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Found 56 results

  1. My brother was in a "car accident" but looks more like murder to a lot of ppl. A passenger in the van he was drivings FATHER is "long time family friend" or "a very good friend" with an OSP investigator. This officer was leading the investigation of my brothers death. Should the OSP investigator be on a case that his best friends SON is an eye witness too? Seems like he shouldn't be, especially after I asked him if this was true and he lied to me..
  2. If someone who is driving your car and your car is not insured dies in an accident that was their fault.. can you the owner of the uninsured car be sued by the family even if no legal actions where taken against you? But you where accused of causing the accident from the passenger seat by another occupant of the same car who survived the accident as well.
  3. I live in Oregon. I have legal guardianship two minor children (under 6 yrs old). Dad is in prison and mom wants the kids back, but still using drugs. She has never been convicted or arrested though. Do I have to give them to her as the mother? Her side of the family insist that I have no right to Not allow her to take the kids, since she has no criminal record and is the mom. She has no home, except when she goes to her mothers, which last a week to the most. Where do I stand with legal guardianship? I thought my job was to take care of the children and keep them safe. Can I deny anyone from taking the children from my home without a court order?
  4. My wife and I leased a home in Oregon for 1 year with the ability to renew for what we thought was to be a multiple year lease. After one year the property manager sent out a questionnaire asking our interest in extending the lease. We replied that we would like to lease the property through the summer of 2016. Whenever I would speak with the property manager I would ask the status of the lease but never got a firm answer. From July to February we heard nothing. Then in Mid February we were notified that the house would be put on the market. They lowered the rent $200 per month if we would stay until the house sold. Once sold we would be given a 60 day notice to vacate the premises. OK, it is their property, we were trying to be cooperative. Unfortunately this was a verbal communication from the property manager. They did lower the rent as specified.Through the first part of April we had construction workers and painters around the house. As it turns out the lower rent simply paid our increased water an power bills from all of the construction work.Once the construction was nearly completed the house was put on the market. We expected a month or so for the sale and then the 60 day notice. The seller's Realtor came to the house for an inspection and started telling us what we had to move, take down and store or otherwise arrange in the house to stage it properly. Some words were exchanged and the next day we received our 60 day notice to vacate. Now the house is sold, the new buyer would like us to rent back from him for 1 month. That agreement is going forward. We were just advised by the previous owners Realtor that the that the money for our deposit would forfeit and all of it would be given to the past owner when the house closes escrow. Essentially we have no claim at all to the money. The old owner will be history by the time we actually move. The new owner is going to renovate the home before they move in. There is no damage to repair. They are replacing the floor coverings and painting the home They are not asking us to even clean it because they are going to do construction. Can the previous owner claim our "cleaning deposit" and other deposit money required, $2500 when we moved in, for a house she no longer owns and expenses she did not incur? None of the deposit is for the last month rent. We are expected to pay a prorated rent through June 13th when the property closes (coincidentally the last day of our 60 day notice as well).
  5. My son's bankruptcy trustee sued me for an "insider" payment. The judgement was awarded. I was very ill while this was going on. Now, I discover that the payment to me was outside of the one year lookback period. Was the trustee under any obligation to verify the date before suing me? I think he should know what he is doing. With this new information, can he just file a form to satisfy the judgement?
  6. In oregon based on an illegal search traffic stop where the officer found pot on me, and the state railroaded me and found me guilty. The statute of possession also carried a 6 month licence suspension. In the time from the trial conviction to appellate reversal, I have gotten three driving while suspended tickets from three different courts. I had been waiting to take care of them so I never went to court. The appellate court has reversed the conviction of possession. This appellate decision should have the effect of restoring me to my original position of valid licence. How would I, or can I go about getting the tickets removed based on the removal of the conviction by the appellate court? Thank you for any help or advice!
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