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Found 70 results

  1. Hello, I have a very confusing problem with many parts to it. I will try to keep it organized as best I can. I apologize for the long post, but I felt I should give as much information as I could. 5 years ago I divorced my husband. We have a son together, and the divorce was amicable. However we filed "No Children" (he believed it would be cheaper and quicker this way.) There are no court orders giving him custody time, however I did draw up a parenting agreement which allowed him time with his son during summers and every other holiday year, etc. and allowed me $400 a month in child support. It was very detailed. We both signed it and life was fine for 2 years. He moved out of state to North Dakota (more than 1,000 miles away - 16 hours by car) right after the divorce. He did not take our son at all for the first two years, nor have much contact except to send sporadic support checks (he missed 9 payments over the course of those few years). During these two years both he and I became involved with other people, life went on. I remarried and so did he. Three years ago he decided he wanted to have our son over the summer. I was fine with this; I thought it great he was getting back into his life. Although my current husband has been a great step parent, I always believed in bio parents being important as I came from a divorced household. We packed him up and sent him to visit for two months. During this time I called every day to check in. Our son was 7, and still unsure of the situation, as he had no contact the summer before. I began to worry when our son became very closed off halfway through the summer. His step mother would "watch him on the phone" (according to him) and he told me a few times she hit him. She admitted to me once over the phone that she slapped him in the face because "he was smarting off" in a store and she told me his attitude was out of control. During the summer he was left in her care full time, as my ex worked a job with a lot of overtime involved. I had met her when they came to pick him up and she seemed very nice then, so I had no concerns... however my son told me later that this was her "nice face" that she has with other people and she was not like that at her house. We picked him up at the end of the summer and drove back home. During the drive he told us how horrible his summer was and how "not nice" they were. He said his father hit him with a belt multiple times when "Miss L*** tattled on me." When I asked what he had done to get in so much trouble that she felt he needed a spanking he told me that one time he accidently slammed a door, another time he had told her he didn't want to play outside and the other times he didn't think he had done anything wrong. I am sure he may have been in trouble for something, but enough to be hit with a belt? I told him I would talk to his father about this when we got home and I did. His father told me he was unruly, out of control, had an attitude and a "smart mouth" and that I needed to raise him better to get him under control. Now, I had never had him exhibit any of these behaviors - except the hyper bit - and was flabbergasted. Maybe their tolerance for his behavior were lower than mine, I don't know, but I told him that she (the step mother) was not allowed according to the parenting agreement to lay a hand on our son, or physically punish him in any way. He told me that he gave her permission to discipline him. During the next school year B***** exhibited behavior that was troubling. He would get in trouble at school on weeks following a call from his father. His father called about once a month to check in with him and talk to him. After these calls he would withdraw some. It would take almost a week to get him back to being the happy kid I knew him to be. He was very clingy, which I at first chalked up to him just missing me. We took him to the doctor for a yearly checkup and addressed the hyperactivity problem. He was diagnosed with ADHD and we now have him on medicine for it. We thought maybe the behavior was caused by the hyperactivity and expected the meds to help, but it did not. A pattern emerged with his behavior and contact with his father. Other signs that were troubling me popped up as well... (He wet the bed twice in the first semester of school. After his father told him he was expecting him to come the next summer as well he began pooping his pants now and then.) As these were pretty serious I asked the doctor to refer us to a therapist. We have gotten him in and he sees Mr. C once a week. We also had him seen by a psychologist. The psychologist confirmed the ADHD, and also said he thought that there had been abuse. We hoped B would tell the therapist eventually. As the next summer rolled closer the pants pooping and B's stress level increased. Mr. C said B had told him about the hitting, slapping and spankings, but was still closed off. He recommended we keep him home for the summer so he could continue therapy. He talked to my ex and though it was a bit of a battle he relented and allowed B to stay with us. As soon as B found out he would not have to return to his father's for the summer the pants pooping, bed wetting and