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Found 50 results

  1. Hello~ In the past year, I have received money, which was inherited. It was all placed into a bank account which only has my name on it. My husband and I are purchasing a new home. I am using my inheritance for the down payment. I am not planning on getting a divorce. However, I would like my husband to sign a document saying if we do divorce, the house would be mine, and he would not have a claim to it. He has verbally agreed to this arrangement, but I would like it in writing too. However, I would rather not get an attorney involved. My life would be much easier if it could be a very simple form we can both sign. Could someone please direct me to a form I could use? Thank you!
  2. I own my own truck. (semi) I was leased on to a mom and pap motor carrier in Minnesota. I had some problems with my checking account and my payment to the insurance company got denied. (bobtail insurance) I looked on line to see what exactly bobtail insurance is. Bobtail insurance is insurance that covers you when you drive your truck without a trailer. For one reason or another the company that I hauled for purchased the insurance. And I paid for it automatically through my checking account. After I got the notes that my policy got canceled my boss called me to remind me that the policy got canceled. (he got a cancellation notes also) I told him that I got on line and learned what bobtail insurance was. And that I decided not to buy bobtail insurance for my truck. Mainly because I vary seldom bobtail anywhere, except when going to the repair shop. We talked on the phone about 30 minutes, and not once did my boss encourage me or tell me that I needed to have this insurance on my truck. So I was confident that I made the right decision. Later that year (December) I tipped the truck over on a icy road. Latter I found out that I had no insurance on the truck. The Physical damage insurance portion of the coverage was tied to the bobtail insurance. I was not aware of this. If I was, I would have surly purchased the physical damage coverage portion of the insurance for my truck. I'm thinking of suing my former boss for the damage on my truck. Of course the towing company is thinking about suing me. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do.
  3. I bought my home in 2013. Before we purchased, in 2006, the neighbor had added an asphalt parking pad to the side of his garage. The pad was poured over the property line as well as landscaping (bushes, which I removed). In 2018, I reported him for a zoning violation as the pad wasn't supposed to be within 5 feet of the property line per code in 2003. The zoning office decided he did not need to remove the pad in its entirety because he claims the pad was poured in 1977. I have sent them GIS photos from 2005 showing that there was no parking pad yet they ignored this and then eventually stated that the city is "not in a position to enforce something that occurred 12 years ago". There are 3 property pins on that side of my property. We have found the front and back pins but the middle pin is either missing or still under his parking pad. I wanted to put in a fence, but zoning says I cannot do so until ALL pins are exposed. I got quotes from surveyors, cost to find pins is $450 minimum. Cost for a fence just to keep him off my property will be a couple thousand that if I'm being honest, I don't easily have but will figure it out. But then I have the risk that if his parking pad remains, he will hit the fence with his vehicle. The parking pad is angled so that he would hit a fence if he tried to park there. Zoning says that would be a civil matter and they won't get involved with property damage, obviously, but let's not forget that it's a zoning violation to have a fence in disrepair. Zoning then suggests I have the fence installed a few feet off the property line...where I would have to remove several mature white oak trees that are perfectly healthy. As for the non-zoning issues, but I feel they are important to mention: Harassment by neighbor goes back to 2013. In the last year, it has gotten so bad that my four kids don't like to be outside. He stares at them while they play, and recently followed my two terrified daughters (ages 11 and 13) on a walk. He told an officer he followed them because they flipped him off which is not true. He mows several feet onto our property, even though I've asked him not to and the last time he did, he mowed a zig zag. I have contacted the police department on two separate occasions this month and each time, he told the officers he wouldn't do it again. A third officer (he called), he told them he was going to rip out my hostas. So basically the officer said, wait for him to do it THEN call me. In 2018, he called my husbands employer to try to get him fired. He threatens to call CPS on us. He called our yellow lab over towards him then threw a firecracker into our yard and the dog picked it up - thankfully he dropped it right before it exploded. There is more, but that is the basics of it all. Everyone tells me to get a harassment order but I am hesitant to do so for fear of things escalating. The neighbor told me years ago that he doesn't go to his home state to visit family because he has a criminal record and open bench warrants. I just can't figure out where to start with this whole issue.
