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Found 93 results

  1. my son and go there every Saturday morning to watch kids while my son and his wife go pay bills and shop. As soon as the police officer seen me he said he was charging me also, I asked what for he told ne, I told him I was not there all night and had no clue what is going on, and started to say I do not live there only to have the police officer cut me off and he said he does not care he was charging me. Now of the 11th of this month I got to court and was offered this if I would plea guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, The police officer and DA would drop the endangering the welfare of a child and Conspiracy, when I asked what the Disorderly conduct was for, I was never told, I said I would not plea guilty to Disorder Conduct, went to a hearing in the hearing the judge dismissed all charges against me. my personal reputation has been destroyed, could of loss of loss my job as a school bus driver, it has cause great deal of stress on me and so I was wondering can I sue this police officer. This all happened in Pennsylvania
  2. Sunday night I was stopped at a red light. I was going straight. The light turned green and I'll admit, I went as SOON as it turned green but I did not start moving when the light was still red. As soon as I started moving, my car was barely even into the middle of the intersection, I was hit by another car going well above the speed limit who ran a red light. They were most likely trying to beat the yellow and didn't. Completely destroyed my car and you can see by the damage that they were at least 60mph, and the road is 45mph. As soon as my car stopped spinning and rolled into the pole, I got out of my car (my airbags did not go off) and this young man came up to, he came from the car that hit me, and asked if I was alright. The only thing I could say was "you ran a red light you ran a red light you could have killed me". They were 1 foot away from completely tboning me. The man admitted to me that the light just turned red when they crosses it. I'm 18, apparently this guy just also turned 18. But he was not the driver according to them (although I think he was driving and they're trying to say he wasn't because it was not his car). The person driving was a 17 year old girl who just got her license a few days before (as far as I'm aware I could be wrong on that). They had a total of 5 people in their car and it was only me in mine. When the ambulances and the firetrucks and all that jazz got there, no one separated this kids. They all changed the story to "it was a steady yellow". There is no such thing as a steady yellow as far as I'm aware. IF you have a yellow light, you slow down. It's called proceeding with caution. Doesn't mean go faster and try to beat it. I do have other witnesses but they didn't see the whole thing. There was a man behind me who owns the gas station across the street and he called me and told me those kids ran a red light. I asked him if that meant my light was green and he said he didn't see if my light was green he only saw that their light was red when they ran it, he looked down at his phone and when he looked up then he saw that they had hit me. I know I did not run a red light. I gave the police all my witness info, he went around to the business and none of them have video cameras that see the stop light. I'm really afraid that they're gonna say it was my fault when the investigation is over because they had 5 witness and it was only me in my car. I was also at work delivering a pizza and I'm really afraid the police are gonna think just because I'm a delivery driver I must be in a rush, which I wasn't. It was my last delivery of the night and I could have cared less if it was late or not. I would rather drive safe and risk having to give someone free food because their order was late than risking my life to give someone a stupid pizza. You can also tell by the impact on my car and theirs that I was going well below 10mph and they were going above. I don't know if that sort of forensic info helps determine anything but why would I be going that slow through a stop light unless I had be previously stopped at a red light and it turned green and I had just started moving. Why would I sit there at a red light for 2 minutes and decide to just run it? Idk if also because this girl was 17, only had her license for a few day and had her car stuffed for of 4 teenagers (which is against the law with a junior license) would help me at all. I can't afford to buy a new car, and if the investigation concludes it was my fault then I'm gonna have to drop out of school because I won't have a car to get to class. Also if they conclude it's my fault I'm taking it to traffic court because I know it's not. Do I have enough evidence with the witness behind me and if they act out the accident to beat the case? it doesn't sit well with me that just because a car has more passengers than me then their word means more. Other driver took ambulance to the hospital, I think she just has whiplash? I had my mom drive me to the hospital and they told I also just have whiplash. I do know that because I did not have commercial insurance I'm gonna have to pay out of pocket if it was my fault. I also know that PA is a no fault state so doesn't matter the outcome of the report, we both pay our own medical bills.
