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Found 137 results

  1. The FindLaw article - What to Expect - A Lawsuit Chronology states, "In jurisdictions where an action is commenced by service, the action can go on for a long time before the court ever becomes involved." Question - What are the jurisdictions - locations - anywhere in the United States - where "action is commenced by service"?
  2. I wanna know if there's a statue of limitations on a order of commitment?
  3. I am newly split with my live-in girlfriend and soon going to be adding child support for my 5 year old to the already current garnishment for my 2 older children I have with my ex-wife. I have a credit of $1,800 of over paid child support on the existing account with my 2 older kids. I'm concerned that while the wheels of Suffolk County Child Support Justice spin and the paperwork process etc that I will end up in arrears with my 5 year old being entered into the system. My question is will that $1,800 credit I have with Suffolk County Child Support "cancel out" any arrears that will occur with the lag in time resulting from the addition of a new dependent? Thanks for anyone's help with this. I would greatly appreciate it! Mike D.
  4. With regard to restitution, when does the "20" year time period begin for Federal Crimes? Does it begin when you are sentenced or does it begin when you are released from prison? During my period of incarceration, I was paying restitution monthly which began in October 1996. I have been paying restitution ever since that time period. Additionally, I have read where restitution changes from a criminal judgment to a civil judgment when released from probation. Is that correct?
  5. I was Munchausen by proxy. I gave my recent medical care person in a place called one medical my information. ihave 50 years of being me in my body and also the last 19 given back my life not off of competent medical care but me. I made progress taking my lfie from a medicaly abused neglected kid from a honor student in art school no drugs into a hell and take my life back from doctors. I repeatedly told doctors over and over my story so that id get reasonable care instead they tried to listen to sick family twisted logic or not at al orjust pick u one word. the fake diagnosis attached to me in hysteria... that lead to years of abuse. by a miracle 12 years of torture and witness to worst after. I walked into jobs in nyc in art world and began crudely to reverse my life and the abuse. it lead to 19 years and a very miracle recovery of which some people and my family were no to happy for me to thrive again. being a dead give away to intent and fear of me talking . the I'm nog toing to go to jail for ur fukcing life kind of attitude despite they were given a normal ife. I got a super life and it was also jelousy to that now I did not die like they wanted but I had a happy cool life. in last few years had to ask for help to escape and recover from some persons with intent to reverse my life. the medical person input a fake diagnosis not that I was Munchausen. Not only did it prove deadly but also defamation and a long trail of evil attached to this and others riding it to try to rob rape and get off with murder and abuse.. leading to me to suffer the loss of my extremely fun and happy life and it turned back into hell to please a sick family.. I want to sue them for defamation from day one I can prove this, and lived 19 year as a free of them life . one sister went to extremes to follow me when I escaped them and thrive she had no interest in me but to abuse me for 15 years. but till I escape and thrive she track me down when I cut them off for good.. this is just one of the insane senarios of my life story. after 19 years of healthy ife I'm now left a basket case while doctors sat and let me lose my life and did not think of my health or the loss of my health and ignored me.. to death..
  6. Quick question: Unmarried and in very contentious relationship with mother of my children regarding visitation. It looks as if the courts may have to get involved, however, I live in Brooklyn, mother lives in Staten Island. Where would I file any court papers, in Kings or Richmond County? Thanks.
  7. I worked in a private but large employer who seemed to have different standards for women & men. As an example, I was required to move to NY from TX as many of my people worked in NY but had others around the country. Had a male colleague (peer) that was also asked to repo to NYC and believe he did however he was rarely in as he was busy in the field with construction. I heard recently that he was moving to CA. We do not have an office there. The VP of HR said his wife got an opportunity there with work so they were allowing him to move to CA to live and work though his only people reporting to him live & work in NY as well. He had no remote people while I did. Coincidentally after mentioning that I thought this was a problem to the VP of HR along with other workplace issues she told me that she would support me finding other employment and would keep it confidential as long as I told her I was going on an interview and turned in days for that. Within a few weeks of this conversation, I was let go for causes that are petty at best and not applied fairly across the organization as a) turning in a vacation day without verbally talking to my boss at 11am the same day was the cause I was given and I had worked from home another day the previous week after experiencing issues with the train commute also not telling my boss. I am 100% certain that I would be a precedent for this reason and have evidence of treatment by my boss where he created an environment where speaking to him or him speaking to me was almost zero as he inherited me from someone else and had no interest in anything I did. This boss who also informed me that a pregnant employee was unwelcome in our workplace (I have 4 witnesses to that and trail of emails). This boss who told me he only wants to work with his "family" in the business that he knew from Day 1 and had no other interest in adding anyone to this family. The same boss who protected men who behaved badly in full view of others. Where do I start? Is this an employment environment complaint or wrongful term? There is much more like starting meetings with blonde jokes & on & on. Help I am a TX transplant to NY and now left here... Thank you very much
  8. I transferred a piece of land on the east side of the road to my ex husband in a divorce. It was not surveyed but was part of our original land and had survey pins and thr road was a boundary- plus or minus 15 acres.The lawyers receptionist drew up a quit claim deed which did not close the property on 4 sides but wandered over across the road. As a consequence it went to the tax map dept and they gave my ex 3 acres on the other side of the road unbeknownst to me until I went to sell it and discovered the error. He will not sign off on the new deed and claims I "owe" him that land because it says in the divorce settlement 15 acres - no description of that piece of land and no plus or minus. That 15 acres just refers to the parcel not actual acreage which in fact turned out to be 12 acres. Again he wanted the parcel and chose no survey.My lawyer is dragging this out - its been one year.
