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Found 81 results

  1. Hey Guys, so I'm doing this because I love my brother dearly and I want to get to the bottom of this and help out where I can. He was (previously) married to a woman in north caroline where she still resides. She has like 6 kids. He left her in February and she had her baby in May of the following year. She claims that when he left her in February she was 17 weeks pregnant...well my first thought was....if she was 17 weeks pregnant in February, and had her child in May the next year.... that would mean she was pregnant for about 14 months....yah right. uhh no. so since obviously this is a false accusation. Now she is claiming that in the state of North Carolina if you are married to a woman and she has a child during you marriage that whether you divorce her or not that makes you the legal father because the child was born during the time of the marriage (btw she cheated...ALOT, during their marriage)... so I guess my question is.... IF YOU HAVE A CHILD DURING YOU MARRIAGE BUT ARE NOT THE "BIOLOGICAL" FATHER WOULD YOU STILL BE LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE EVEN AFTER THE DIVORCE FOR THAT CHILD?? please someone help. I know some states are weird and I just need to know
  2. So my ex came into to some money recently, a significant amount I believe. What can I do to legally reduce the amount of alimony I am paying each month? We live in North Carolina. Thanks
  3. I was living with a roommate who signed the lease with the a property. I sublet the room, but did not sign anything with the property management company. Our agreement was written by my roommate. She advertised that the person renting should be working, I got laid off and she was not happy about me living there unemployed. All of my payments where made on time and in full, no terms were violated. She sent me messages stating that I was evicted and that she refused to go through the proper process of eviction. What law states that I do not need to pay the re-rent levy fee after eviction? I want to send her this information in order to stop her from harassing me about this fee.
  4. I have full custody of my children by court order. My children's father has visitation every other weekend from Friday at 6pm till Sunday at 6pm. He has a job that requires him to work six 12 hr shifts 2 to 3 times per yr. Historically the children have stayed with me during the visitation he couldn't exercise due to his job. He now has a girlfriend that he met and moved in with during only a 3 month period. He is insisting that his visitation time is his time whether or not he can be with the children. He wants to still get the kids every other weekend and have his girlfriend, her father and her 16 yr old daughter take turns watching them while he works. I am very opposed to this and feel the children should stay with me while he is working. I'm willing to let him see them a couple of hours while he is not working such as after school. Is there a law that would back me up? I feel my children should be with me when he is not available and his girlfriend and her family should not have any rights when he is not available.
  5. childs joint legal parent provides very limited and last second information regarding moving child to live with partner. upon request there has been no information other than name and address provided regarding partner and teenage son living at new address. parent moving child to cohabitate with partner refuses to acknowledge my concerns or consider my views/opinions regarding affect on childs mental health and moral upbringing. any possible resolution? moving parent continues to file for medical social services without my knowledge until service is approved. child already has medical ins. and bills are split. filing parent can only claim child as dependent every odd year and has job and now cohabitates. parent will not provide me with their income and hasn't asked for mine. child would not qualify for services if both incomes/assets were listed on application for services. possible attempted fraud? will social services come after me for money if parent signs child up for services? inappropriate behavior by parent? I want full custody with visits to parent every other weekend but parent refuses. what can I do other than pay atty. for just a slim chance at bringing child back into a stable home?
  6. Hello I have previously moved here from Fort Lauderdale, FL to North Carolina back on may 1 2013. My son goes to school and my little one stays with grandma when I am working. I had to move out of the state because of an issue with me and my husband. The father has sent a handful of support money and presents on christmas. He has decided that in Feb or Mar of 2015 the children should move back to florida with him permanently and that I can do nothing about it seeing that they were born in florida. I What are my rights as a married women with 2 kids and this relocation issue. Can he do this which I am thinking yes because we are married. I wanted to file for divorce because I feel that if he has them down there he is going to fight to keep them there. What are my rights as a mother do I have if have not filed for divorce and what is my rights if I do? I wanted to file for divorce and get shared custody. Is there a such thing as married couple filing for custody?
  7. north carolina ok today i received a court summons from a guy i delivered a car to on the behalf of a friends dealership that was sold on 12/14/14 the summons states that the car was sold to him with issues. but he test drove the car before the purchase and signed a bill of sale and a as-is form with all the dealership info on it and a paper saying i was an employee of the seller delivering the car not the seller or owner but the summons has only my name on it. does he have a case being he sign a as-is form and by me not being the owner of the dealership how can he summons me and sue me for the money is that possible?
  8. I live in North Carolina and I am wwondering if my daughter is legally emancipated at the age of 16? And also my rights to my children that don't live with me right now but I have not lost my parental rights to either.
  9. In the state of North Carolina is a Physician or Physician Assisant required to file their own small business as a professional corporation or is this optional? More specifically is a Physician or Physicians Assistant able to own an S corporation?
