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Found 72 results

  1. What exactly is conspricay and what do the Feds have to have to indict you on a conspricay to distribute 500 grams or more of meth?
  2. My grandparents purchased a home in 1952, both have been deceased since the early 1990's. My uncle has been living in the home. He passed away in April of this year. My mother is the oldest child of my deceased grandparents, she now suffers from dementia, We have Power of Attorney over my mother's affairs. I need to know in what order would my grandparents home be passed down. Would it go to my mother's children or her next oldest sibling?
  3. My daughter was divorced 3 yrs ago. Her husband has 100% custody with 50-50 co parenting. He is an alcoholic, in his 30's his parents have taken care of him and his brother by bailing them out of whatever problems they get into including finding him jobs when he gets fired, paying for the house right before he was forclosed on, the list is endless. The 3 children are in the same school they started in. They are 13, 11 and 10. He was mentally abusive to my daughter while married to her. He was unemployed 2 1/2 yrs so he and my daughter had to live with his parents. After the divorce he lost his job for showing up to work reaking of alcohol then took a break and passed out in his vehicle. He never provided the children or my daughter insurance while his folks paid his. On and on. They go to Waynesville schools because that's where his folks lived and they got him a job there and made the down payment on the house that he almost lost. The kids stay with their mom every other week. His folks have now moved to Eminence. My daughter has found out they have bought a business for him will put in his name he will travel. They are having him file to take kids with him and they will be staying with them. If anyone asks they are "babysitting" while he is on the road. He said he can do this because he has full custody and she can only see them when he approves. She is remarried and her husband has put them in his insurance which is the first time ever they have been on anything but Medicaid. He tells her he will call police if she even takes them out of the county. Papers say state. Even tho he has full custody with them having 50-50 parenting on all decisions concerning them can he take them out of the only school they've known to go to Eminence where it is a less educational school? He said financially it's the only choice, but that's his folks paying! His folks have taken care and kept the kids almost 80% of the time when it was his turn. They buy the kids school clothes not him. My daughter buys too. He almost lost the house. There's more stories but not enough time. Legally can he do that? And even if daughter would bring in affidavits stating what he has done or not done?? I'm trying to find out for her and the kids. I'm not sure if he is playing mind games with her again because she is happy or what but I want her prepared. HELP,!!!
  4. my half sister bought a new house and abandoned my dads house where she left it free to all her not so good friends had free run of the place and pretty much stole all of my dad and her moms belongings . And completely trashed the place . So I came out to see if this was true and it was so I moved in the house and started cleaning it had the electric turned back on and moved my stuff in . Well then she was sentenced to two years in prison of course she's not gonna do all 2 years I'm told she's getting out any day I've only been here a little over a month but I've put alot of time into this place . Can she come in and kick me out
  5. Good afternoon, Can I be sued or held liable if I post email/text communications between myself and my husband on the internet? We are currently going through a divorce and a lot of the communications pertain to him lying to a judge on the stand proving that he lied and about his assets and threats towards me?
  6. My mom just passed away, Iam the representative of the will. The trailer house isn't worth more than $40,000. Contract for deed is filed with the clerk's office. Are the monthly payments to be sent to the executor to distribute, or does the buyer sent a check or money order to the three beneficiarys?