  9. I'm in a process of renting an apartment unit through a broker who is stated as "No Fee". This broker told me and my wife to apply through the management website by paying $100 application fee per person if we are interested and told us we need to pay $500 deposit separately to secure the unit. During the daytime yesterday, this broker contacted us and told us to apply for the Apt ASAP if we want to secure it since another couple is on the way to apply for the same Apt. So I and my wife did apply though the website and paid $100 Non-refundable application fee per person. Once we completed application, we got the email saying that application is submitted and received another email with the link to website for Credit Check. As soon as I received the email, I started to sign up for that website to do Credit Check. And while I was doing that, I received a call from my wife saying that broker just called her and told our application is 2nd in line since someone else already submitted application and made a good-faith deposit (wired) right before us submitting the application. Now the broker is telling us provide all the necessary documents to do background check since we are the next in line and she wants to have it in handy. I'm not quite sure if I have a right to ask them to refund my application fee even though the website was stating that application fee is 'Non-refundable'. I did submit my application because I thought my application would get through first. I would've not submit it and pay for it if I knew there is someone else in front of me and have a possibility to take the unit before me. I don't think it's fair to lose my application fee if my files do not even get a chance to get reviewed. (I and my wife only submitted required documents partially) Any suggestion or advise is welcomed. Please help. Thank you in advance.
  10. the land my mothers house sits on bordered a plot of land that has been maintained for over 20 years by my family, including about 2ft by 15ft strip of driveway that overlapped into the un-owned property (when originally built property was owned by my grandmother but was lost due to taxes that my mother was not aware of since its classified as a different land plot.) A short time ago a new person purchased the plot of land and presented my mother (72 yrs old) A very lengthily legal document with very heavy legal jargon, and explained he doesn't have use for the property right now since its for the most parts just woods in the country but wants her to sign this so he's not held liable. that wasn't the problem she wouldn't have minded signing that at that point, however he stated to her once she mentioned for her security she wanted her lawyer to review it, either she sign it or she wouldn't like plan B and wouldn't elaborate on what "plan B was". before my mother could get an appointment with a lawyer the new owner showed up with out warning or discussion, preceded to rototill the lawn and removed the blacktop with a jackhammer!!! is there any legal recourse we might have?
  11. I am a recent graduate of The Culinary Institute of America. There are on campus restaurants that students take as a required "class" everything from kitchen work to front of the house work. We pay them to attend the class. I am almost positive that the restaurants generate a profit. The profit is said to go to graduation jackets, I have reason to believe otherwise. Students basically pay the school to work for them to "gain valuable experience". On top of that, the official schedule states that the class concludes at 9P.M. The class actually concludes at about 2:30 A.M Tuesday-Saturday because students are cleaning or preparing for lunch service the following day. In total, students are in class for about 13 hours with maybe enough time for a 20 minute break. Do I have any grounds to file a lawsuit?
  12. I put money down on a commercial property seller did not put in disclosure about 3 gas tanks underground now wants to keep my $16,000.now what? Plus, I was paying rent $850 month from Jan-July and the water wasn't on and repaired till June 1st. not living there just so I don't breach contract. didn't pay August because I got a letter stating.Forget about contract,I'm cancelling it and keeping $$
  13. I am social worker for private company in NY and was abruptly told not to come to the office, not to check work emails, and not to answer work calls until further notice. I asked for details as to why but they were not clear. I asked if this is a suspension with or without pay, and I did not get a response. I sent an email to management from my personal email asking for clarity and asking if the suspension is with or without pay, and they did not acknowledge my emails. I have been with this company for more than a year. As an exempt employee in this company, do I have any rights? Unfortunately, I cannot view my employee handbook since it is in the office. Also, I'm very leery about contacting HR. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Should I just wait until they ultimately call me. It's been almost a week with no follow-up from them. I have no clue what is happening or if I'm even getting paid while on this suspension.