  10. Hi, I own a townhome in Raleigh, North Carolina. On Sunday, 12/21/14 while I was at work, they towed my vehicle from my legally assigned parking space. I have tried to call the Talis Management Association, and they have not returned my calls. I will try not to be emotional, but they towed my vehicle from my property without as much as a letter stating I was in violation of anything. Isn't this considered theft of a vehicle? I have also contacted a local property law (HOA) attorney, but they have not yet called me back. There are two really big problems right now. The vehicle is accumulating daily "storage" fees, and I only work 10 - 15 hours a week so I do not have extensive funds for attorney's fees. Oh, the third problem is that my townhome is completely paid for.....bad move. Could someone make some suggestions? Do the homeowners' have no rights under the law if they are involved with an HOA? Thank you.
  11. I have started a corporation and established a business for laser hair removal and other Medical aesthetic laser services. Before treatments can offered at my facility I must have a Medical Director. My question is does a Medical Director "have" to be a Physician or can a Physicians Assistant or Nurse Practioner serve as a medical director?
  12. I own a home in NC which is rented out. A "friend" is renting the home. The lease term is one year, but it has a 60 day clause for both the renter and the landlord to end the lease in the event of certain situations, one being that my work would require me to live in the city. I wrote this in because there as a chance that my work would require me to be in the city limits. In all honesty, I did not want to rent the home out to my "friend" but he was quite insistant (it was a great deal for him). He got a discount rate on the home and no pet deposit (he has muliple). I put the 60 day clause in to protect both the renter and myself for my forced relocation risk, and also in case he lost his job and had to move back home. The conditions for the 60 day early vacate clause are quite specific. Even if he had another condition, I would let him out of the lease as long as he gave me those 60 days. 5 months into the lease, I received notification from my job that I had to relocate. I gave the tenant well over 60 days notice, and he gave me his expected vacate date, which was between Jan 1-15. Now he has changed his mind and decided that he wants to leave this week. I have it in writing that he gave me his expected vacate date and agreed that would be his last day. My question is, if the landlord has to give the 60 days notice as allowed, is there any expectation for the tenant to not leave before the notice period or intent to vacate date? Secondly, once the tenant has given me a last date of occupancy in writing, can the vacate early without damages?
  13. Hello, I'm looking for assistance. I bought a vehcile in Raliegh, NC. It was AS-IS but when i bought the vehicle the odometer was at 105,110 and the car fax shows 107,117. So how do i go about this process. What can i do and what should i do. Where to report dealer about fraud?
  14. My Uncle owned property in North Carolina but is now deceased. He had no children and I am not sure if his sister is still living. I am the Power of Attorney for my Aunt. I have been contacted by the person working the farm asking for Power of Attorney so that he can apply for available programs. What is my responsibility?
  15. Can income from a pension that was awarded to me in equitable distribution be excluded when determining my ability to pay alimony?
  16. I recently received a ticket for speeding and reckless driving with a PJC on my record. PJC was for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Speeding and reckless driving was 100 in a 65 zone. No ill reasoning just a terrible morning and wasn't thinking about my speed. I would describe myself as very studious and hardworking. I live a mundain life and this is very uncharacteristic. I realize I made big mistake. I need my car for my job and school. What are the chances of retaining my license and what is the best course of action?
  17. Can my ex husband have a judge who is buddies with his lawyer and always takes our cases and also his lawyer who he has is his uncle. He also just started renting a house from his uncle and his uncles mom. Can his uncle the lawyer be his lawyer over a DVO and that they also turned it into a custody battle I don't have a lawyer and they are giving my ex who hasn't seen our kids but twice for a total of 1hr and 15 mins. in 6 months every Sunday from 1-6 to take to his and his girlfriends house they just moved into not even a month ago on top of they have been dating less than 4 months. After 4 weeks of his Sunday visits they are giving my ex who works 40-75 hrs a week every other week custody of my 3 and 1 year old kids . He said in court he had daycare arrangements for my kids when he works that his new girlfriends mom and her new boyfriend are going to watch them until his girlfriend gets off work at 3:30 at the job she has been working 2 days and she will drive them to the house they are renting and keep them until he gets home anywhere from 6pm till 12am. My ex doesn't have set hrs. laying hardwood floor and he just got a drug charge a little over a year ago on top of he just got his driver license less than 2 years ago. I kicked him out because I found pill on my kids bathroom sink and learnt he was using again. I am really scared something bad is going to happen to my small babies. There is a lot of crazy people being mean to kids these days.
  18. My boy friend is currently finishing up his divorce or at least trying to. His wife left him when she was 7 months pregnant. When this happened he got a court order to make sure he could be their for the birth of his daughter, it also came with an order for her to put him on the birth certificate and to give their daughter his last name. well when their daughter was born she went against the court order and gave their daughter her maiden name and still left him off the birth certificate. Well in July last year she was in contempt and told to pay for the DNA test and the name change, and he was ordered to pay child support. Well it has now been over a year and she has yet to change the name but he is still ordered to pay. Since July this matter has been brought up to the same judge but nothing has happened. She has told him to pay to do it and that she will sign but its not his fault it wasn't done right in the first place. This judge has also recently ordered him to pay her lawyer fees for the last court date and has been told to pay it in 60 days. Now for my major questions. - What more should we do about the birth certificate? - Isnt the lawyer fees a debit and should be given the time frame of in a timely fashion but to pay it? - She has also offered for him to sign away his rights, and that is a option he is willing to just walk away.