anger issues faded away. He didn't get in trouble at all the last two months of school (though his father did not call during that time either.) Things were fine over the summer, my ex called a few times, but B said he didn't want to talk to him. He was 8 now, and I wasn't going to force him to do so. My ex told me I was being unreasonable and keeping him from contacting his son. I had B talk to him one time and B told him he didn't want to talk. However my ex was sure I had forced him to say that. He stopped calling or emailing/texting me. Rarely checked the messages I sent him about B's progress in school or updates on how he was doing. During this past school year B became a bit more withdrawn again. Mr. C said they were making headway in therapy and I attributed his mood to the emotions surrounding that. His grades have dropped to D's and F's (though they are steadily rising now.) B turned 9 over the winter and this month (March) it all came pouring out. The truth. Miss L had molested him over the summer he visited! She had touched him places adults shouldn't touch. He admitted this to the therapist and we had a family meeting to discuss the aftermath. At this point I am unsure as to how to proceed. Mr. C told me to put off my ex as long as I could regarding this coming summer - as he again would like B to come stay. He began contacting more regularly in January (and I feel this may have been what triggered B to finally tell someone what happened.) I cannot let him return to North Dakota for two months knowing I would be sending him to stay with his abuser. Should I file for an order of protection against her? My ex will not believe me if I tell him there has been sexual abuse. He will say I made it up and am just trying to keep B all to myself (as this is what happened last summer with the therapy.) Mr. C has offered to field that call when the time comes and mediate the possible anger backlash. However I fear my ex may come and take B anyway. I don't know if it would be kidnapping? Since the agreement says he can have him summers. The agreement was never in place in the court, or ordered by a judge. I don't think any of us ever thought that there would be a situation like this. My husband said he would like to petition the court to adopt B, especially in light of this recent event, but I don't know if I can get his parental rights terminated. Would the preference of the child be enough? B says he wants nothing to do with his father, that he was mean and hurt him repeatedly. Not to mention he refuses to even think about Miss L and that situation. It will take years of therapy to manage the emotional trauma. Any advice or help you can give would be welcomed.
  2. I'm looking for an attorney to handle a felony stalking case in Missouri. I browsed the website and chose one and it's not working out. I need an attorney that's going to be aggressive and fight for me and my current one doesn't seem to get that. I really need someone that will tear apart the alleged witness on the stand. I have plenty of evidence to prove lying is going on here. Although I was the one being charged I am still being harassed by the other party - driving by my home (I live on a dead end street), calling me at work and hanging up, following me, leaving items on my mother's doorstep, etc. The other party seems to be manipulating the system. I believe that the detective in the case has a personal relationship with the other party. I'm questioning the validity of some of the actions within the case - search warrants, etc. I've tried contacting several attorneys listed on this website, but I'm still waiting to hear back. I'm hoping someone has personal experience that might help aid my search for a good attorney. Thank you.
  3. Mother has not had custody for 5+ years. She is constantly suing for custody. She has never held a job. Has never paid child support even though judge told her providing support would go a long way to regaining custody. She only has supervised visitation. She has a long record of run-ins with the law for drug possession, bounced checks, theft and on and on, has spent time in prison for child abandonment and neglect. Grandmother filed for guardianship after Mother left child in her custody and mother ended up in prison several times. Now Mother(daughter) keeps suing for custody even though she has not had a fixed/stable residence in many years, lives around. Grandchildren were terribly underweight when grandparent took custody of grandson while Father took custody of his daughter (3 kids, different fathers). The other child (oldest) has been in custody of Great Aunt for 15 years since she was 10 mos old. The mother has never been a fit parent. The Grandmother has to pay for a lawyer, lose pay and get demerit points at work every time the daughter takes her to court. She has been through hell. When the mother visits, she tells child that the grandmother is the only reason she can't have him back and fills his head with lies. The aftermath of visits is his anger toward grandmother. He is in counseling for anger issues among other things. Is there any way to prevent mother from suing for custody every 3 months? Can she be forced to pay child support? Sorry this is so long, felt background was necessary.