  3. So I took a new position at work with a contact for pay. States in contract that any change in pay would require a weeks written notice prior to the change. I just got my pay stub for work last week as we are paid a week behind like 90% of all companies. And in my pay stub was a note stating my pay was changed back to hourly as of this pay period meaning the week of work I had already worked. Now contract says a week notice, but he actually gave me the notice a week after the pay period changed. And now I'm getting the feeling since I contact HR that I'm being forced out. And other employees have also stated that what's happening isnt right. I have been there several years never gotten in trouble not even a verbal warning. I planned on staying here for prob the rest of my career as this position has is everything I wanted.or was, do I have a leg to stand on for breach of contract and if I am being forced out is thjs considered retaliation. Again no other issues ever. It all started after I spoke to Human resources. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also 3 diff states involved here working here live in a diff state and company is in a 3rd state. Should I contact each labor dept. Or consult with labor lawyer in each state for best protection for employee rights? Thanks again everyone
  4. Debra


    I am renting space and stayed with a friend to help him recuperate from injury.home owner said it was fine to come back to her home. When I got here all lights were off and doors locked. I slept outside,now she wont let me be in house when she is gone. Says I have to move out
  5. My mother passed away more than a year ago. Heirs are me (son), 4 daughters and her late 2nd husband's children. Daughter 3 was named executor and is married to a lawyer whose firm was retained to handle the will. Both the executor and her husband have had medical problems and have become unresponsive. What options do I have for obtaining information on the status of the will? A broker who has managed the assets of the estate (stocks, bonds - there is no real estate) is waiting for instructions.
  6. I have had a few problems since moving into my apartment in September 2018, but lately there seems to be a situation in my building that has caused me to move out. I first reported to the landlord that somebody broke into and vandalized the Comcast box outside and attached to their building. This was also at the same time that I was experiencing frequent Wi-Fi intrusions and my settings kept getting changed in Feb 2019. I suspected then as I do now it is somebody who just moved in next to me because one of their walls is against my bedroom and when they moved in I heard a lot of drilling in the wall. It was so loud I thought they would drill right through my side. At the time I didn't think much of it until the situation worsened. Also the Wi-Fi seemed more vulnerable in that room so I moved my desk and computer to the living room then shut the bedroom door which seemed to help fewer attacks. The Comcast internet logs did show attempts in high numbers which I saved. Others were lost when the intruders kept resetting the router which deletes the logs. I asked Comcast if they still had those records and they said they don't. That loss is the intruders gain because it is harder to prove what was going on. However the logs I do have show there were numerous attempts to Port Forward from my system to somebody else's. This is how hackers can take control of our systems for those who don't know what it is. It also has legitimate purposes for the user. They were also receiving a number of large packages marked with company names related to computer and security camera companies. That got my attention immediately because soon after that my own camera surveillance system was compromised and overtaken by another person. It could be unrelated, but it was still suspicious since the attacks on my surveillance equipment destroyed both cameras and the base station. It is no longer any good and the camera ownership changed from myself to whoever hacked my system. That was hundreds of dollars wasted and I didn't even have a chance to catch the person because they physically accessed my router at the time and reset it thus deleting all logs and making my internet system vulnerable to tampering. There became obvious signs of physical access to my apartment because I took photos/video before I entered and after I left then compared them with previous photos that proved somebody had been in there. Also the lock on my door is cheap and unfit for that apartment, and the landlord refuses to install a deadbolt. I was told by maintenance because the door is metal they can't install one. I suggested they replace the door. I would think if there is even mention of a suspected burglary the landlord would install a deadbolt since most apartments have them. This is an old building, but I have lived in many other that are similar and they all had deadbolts. This doorknob and the one that replaced it recently are not sufficient because they are easy to break and I told the landlord this. They ignored me and said because there are two doors with "strong locks" that lead outside we do not need deadbolts. I told them that is not true if the intruders are living inside and many times I have found the outside