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Found 81 results

  1. in North Carolina if your child support has been stopped because of the age limit has been reached and you only owe the arrears can North Carolina still imply and still arrest and make a person serve active jail time for not being able to pay the arrearage payments when they don't have a job. Then what happens if a person has been to prison for several years does that come off of the amount owed or does it bulid up an still owed ? And is there any way to get the total amount of arrearage done away with or either reduce significantly when the non-custodial parent that owes the money doesn't have means of pay and what would be the proper procedures of doing that if one was to do yourself
  2. Good morning Please can somebody help us? The plot of land next to our house was bought in April, and is being used to accommodate up to twelve AirBNB guests at a time in an RV and a gazebo. This has had a terribly detrimental effect on our property. We are contending with trespassers who do not respect the signs and physical boundaries that we have attempted to build. They have dogs which run amok in our garden. We’re an elderly couple my wife is recently out of hospital, and we don’t feel able to venture out of doors. We don’t feel safe in our own home. There is noise at all hours. A Portacabin is posted right beside our property but not cleaned. The smell is sickening. We have attempted to sell house for some time without success, and now because of all of this, and due to the condition of the neighboring property, the value of our house has sunk through the floor. We stand to lose tens of thousands. We are at our wits’ end what to do here, and would so appreciate some good advice on our options. The owner of the property is never there himself. Thank you so much for your time and your kind attention..
  3. How often should a person check and/or update his will? My Dad passed away last March, and I noticed his will was created in 2008---11 years ago. I don't know how often he updated it. Actually, I don't think he had done anything to it for years. My reason for thinking that is because he told me just before his death that he was going to leave his house to me. However, he apparently never changed his will to reflect those wishes before he died. What ended up happening was my sister got the house instead, and all the sale amount for it, I'm guessing $200K. It's hard now not to feel like I was misled. This ordeal has now caused animosity with my sister. I'm feeling pretty hurt right now.
  4. It began with a septic issue. Eventually was repaired after 6 Months later, getting county involved. I sued for rent recoupment and judges found in my favor in the first 2 hearings (Landlord has appealed again). 5 days after first hearing I received a letter of non-renewal of lease... 6 months before my lease was to end. LL specifically stated that her reason for non-renewal was because of my complaint (smoking gun). I’ve offered to still renew and stated that it was illegal to not even offer renewal based on complaint to county. What can I sue for? I’ve read in some states it’s 3 months rent plus $1000 max in damages. I can’t find any number or guidelines for North Carolina.
  5. Work as a telecommuter for a company. All telecommuters use their own personal, employee paid for, computers. We received a new policy change that the company will be installing their firewalls and anti-virus on our personal computers and we are no longer allowed to use them for anything other than work!!! We were told they will consistently audit our personal computers for personal use and will come to our home and inspect them as they see fit. We were told that we will adhere to the policy or we must start driving into work and if we cant drive into work, then we can part ways. Is that legal in North Carolina? And if so, does the company have to pay me for the computer I purchased since it can no longer be used for anything other than work?
  6. If someone's pulled over in the state of North Carolina and the cop happens to notice that there may be a possibility that drugs in the car and has two drivers step out and happens to find a piece of paper folded up in the car in the console center front of which the car belongs to the driver and the passenger is getting a ride home both get charged for schedule 1 schedule 2 and the piece of paper that was folded up in the console was not heroin as what the officer says that it is and when tested on the road side that turn blue the driver says that the substance in the paper was a crushed up stacker 2 pills so at that point if the roadside was done and they had no more powder substance to test to send off to the state lab does it warrant dismissal of charge or does the roadside indicate enough evidence for it to hold up in court for the courts to convict the driver . An if they offer an reduced charge because of the lack of the main charge because no real evidence the powder to make the schedule drugs stick? Or dismiss charge ?
  7. The county I live in has always had the behind the glad visit an now they have went to the homewayz video system an they say no personal person visit no more has to be video chat an way I see it after setting up an account you have to pay for the video visit . Well isn't that against human rights for an inmate an all? Why should one have to pay 12 bucks for a 20 min call an you have to have all the technical equipment as well as in tablet ,smartphone , an wifi. What happens if one does not have WiFi much less the device to use it I have a grandparent alive that does not even know how to even turn on a cell phone much less wifi . So is their any state of federal or human rights law being broken here in NC?