  4. my husband had gotten into trouble one time in his life. it was a drug charge. he would like to get his rights back so he can go hunting with our son. I also wanted to know , if I get a gun for home protection and he uses it for just that can he get into trouble? can he claim self defense if in fact that's what it was? we just want to know what Missouri state Law is on these subjects. if you can email me back that would be great thank you so much.
  5. I got married in 2009, and my husband is from Mexico. In 2010 I was pregnant and I had surgery, so I didn't have any income to file for 2011. In 2012, and 13 I filed as head of household because he didn't have an itin number. We filed for an itin in 2011 but it was denied. So I assumed he was not eligible for one. Hence the reason for filing as HOH. In 2014 we filed for an itin again, and after sending in required forms he was given an itin number, so we filed jointly. He has worked on and off for the past 7 years with false documents, and i'm wondering how I can fix my taxes for past years and also, how do I file this year? He has never filed taxes other then in 2014 with me. How do I fix this?
  6. Hello, I am the father of a 13 year-old whom I have not seen in about 7 years. The background is a long story so I'll not take the time but to hit the important points. His mom and I were never married We had signed a parenting plan about 10 or 11 years ago which allowed me three days a week of him coming over to my placeOne of her requirements (which I agreed to) was that he not be able to see my parents About 7-8 years ago I let him go with my parents to a basketball game a couple of times which he must have told his mom about Just before the contempt filing, she sent me a handwritten note that as of a specific date, she would no longer allow me to see my son (he was 6 at the time I think) She started contempt of court proceedings which her lawyer drug out over about a year (rescheduled again and again) I don't remember ever getting any information about it, maybe because I had moved or something, but they listed in the docket that they didn't hear from me, so they dismissed the contempt They had raised my child support (just for my son) from $254 a month to $661 about a year before the contempt issue. I've been paying that ever since She stopped contacting me after the contempt filing and got married and moved and I have tried several times (via letter in postal mail) to contact her and she has not responded. I don't have a definitive address for her - I think I know where she is but I'm not sure. Here's my question: I would like to get my child support reduced as it is a significant financial burden. Where do I start?I don't want to start something that will end up with them raising my child support again, and I've gone through multiple lawyers in years past with very little change to my situation. I would like to know the chances that I can get it reduced. Thank you in advance for any help that you can give to me.
  7. My brother and I inherited dads estate through a revobable trust that became irrevocable after his death. Mom is trustee. I left town shortly before his death. My brother and worked at the family business 20 years. There is a farm I helped with for 52 years. There were secrets kept about the compensation brother received from these assets during dads life. I left in anger. When dad and I tried to talk he admitted his wrongdoing and wanted to make things right. Mom made sure he recanted and doubled down on the family lies. So I went away. After his death I found out there was a trust and although I was there alone by his bed when he died. She refused to gibe me a copy of trust for months and has refused to this day to do an accounting. It has been 24 months since dad passed. I have requested an accounting numerous times. My lawyer is preparing to file a suit for accounting. What else can I do?
  8. My child recently was pulled out of her class and asked if she was under the influence. This was done allegedly because the attendance office reported that she smelled of marijuana. She had walked into the office at the same time that 2 other students did. She said she was not, the school preceeded to search her backpack, her locker, and confiscate her phone and keys. They found nothing on her person. They then told her they were going to search her car. The principals then searched her car and in a garbage bag they found a bottle of rum with approximately 1/2 cup remaining and what they called shake from marijuana. It was such a small amount that it doesn't even weigh out to a measurable amount. The police were then called and she was arrested and taken to jail and charged with minor in possession and possession up to 35 grams. The civil rights question comes into play because my child is gay. She had been dating a girl whose mother works at the school as an assistant to one of the principals. This particular mother & employee of the school does not support her daughter's lifestyle and hates my daughter because of this. She has talked bad about my child in front of other students and even threatened her at one point. The attendance clerk that reported smelling marijuana coincidently happens to be the best friend of this lady. The principal that pulled her out of class and searched her vehicle happens to be the principal that this woman is the assistant too. The other 2 students who walked into the office at the same time as my child were not searched. My question is does the school have what they call "reasonable cause" to search her vehicle especially after they found nothing on her person.