  4. Hey I have a question if a man or a woman was intoxicated can they get rape by someone who was sober
  5. I wondering wondering if anyone has dealt with contingency sales and earnest money situations before...below is a narrative detailing this..... The home (the rental) was initially a contingency sale....a purchase price was agreed to and earnest money was put down ($1,000). The contingency was the sale of the buyers home, and eventually their home sold, and they should have moved toward applying for a loan for the purchase of the house. However, they did not inform us of the sale of their home (I did my period search to their listing agent to be sure, and discovered it sold in June 2016.) I did not discover the sale of their home until mid July 2016, so I call them and they said they would not be able to continue with the purchase due to financial difficulties. According the the state of Mn. earnest is returned to buyers only if they are declined for a loan, or the sale of their home does not occur. The buyers did not show proof of being declined for a loan, only stating they could not afford it, therefore the earnest money should go the the sellers. In addition, by not informing us to the sale of their home they broke the contingency agreement and held the home hostage during a period of time we could have tried to sell it. This breach should also been a reason why the earnest money come back to the sellers. We lost earnest money and the potential to sell.
  6. I am a first time landlord and learning some lessons quickly. We are in a transition period between 2 groups of renter's, with one lease coming to a full conclusion and a new one beginning. Before the new party was able to move in I conducted a final inspection....upon entering the house I was immediately overwhelmed with pet odor. The lease clearly states that no pets will be allowed unless there is written permission from the landlord. In the 2 years this group rented the house, they did not communicate with me about any pets. I found cat puke in multiple spots on rugs, heavy pets odors throughout the house. 4 days after the official move out date and the new family was moving in I contacted the previous renter's and explained to them why I would not be returning their security deposit. They shot back that if we did not return the security deposit that they would be asking us to pay the water bill, as the lease states. This detail of the lease had never been brought to my attention during the 2 years they lived in the house, and I failed to see this detail in the lease myself. The utilities are in their name, and they paid all of them fully for 2 years, but now they are asking to be reimbursed for all the water they used for 2 years after they moved out and the lease is complete. In total, the renter's had 4 cats and 2 dogs in a house that asked for no pets unless receiving permission. Also, they made adjustments to the house, changing fencing to accommodate 2 large dogs, removing vintage shelving from basement pantry, removing landlord furniture from the house after moving out, and adding an additional tenant to the household without mentioning it. You may wonder how as a landlord all this could happen without my knowledge? Well. the house is 200 miles from my home, each time I made attempts to do a walk-through (3 total) they were conveniently out of town. My question? If these renters's were planning to ask for the water bill to be reimbursed shouldn't they have done this while they were still renter's and not only as a result of hearing they would not be receiving their security deposit.? Do any of the breaches of contract they committed trump the entire agreement and place the lease in default and their rights to claim any part of it? Anyone have some light to shed on this one.?
  7. I am 50 days out from closing on a new construction home and just noticed a structural oversight. Upon further investigation (comparing my house with the model and two other homes that are my exact same model) I discovered that the bump out I was supposed to have in my master bedroom (a bump out that is standard and NOT an upgrade) was excluded from the floor plan. All other homes that are my model have the bump out. Ultimately this reduces the amount of square footage for that room. Builder will claim it's not their fault because I had to sign off on plans. However floorplan for the model was not available at time of review to compare against. I assumed I was getting what I paid for and was represented in the model. I was not informed of any changes to the floorplan. Is there any recourse?
  8. I received a probation violation in September 2014, which I got 30 days jail time for. I have been on the jails waiting list for over a year. My probation expired in March 2015. Dour I still have to serve this time?
