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Found 137 results

  1. I was taken back to Family Court in NYS Last year upon my ex-wife's alimony termination and my child support was increased based on my 2012 income. I have now received another notice from the family courts about another upward modification. My salary has increased less than 5% in that time and the order is only 6 months old. will the magistrate allow the motion to go to trial again?
  2. For eight years I have exceled at my job at a bank. I have had sales awards and been a employee any company word be glad to have. Last summer we had a part time employee hired. From the start I new it was not going to work out. She gave the branch a daily up date on her sex life with graphic details. After weeks of trying to just work away from her area... I asked her to please be more productive and find other topic to talk about. My manager worked off sight and was never around to hear or see what was going on. The employee told me I was jealous of her and started in on me. I was working with name calling like "evil" and having my Christian faith shot down being called names behind my back . I took it to my manager in need of direction to handle this. My hair was falling out in clumps and I wasn't sleeping. My manager rolled her eyes and told me she would get back to me. This never happened. A year has passed , I have now lost my job, my manager has been made to step down and the employee who made my life hell has lost her job. Do I have any recourse for the stress, tears and panic attacks I now have over this?
  3. My ex-girlfriend had asked for $200 for 14 months to help out her brother's friend with his kids and medical bills and even her brother himself, But when I asked him about it 2 or 3 years ago. He said he knew nothing about it. It would be a he said she said but I have proof of him telling me that he knows nothing about it. How much time do I have before the limitation are reached?
  4. Hello, SUNY Oswego is creating a smoke-free campus/smoking ban starting in 2015. They tried to do this in 2014 but for some reason it didn't happen. Since smoking is legal, how is this not a violation of our rights? The school forces its incoming freshmen to live on-campus for two years and it is quite a far walk to get off campus. Also Oswego's was ranked in the top 5 college/universities with the worst weather, and it is quite a long walk from the residence halls to off-campus. Isn't that a safety concern for those who choose to smoke? I know it's a state school and the New York state pretty much does whatever it wants and doesn't care about our freedoms, but this just seems to me like a violation of the student's rights. I'm probably wrong, but I would like to know. Thanks, JR
  5. Hello, In January of this year we were involved in an accident that resulted in our car being totaled! The details of the accident are as follows; A young lady ran a red light and we struck her car in the left rear passenger door/quarter panel. She was recently involved in another accident 2 weeks before this incident. She is now suing us for damages, assuming. Our court date is in July. The accident report states that we hit her in the rear and both drivers were inattentive. What course of action is appropriate here? She is obviously fishing for reimbursement of damages but she ultimately ran the red. Any and all info is greatly appreciated! The incident occurred in NY. Best Regards
  6. A friend of mine recently encountered some difficulties with a housemate regarding utilities: The two of them entered into a verbal agreement upon deciding to live together, and my friend is not on the lease that her housemate signed. Rent was decided to be split evenly, and utilities as well. Upon receipt of the utility bill, which was addressed to the housemate, she was supposed to inform my friend of the amount that she owed in that month's utilities. My friend requested, month after month, the amount that was required from her. The housemate always responded "Oh, yes, I've got to get that for you..." but never provided any bill or asked for any sum in payment for my friend's portion of the utilities. My friend pays bills in a timely fashion, and spends carefully. Rent was always paid on-time. Without a bill, however, nor even a rough estimate of an amount owed, she was not able to set aside money in order to keep a running "utilities fund," for when the housemate did bill her. My friend has recently decided to move out, and the housemate has decided to bill her for half of all past utilities, which my friend can no longer afford because it has accumulated to a high value. Is this billing practice legal? It amounts, in my eyes, to the extension of an undocumented, unwanted, and unavoidable line of credit, on which the housemate is now trying to collect. It seems to me that there must be some legal precedent against this, but I cannot seem to find an appropriate law. Everything seems to either have to deal with disputes between debtors and creditors, or with disputes of the amount shown on a bill that was provided in a timely manner. Nothing seems to mention billing neglect that I can find... I, personally, don't think that my friend is in the wrong in withholding payment. The agreement was originally that bills would be provided in a timely manner. These were the responsibility of the housemate to provide. My friend made good-faith efforts, month after month, to obtain a value that she could pay, when she could afford the payment. As no bill was ever provided, that money that would have been used to pay, had a bill been provided, was, instead, spent. My friend's income and assets preclude her from paying off the entire debt, now, especially because she has fewer work-hours, currently. This seems like it would fall under the realm of a deceptive business practice, but I am not sure... Utility bills for the last two months and for this month have been provided to my friend, and she has agreed to pay those, but is refusing to pay the enormous back-log of bills that were never provided to her. Either way, my friend is not on a lease, nor official bills of any kind, so the housemate doesn't seem to have a leg to stand on, should she decide to take legal action. I look forward to your insight
  7. There was no documentation of the victims injury, pain or bruises by the police officer, EMT or the hospital. 18 days after the incident the victims sisters gave the police a CD containing digital photos of these undocumented bruises. The sister won't testify to taking the photos, but the prosecution says she don't have to. Are these photos admissible? Should an objection be made against these photos during trial?
  8. I am a recipient of Workers Compensation and would like to know if there is an exemption to the two year requirement for filing a discrimination complaint, Section 120 in NYC.
  9. Hello all, Is anyone familiar with NY co-ops? I've been fortunate enough to get a copy of the financial records for a co-op but I'm not sure if a real estate attorney, CPA or other professional is appropriate to review the documents? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Basically, my sister passed away recently and left a co-op apartment which has equity. When I tried to return the keys and sign over the apt. to the administration they refused the keys and told me I had to get letters of administration and testimony from a surrogate court which I do not want to do because I live miles away from the co-op. Can the co-op admin. force me to do this and if not, what transpires; am I under ant legal obligation to do this? thanks
  11. I legally evicted tenants and won judgement of1800.00. Security deposit not discussed as I was handed keys in court. Tenants won judgement for return of a portion of security depositin in another cour for 500.00. How can I go about getting the 500.00 I owe as a credit to what they owe me?
  12. "A child who would be able to live at home, but refuses to follow reasonable household rules and who then voluntarily chooses to leave the parental home, will frequently be found by the court to be emancipated." http://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/under-new-york-child-support-laws--at-what-age-doe-15584.html What is the impact of this on a child who is 19 and moves to NCP's home with regards to child support? There is no change in the custody order and it is my understanding the courts Won't Rule On custody of a child older than 18 in NYS.
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