doors propped open and left that way for hours. This management is dodging the truth and trying to profit from my bad experience when I told them I was forced into moving out. While I still maintain infrequent visits to check on the apartment, I no longer live there. I had to get my cat out because I did not feel it was safe when there was proof of illegal entry and the police officer I called never even entered the building. I found that very suspicious. A couple of days ago, I received a weekly notice from the electric company that my usage was very high (over 400 percent of my typical usage). The day in question is also a day I visited the apartment and had intent to check the outlets because I already suspected since they port forwarded my cameras to their system, probably to spy and check if I was home, there might be microphones located in that apartment. I only thought that because last year I had a similar problem with intruders that lasted nearly an entire year. The police discredited three complaints then just as the one did this year. Law enforcement does not want to enforce anything especially if it makes the city look bad. There's also a lot of favoritism in Pittsburgh so some people who have connections think they rule. I ran into many instances of this and try to avoid these people because they can be very vindictive. Anyway, I found the outlet cover in the bedroom on the wall that joins the next apartment to be very loose and the screws were not tightened. I took photos before and after. Since the outlet was in the open where it was easily seen I noticed it right away. I opened it, but I could not see anything unusual other than there was not a noticeable ground wire since it was three prong and from what I had seen before there is usually a third wire. However, I'm not an electrician so it's possible a wire way in the back of the socket could have been a substitute for a ground wire. I couldn't access further back into the outlet because I was afraid of an electrical shock from their side. I also did not want to tamper with it. I believe I reported this to the management, but they ignore everything I tell them even though I have enough proof from the beginning to now that show negligence and ignorance of my issues. This is a bad building with a lot of problems. I intended to stay in this apartment until the expiration of my lease which is the end of August 2019. However with these people connecting to my power I can no longer tolerate this abuse and the management does not believe me. They never visit the buildings or if they do it's just for a quick tour then leave. I am retired and home most of the time and face the back where they park so I would see them and I only remember seeing office staff once or twice, and they never visited my apartment ever. I had to get my keys initially under a doormat out front after their office closed so I was denied learning more about the building. I had to find out from strangers because this management is very hands off. They are not interested in tenant problems. As it stands now, I have a problem with the landlord. They are requiring me to pay a few thousand dollars to break this lease and move out unless either they can find or I find somebody to rent the place. Nobody I know would want to live there because the living conditions are unsafe and unhealthy not including my apartment. There are many other issues that I do have proof of on video and correspondence to show negligence on the landlord's part, but I cannot get anybody in this miserable city to help me. It appears since police officers have discredited me several times it is working against me. It appears more to me there is a cover up. This is not in my head when I see evidence of intrusions. My last apartment they were shutting off my power to kill my surveillance cameras. Near the end prior to leaving that apartment I caught on video the landlord breaking in. I turned that over to police and they ignored it. Cover up. I was also lied to several times when first shown this apartment. I was told there was a thermostat in the apartment and there isn't one which I didn't discover until after paying all the deposits and first month rent. They also added a few other fees I didn't know about to jack the price up to $810 a month which is way too high for this apartment building since it is obsolete and should have been torn down. Who does construction in January during frequent snow and ice storms then does not notify tenants? I was never informed and had to endure a week and a half of noise, blocking our paid-for parking spaces, blocking access to the back, and creating a very hazardous situation. I have video and photo proof of that. When I called to complain about it they sent out their CYA email letting tenants know. It would have been nice to get it a week before so I could stay elsewhere. As I said, I had two cats and the loud banging was deafening and scaring my cats. I tried wearing earplugs and headphones and it was still loud. I think I still have audio of it, but it wouldn't prove much. The building also has a lot of safety issues that I reported like unsafe conditions Labor Day weekend 2018 when they refused to install my air conditioning during a long heatwave. This year they kept delaying installing my air conditioner then did so when