  14. So my sister is the executor of my Mother's estate. She recently sent me a waiver letter that states I certify that I have received a monetary amount from the estate. The issue is that I haven't. My sister is telling me to sign this letter, get it notarized and mail it to her and then she will send me a check. Is this how things are done with an estate proceeding? Is this normal in the state of New York??
  15. My grandfather passed away 3 years ago. My mother was executor of his estate, but when asked would never tell me straight what the will said. I stopped at my grandfather's lawyer who wrote up and filed my grandfather's last will and testament. The lawyer was of no help, told me to speak to my mother, and ushered me out of his office. 3 years has gone by and I have yet to receive my inheritance which I have been told is many different things including none depending on what mood my mother is in. A few weeks ago I was sorting through old papers my grandfather stashed away and I found his original will as well as a legal signed copy addressed to him sent from the same lawyers office. The will states my name as well as the rest of his grandchildren and states all remainder of his estate real & personal is to be split evenly between the listed grandchildren after any debt he had is settled. I also have two stock accounts showing a totaled balance of $190,000 before it all shares were transferred to two different accounts two years after his death. In addition to the stocks I have proof of his house is still in his name with my mothers name on it as which happen just before he passed away. The property is worth on average $400,000. I know my grandfather was not broke and had no debt when he passed but do not have any bank statements to go off of what was left when he passed. Plus there was valuable property taken off the land such as a tractor (my sister took to her house and later sold), a vehicle (which was sold for $8,500 and paid cash to my mother), estate jewelry, multiple firearms, and other items I just don't know about. What can I do to get what is rightfully mine? Was anything my mother or the lawyer did illegal? I appreciate any and all help in this matter, I do not have the finances to ascertain a lawyer to take advantage of me.
  16. I went to a party at a friend's apartment in a luxury building in NYC. At some point during the party, a large group of people went up to the roof and we were all drinking and smoking up there. The roof was set up as an outdoor space with tons of lounge chairs and a grill etc. so it was clearly a community space for tenants. We all went downstairs after a certain point because apparently the roof was closing. Fast forward to later that night we are all pretty wasted and me and a person from the party decide to go up to the roof for some "alone" time. The door was open and we went up there and basically started hooking up. After a few minutes a security guard shows up and tells us we can't be on the roof so we oblige and go back downstairs. Embarrassing yes but we were only up there for 5 minutes and mostly fully clothed. I'm still a little fuzzy on all the details because I was drunk. A week later, the host of the party and tenant of the building sent me a message saying that the doorman of the building spoke to her about the incident and that she would be fined. He never specified how much or when however. Now, a month after the incident, it is confirmed that the building is fining her $1000. This seems excessive given we were fully clothed and barely had time to do anything. She is being a good sport about it and wants to contest it but obviously I will take responsibility for my half of the fine. My question is: Does the building have a right to fine her for her guests breaking a rule? Also if nothing was broken or damaged, how do they figure that the fine is $1000? Is it likely that we can contest this successfully? Also she is moving out as of early June and will no longer be a tenant.
  17. My Wife and I have just retained an attorney for chapter 7 bankruptcy. I gave Him an initial payment, but it will take 3 months to pay the entire amount before he will file.....I'm making monthly payment's. I do know I'm really not protected from creditor's until the case is filed. In the meantime He want's Me to refer harrassing credit calls to his Office.....My question is, can I be sued while trying to get My attorney paid up. I meet all the requirement to file. No outside income, pension, stock's bond's or property( We rent) Will I have time ( probably 4 months, ) until I get the case filed, before the credit card companies start suing ?? I ave 16000 in CC Debt. Tried To work something out with all of them to no avail....... please advise....Thank's
  18. I found out that someone who has been slandering me to others for a year and a half, has assessed my medical records 6 times in a years time. Within my medical records, she also my address, phone number, MRI images and reports, CT scans, Xrays, lab tests and results as well as all of the in office doctors notes, phone call notes and my hospital admissions. EVERYTHING. I was never a patient where she worked and there is absolutely no reason for her to go into my records period. She was fired from the hospital she worked at for going into other peoples records just before I found out she went through mine. So far its been 4 people shes done this to but I am sure there are many more. We live in Western NY. I have contacted a lawyer but have not heard anything back yet as to how we will move forward. I have read that criminal charges could be pressed, that she could be sued but also the hospital could be sued as well. This person has pulled aside 30-40 people in a years time to slander me. I have heard rumors of my medical issues all being lies and that I am a psycho to a wealth off nasty things being said to people. I am disgusted that someone like this sick person was able to access my personal information like this all the while being someone who has already gone out of their way constantly to slander me to people and cause so many problems in my life. I want to make sure someone is accountable for this. The 1st person to find out submitted a complaint to HHA and received a letter that they closed the case and no further action will happen but that was before found out about my records and submitted one as well. ANY information would be helpful.