  9. Belemi

    False DWI

    Hello, Approximately three months ago I was pulled over for driving poorly. I crossed the white line several times. The situation was that on my way home from a counseling/therapy appointment I took two of my medications (Lyrica and Noratryptaline) I do not normally take together. I took them just before I drove home. It was late. I didn't want to forget to take my meds and I had just picked them up from the pharmacy so I took them. Alone I've never had any kind of severe side effects so I didn't suspect that I have would have any this time either. I became very sleepy and confused and unfortunately I kept telling myself that I was just fine to drive home, which I wasn't. Everything was a big blur. I ended up getting pulled over and arrested for driving intoxicated( although I didn't know this until just the other day as I just got the official charges) What complicates this whole thing is 2 1/2 years ago I had a DWI for being addicted to OxyContin. I went to treatment ..I've committed my life for 2 1/2 years to stay clean and sober and so the fact that this is happening has actually been quite devastating to me. I'm a teacher looking for a job. if I get anything else on my record it's going to be next to impossible for me to find a job. I have a chronic pain issue and Lyrica has been the only thing I've been able to take. This whole thing was just a big mistake. An interaction of my medications that I had no idea that was going to happen. For years now I've been going to an NA, doing therapy twice a week, and trying to pick my life up and put it back together. I went to treatment, I still see my Dr. who deals with my recovery. I am just devastated. I have no clue what to do. I can't afford to hire a lawyer to help me and I feel that relying on a public defender is risky as I do have a record. It would be very easy for them to not believe that my life has been committed to my recovery. If any of you have any advice on what I can do I'm in the Minnesota area. I just hope and pray that there's somebody out there willing to help me with my case. I need someone willing to do a pro bono case for me. I will do all the leg work myself but I just really need someone to help me.
  10. Withholding partial deposit fee for not following the lease agreement in terms of painting. Our tenants painted two walls a dark/navy blue and one room with the chair rail a teal and yellow..chair rail was bought to be espresso and they painted it white. Within the signed lease, we stated that painting was acceptable but that it must be painted white or tan when the lease has been terminated. We were advised to charge a crazy fee for painting but decided to only charge a portion for it instead. The tenants are arguing that the walls were not white or tan to begin with but this is because verbally they said they prefer to paint anyway..which is why we decided to put within the contract that they were welcome to paint as long as it was tan or white when the lease is up. No previous tenants even touched the walls in our unit so this is a new battle for us and we want to make sure we do the right thing for both parties. Are we, as MN landlords, legally allowed to put in the lease that the tenant can paint as long as it's painted a certain color when vacating? And if the tenant does not comply, are we legally able to withhold part of the deposit? Since this is such a headache, we feel going forward, we will not allow future tenants to paint due to the frustration of having try a paint over the choice of colors. Any guidance or advice is much appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Nolo language refers to notarizing testator's signature to his self created Last Will and verifying witness signatures. Notarizing I get, what does verifying mean?
  12. I work for a large company and within our department there are 12 supervisors in the same pay grade with the same duties and we all receive a "standard" raise once per year. I am the only female. Over the course of five years I've been given additional responsibilities, led projects, and asked to be on several project teams but my peers have not had to carry the additional workload. When a project team is pulled together, my peers don't show up for the meetings and I end up with their action items and they are allowed to drop out to the point that they do not get asked to participate anymore. When I've spoken to my manager about balancing the workload he has given several answers: He has said that I am the "senior" supervisor although this is not a job title nor have I been there the longest. He has said that others are not as experienced, resourceful, or won't follow through, etc. I've offered to help other supervisors run projects but he still wouldn't assign anyone else additional work. Each time I've spoken to him about the issue, he assigns me more work so I don't bring it up anymore. I am now the only supervisor qualified to do supplemental trainings for the entire department (including other supervisor's direct reports) and I am the only supervisor required to attend management meetings so I do a lot of work alongside people in a higher pay grade. I've brought these issues to our HR generalist three separate times and his only advice has been to speak to my manager again. I'd like to bring this to the head of HR but at this point I'm not sure that will help and there has never been any indication that my treatment is related to my gender. Is this discrimination or do I just have a bad boss?
  13. I am making a new will and want to leave my home when I die to a city's Historical society. They're a Non profit. They can sell it or do what they want with it.. It's a modern home, not historical. My home is paid for and everything up to date. Value is about $230,000 today. Do I need any special forms/paperwork from the state or the Historical society to attach to my will to transfer it? Advice appreciated. Thanks
  14. I have a Joint Tenancy With Right Of Survivorship Agreement(JTWROS) on a house. One of the signors filed a Will leaving the property to his children. At the probate hearing I told the judge that I had the Agreement, and that the JTWROS went into effect immediately upon his death. The judge allowed the children to continue living in the home, and postponed the next hearing until November. The courts accepted the will and gave the home to the children immediately without a hearing. What are my rights and how do I approach at the next hearing?