they changed my lock from one broken one to another bad one that was also broken during another burglary. I can't win with this landlord and it's all about money for them. I cannot install my own A/C unit because it won't fit their crank windows and even if I had regular windows they have to install the bracket. Everything has a price tag attached to it for these people. I didn't even request their parking and that is $30 a month for a bad parking lot where the lines and numbers are so faint tenants often park in my space. I gave up on it and started parking out front. I'm still paying it even though I don't live there. The stairways are hazardous because the fire doors are too close to the bottom stairs making it very difficult for older people to carry groceries or other items, and the doors have tight hinges which will slam shut too quickly. I have been knocked down the stairs twice. I reported it and the person who works for the landlord just laughed. They don't care. Their recent email giving me no choices claims they do care, but they don't. The end result proves it. That email is also a joke, but too large to include here and may not be appropriate for a public forum. However, it does show their greed. The landlord controls the heat too. The tenant has no thermostat even though the lease shows we have to keep the thermostat down to a certain level or we will be charged for electricity. The lease does not even apply for these apartments in many cases since we pay for our own electricity and there are no thermostats in these apartments. The heat was always set too high and not a typical comfort level for me because the apartment was too hot. Often I had to open the windows because sometimes when it was in the 50's or 60's outside during the day they had the heat turned up too high and the apartment got too hot. Since they removed our window air conditioners after summer, I was not able to cool off the apartment and my windows face the tar roof of garages out back where sunlight hitting it also generates excessive heat. This is what caused major health issues last September during the Labor Day and after heatwave. Both my cats suffered badly and one cat stopped eating for a couple of weeks and lost too much weight. During winter it continued until the point he could not regain that weight. The management knew I had cats (I still have one left), but ignored the problem. Video proof shows the weight loss of the cat and other things since my surveillance cameras (before vandalized) usually ran all the time especially when I left the apartment. Not having those anymore and unable to use my own internet and power caused me to shut everything off. I had already moved out last month and removed everything of value before the first sign of a break in. I suspected something was going on with the Wi-Fi hacks and my computer being hacked which prompted me to remove everything. Fortunately I was right because either the next day or day after is when there were obvious signs of illegal entry. Every time I visited the apartment weeks before I was finding my Comcast router reset and this is usually only possible with physical access unless these people have other means of doing it. I want to know how can I get help to justify breaking this lease since it is long past me wanting to live in an unsafe apartment. Being that I had to remove my internet service and power, there's no going back especially since the management refuses to acknowledge there is a problem. I suspect they are selling the building because they sold the one next to it a few months ago and the fact they performed construction on the garages during the worst weather makes me believe they are trying to sell it in Spring or Summer. I have seen different people outside the building looking at it so I assumed they are potential buyers or inspectors. A lot of tenants have also recently moved out which may be related or their lease was up. If management is trying to sell it then maybe they're trying to gain back as much money from me as they can before unloading it on the next unsuspecting owner. I have tried several local agencies and everybody refers back to places that I have tried and they failed. Nobody seems interested in the problem and a typical Pittsburgh response I get is if it never happened to them it doesn't happen. I plan to leave PA after I get this settled and have been here since 2004. The attached photo is only an example to show one instance when I found the doorknob had been tampered with and how cheap it is. There is a chain at the top for use from inside, but can easily be broken as can this doorknob. The doorknob was replaced, but was also broken into. I told the management that the doorknob is too small for the hole in the door which an intruder can easily place a knife or other object either above or below the doorknob and pry the knob loose. I check the doorknob each time and often it was very loose and could be turned in either direction prior to inserting the key. That's when I figured out there had been possible breakins plus I was finding appliances left on and I don't leave them on when I know I may not be back for several days. I found fans on. Now they have overtaken my power. I dread seeing that bill. Fortunately it was supposed to have been turned off yesterday (May 17, 2019).
