or is that my responsibility? Thanks, JS77
  20. … What happens next? Can a police officer who filed the report of a federal crime, which included viable evidence to pursue the investigation, be sued for never pursuing the said actions he stated that would take place in the report? Particularly one that was related to other crimes committed by the same suspect, where other officers were involved, charges were placed, and a hearing was held with a guilty verdict. The police report also states other officers were part of the investigation itself, yet nothing was ever done. And with that being the case, could the police station itself be sued? I strongly believe the negligence on behalf of the officer was a prime example of professional malpractice, or am I wrong? Any advice on this will be very much appreciated, researching online has only led me to dead ends or completely unrelated topics, so I came here for some personal and hopefully professional opinions on the matter, or directions to where I can find the answers I'm looking for... Thank you.
  21. I am the administrator of my mother's estate. the Real Estate is jointly held by my parents who are both now deceased and their is a home equity line of credit on the property. If the estate money runs out before the property is sold, who is responsible to maintain the monthly expenses on the property? The only funds that were distributed was a life insurance policy and stocks that were transfered on death to each of the children. If we allow the bank to foreclose on the property will this show on each of our individual credit reports?
  22. I hope someone can help me...Pennsylvania Location -Long story short, My father passed of cancer Feb 2015. We had a healthy father daughter relationship and loved each other dearly. I served as his caretaker while he was under hospice homecare for a month prior to his transition. He married his wife in 2005. They had an abusive relationship and lived in separate bedrooms. His wife had no interest in taking care of my dad and went about her life as business as usual. I was always respectful of her but never had a close relationship. Just cordial. -When my father passed she found paperwork that named me the sole beneficiary of an IRA account. She was livid and refused to take care of any funeral arrangements. I assume that was her revenge towards my dad. She refused to speak with me. So, I did everything. -A month or so later I requested a copy of my father's will from her. She ignored my requests so I hired a probate attorney. She ignored his written requests as well. -A month after that my attorney went to the Register of Will's office in Pennsylvania to find out that she opened a probate intestate (basically saying my father does not have a will) but refused to list me (his only biological daughter) as an heir. I had to petition the courts to add me. They did. She lied and told them someone in the office of the register of wills told her she didn't have to add me. She is not the brightest bulb on the tree but the courts granted her administrator of my father's estate because she is his legal wife and because I live 3,000 miles away. -I know my father has a will but she refuses to share a copy with me. He entrusted that she would carry out his wishes but I guess she wasn't happy with his wishes. I do not know the lawyer that prepared my father's will. She does. -I'm in a situation where she is not being forthright with his assets to benefit herself. I know that he had his own bank accounts he owned and operated in his name only, credit union in his name only, land/property in another state his name only, stocks/bonds. Possibly other assets. She hasn't handled any business regarding my father's estate i.e. taking care of bills, debts and out of pocket funeral costs. I recently had my attorney draw up a letter requesting paperwork that this is being handled and no response. She hired a paralegal to represent the estate and they've done absolutely nothing. I think its sad and unfortunate that its come down to this. Its been about 9 months now since the estate was opened. Moreover, I honestly just want her to be held accountable for her actions. Question: On what grounds can I have her letters of administration revoked? At what stage in this process can I insist the courts on a formal court accounting? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to move forward? How long does the probate process in the state of Pennsylvania usually last?
  23. My employer told us that the Transactional Reinsurance Fee for healthcare benefits (required by the ACA) would not be deducted from our paychecks in 2015. In fact, they said it was not required to be paid at all, even though the law specifically says all employers must pay a TRF for each covered employee for the years 2014, 2015, and 2016. (Supposedly, there is a provision in the law that allows employers to pass on the cost to the employees, but I couldn't find it.) They just informed us that due to "technical issues" the TRF is actually required and the entire fee will be deducted from our last paycheck in 2015. Last year, it was spread across all 26 paychecks; due to the "technical issues" it must now be fully deducted from one. Employees are obviously upset because 1) we were informed we didn't have to pay it and 2) it is being taken out of one paycheck instead of 26. Is it legal for an employer to tell us during open enrollment that we don't have to pay the fee and then tell us at the end of the year that we do? For reference, our benefits site tells us exactly how much will be deducted from each paycheck before we enroll. Further, is it legal to mandate it come out of 1 paycheck instead of allowing employees the option to deduct it over the next 26 paychecks?
  24. I was served today for a credit card debt I failed to pay. I responded that I do not agree and will be attending the hearing. What are some tips to be prepared for the hearing? If I am on disability, can they take that out of my bank account? I do not have a way to pay the bill. I am permanently disabled and will be recieving a kidney transplant soon. My parents have been supporting me since I stopped paying it in 3/2014. If I get an attorney, will they charge me or take their fee from the debt collector? I appreciate any advice.
  25. Okay so here's what I desperately need to know. I am 17 years of age (keep in mind that I am also a lesbian) my girlfriend is 16 years of age. We will have been dating for 2 months on 19 November 2015. I, however, turn 18 years of age on 29 November. I know that in PA the age of consent law states that the age of consent for sexual relations is 16 years old. Meaning that if my girlfriend and I were to have some type of sexual relations before I turn 18, it would be completely legal and I cannot be charged or accused of rape. However, my real question is, once I turn 18, what happens? Like if we were to have sexual relations say, on New Years when I am 18 and she is still 16, can I be accused of rape? Keep in mind also that currently her mom and dad and step mom and dad aren't the biggest fans of our relationship. Her mother believes she is going through a phase and that her relationship with me and her sexuality (bisexual) as a whole is an act of rebellion against her. So if we were to do something sexual on New Years and her parents were to find out, could they accuse me of raping her, and if brought to court about it (god forbid it goes that far), would I be sentenced as a rapist/sex offender or would the court listen to the fact that we have been in a committed relationship since before I turned 18 and that anything done between the two of us after my birthday was completely consensual? This also brings up another question: are her parents allowed to accuse me of rape even though they were completely aware of our relationship prior to my birthday? But my biggest question is what are the rules/laws about being in a relationship and one of the people in the relationship turning 18, can they still have sexual relations without the 18 year old being accused of rape? Just what are the laws regarding this? I love my girl a whole lot but I'm beyond worried about any legal consciousnesses that could potentially arise.
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