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Found 7 results

  1. State statute of limitations states for first offense misdemeanor, total amount of probation shall not exceed 2 years. I have been on probation 2 years, 3 months and 28 days. Probation officer admitted he screwed up when I presented him with the state statute. Is there any type of restitution for things like this? Also, what are his obligations as far as signing off on probation, dismissing it etc. How does it end?
  2. Okay my son's dad's parents have a gaurdianship / conservatorship with my son. My son's dad signed the paper with no problem and I took it to court without having a lawyer. I had a drug problem and the judge told me I had to go to treatment, finish probation, have a home, be financially stable, and stay clean. I have completed all of this. My husband, not my son's father, and I have a home and are financially stable. I graduated probation December 2014 which was when I was suppose too, I had absolutely no problems on probation. I have been clean for 2 years and 2 months. My son's grandma who has gaurdianship / conservatorship had told me that we don't have to go back to court for this but then she says we do and her answers change all the time. She is part of an Indian Tribe out of South Dakota and is trying to get the Tribe 'high council' (don't know the correct term) involved to get full custody of my son so she can take him and move to Pennsylvania. I guess I just want to know being his mother and not loosing my rights if I can pick him up now bring him here and not take him back without getting charged with kidnapping or anything. The judge signed off on this in Jan 2014 and told us it has to be renewed each year in January but I haven't seen no paperwork or haven't signed anything for this year 2015. Please I need legal help, answers, anything! It would be greatly appreciated! !
  3. My wife was attending a convention in CA, she had a previous neck injury and had a surgery with a fusion and metal plate in 2004. It has been relatively stable since. At the convention she met someone from FL, whose husband is a personal trainer, among other things, and was reported to have healing abilities through massage. My wife had a rough flight and was experiencing neck discomfort. One of the speakers at the conference became a friend, and it was her husband that did the treatments. The speaker sent her husband to my wife's room, and he did a massage on her. My wife told him about her neck injury and history and told him not to pop or manipulate her neck due to the fusion and metal plate. Despite the warning he pulled her head at the end of the massage so hard that he lost contact with her head and fell against the wall. She immediately experienced tingling in her fingers and toes, and became lightheaded. He told her that was normal and it was like a computer reboot, and happens to everybody. She has gotten progressively worse since that event. and now has lost all feeling in her hands, arms and feet. We have finally gotten our local doctor to get studies which now indicate that the plate which had remained stable and in place since the 2004 surgery, has been shifted. The screw which was in the above vertebrae has now been moved to the disc below, the vertebrae has been fractured and is pressing against her spinal cord. She has been told she needs to have one or two vertebrae removed and a new total fusion of her neck done, or the condition will be fatal. The surgery has been scheduled for May 12, 2015, 450 miles from where we are currently residing. We are TX residents, currently staying in NE. The person causing the injury lives in FL, and the injury occurred in CA. I am not sure if the individual causing this has any type of liability ins., but both he and his wife, who sent him, have corporations and travel and speak at various events. We have not told them of the current situation, and we are facing massive medical expenses. We do not yet have an attorney, and do not know where we would need to file a suit. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, I am currently on H1-B visa (India) working in private sector. I have a job offer from State Government. My priority is to obtain a Green card as fast as possible. (I am planning to apply under EB-2) Does a job from State Government "increases the chances / shorten the processing time" of getting the green card compared to working in the private sector?
  5. Recently my father passed away after a long battle with a debilitating condition, dementia. My father had inherited a large sum of money several years ago and is now under the control of his 2nd wife. For years my father said he had a will and living trust however he would not provide me with documents proving this but said his wife would produce them. Now the funeral is over and I'm heading to home, I ask her when the will or living document would be read or provided and she says there's none and all his investments are being transferred to her. My questions are: 1. Don't I rate some portion of his assets, if no will or trust existed? 2. How can I check and see if a will existed? 3. Where should I begin to find out these answers? What I can tell I'm entitled to 1/2 of his assets but I'm not for sure if what I'm reading is correct. Should I contact a Estate planner, or criminal counsel? Last time my father and I spoke he showed me on paper his assets were well over 2.5 million. Any assistance or advice would greatly appreciated.
  6. I stay in Tennessee with my children. My sister who resides in Nebraska ask me if she could take my son ( 14) up there for the summer because her son (14) was having issues with the kids and making friends. I said fine, she came to TN and got him. Then she called and begged me to let him go to school up there because he and her son were doing so well. So I said ok. I called and talked and talked to him all the time, sent money, sent his B-day gift, normal mother stuff. In April I told my sister that I would be down for the 4th of July to pick him up for my 3 day weekend. June 26th ... i havent heard from her since. I went to NE as planned. She have packed the house and the kids and moved. The neighbor said they left about a week before. Went to her job. She called the police. I talked to the police. They talked to her. They said custody / civil. *the law states in NE that anyone caring for a child for 6 months makes them a guardian and since he has been in NE for over 6 months i have to file (something ) in NE saying return my child. ( i think) I do not have lawyer money first of all. I dont think this should be so complicated. I just need some advise as to where I should begin looking as to what I should file.. and in what court... TN or NE.>? Thanks in advance
  7. I'm 30+ years old and have many unknowns in life due to not knowing my Paternal parent. I would like some information from him, I know who he is. All overtures have been denied. I believe I have at least some Moral right to know certain infomation. Do I have any legal right? Can one sue for paternity testing? - not that it's in question, but for verification purposes, should they be needed.
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