  8. In North Carolina, what is alimony pursuant to N.C.G.S.§50- 16.3A, etseq.
  9. My husband said during the entire divorce process, "if I make money, you get half." During two mediations, He withheld his plans to move and start another medical practice in another state. He completely disregarding the 6 notice provision that required he inform me of his leaving, and arbitrated in a veil of deceit the provision that gave me his earnings (our asset) "now, in the future, with no terminating event." The arbitrator ruled that my earnings ended after he left his current job. Directly after the ruling he bragged to a friend he was moving. The mediator call him and asked him directly if he was leaving his current job now, "he said no." and I was assured I would have several more years of alimony. In the two months before signing our agreement, while working his local job and at the hidden medical practice he started in another state, he cheerfully responded to all requests from the financial neutral. Up until the day I signed, He made suggestions and provided edits to the chart we planned to use to track our shared income. When I learned that he had changed his mal-practice insurance policy from a group policy to an individual policy, my attorney spoke to his attorney and she added approved "slip pages" to our agreement. On the day I signed, he sent an email to communicate his local address where his mal-practice dividend should be sent upon full retirement. After I signed the agreement, he waited until my rights were dismissed, then left his job without any notice The receptionist at his medical practice in another state said he started work there 3 months before our papers were signed. He lied and said he started there "officially" September 1. What rights do I have? He is 66 years old
  10. I looked through the pages about the different cannabis laws for all the states. North Carolina was not available. I wanted to see what is legal in NC.
  11. Back in 2016 I have a trial for a DWI habitual and I got sentenced went and done my time came home and now I happened to notice online they have my name States 4 case law about my trial on some areas of it my question is what is the information they're using for case law is incorrect like it never happened like that in my trial so they're making it out like it did what can I do to either a have the information changed or to have it removed. And how do they end up getting the information for case law transcripts and if so that means my transcripts would be wrong then what and what is my transcript say one thing but case law is saying something different thank you for any kind of information or imput
  12. I received a speeding ticket coming through a little spot in my community by my local not-so-friendly North Carolina highway patrol of which when he approached my vehicle he had a big lip full of dip in and as he approached the vehicle I also had my phone video recording of which I have him dipping standing at my window . being that I can't smoke anywhere in a public restaurant or facility and especially government facilities how come my local highway patrolman can you dip while on the clock talkin too and also talking to the civilians and the community.? I mean it wouldn't be very nice for me to have been smoking right there in his face much less him on the clock it's all of our tax dollars paying him to be able to use products that are prohibited throughout the public facilities in places concluding parks and all so why would he be able to dip and if it is not permissible then what can a civilian do to make sure it gets address to the local highway patrolman?
  13. In the state of North Carolina when the employer fires the employeel , an then the employee turns around and files a North Carolina unemployment claim, and states the reasons of which they fired or the dismissal of their job an on the questions the ask to be very specific on and for exact reasons and then the employer has to do the same for the rebuttal on his reasons of why he terminated the employee . Then later on throughout the hearings an the appeals the employer changes the reasons of why the employee was fired. Is that not against policy and procedures and also against rules and regulations an just plain wrong ? I know my employer changed this reasons of why he terminated me throughout multiple hearings as well as appeals because I have all the transcript from previous hearings an appeals an it shows it's not for the same reasons he gave at initial request . And yet i keep getting denied when the reasons of my appeals and reasons of dismissal had stayed the same since the beginning. If it would had stayed to the true facts of the first reason he wrote down I'd already won but being he changes up an they allow it to be added has changed the out come . Can he change his story ? An if not who an where do I report it to ?