  7. I was recently involved in a car accident. No one was hurt and both vehicles involved sustained minor damage. I and the other party were civil about the matter. The problem does not lie between us. The problem is with the Police Officer that responded to the scene. The first problem that arose was, the officer was reluctant to hear my side of the story. He made sure things were kept short and sweet with me, but decided to speak longer to the other party involved. At one point, the officer even admitted to me that the other party was responsible, and of course this was a huge relief. The real issues came along when I picked up a copy of the official police report... 1. The diagram (drawing) of the accident and point of collision was completely wrong. it had me (vehicle 1) out in the middle of the road and in the wrong lane, and the other party (vehicle 2) in a completely different lane as well. THE TRUTH: I was at a stop sign and was preparing to go because the road was clear. I was uphill and could be considered at a stop (That's how slow I was going). Vehicle 2 was traveling in my direction and had to have ran the red light at the stoplight just down the road. Vehicle 2 was traveling in the lane I was about to pull out on and cross to get in the correct lane I was needing to go. That is when vehicle 2 struck me; right where I was just slightly past the stop sign. 2. My official statement on the report was completely wrong, saying that I admitted to being distracted by the flashing cop lights just up the hill from a previous wreck they were working. THE TRUTH: I never said what was on my statement. I did state that I had seen the lights and said to the officer that is how he had responded so quickly to the scene, because he was already there. I NEVER stated that I was distracted, and the truth is, I wasn't. the flashing lights were in a completely different direction that I was attempting to travel, so how would the lights be a distraction to me? 3. The number of occupants in both mine and the other party's vehicles were not correctly accounted for on the report and stated that only 1 person was in each vehicle. THE TRUTH: I had a friend of mine with me in my car and the other party had at least 3 other individuals with them. I of course got in contact with the Officer and voiced my concerns to him. He was very stern and to the point about not changing anything on the report. He claimed he witnessed the wreck occur and that he was 100% correct on where we collided. Now, I am stuck with a false police report that classifies me as a distracted/inattentive driver and the blame is all on me, even though I was told at the scene it was not my fault. Also I will now be stuck paying a higher insurance deductible due to someone else's negligence. I have nowhere to turn and need some kind of closure on this. Is there anything that can be done?
  8. My boyfriend and I were driving around the back of a Wal-Mart to access the main road via a signalized intersection. A local officer came around the corner of the building and stopped in front of us, blocking us. He said they had a call about an alarm going off in one of the businesses next to Wal-Mart. He asked what we were doing and we told him. Three to four other officers showed up with one of them being the K9 Unit. He asked for my boyfriend’s ID which was driving and asked for my ID as well. My boyfriend’s came back that it had been suspended. He arrested my boyfriend for driving while suspended. He then asked me to step out of the car and then instructed the K9 unit to proceed. I never gave him permission to search my vehicle. We couldn’t figure out why the K9 unit was there when it was supposedly an alarm going off. The German Shepard pup kept trying to go to the trash dumpster at least three times. The officer finally got him to walk around the car and then went to the side where I could not see them. He stood there for a minute and then took the dog back to the car and gave a thumbs up saying it was a positive hit. Two of the officers proceeded to search my vehicle and my personal belongings. They said they found a vial with a controlled substance. Neither one of us had ever seen the vial before and didn’t know where it came from. The officer told me he was charging both of us with constructive possession because it was within reach of either of us. They took us both to the police station, finger printed us, took photo and then released us. Nothing was mentioned again about my boyfriend’s suspended license and we didn’t receive any papers or didn’t have to post bond. A couple days later, we found out they are charging us with felony possession of a controlled substance. Isn’t it against my 4th Amendment right to search my vehicle without a warrant? I don’t understand why they would call a K9 unit for an alarm going off for possible burglary.
  9. Can, on a federal or state level, one be arrested for a crime they committed as a juvenile on the day of or after the day you turn 18? I am from Missouri and I heard a rumor that this could happen. Can it? If so, is it limited to specific crimes? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.
  10. OK so my license is suspended and I don't see how. Story: In 2015 a cop pulled me over and said the next time I get pulled over my license will be suspended. I got pulled over in the month of January 2016 for a broken headlight and the cop told me that my license had been suspended for a while. How does that even happen? My court date was march 23 2016 and I got it continued until April 12th 2016 I need major help
  11. on January 6th 2016 I was stopped for driving on a suspended license now the issues that I'm having with being stopped is I was parked and I was not even in the vehicle. I was knocking on a friend of mine's apartment door whenever the officer had driven down the street he stopped at the stop sign and I went to get back in my car the officer then got out of his vehicle and said that I had a suspended license did I know that I said no sir I did not know that he asked me for my ID I looked and I did not have an ID on me I gave him my name my birthday and he ran it another officer pulled up and then another officer pulled up he asked me to get out of my vehicle and that I was not under arrest I was just being detained in back of the police car. Another officer came to scene and they searched my car for it seemed twenty minutes. I never consented to search and if I wasn't under arrest why was I in handcuffs. They found a pipe and he questioned me about it which I never responded. At this time I was taken to jail and booked in hours later. I was never told my Miranda rights and never even told me I was under arrest, is this search even legal?
