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Found 81 results

  1. I paid 850$ for the Vivitrol shot for my son less than a month ago. Can someone explain to me how he broke through it? It has been only 2 weeks. Despite the fact that I am sick w/concerns for my son, I want to know if I am legally able to get that money back. In addition, what about this product? Can I make them accountable someway for marketing a product that is not effective?
  2. I was pushed down by my estranged husband at a bar which he frequently goes, the owner who did not witness the incident came out yelling for me to leave let's say X alone he's a good paying customer. I did have X 's cell phone in my hand because he left it laying on a table outside where I was at, he left the establishment. Returned saw his phone in my hands and pushed me to get his phone I was texting on to his mistress. The occurrence resulted in a torn all,fractured tibia, torn ligament and lower leg contusion. I didn't file charges the state picked it up. Court date the district attorney stated / asked where the phone landed when I got pushed. I replied "I have no idea it was in his hands when I looked up after being pushed to the ground" Since I could not answer the question of where the phone landed the DA stated there wasn't enough evidence for this to be heard in front of a judge. Well, it's been 1 1/2 years later and I have paid a lot in medical bills unable to work for several months. Is there a recourse of action I can take so this can be heard in front of a judge? Also, he had someone there who I never saw come to defend X to state I fell not pushed.
  3. I received a letter from my town - not an HOA - telling me to cut the grass within two weeks or they would start fining me $50 a day. I cut the grass. Two days after I cut the grass, a third-party contractor went onto my property while I was not home. I was not notified, contacted, or given any warning. This contractor did not cut any grass, as it was already cut. They razed my landscaping instead. The contractor went beyond my front yard. They went onto all the way around my home and garage and into my backyard. They randomly razed large plants. Nothing they cut was grass, and nothing they cut was a weed. It was all things I had planted. They razed four-foot high elderberry bushes, but only six of the twelve in the (mulched) bed. They crushed two-foot high evergreen shrub and the surrounding flowers; this was part of a larger area and the rest of the area was untouched. It was wanton and random, and all over my property. What comes up for me is: * violation of fourth amendment right to privacy by crossing the threshold of my home * trespass * destruction of property * vandalism I contacted the town manager and gave him an earful. He is coming tomorrow to see the damage. I am writing to ask the following: 1. Am I correct in my ideas about the aforementioned violations? 2. Are my complaints and recourse with the town or with the third-party contractor? 3. What is my recourse? I seek reparations for replacement of plants and lost harvest, but I also want protection from this happening to my property again. Any advice or assistance is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. If company A hires and/or contracts company B to investigate and do a job does company B then have authority, on behave of company A, regarding the work order? If so where is this written.
  5. Is causation for murder interrupted when the victim leaves the hospital AMA and later dies? Case facts: The victim and defendant are a couple. The victim was diagnosed with enlarged liver/spleen and disease of both organs. The victim and defendant have a physical altercation (no weapons involved), the defendant body slams the victim and the victim later gets sick so the defendant takes him to the doctor to get medical attention. The victim leaves the hospital AMA and later falls into a coma and dies from a busted spleen. Defendant is charged with first degree murder.
  6. Hello, I live in a large apartment complex in NC. A week ago, a neighbor who lived in our bldg was investigated and arrested for making meth here. The police posted a sign on his door saying not to go in, unsafe chemicals, etc. I have a young daughter and our lease is up in four months. What are my rights? Am I able to break my lease and move sooner? Negotiate a lower rent payment? It may have been the apt management who turned him in, I don't know. But I know it is extremely unsafe and was probably going on for a while. Our management is rather shady and would never let us know that we have rights or legal options. I plan to contact them, but just want to have my facts and info straight before I do. They think that because we are low income that we are also low intelligence. Thanks!
  7. My wife and I were divorced in VA. Now she lives in NC and has since before the divorce was finalized.I am moving there now and that is why I am filing for a custody change.. How do I get the courts to change jurisdiction? or does it happen automatically since neither of us live in the original state?