  14. I was shown a sample apartment which was nice, clean and actually furnished like a model apartment. I was told by the rental agent that the apartment available for rent is substantially the same but in a different building and is not available for 5 days because it is being cleaned. If I want to rent it I have to sign the lease within 2 days but can only see the apartment in 5 days because it is being cleaned. It is the policy of the complex that they have 5 days between renters for cleaning. I signed the lease because I couldn’t find anything else since Asheville NC was in high summer / fall season and there were no empty 1 BR apartments I could find. My husband had passed away and I wanted to be near my son and his family. My son came with me when I went to move into the apartment and we found it had a very strong odor which made my eyes burn and my nose run almost immediately. It was also quite dirty with glue stains on the carpet and many scratches in the walls and trim. Faucets were leaking and the bathroom door could not be closed. I am not an allergic person but this odor was making me ill. The landlord's representative said they would move me to another apartment if I pay a moving fee of $300 to change to a different apartment. I balked at that and eventually they said ok, they wouldn't charge the moving fee but again I would have to sign a lease within 2 days even though the apartment would be available to be seen only in 5 days because it was being cleaned. I didn't want to fall into that trap again so I stayed in the original apartment hoping the smell would go away as they said it would but it did not. I would have moved out the same day but had no place to go. Before the end of the first month I sent a letter stating that I had to move out because the apartment had made my eyes burn and my nose run for the entire time I was there. I had paid a month’s rent and a deposit, bought the required rental insurance and paid deposits for utilities. The landlord would not break the lease. They locked the apartment and did not offer it to anyone else to rent even though there was a high demand and they could have rented it if they offered it to qualified applicants. Now they are charging me rent for an additional 2 months, plus utilities that were not used. This is unfair. I think this was a bait and switch resulting in a windfall profit for the landlord. What can I do? The total amount is approximately $3,500 which is a lot to pay to an attorney, if I can find one, who may not be able to get a judgment in my favor since I did sign a legal contract. The costs may actually increase for me if I have to pay an attorney on top of what the landlord is demanding. I would appreciate advice on how to handle this. Susan
  15. I purchased a vehicle 10 months ago in "clean" condition with two previous owners (according to the GM of a dealership that I purchased it from, it was his personal vehicle). After 2k in repairs I returned to the dealership and asked them to evaluate my trade. They offered me 13,500 (wholesale) when I paid 25k for the car. They offered me no explanation. Another dealer pulled the Auto check and told me there were two mileage flags for rollbacks and eight previous owners. Are dealerships required to disclose auto check odometer flags and rollbacks? After speaking to the manager I know they also use the autocheck system. The gm was terminated a month after I bought the car for "shady" practices, but the dealer insists the car was in excellent condition (even though they won't offer even low trade value to take it back).
  16. I live in an HOA around the area of Charlotte North Carolina. I have had an existing metal fence that was approved by the HOA and installed in October of 2015. The HOA requires that we use existing fencing that is up prior to us constructing fences made of other materials. For example, there is a wooden fence in on the property line you have to tie in with the same style of wooden fence, according to HOA rules. If it is metal, you tie in with a metal fence. A new neighbor built behind me and put a 6-foot wood fence up that is around 10 inches away from our metal fence. This was over one year from the time I fence had been installed. Now because the HOA is so slow in responding, three other neighbors have built off of this fence line . My question is...what is the exact definition of a double fence? Does a certain distance between fences negated from being a double fence? Finally, how do I get my HOA to act with dillegence so a small problem does not escalate into a larger one?
  17. I live in Bulington, NC and I have 6 acres of pasture land that I am trying to get the land back in shape for animals. I have a couple of drunks that live next to my land that I have called the Sheriff on repeatedly for trespassing. They get drunk then ride their ATV on my property putting ruts all over my property, they cut down trees on my property at night for bomb fires, and when I speak to them they cuss, use defamatory names at us,and even told me if I put any animals out there they will kill them. All the police do is keep talking to them and keep giving them no trespassing warning but that is all. Need I say my husband and I are a mix couple. Recently one of these guys got arrested for pointing a gun at someone in the face and threatening them. So, I'm scared they will do something to my husband or me and maybe both of us. We don't want to move, this is our home what can we do?