  12. my neice lives in kansas city, missouri, works in overland park, kansas. On her way home she was pulled over by the overland park, police because of her tail light being out. While she explained to the officer that she didn't know her taillight was out all of a sudden he told her that he smelled and that he would have to search her car. She got out and he proceeded to search and found a grinder and enough weed in the to amount to a small roach and he arrested her. He was going to take her to jail, but called his boss instead and his boss told the officer to just give a ticket and let her go. My neice didnot know that the grinder was in her car nor the weed because it was down in her console. Since she had stopped smoking weed during that time she didn't think to clear any evidence out of her car. What could possibly happen to her because she has no prior record. Also, will she get into more trouble because she live in missouri and this happened in kansas?
  13. i am trying to get guardianship of my granddaughter she is in foster care and i have my foster care license but i spend alittle time in jail for a bad check and they are refusing to give me the guardianship because of it can they really use that against me when it isnt for drugs or abuse?????
  14. I have been in the Foster system for about four years now. I am 18 years of age, graduated high school, i have my drivers license and a stable income. i am recently engaged and i was wondering if that will help my chances of me getting out of the system. this is not the only reason i am engaged but we both want me to be out of here. I live on my own in the Transitional LIving program. I hate being in the system and really need help getting out
  15. My grandfather passed away recently and in his will left me the remainder of his estate after his bills were covered. What I would be inheriting is a life insurance policy ($15,000 minus approx. $11,000 for his funeral) and a back payment from his long-term care insurance of around $20,000. He gave me his house before he died, so it's no longer apart of his estate. I'm getting a lot of mixed information from my lawyer and the life insurance company. I've understood from the life insurance company that in the state of MO, if the estate is worth less than $40,000, we don't need to go through the probate process. My lawyer says that we still have to go through probate. My lawyer also claims that it would be illegal for the life insurance company to designate part of the money to the funeral home as we requested. The insurance policy beneficiary was originally to go into a trust, but the trust was dissolved when my grandmother died. My grandfather never updated the information with the life insurance company. I'm not sure if that's why my lawyer said it has to go through probate or not, because my lawyer didn't tell me. The earliest my lawyer is willing to meet with me is late next month, so I'm trying to make sure my family and I go about this the correct way.
  16. We purchased a house a little less than a year ago, and are slowly finding problems that we know the previous owner knew about and either did not disclose at all, partially disclosed, or concealed to get past a home inspection. Since we've found these problems, we’re watching the house with added scrutiny. What is the statute of limitations in the state of Missouri for finding problems with a home? Also, since this is an obvious breach of contract, could we ultimately force them to buy the house back? This has become an awful situation for us because the previous owners are still friends with all the neighbors around us. So, we see them in our neighborhood every weekend during the summer.
  17. QUESTION: Can my Landlord withhold my Security Deposit, if he was the one that terminated the lease? BACKGROUND: My landlord gave me a 30 day notice to terminate tenancy because he was convinced that I was hiding a pet. He refused to discuss the situation any further. I complied fully, packed up, cleaned (took pictures) and was moved out prior to the 30th day. On that 30th day I provided the landlord a forwarding address (to send me my deposit), I returned the keys and opener as well. Since that date: I waited the maximum time allowed in my state for a deposit to be returned. I sent a demand letter to the landlord (by certified mail return receipt) that explained the laws regarding returned deposits. He responded (by certified mail return receipt) by basically saying that because of the "unauthorized pet" that I supposedly had, I was at fault and was not going to be getting any of the money back. He said that because I didn't stay for the entire term of the lease, I was at fault. He even quoted a clause that is nowhere in my lease..."Tenant agrees to forfeit entire security deposit if all terms of the lease are not met." I will be glad to provide copies of the lease, letters, etc. Please do not waste time doubting my version of events. As hard as it may be to believe...it happened,
  18. I was wondering if there is a statute of limitations on bringing charges agains a fellow employee for indecent exposure. I am just finding out that this has happened to a co-worker, who is still on edge when she sees this employee, but is afraid of turning him in. It happened last year, 2014.