  19. Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me find some information. We purchased our house 53 days ago. The house was advertised as having ALL polybutylene pipes removed. I'm currently sitting here listening to the sound of 13 industrial fans and 2 large humidifiers, looking at subfloor in the entire downstairs and holes cut into the walls so they can dry compliments of a poly pipe bursting in the pantry yesterday! Is the seller or listing agent liable at all for this situation at this point or is it all me since I purchased the house? We used the home warranty to fix the pipe and are using our homeowners insurance to pay for the restoration company. My main concern is that this will happen again since the poly pipes clearly were not removed. HELP!!
  20. My husband took our car to an Acura dealership that he has been dealing with for years now. Their service has gotten poor . The first issue I had was my car went in for routine maintenance and they shampooed my carpet and will doing so they knocked something loose that caused my car to shut down the next day. I had to have it towed they told me it happened when they serviced the car but they didn't reimburse the tow and I had to pay to get their mistake fixed. Now I took my car to dealership, they told me I need an ac compressor. I pay for the ac compressor ($800.00) and they call me and tell me it's ready but when I get home I realize that the fan is constantly running (never did before). So I take it back to the shop and they tell me that it's the control panel and if I don"t pay another $1200.00 it's gonna totally mess the car up. My opinion the car wasn't fixed in the first place and why before they put the compressor on they didn't know that this was the problem in the beginning and it would have been my choice if I wanted to pay $2000.00 (that I don't have) and not get it fixed and waited til I did have the money. Now I am stuck with a car that will I cannot drive. It is still in the shop and I have a loaner and they want the loaner back. Is there anything I can do about this because I feel like they have made a mistake that I now have to pay for?
  21. I'm not married, but own a house with my boyfriend in North Carolina. We are separated, and I'd like to keep the house. Is it possible for me to form a living trust with me as the sole beneficiary and then transfer the title to the living trust, such that his name would be automatically removed from the note, or title/deed, as a result of doing so? The mortgage lender does allow for transfers of titles into living trusts. I'm asking, as the other options include refinancing in my name only or trying to get a loan assumption, which may prove impossible for me. Thanks so much!
  22. First thank you for this forum first I have worked for this company with the same manager for four (4) years with no infraction or write-up's. In the year 2012-2013 I was diagnose with breast cancer and through-out my treatment the company never held anything. In addition, I was too able to use my vacation and sick time for surgeries. However, when I informed my manager now new owner of the company that my last surgery was schedule and question about FMLA she said no I can’t deal with this you’re fired. But I can work up until the schedule date of surgery but nothing after. I believe I was discriminated against because I was wrongfully terminated and discriminated against because of my surgery for my disability. Can someone tell me if it’s true or false? First thank you for this forum first I have worked for this company with the same manager for four (4) years with no infraction or write-up's. In the year 2012-2013 I was diagnose with breast cancer and through-out my treatment the company never held anything. In addition, I was too able to use my vacation and sick time for surgeries. However, when I informed my manager now new owner of the company that my last surgery was schedule and question about FMLA she said no I can’t deal with this you’re fired. But I can work up until the schedule date of surgery but nothing after. I believe I was discriminated against because I was wrongfully terminated and discriminated against because of my surgery for my disability. Can someone tell me if it’s true or false?
  23. My daughter has signed a termination of parental rights form for an in process adoptiion of her 6 month old son that has not yet been fiinalized. I had read that in North Carolina parental rights are not terminated until the adoptiion is actually finalized. Can she change her mnd about the adooption now even though the form has been signed? Is this true about North Carolina and her parental rights still being intact?
  24. Greetings Everyone, I'm a college student living in an noisy apartment complex. I take my school work and 'work' very seriously. I have a upstairs neighbor who blast his music every other day. It can be during the afternoon, evening to the morning. I've asked him to please turn his music down multiple times. It's failed so I called the police. The police aren't able to hear it outside so it's not loud enough to them. I've talked to my landlord who does not reside in the apartment complex to know what I'm going through. We've had a meeting and during that meeting he stated that he had 'SPEAKERS'....speakers. The landlord said nothing in regards to taking the speakers down or anything. She just asked him to turn it down, basically. I've been dealing with this for almost a year now. My lease is up on Aug. 31st but I want to move out now. I've been wanting to move out everyday without having to pay for termination fee. It's not my fault that I cannot have 'quiet enjoyment'. I have 2 more months....what do I do guys? Please please help me....i beg you. I'm praying every night that I only have 2 more months.....2 more months..
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