  9. My Friend was giving a public defender then was giving a private attorney due to conflict of interest I was wondering how i find out more about the new lawyer he was assigned cause I have searched there name and i am not finding any good or bad information I would like to be able to research and check out previous court cases and experience.
  10. I currently have joint physical and joint legal custody of my 9 year old daughter, although we live here in MO and her father lives in PA. Her father filed a motion for modification and is trying to get full custody. Now during the discovery process, we were able to obtain information regarding a juvenile conviction from his past (from 2002 from before we were together). This charge involved child molestation of a 6 year old little girl and he plead guilty to it. This was never on his record; he never served time; he is not listed as a registered sex offender; the record is juvenile (he was 15 or 16 at the time) and is a conviction in Indiana. After receiving the conviction information, we subsequently subpoenaed the police department and have the gory details of this molestation, both from the little girl's perspective and from his perspective as he detailed what he did to her. I have done my research and I found a Missouri Revised Statute 452.400.2 that states that if convicted in MO of certain charges involving children (including sexual molestation of child - Statute 566.067). However, this law specifically states that if the conviction was from another state, it is up to the court's discretion as to custody and visitation. I am looking for case law to support asking for full legal and physical custody with no visitation or at the maximum, supervised visitation. Can someone please help? Are there any relevant cases that I can use? Alternatively, am I legally allowed to not send her back? With the case still pending, will make the court more likely to rule in his favor? The judge and GAL are both males and don't seem to care. The GAL once said to me, "The court doesn't care." As a mother trying to protect her child from a convicted felon, what do I do?! It should be noted that throughout our relationship, this man was physically abusive with me which was documented via police reports. Furthermore, he was a manager in 2009 but was fired for sexual harassment of three employees, all girls 18-20 years old. (The day he admitted that to me was the day I left him). All of the documentation has been provided to the court and the GAL. I need case law to back up my position. Please help!
  11. We were married in 09 bought a house 5 month later. House was bought in my name only and he signed papers at the house signing stating that he knew I was buying the house without him. He is not on the home loan or on the title. We live in Missouri. My question is if we were to divorce does he have any claims to the house? Also if he won't move out on his own how can I make him leave?
  12. bought a horse,ad said registered quarter horse, owner said he would send registration papers within two weeks. after many emails he says horse is not a quarter horse but is a paint and is not registered. this has went on for over a year. can I sue for breach of contract?
  13. Hi, I'm wondering how to fix my credit. I only have old bills on it. I am 35 years old and my credit score is zero. Where do I begin to repair my credit? I have been told that if all of my debts are paid it is hard to get them removed from my credit report. Any suggestions on how to make this happen? And any suggestions on an easy way to begin to build credit? I don't have a co-signer. No business is willing to advance me while I have a zero credit score, so I have to figure out a way to help myself. Any advice would be great. Thank you
  14. Can a ford dealership refuse to hire in the car detailing department due to sexual harassment ? because when women bend over to clean out vehicle guys will look at her. This is one of the reasons they give
  15. I live in St. Louis County Mo. I owed $60,000 in back child support. I haven't worked in years as they took my drivers license at least 6 yrs. ago.. My children are all in their mid 20's. About a year and a half ago I was pulled out of my house and taken to jail for not paying my child support. I spent 1 yr. in jail. My public defender and judge said that I had paid my debt and was free to go. About 4 months later my ex probation officer called up my mother's house berating her asking where I was and that I had better get down there to report. I went there, showed her my paperwork from the courts and told her I assumed I was done with everything. She proceeded to berate me and said hell no your not done, i'll tell you when your done. I have to go there every month and give a urine sample and listen to this woman bitch. Now she's making me go to drug and alcohol evaluation. I've never dropped dirty or been convicted of any drug or alcohol related incident. Today I went to court as I am being sued in civil court for back child support. I talked to the prosecutor today and was told to bring her $100.00 a month. I told her I don't have it and that I had been cleared by going to jail. she said that was punishment" you can't pay support how can you pay a lawyer" and that they would keep throwing me in jail. I go back in a month. Any suggestions? thankyou for any answers I appreciate your opinions.