  19. I'm a residential renter in Missouri looking to terminate my tenancy. My original lease has been up for quite a while, at which point I chose to pay month to month at a higher cost rather than sign another lease term. My original lease stated that I must provide 60 days notice prior to termination, however since I am a month to month renter now, is that applicable? The Mo. Rev. Stat. § 441.060 seems to state that only 30 days is needed if you are a month to month renter. Additionally, I do not pay late fees on my rent until 3 days after the end of the month. As a result, I have not yet paid the rent this month. I am getting ready to make payment right now. Is this going to hurt my chances to terminate since it is the 1st? Please advise if I can terminate my tenance effective July 31, or August 1, without having to pay August rent. Thanks in advance for your help!
  20. Please respond. I am a 16 year old with parents going through a divorce. My mother is supposed to get me for visitation this Friday - Monday and every other weekend. My question is do I have to go? I really really don't want to and I'm really worried about it. I have not spoken to her since last May. She now lives with her new boyfriend and his son and I do not like them either. I don't want to see her, talk to her, or be with her. What do I do? What can I do?
  21. What does it mean when a person is subpoena? Is it illegal in the state of Missouri for co conspirators to hangout or be together?
  22. Today on my way home through a long & curvy dark road in Richland mo. I was blue lighted by a police officer driving a marked charger. As I was being pulled over I noticed my speed was 40-43M/H in a 45M/H speed zone so I was a bit confused as to why I was being pulled over. So as I was approached by the two officers one on each side of the vehicle I gave my information to the one at my window. I asked the officer what was I being pulled over for he said speeding and i then asked him what did he clock me at to, this question he told me that he would let me know when he comes back. A whole 18 minutes later the other officer returned with a ticket and my information and informed me that not in this speed zone of 45 miles an hour but about a mile back i was doing 38 in a 25 speed zone and the reason I am just being pulled over a mile away is because it took him a while to catch up to my Full size Suv doing 38M/H with his Charger?? and supposedly the device used to track my speed was a stationary radar. So my question remains can i beat this ticket?
  23. My lease is up for renewal and I received a letter from the apartment complex stating that they chose not to renew my lease. I went to the office ot inquire and get some additional information and they very rudely told me that it was due to "my situation." I have a current pending criminal charge against me. I kept asking for more information and they refused to come out and say that was the reason, but obviously it is. I understand they have a right to screen applicants, but I haven't been found guilty of anything. Do I have any recourse? According to the letter I'm to be out April 30th, but I've been reading up on holdover tenants. Do I wait for them to file an official eviction with the county? Any advice? I'm in Missouri. I've always paid my rent on time, have an excellent credit history and have never even voiced a complaint. I didn't even have a maintenance request until I'd been here 9 months. Also, the day after talking with management I had a specialty light bulb burn out and called the office to ask to have it replaced. They could have very easily done it while I was out of the apartment, but chose to do so while I was here and sent 6 people to fix the light bulb. I'm not kidding, 6. Basically the apartment manager has tried and convicted me. I also suspect they are having maintenance drive by my apartment to check up on me. Do I have any recourse over harassment? Mainly sending the 6 people here for the light bulb.
  24. My ex and I have been separated for almost 3 years now. She lives in Missouri in my house and I live in Colorado because of work. We have no children and she hasn't worked for at least 7 years. I sent her money to keep up the mortgage for a while, only to find out she never made 1 house payment and is now delinquent of almost 3 years. She has purchased a new vehicle using my name and credit( just discovered from TU. last year she intercepted my w2s and filed my taxes and had the money direct deposited in her personal account and I never received half or even knew she had done it for quite a while. I let it go because she gave me the boohoo story that was $4800.00. But since that time her boyfriend has taken up residency in my house and now neither of them are making the payments( or she has forged my name off the house somehow). She has intercepted my w2s-again this year and filed them and had the money deposited in her account again and will not answer my calls. I was informed of this after calling every tax office in poplar bluff. Finally got someone at HR block who said that yes she did file them both years and had the money deposited in her account. I got a copy of the tax papers for both years totaling almost $9000.00. What recourse do I have and how do I go about it. I can't access my IRS account on line for some reason, I can't access my mortgage information on line for some reason. My house has been for sale for 2 years which she has removed the sign out front and canceled the real estate office. I'm out of my mind mad about now but want to handle this the right way but don't know the right steps to take..I would appreciate some direction. Thanks.
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