  7. I live on a farm in SE PA. I have been named the heir to the original farm house. There is a garage apartment on the same property that was left to an uncle. The water from the garage apartment comes directly from the basement of the original farm house. My uncle is causing a lot of legal problems for me. I would like to shut off the water which is coming through my house. We are paying for the electricity to pump his water. Can I do this? The estate has not yet been distributed. I live in the original farm house.
  8. My husband recently passed away. He had 2 investment accounts. 1 with me as beneficiary , the other for some reason the didn't no beneficiary. Do I need Letters of testamentary to reregister investment account in PA?
  9. If my husband and I make out a living will, or revocable trust, in one state and move to another, will it be good in the state we move to?
  10. How many persons are allowed on personal checking account?
  11. I was just recently surprised by a mortgage payment today of $729.30 and it said "unapplied funds" underneath. I have been paying my mortgage every month and a few times I was 10 days late because I don't make a lot of money and had to sacrifice prescription drugs and food to pay it. I have not gone on vacation in a couple of years because I am trying to save money. In other words, I don't have much of a social life. I have been making my payments each month, even paying the extra fees to pay it online. The mortgage's website as well as I have evidence that the mortgage was paid each month. What the hell is "unpaid funds" because I have been making my payments each month. I was never 30 days late in payments and I cannot afford $729.00 if I cannot meet the original payments. Desperate for an answer. I called the mortgage company within their business hours at 7:30 pm and was kept on hold for over an hour until 8:30 pm when an automated message told me at 8:30they are closed for the day when they advertise their business hours until 9:00 pm.
  12. Separated for 15 years with a child support decree from NY where the father resides for $1,900 per month. Mother and 18 year old daughter reside in PA and have for almost 15 years. PA law states child support ends at 18 or upon HS graduation, whichever is later. She is 18 and will graduate in June. Never divorced in order to allow mother to remain on health insurance. Getting divorced now and since CS case is open, it must be written into divorce. NY attorney says it must continue until 21 but child doesn't reside in NY. Please advise. Backstory, mother left other three children, who were older, 15 years ago, in custody of father and did not contribute to their support. She kept youngest, made an untruthful, unfounded claim against father and although it was proven to be false and all charges dropped, told the child it was a fact from the age of 3. Child did not have any visitation with father since then, although not through courts, just kept away. As with many, money is not used for child, it is used as mother's paycheck and mother is always looking for additional money from other children or father.
  13. Hello im looking for the set guidelines police have to follow pretty much like there code of conduct and the laws they have to follow for search warrants, and for starting investigations like looking at a person suspected as a crime. rules and regs for C.I. for them watching a target if someone could point me in the right direction to finding this that would be very helpful
  14. Wife was caught changing price tags and arrested after walking out of the store for paying the lower price. The difference was not even $100. Husband is a full US citizen and not involved in the theft, but she is not a citizen, but a permanent resident for almost 30 years. She was allowed to return home but we have a court date in 2 weeks. She had a similar, even smaller theft amount in 1989, which was successfully expunged, sometime around 10 years ago. To deal with this latest misdemeanor(?) do they just pay a fine and after some time, get the charge expunged?
  15. I am a student working on an assignment that has to do with the case of William B***** in York, Pennsylvania, Docket Number: CP-*****. I have some questions because I have never looked at a docket sheet before and it is very confusing. William B***** was charged with criminal homicide, but the victims didn't die. Why does the docket sheet say 'criminal homicide' and not attempted murder? I thought homicide involved the killing of another human. He tried to kill the young woman and man, and I think he had the intent to kill them, but they survived, thankfully. I am confused. Are there instructions anywhere on how to decipher a docket sheet?