  16. In 2007 I received a DWI in the state of Missouri, of which I was and still am a resident. I contacted a well known DWI attorney in the state and we proceeded with the case. The DWI was knocked down to a Careless and Imprudent ticket. I was issued a Stay order so I could continue driving. Shortly there after I was severely injured and never finished with the rest of the procedure, When my licence expired I was told by the DOV that they could not issue me a hard copy licence but that they could give me a receipt and I could continue to drive on the Stay order. I have been pulled over several times since then and been involved in a couple of accidents and the Police have acknowledged that I am a valid licensed driver in the state of Missouri. My problem is that now my Insurance company requires that I have a hard copy licence but the DOV will not issue one. What are my options???
  17. Found out late last year that I had a warrant in Missouri for writing a bad check in 2006 (under $500). I was never notified initially of this issue. I would like to resolve this as soon as possible but don't have the details of the check transaction and don't recall the check in question. I moved away from Missouri in early 2007 which is probably why I never got notified. How could I best proceed to clear my name? How could I get a copy of the check and who it was written to? Should I get a lawyer? Could I settle this out of court? Thank you in advance for your advice...
  18. Our mother has many traits of narcissist personality disorder, and has had the same behavior for decades. She is establishing a trust so that the bulk of her estate (in stock) will go into a trust that will give dividends only to the 4 children during their lifetimes. After that the dividends will go to two specific religious charities for 20 years. After that, the stock will be lidquidated and given to religious charities in general. Our mother wants to teach us how to have a frugal lifestyle, and we will "appreciate it in the end". She does not want us to spend money on "luxuries". She does not understand that if the company stops giving dividends, neither the children or the charities will see any returns for 30 plus years. My question is whether a diagnosis of narcissist personality disorder is something to stop her from forming the trust, and committing the stock to it. She is 89 years old. Thank you.
  19. To whom it concerns; I live in Dayton, Oh and my daughter lives in St. Louis, Mo.... My daughter graduated last May from high school, according to my Court Order it suppose to stop ... But there saying I have to pay until she 21, ( since she 20 now)... What I'm upset about is she is taking Classes at Forest Park Community College in St Louis... She only taking Basic Elementary Courses to me she not up to College Standards... Is there anything I can do to stop this??? I feel I have met my obligation and feel that it should stop... Can you please advise me on the how to stop and owe nothing since she graduate from High School May of 2013.... They say I owe $1469.78 on child Support since August... I been off work do a work related injury since Aug of 2013 until present .... Thank you for your time P. S. I been Paying Child Support since 1993 can you help... Thank you...
  20. This happened in Missouri. I was supposedly accused of soliciting prostitution. I saw an ad and contacted. The girls came and I gave them the money. I was initially hesitant and asked if they are from law enforcement. They flashed their private parts. They asked if I would like to have a massage. I said fine. It seemed I got busted. A police officer came, handcuffed me and asked me to lay on my knees on the bathroom while they searched the house. He said I have committed a felony and I would need to pay $2000 to get bail. He said he is going to search the house and closed the bathroom door. After he was done, he opened the door and said he would not arrest me. He made me sit on a chair in my hallway. He said he was in a hurry and he needed to go. He said 2 officers will come and they will decide whether to give me a citation or arrest me. I sat on the chair for an hour and no one came. I looked around my house and found that my cellphone and laptop was missing. So was around $30 in my wallet. I didn't get a voucher for that. I have 3 laptops out which 1 was missing. While going out that police officer was carrying an orange t shirt of mine (maybe he hid something). When I finally looked outside, I saw it was thrown just outside my door. Was it a fake bust or real bust? Will I get citation in mail or is there a chance they will come to arrest me?
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