  8. In 2009, I was awarded full legal custody and primary physical custody of my children. Included in the case was a custody evaluation by a child psychologist who said that the children were at risk for ongoing mental and emotional problems due to my ex-wife's extensive efforts to create parental alienation. Since the change in custody, the children improved significantly in my care. I have largely been able to keep them sheltered from her behaviors. Two of my children have reached adulthood, but one 13 year old daughter remains under the custody order. After a number of recent incidents, something happened two weeks ago that culminates in what may be considered a "substantial change in circumstances" that would warrant a modification to our custody order. My ex-wife did not take our daughter to school at the end of her visitation, which ended on Monday morning. Instead, she kept our daughter out of school and spent the day trying to get her to agree to not return home. She repeatedly tried to get my daughter to "confess" that I am sexually molesting her - a charge which she has made in the past that has been unsubstantiated by Child Protective Services. However, the allegation did cause significant disruption to all of our lives and my daughter fears having to go through all of that process again. Because of the recent questions and prodding by my ex-wife, my daughter thinks that her mother may be preparing to make another allegation. She is also very concerned because my ex-wife made her give a urine sample but would not tell her what she was going to use it for. Although I have full control of medical decisions, my ex-wife would not tell me what she is doing with the urine. My daughter and her 18 year old brother also called their mother to express that my daughter frequently has headaches, nightmares and an upset stomach due to my ex-wife's treatment of her. When asked, my ex-wife refused to tell either of them what her plans for the urine sample are. She only said that what she was doing was "in their best interests" and to "protect" my daughter. Given that no abuse is taking place in my home, my daughter feels very manipulated by her mother and does not want to go for visitation - at least for the next few weeks until things calm down. This problem has gone on for many years and my daughter is showing signs of emotional distress frequently. I intend to file a pro se motion this week to modify custody based upon the ongoing maltreatment of my daughter, and to request supervised visitation. However, we are concerned that at this upcoming weekend visitation, my ex-wife will continue to try to emotionally manipulate my daughter. My daughter is worried that it is going to be another weekend of headaches, nausea and nightmares like it was for her the previous week. I want to be able to keep my daughter home, but my ex-wife does have visitation rights under the custody order. I don't want to jeopardize my good parenting record for the upcoming hearing to modify custody by "depriving" my ex-wife of her visitation. I don't know what to do. Last week, not only did she manipulate my daughter to tears repeatedly, but she violated my custody rights by keeping her an extra day (and out of school) without my permission. One additional point: I was advised to talk to Child Protective Services about this problem, and I did. My ex-wife is under investigation for emotional child abuse and I have a preliminary letter from CPS that states that it appears to them that emotional child abuse is occuring. I am soliciting counsel from any of you on this matter regarding the wisdom of not making my daughter go for visitation this week, despite my ex-wife's visitation rights. Thank-you.
  9. I recently received a custody agreement from my ex's lawyer and need some help understanding what is meant by "That it is in the best interest of the minor child for her care, custody, and control to remain with the Defendant subject to reasonable rights of visitation with the Plaintiff as agreed upon by the parties." and "That the Defendant is hereby granted the care, custody, and control of the minor child, namely<my child's name and bday>, subject to reasonable rights of visitation by the Plaintiff as agreed upon by the parties." Does this mean that I get sole custody or something different? I do not speak legalese so it's very confusing to me.
  10. If I'm 14 and pregnant, could we get married without parental consent and just a court order or would we need both? Would we both be automatically emancipated?
  11. What resources would I use to find out if a small town attorney, hired for probate purposes, has a conflict of interest in the matter? Is it normal to have only one appraisal of real property before a private sale? My mother died intestate, and, with her credit card debt, the attorney must sell her home to pay the debt. Attorney had one appraisal from a local realtor and is recommending a less than half the value private sale. My brother, who lives in the rural area in which the property is located, is administrator, but he pretty much abandoned the place with no electricity or water. Is this proper behavior for an estate admin? I live across the country and would like to deal with this, but have limited financial resources. Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Thank you.