  16. Many years ago I was attacked by a soldier with a knife. The administration lied and swept it under the rug meanwhile not only violating my rights as a victim but they further victimized me. Captain A. P. - SSGT A.- SSGT W. - "Where is my watch?" The next few should be proof of the truth that i not only had ongoing issues with this soldier as far as him being insubordinate but that i had asked for help. They can also validate the extra duty assignment as well as this individual getting in trouble more than enough in the past. The extra duty i was put in charge of never even was brought up as to why i was there in the first place. SFC S. G. - SSGT R. - SGT C. - unrelated to this or part of the proceedings SSGT D. warned me they wanted to make an example of me for some reason? She worked right alongside of those listed in charge and was this soldiers superior so she knew this smelled bad and they were up to no good. They not only should be charged with this crime but accessory to murder of the other if the rumors are true. Could this have been something created many miles or years ago. Take me out so i can't fight back about foster care abuse. How many kids end up in prison after they age out of care because no one is looking out for them? Facts: I came home looking for help with the situation and how to proceed with bringing them to justice. I complained about his actions more than once, was told i was the room commander to handle it. I was put in charge of this detail because he was in the same room as me. I was not on extra duty for any reason. In fact i had just came off a 16 hour shift supporting some exercise or whatever it was we were doing. I was making rank and even had passed unit armorer school Han many accreditation's as well including one of the best sites during an exercise from the Company Communications co or something like that. So i am asking how can I prove beyond a reasonable doubt they failed to be objective and truly investigate the situation. Which would open them up to both charges. Next issue a guy was killed shortly after and the only thing i was looking for was help with my situation where i was attacked. There were witnesses supposedly willing to testify against me but should have known the truth as to what i was talking about and i have proof because on numerous occasions these witnesses names have been brought up. One point they supposedly lived close to a relative. To intimidate someone over a incident is still a crime correct? Which would make the authorities not only an accessory to murder but both incidents right? The plot thickens I was a foster child from this particular county from 10 months old. The witnesses name never came up till i started blogging about foster care and the abuses we went through. Before that i had only heard about it from my ex wife who is really the instigator in that situation. She was the one who wanted to stir the pot and i tried to keep everyone separate as much as possible. I may not be able to prove her involvement but when the chips fall into place she will crack or slip up as she has already done when i get her on messenger and grill her for information. She blatantly stated like i suspected she would She did not do or say anything but went on about how she is always blamed for things. LMAO I then stated a poly and karma, she then stated **** you! I then brought up more and she left the conversation. All screen shot. I want them for foster care abuse, both incidents of stabbings, felony conspiracy charges as well as much more that I'm compiling.
  17. Hello all a couple of months ago I applied for a position that I am highly qualified for. thought everything went well did not hear back from the company that I interviewed for. today while speaking to the human resources (we share the same human resource department) I was told the following my current supervisor said the following " I am lazy, unproductive and I smoke pot" and that others have complained that I smell and have horrible body hygiene first.. my work employee performance review has never been anything less than satisfactory. i am obese - and also one day i arrived after work from a fire scene, i am a volunteer fire fighter i have never done drugs... so with all this being told to the employer i interviewed for they did not extend an offer i am lost
  18. wife and I arrested in 2013 on marijuana charge - recently paroled, both to halfway houses in Harrisburg, Pa., wife released from half way house recently but i"m not being allowed to live with her because of what they call co-defendant stipulation. My wife has never been arrested in her life, we've been married for 30 years, we have no no but our selves but this is causing a hugh problem. I've exhausted most avenues and now am looking to file civil suit against Pa parole board for "emotional Abuse/distress". Is this possible and can someone point us in the right direction to do this?
  19. injured on the job 9/7 after 7days employer decided to put me on comp received a letter today from dept labor work comp bureau stating employer decided to pay temp comp for wages and medical (max 90 days) everything i've read on this and other sites indicates ins co. has 21 days to accept or deny claim Does the 21 days start after the 90 days are up? I've been treating with a Dr. that the ins co. referred me to. (There is no posting of treating Drs at work), after cervical and lumbar MRI, Dr is indicating surgery may be necessary. This would put me well beyond the 90 day time frame.