  15. I have a friend that just went through a very dirty divorce and child custody battle. She later found out that the marriage ceremony wasn't legal. The witnesses who signed the license were not at said ceremony or witnessed signing said document. Instead former acclaimed husband went to each individual alone and had them sign document after the so called wedding. In which she was not aware of these actions taking place until recently. So would divorce even be legal if marriage wasn't at all. Stating the marriage was fraudulent.
  16. My husband and I have been married for 23 years, have 2 children ages 16 and 19 and he has two children and grandchildren from a previous married ages 34 and 38. He has owned his own real estate business for 30 years and together we have joint ownership in some of of his properties but most of his property is sole ownership. He has had several medical issues and currently we do not have a Will. If something were to happen to him and we do not have a Will, what would happen to our assets. Also, if he decides to put a Will together, I have requested to be involved but he has made it clear that all decisions will be made by him. Does he have that right? I want to make sure that my children and I are provided for if something were to happen to him and that the step children are not entitled to claiming some of our assets. I have been employed for 38 years and have contributed financially to the marriage from medical bills, house payments and purchasing assets. By Minnesota State Law, what am I entitled to if he were to pass with no Will. Since my husband seems to want to be in charge of his Will, should I meet with an attorney to ensure my 401k, pension and retirement accounts go to my children?
  17. Hi, when I was in a relationship with my boyfriend he needed a car so we put it in my name because of his bad credit. He sold his old car to use as a down payment, but we both made monthly payments towards it throughout the relationship and I was the primary owner of the car. We broke up in December and I let him keep the car because he said he would make the payments. I asked him many times to be taken off of the title but he refused to sign it. I just found out that he has not made the last three payments because a repo man showed up at my door looking for the car I did not have possession of. I told the repo man where he could find the car, and when received at the lot I made the payments and got the car out. He told me numerous times he intentionally tried messing up my credit and I have witnesses to prove that. My question is if I can sue him for the past due amounts he refused to pay when it was in his possession and he refused to take me off the title. Would he be entitled to any of the down payment back since he showed absolutely no intent to make a payment for three months which then led to him losing possession of the car. I fixed the issue and got the car to fix my credit, am I entitled to the money I am out, and will he be entitled to receive any of the down payment back? I am in the process of getting a harassment restraining order, he has threatened me and to damage my vehicles. Any advice would be very helpful! Thanks.
  18. My boyfriend was driving my car and was arrested for a DWI in Clay County, MN. The police searched the car and found a large amount of pot in the trunk. I wasn't with him, and didn't give consent for a search. They seized my car and are serving me with papers about it tomorrow. I didn't know he would be an idiot with my vehicle or I wouldn't have let him borrow it. I got the vehicle a month ago, haven't even made a payment on it yet and it has a loan and lien on it. What are the chances that I will be able to get my car back? What will happen if I don't get it back?
  19. I am in Minnesota, I am single and because of my income level I was told I qualify for a Medical Assistance program. No cost to me except some deductibles, Been on it a few years. I am healthy, rarely need medical help.. I just found out that because I'm on Medical Assistance, the state can file a lien on my property to get their money back for my use/cost of the Medical Assistance program. I own my house, and have a Life estate with my brother on my Mothers house, also paid for. When does the state put the lien on my house? When I go to sell my house? How is the lien amount determined? Will this effect me if I want to move to another state? I was never told about this when I got Medical insurance. I don't understand how it works. How do I find out if they placed a lien on my house already? Thank You
  20. Is a person who is otherwise 'qualified' for FMLA still eligible for FMLA if they have already been given position elimination paperwork? For example: I was told Jan 26th that my position was being eliminated and my last day would be Feb 26. In order to get the severance package I would have to work to my best ability until Feb 26. On Feb 19 I find out I have to have surgery the following Friday, my last day of work. Am I covered under FMLA? If I apply for a FMLA does the company have to approve under FMLA and for salary continuation (Short Term Disability) if applicable? Treating me the same as an employee who has not been position eliminated? Thank you!