  12. We are under contact to buy some land to build a house in NC. Our original closing date was oct. 8th but the VA had some issues getting the appraisal back in time so now its 11/9/15 and our closing date is Friday 11/13/15. When my agent contacted the sellers agent because the land still has 2 horses and 2 alpacas from a person who is leasing the land still on there. His response was "you should be happy the sellers waited this long for them to close" this whole time we have been stressing to him the animals needed to be moved so the builder can start right away. I am ready to walk away because I don't want to fight with the horse owner plus we are new to the area and these people have been there for years so we would be moving there under bad terms. Is there any way we can back out without loosing our $1k earnest money since they don't want to have the land cleared before closing?
  13. My daughter, age 8, vandalized a neighbor's car while playing outside. She painted mud hearts on her trunk, and in the process scratched the car. The scratches are not horrible, but they are visible when standing close to the trunk. She was disciplined and we went over to the neighbors to apologize. I agreed to pay for any damages. A few days later the neighbor contacts me and informs me that she went to her car's dealership and they told her it would be 1900.00 to repaint the trunk of her car. She also informed she needed it done in 30 days, she would not be going anywhere else, and she would not file a claim. I am attempting to do the right thing, however I am wondering is this the right process?
  14. A debt collection agency (Four Star Revenue Mgmt, LLC) contacted my daughter about a debt on a credit card she had before being laid off back in 2011. I negotiated a fee with them and paid it. They sent me a "paid in full" release and a authorization for payment release. This was May, 14, 2014. Few days ago, my daughter gets a call from a collection agency (Regional Mediation Bureau) that they had received to collect debt. Seems the first company (Four Star) was closed down this past January, 2015 as they were scamming and had not reported the debt being paid to credit bureau. Said if debt was not paid, then her accounts would be frozen and that a court order would be served if not paid within 24 hours. Said the paperwork I had was no good. Question: Since I have paperwork from first collector, can they really push the issue or should I let it go to court? Can they in fact freeze her accounts? Limitation period ends 2016.
  15. In april we purchased a new dodge avenger. Because of a defect in the car we had to replace it with another new dodge avenger under duress. The second car did not have all the features of the first. This would include u connect, security alarm and satellite radio. in addition it has an unknown toxen coming out of the vents. The dealer agreed to purchase the auto back. But refused to give us our down payment and any other monies put into the car. That leaves us with no car and out of $3500.00 The first financing contract was quickly taken from my hands. I have no copy of this. The second contract is the same as the first. The same earlier date of the first car is on the second car's contract. The only thing that was changed on the second contract was the vin number. It looks like I never purchased the first vehicle. Which the dealer denies we did. However, through witnesses and other paper work I can prove that I did purchase a different car on a different date that the second car. They typed it next to our signatures. Which shows we did not do that date. It was falsefied. I really need to know what laws were broken according to North carolina. Can anyone help me please Should I tell the bank about this? If I do, what financial oblications will fall on me? Is this a fabrication of a contract? Felony? How should this be handled legally?
  16. Under contract to sell my home in E. NC - closing in a month. I want to get out of the contract ASAP, as I don't have another home lined up, and need to do this without getting sued for $10,000 in realtor fees lost commissions. And, more importantly causing too much animosity towards me by realtor and hardships for buyers. I have found out I will be losing my home base in the uk and going through a likely divorce. Thank you
  17. I own a condo. It is managed by a property manager who has had it rented to the same person for 4 yrs. Recently, the tenant turned the kitchen sink on to do dishes, forgot and left for hours. He flooded my unit and did approximately $10,000 worth of damage to the unit below that I do NOT own. My tenant says he should not have to pay bc he doesn't have the money to. I only have basic insurance that covers the outside structure of the building. He let his renters insurance lapse. What can I do if anything?