  20. I am a resident of Pennsylvania. I am in the midst of changing careers. I'm currently attending classes for this career change. Along with my coursework, I must complete an externship. However, I just learned that applicants will not be accepted into the externship program if they have been convicted of a misdemeanor. In 1992, I was convicted of a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge in Pennsylvania, when I was a college undergraduate. I was wondering if I could have the misdemeanor conviction expunged from my record, even though, I was over the age of 18 at the time of the charge. If I can have it expunged, do I have to report it on my externship application?
  21. A contractor performing work on the municipality sewer line as part or a larger contract performed work on the property owners lateral line resulting in damages to the line requiring 25K to repair. Municipality claims they are held harmess and the contractor is responsible. The contractor subcontracted the work and states that the subcontractor is responsible. The subcontractor claims they did not work on the branch line but later admitted to working on the branch line. The branch line was not verified to be operational following the work and had to be repaired by the property owner. . Did the contractor trespass by working on the lateral line without knowledge and permission of the property owner? The subcontractor indicates that the limit of liability for a claim had expired. Work was performed in June 2012. Problem was discovered in Oct 2014. Initial claim was filed Oct 2014 Municipality assisted the property owner in searching out the problem Response to Sanitary Sewer Line claim denial From Stefanick' Insurance Co..wps property owner
  22. injured at work 3 weeks ago Co. waited 1 1/2 weeks to decide if they were going with work comp. needless to say no treatment for 3 weeks. asked Co safety officer if they had panel drs for me to treat with. was told "no", and to wait to hear from ins carrier before i start treatment. ins carrier finally called to inform which dr to see. my question; If the Co. does not have panel dr's posted, can the Ins carrier require me to treat with a Dr of their choosing, or can I treat with my Dr?
  23. My spouse and I have been married 31 yrs, have 2 grown children out on their own with own families. I am looking seek a divorce in PA (cambria county). I was a state employee for 23 yrs, retired on disabily pension and also rec ss disabilty each month just under $3,000. My husband is earning aprrox $55-60k yrly. He has no medical or dental ins except thru me, premiums for him (he is not medicare elig, he is 58 yrs old) are ded monly from my penzion checks. We have a $82,400 mtg, and $$35,000 home equity loan in both our names, the home equity was for our daughters wedding ($30,000) and to pay off some bills, we also have about $10,000 in credit card debt in my name but both of us reaped the rewards if you may from it, did update on house. Our home is poss worth about $180,000- $200,000. Our mortgage will be paid in 6yrs at $1275 monthly, no pmt on home equity only intrest is due mnthly which is all I have paid on it. In 1993 I recvd a cash award from workers comp at approx $150,000. We both spent it on bills, home improvements, new vehicle for him (which he still drives by the way) and our kids. Ive sought counceling reg our marriage before, ive packed up and moved out only to return numerous times, for the kids sake and finnancial reasons as I see it now. With me being on disability, seeking a divorce on grounds of incompatability, could I recv allimony from my husband if so for how long and at wht % of his pay? He avgs $3,000-3500 monthly. I have my pension set up as well that if I pass before him he shall recv $1050 monthly til he dies, he has aprox $110,000 in a traditional IRA. I am willing to let him keep that $1050 a month IF he pays me $1,000 mon NOW to help with the mortgage and taxes and ins til the mortgage is satisfied and HE splits the home equity loan and credit card debt down the middle with me. I would be willing as well to let him keep his IRA to himself. If I have no recourse such as that as I have stated in the state of PA, then I will need a good attorney because I fear I would loose the house on just my income. He will keep all his paychecks starting with this coming friday as I am only paid 2x per mon, 2nd weds of mon and last working day of month. Please guide me in the right direction and into a good attorneys office.
  24. Can the owner of a mobile trailer sitting in a trailer park, that he or she is renting from the owner of that park, be forced to pay property and School tax to that State if they do not own that property?
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