  21. Several lockers and cars were searched at work,they did get a warrant. They claim to have found several pills, I don't doubt it,I have aleve, allgery pills,muscle relaxers, I also take adderal and oxycodone daily,but I have legal script for this. I don't know what exactly they took because they didn't provide me with inventory receipt. I was not arrested or charged with anything, my question is regarding must they provide me copy of taken items? I'm missing strange things,ear rings,watch,my daughters 9th grade school photos,I asked to get this back they say they never took those things. Isn't it my right to know what is being taken?
  22. Does a person need my SS# to include me in their will? The reason I ask, is someone is telling me I am in their will and holding it over my head to get me to do things for them. They don't have my SS#. I want to know if I'm being used.
  23. Hope this is the right forum for my question--- I live in Minnesota. I plan to have some remodeling work done on my home. After I pick a contractor to use, I want to create a contract that states how much they get paid, when payments for services & completion will take place etc etc etc Total amount of the job around $15,000 My question is when creating a written contract does anything special need to be done to make it a legal binding contract? Besides having it signed etc, like Notarize it, file it with someone or some dept, or something else? Or Would it be best if I have a attorney create it instead of myself? Looking for advice. Thank You.
  24. me and my sister was given land as a gift , however her name is only list the deed and my name is listed in a document that states( undivided 1/2 interest) . The documents where drawn up from a lawyer doing the land transfer. ​First she divided. she put half in her husbands and her name and the other half in just her name. Then she rented the land out to a neighbor who she let. put a restraining order on me . to keep me off the land. do I have any legal right to the land, being my name is mention as having 1/2 interest, however my name is not on the land deed. also I am have a nervous breakdown, she keeps adding salt to the wound. Do I have any cause for a lawsuit for (intentional infliction of distress) ? Thanks!!!!
  25. Let me describe myself a little bit, I'm a 15 year old girl, who lives in the lower area state of Minnesota. I'm Caucasian, I attend school, I'm doing very well in school also. (Mind you, my mom has physically abused me before and gotten CPS called, also emotionally abuses me, tells me I'm worthless, a pile of ****, I'm not her daughter, she should've aborted me, she should've given me away, & much worse things. The whole story started out as.... My mother got home 30-35 minutes with my siblings after I had been home from school, she was going to get groceries & told me I had to watch the 2 year old sibling of mine while she would be gone, I then asked to play her computer tablet, which she said yes, if you do your chores, I then said I do not want to do the dishes, and after five times of saying no, I then said I would them and all of my chores, after I said I would, she got in my face and yelled at me, to where a called her a whore. (Don't jump to conclusions yet please, keep reading.) I then ran downstairs, locked my self in a room to where she came and was jiggling the door knob saying open, I said no, you're going to kill me, while I was in tears, she then said, I'm going to strangle you. I called the town cop asking for help, saying I don't feel safe, I told him my mother is threatening to strangle me. He then said, I'll be over in a bit, I have work to take care of right now. He then arrived at my house 45 minutes to an hour after I called. (It's 4 blocks from my house from the station.) During that in between time, my mother kept saying repeatedly, "Pack your ****, and get out of my house." She also said, I'm worthless, I do nothing, that I'm not a part of the family, and calling me names such as a menace, I'm retarded, a moron, and ugly, & many other names I cannot recall. (Then the officer arrived.) He heard the whole story, then told me I need to listen to my mother, where I said, so I should've opened the door to strangle me? And he looked at me like I was an idiot & said yes. He never once said anything to her about the names she had called me, but kept bringing up I called her a whore, I then said I wanted to leave my house out of pure anger, but not once did I yell, I was very calm and honest as I could've been, I was having a mental break down and hyper ventilating and trying to calm down talking to the officer, my mom was twisting words, which the officer told me I was disrespectful when I respectfully told my mom she was getting words and parts of the story mixed, to where I was explaining I'm a human and make mistakes. He then brought up how last week, I was out with my friends, and we were out past curfew. (I didn't know the town rules, but long story short, I had to get a 45 minute ride home at 2 in the morning.) and explained to me if I was his kid, he'd be grounded for 6 months. After I said I wanted to be sent, he said I would get probation & next call he gets, that I'm going to be in the back of his car. Thank you for taking the time for reading this, and I need help. Please contact me in any way possible. I also have FaceBook but no number if you'd like to speak there. Please get back to me.
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