  18. The board of directors for my community HOA are 2 managers who work for the builder for our community. Per our covenants and bylaws a business can be ran from my home but the board is saying no because 5 children or less is an annoyance and a nuisance and can possibly cause traffic. I tried to explain to them a lot of traffic won't be caused because some of the children will be neighbors and I doubt 5 children or less can cause that much noise and be annoying like they claim. Do I have any options here? Our covenants is below! file:///Users/NewUSer/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202015-09-15%20at%2010.18.27%20AM.png
  19. Purchased a car from a major car dealership in Charlotte, NC. Got financing set up with finance company outside of ties to dealership. So the finance company is not owned by the dealership. Dealership messed up contract with finance company by attaching the wrong car to the contract. Told dearlership about this over a month ago. In the FC's eyes, they did not know about the other car, and as far as they were concerned, the contract they recognized was with the other car, not the one I had. Anyway, the FC paid the dearlership for the car. I was then contractually tied to the finance company. The FC got their money back from the dearlership because that was not the car they paid for. Now the dealership is trying to get me to sell my car back to them to "get a new" contract. As far as I am concerned, this is not my problem to fix and I am not obligated to do this. Am I wrong?
  20. If both mother and father work, and father has rent and utilities ect. and the mother lives rent free with no utilities to pay, and grandparents have clothed, shoed, ect. since their divorce what would the court see as an appropriate amount of child support for 3 children from the father?
  21. My mother is an Alzheimer's patient. She has been living alone in her townhouse until the last year. After I hired daytime caregivers to cook and help her with daily duties, she fired them and told them to leave. This is after the caregivers would not let her go walking down the street to see her house and flowers down the road..which does not exist and is a busy traffic street. Now, as we prepare to visit assisted living places, she reports that she will run away if we take her there. She has taken clothes and left them under trees, calls several times a day to ask for someone to come get her and take her home. With the cameras we have in place, we can see that she is home. Most days she calls to ask if we know where she is. Not sure footed, She has fallen several times and refuses to use her walker or walking cane. She takes BP meds and vitamins daily, but will skip or take too much if not watched closely. Her elder care physician wants her in a memory unit. Can her children be charged with neglect if she gets hurt or worse by not going?
  22. So, my husband and I are getting ready to open a business. We were wondering what difference punctuation can make. For example, if we want the name to be Legal-Stuff, can we also operate under LegalStuff (minus the dash from before) without having to file a separate DBA form? Or should we simply file both names to protect ourselves? Thanks for any thoughts!
  23. My mother died over four years ago and her estate is still not settled. My brother is executor. The estate contained several rental properties, but that's about it. There are no family disagreements as to the property distribution; in fact, all of the rental properties have been put into an LLC. I do not understand why the estate has not been settled by my brother and the attorney. Can my other brother and I get into trouble because the probate has dragged on over four years? What would happen if the executor (who is 71) dies? Is there a tactful way that I can approach the executor? I don't want to cause family trouble.
  24. Could someone please tell me when I am able to file for a expungement in the state of North Carolina, for a non violent misdeameanor? On some websites it states that someone can apply for the expungement after 15 years has passed from the conviction date, and on others it says 15 years from conviction date or completion of jail time/ probation time. I was convicted back in August of 2000, and this August will be 15 years, but part of my sentencing was probation for a year. So will I be able to start filing for the expungement this August, or do I have to wait till August of 2016 before I can start to file? Thanks! Kat
  25. I was recently hired by a staffing agency, i interviewed with a potential employer and was told "we are gonna bring you on board, and make you an offer on this day, and get you started on the paperwork" "average we would start you at such and such amount but it may be more because of your experience but we definitely want to bring you in", I call on the day specified and no answer from the company, i call the staffing agency trying to reach the employee who set this up, no answer. Days go by and no answer. Then Instead of them calling me, the staff agency sends me an e-mail that they decided to go with someone else. Now i cant take back my two week notice for the position at my previous job was filled and my job said just to apply for something else but i would have to start the process over again...meaning there is a chance i will now be unemployed. *disclaimer* I am not asking for legal advice, i just want to know if this is legal?
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