  18. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is a one-foot separation between my backyard fence and the fence of my next door neighbor. My neighbor wanted to install new fence and asked me recently whether is was OK for him to use my side of the fence as part of his new fence. I am concerned that my permission will result in encroachment issue down the road when I want to sell my property. What is the suggestion from the legal professionals?
  19. Where can I get a free list of confidential informants in NC?
  20. Has there ever been a case where a Doctor refused treatment and was ordered by the court to continue treatment?
  21. My husband incorporated a Consulting company (Inc) in my name registered in Illinois in last quarter of 2013. I was 100% owner of the company. My husband was employee of that company. Bank account in company’s name was opened in Charlotte. Account was operated jointly with my husband for convenience. In January 2015, due to problem in marriage, I had to go to India with my parents. I returned to USA in December 2015. We have Filed law suit for divorce and property distribution. My husband did not pay tax, file IRS return (federal and state) but in April/May 2015 withdrew all money during my absence and without my knowledge (though I am the 100% owner of the company) from the Bank Account in NC and closed it to fix me in IRS problem. He didn’t give any details of the company, allow company CPA to file returns etc. I had to file return, pay tax and penalty by borrowing from relative. At present, I am at great loss and trauma. My question is that I am 100% owner of Inc and husband was employee of the company. He was allowed to operate jointly for convenience. Can he withdraw all my money and close the account without my consent? He embezzled all money either in his account, in cash or transfer elsewhere. Does it become a crime in law? If yes, what kind of crime and what remedy is available? Can I get my money back? If yes, how? If no, what should I Do?
  22. There is an affair going on in this company between one partner and an employee. Is there any law in N.C. that the Company needs to notify the wife of the partner that there is an affair going on between her husband and an employee?
  23. I was pushed down by my estranged husband at a bar which he frequently goes, the owner who did not witness the incident came out yelling for me to leave let's say X alone he's a good paying customer. I did have X 's cell phone in my hand because he left it laying on a table outside where I was at, he left the establishment. Returned saw his phone in my hands and pushed me to get his phone I was texting on to his mistress. The occurrence resulted in a torn all,fractured tibia, torn ligament and lower leg contusion. I didn't file charges the state picked it up. Court date the district attorney stated / asked where the phone landed when I got pushed. I replied "I have no idea it was in his hands when I looked up after being pushed to the ground" Since I could not answer the question of where the phone landed the DA stated there wasn't enough evidence for this to be heard in front of a judge. Well, it's been 1 1/2 years later and I have paid a lot in medical bills unable to work for several months. Is there a recourse of action I can take so this can be heard in front of a judge? Also, he had someone there who I never saw come to defend X to state I fell not pushed.
  24. I paid 850$ for the Vivitrol shot for my son less than a month ago. Can someone explain to me how he broke through it? It has been only 2 weeks. Despite the fact that I am sick w/concerns for my son, I want to know if I am legally able to get that money back. In addition, what about this product? Can I make them accountable someway for marketing a product that is not effective?
  25. I received a letter from my town - not an HOA - telling me to cut the grass within two weeks or they would start fining me $50 a day. I cut the grass. Two days after I cut the grass, a third-party contractor went onto my property while I was not home. I was not notified, contacted, or given any warning. This contractor did not cut any grass, as it was already cut. They razed my landscaping instead. The contractor went beyond my front yard. They went onto all the way around my home and garage and into my backyard. They randomly razed large plants. Nothing they cut was grass, and nothing they cut was a weed. It was all things I had planted. They razed four-foot high elderberry bushes, but only six of the twelve in the (mulched) bed. They crushed two-foot high evergreen shrub and the surrounding flowers; this was part of a larger area and the rest of the area was untouched. It was wanton and random, and all over my property. What comes up for me is: * violation of fourth amendment right to privacy by crossing the threshold of my home * trespass * destruction of property * vandalism I contacted the town manager and gave him an earful. He is coming tomorrow to see the damage. I am writing to ask the following: 1. Am I correct in my ideas about the aforementioned violations? 2. Are my complaints and recourse with the town or with the third-party contractor? 3. What is my recourse? I seek reparations for replacement of plants and lost harvest, but I also want protection from this happening to my property again. Any advice or assistance is appreciated. Thank you.
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