  19. My daughter is 12 years old, and has been bullied by a number of girls in her class for years. Monday is the first meeting that has been set up concerning this problem. This is a small school with a class size of around 25 students. It is K thru 12, so they are together their whole school life. I would like some advise. The school and long term Principal who I will name Queen of the castle. Have done almost nothing over this situation. Now the girls seem to think of it as some kind of joke, and race to the guidance office to tattle on one another and tell on my daughter for silly nonsense on a daily basis. She goes as well, because they are still bullying her everyday and is just ridiculous now. The SUPER is new, but the Principal and I have had words and she is a major jerk, and actually in my opinion promotes the crap. She isn't used to being challenged, and has gone through 4 superintendents in the past few years. Any suggestions on how to proceed in this meeting? Afraid it might become a bashing session on my daughter, or the principal might become obnoxious. Advice?
  20. Let me start with the disclaimer that I am an economist, seeking to better model an aspect of bankruptcy. Suppose that a company makes a dividend payout its shareholders, and then one year later, declares chapter 7 bankruptcy. Suppose further that the courts judge the dividend payment to have been a fraudulent conveyance. As I understand it, 11 USC 548 gives the trustees the power to reclaim that dividend payment from shareholders. I have both a practical question, and a more theoretical one. Respectively: In reality, what proportion of the dividend do the trustees normally manage to reclaim for the creditors, when it is a large publicly traded company that has defaulted in this way? Will the courts charge interest on the reclaimed dividend, and if so, how will the interest rate be set? (Certainly, had the creditors invested their money somewhere else for that period, they would have earned interest, so it seems that interest ought to be awarded.)
  21. My fiance of a little over 20 years passed away last week. We never married and unfortunately, I live in NY State where Common law is not recognized. The biggest mistake of my life was not fighting for my rights and security in this relationship. We owned nothing together, no joint bank accounts, no mortgages, car loans/leases. I was not listed as his proxy when he fell ill nor did I see or have any say or rights to his will. My partner more or less provided the fancy cars for me to drive around in and every year was a new diamond but in the end, I had nothing. I took care of him when he fell ill, I stayed by his side through thick and thin but I am considered nothing to him legally in the end. His family has outed me with everything that has been going on these past few weeks and I just do not know where to turn or if I should see someone. I have been told I am listed in the Will and that I was left the house but no one will let me see or know anything. My health insurance and paycheck were provided by his business which was left to his son, the leased car which I can't afford is under the deceased name. The will has not been filed with the probate court and his son has been coming in and out of the house taking things that he says according to the will was left to him. All I am being told is as long as the executor of the will makes the decisions his son can do whatever he wants. I have spoken to one lawyer who's specialty is Wills and Trusts and called a few with no return call back. I am absolutely lost and I do not know where to go from here. His death was very quick and very unexpected. My partner took care of everything and shame on me for never securing myself. Do I have any protection?
  22. Please advise: Are there any NYS laws against reporting to the father of two children that the mother sexually abused his children before they reached 18 years old, or to notify the mother's new boyfriend who has children of his own? Thank you!
  23. NYS - Father was given supervised visitation after admitting to the judge he was depressed and tried to kill the children. Visited 1 time, then actually wrote a letter to the supervising agency stating he refused to continue visitation as ordered by the court. That was a year ago. During that year he followed us, harassed us, and was arrested for violating restraining order. I left state with the kids because he would drive up and down our street and followed me to and from work. He is now charging me with child abduction and custodial interference. (This case is in domestic violence court because of the injuries he inflicted on the children and I during our marriage)
  24. i don't trust signing anything w/ the term confess followed by blank spaces w/ $$$ signs. i have a IWO that takes arrears $$ from my SSID check each month for NYSCSE. my ??? would be,is this going to effect the status of my current IWO aggrement and/or yet another way to screw me??
  25. I used to work for a big US pharmaceutical company, one of the largest in the world, however I used to work for it in Saudi Arabia,( resident in Saudi) based on an appointment letter from the us pharmaceutical, and a sponsorship contract in Saudi I am an Egyptian citizen. Not American citizen, I have been always a top performer based on officiall record , I started to have some health problems, and suddenlly they asked me to sign a performance improvement plan or resign, ( over email)' and did take consideration any of my inputs on the plan nor its defaults. however even before the performance improvement plan duration finished by a 10 days ( they did not evaluate my performance ), they informed me that they will not renew my contract with the sponsor and officially refused to provide any reason, and that this contract is the primary contract and what I have from The pharmaceutical company it self is just an appointment letter. I asked what is the cause of termination They replied there is no appeal and the decision is final agin without providing any reason also they did not terminate the appointment letter from the US company ( considering the sponsor contract as the main contract) In Saudi they can officially end the sponsorship contract with no reason , But I know this unfair mere ground termination is illegal in USA, But does it apply in my case, non us citizen working in the Middle East for US company
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