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Found 75 results

  1. My ex and I have been divorced for almost 6 yrs, and we've got a custody order ( I have sole primary & we share legal) & visitation order in place. For the past few months, it has become a major struggle to get my son (he's almost 12 yrs old) to wanna go to his father's for his scheduled visitations. And when I say struggle, I mean a full blown anxiety meltdown!!! Recently, my son tried talking to his father about having the option to choose to attend his visits (my son was told via his counselor, that when he turns 13, the courts would give him the choice of doing visits or not), and as I'm sure you can imagine, that conversation didn't go well. It ended basically with my ex threatening my son that he (the ex) would fight him (my son) tooth and nail in court, it would cost my son $5,000 and he'd (ex) would win and take full custody away from me, costing my son to lose me and it will cost my son his fathers side of the family through the duration of the proceedings. There have been many issues between my ex & our son, so much so that my son suffers major panic & aniety from the way my ex treats our son. My question is,....is there legitimately anything that we can do about visitation altering? Was the counselor correct in the fact that the courts would talk to my son & give him the option?? My ex has both myself & my son, in a matter of speaking, scared to reach out to a lawyer or the courts. Not sure where options we do have....if any to help my son. Concerned mother
  2. When opening a free business checking account for a single member LLC, can I sign as a member instead of signing as me the person personally? My bank made me use my personal signature regardless of knowing I wanted to open it on behalf of my company...
  3. I need to know whether a policeman coming to my home, accusing me of a crime that may not even be a crime, and taking my cell phone off the living room table and telling me he was taking it with him for evidence and would bring it back in a few days was legal. It has been 3 weeks and I have called him, with phones I have had to borrow, by the way, the phone was given to me by the state because I am disabled and in a wheelchair, which he saw and knows, so when I am alone it is the only way I have to call for help. He told me today that the phone is evidence and he does not ever have to return it to me. He said that my allowing him to take the phone, which was not even an option when he took it, he just took it, but he told me by letting him have it I as good as admitted to being involved in the "crime". Now I am scared and have no money to hire a lawyer but I need help! Can someone help me?
  4. If a Insurance Co. issues(sells) an insurance policy, on a particular vehicle, and the policy holder(the purchaser) is NOT the vehicle owner, and there is an accident by the policy holder that causes loss or damages to the insured vehicle,and the vehicle owner, and the damages are covered according to the policy, *Does the insurance co. have an obligation to the vehicle owner, for damages incurred in the accident by the policy holder, to make the vehicle owner whole, or as close as possible??*
  5. Chapter 7 bk discharged in 11/2010 with denial of reaffirmation of 1st/2nd mortgages which were discharged. No further payment made on 2nd mortgage. Continued to pay 1st in good faith and on time. Want to make a move. Should I just leave and allow foreclosure to begin. What are the ramifications of this to my responsibility in these debts. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. My dog had a fight with another dog in my yard. My dog had slipped his collar on a tie out, the other dog approached on a leash which was dropped by the handler leaving both dogs free. Both dogs were bitten by each other. Their dog sustained more serious bites, I have a 66 pound Boxer, their dog was a medium sized Shihtzu. I was outside at the time of the incident. The other dog was with a "dog walker" or "babysitter" depending on what day you ask the dogs owner. No one else was present outside at the time. The owner of the dog filed a police report. The police report is very inaccurate, and I believe possibly defamatory. I spoke with the other dogs owner and asked if he could call and clarify the information that was untrue with the office. He is unwilling to do so. The police took the report, the case was assigned to a detective. The detective read the report and made a determination to label my dog as "potentially dangerous". I went to the police station and spoke with the detective. I gave him a first hand witness account which he did not document in my presence. I then gave him a typed written copy of the same information that I had brought with me. The detective stated that the circumstances of the incident were inconsequential and that his determination remained because the other owner filed the police report first. Their dog, even though he bit my dog on MY grass at my house is not facing the same consequences. I have filed an appeal to the determination. The process is now for their to be a dangerous dog review board hearing. I am extremely frustrated. I do not want my dog labeled in this manner. He is a Boxer which has a negative connotation as a "Bully Breed", however, he is a family dog who shares our home with 6 children ages 5-16, and another dog, a 7 lb. Pomeranian named River. He will be 4 in May and has never had any other bite incidents. He passed basic obedience in April of 2015. He is neutered. Do I have a chance of winning this appeal? Is there any rights that we have since this occurred on our property? Is there any legal recourse against the misinformation in the police report?
  7. Is it legal for a FORMER registered agent to file documents that changes them back to being the agent once again, without knowledge of the president or directors of the corporation? I would like to know if I need to find a lawyer or not. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Our home is located in our Township's Agricultural designated zoning code. We are allowed to have short term rentals of our home and to offer our home or portions of our home through airbnb, VRBO, and the like. Our master plan though shows that a possible zoning code change could occur that would put us in a designated residential zone that limits renting to no less than 30 days. Short term rentals would not be allowed. Will we be allowed to use the former use as a previous allowed use? Thank you for you consideration. Traverse Clty, Michigan
  9. Hi there, I am staying at an extended stay type of hotel in Michigan and yesterday while I was cooking with vegetable oil it started a fire which was only contained to the stove and the cabinets above it and the wall next to the stove had to be teared down (only a small hole was made by the fire dept). The sprinklers did not go off thankfully. My question is what exactly are my rights as a hotel guest? Will I be held liable and have to pay for the whole cost of repairs even if they have insurance? I was not negligent at all and in fact was standing right next to the stove when this happened. Can someone please provide advice as to what exactly I am responsible for in this type of situation... Could they sue me for the damages??
  10. My girl friend is having some trouble with her parents. She lives with her father but her mother is receiving full child support from her father. Her mother is a druggy and a alcoholic. I feel that it is not right for her father to be paying for her livings and paying her mother to not work and drink all day. Is there anyway that we could fix the child support in this situation? With the last payment of child support, her father was short on the money and she is now threatening to take her dog back which is her daughter's entire world. Her daughter has become very emotional and stressed because of this.
  11. Hi! My husband and I purchased a home in Michigan, closing on May 15th 2015. We had an inspection done in April and it revealed no major issues. The ground was still frozen and covered in snow. We could not do a septic inspection, but had paperwork from when it was last serviced in 2011 verifying it was working properly. Sellers reported no trouble or issues. The day we moved in (May 23rd) we were out of water by 6pm after doing nothing but a few bathroom trips and hand washing. The following Wednesday we had to replace the well pump. It was too small for the depth of our well, and had broken impellers that had been not working right for some time according to the well service guy. As soon as our water was back, it started backing up into the basement bathtub and toilet. Come to find out the septic is shot and set too low in the ground. The sellers had the septic pumped on May 4th, and were told it was full and something was wrong. They did not tell us anything about any issues with water or the septic. Both the well service guy and the septic service guy assured us the issues had been happening for some time and the sellers had to know something was not right. What, if any, legal recourse do we have in this situation? We have contacted a local lawyer, but he is taking forever to return our calls.
  12. Hello all, I am unfortunately a victim of identity theft as of 2014. I just found out about it in february of 2015. Luckily for me the thieves did not do too much harm to my credit but I do have a concern. After I reported my identity theft in February 2015 I received a letter in the mail from the Michigan Department of State in March 2015 stating that there was a data breach in 2011 at a Secretary of State and my documents were among those that were taken from their system and my papers were recently retrieved by law enforcement. Now I was not notified about this data breach until 2015. Is there anyway I can sue the state of Michigan for failure to notify me of a data breach? The letter they sent seems like they are trying to do damage control. Please help!
  13. My question involves civil rights in the State of: Michigan My bank account was seized under Federal Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws. I have obviously not been charged with anything...
  14. My ex- husband and I have been divorced for 6 years. Our home that was purchased in Michigan together has just now been transferred in to our names due to land contract holder not filing a Quit Claim Deed at time of home being paid for, as of 2008. My ex had defaulted on land contract, divorce he filed , and payment of taxes. I alone have paid off home, paid back and current taxes, repaired home that was destroyed by ex upon our separation. I moved to Florida, and filed for divorce and was granted this in 2009, but the home was not able to be settled due to jurisdiction. Now, I wish to sell home but have no known address and contact info for ex for 7 years. He has not showed any interest in home all for these years. My question is , how do I proceed to sell home and/or amend new deed to my current name and go about legal action to settle these issues?
  15. Am I allowed to host fundraisers at my home for my non profit without the City thinking I'm trying to run a commercial business? This property where I would hold the events is the actual non profit.
  16. My dentist off is charging a $6.00 late fee on all balances no matter what they are so I had a $16.00 balance and now it is $22.00, this may not see like a lot but then I used my bank's bill pay system to pay them and because the check was not cut on time I got another $6 fee, so now my balance is $28.00 which leaves a $6.00 balance that if I do not pay they will probably charge $6 on that. I believe this is a bit excessive and have not see a company charging fees like this for balances this small. Is this legal can they do this? I have seen finance charges on an unpaid balances and even compounded finance charges but a flat fee irregardless of the amount seems boarder line gouging. I could be wrong though I am the same person that feels like Comcast should not be able to charge a late fee on unpaid balances especially since they are billing you in advance, not for services already rendered. I just want to know if any laws are being broken here. Thanks Shes_curious
  17. My ex was very controlling, mean and put me down all the time while we married. Reason why I divorced him. He was also mean to my two older kids from my first marriage. We have been divorced since 2009 and he still is mean, puts me down and talks bad about me to my kids. He recently stalked me to try to find out how much I make. He assumes I make almost twice what I do. Since he thinks I make so much he is cancelling the kids cell phones right before they go visit him for the summer. He told them if they move with him he will keep their phones. He also told my 16 yr old daughter last year that he would buy her a vehicle. He just told her today that he will only buy her a vehicle if she comes and lives with him. He talks to the kids about them moving with him all the time. He lives in TN, I live in MI. There was an incident where my 16 yr old daughter got in trouble so I took her phone away for punishment. She talked to her dad and he told her that he would get me to give it back to her. Just one of several incidents where he negates my choices. He never supports me in my decisions regarding the kids. In fact, he always goes against what I say or do. He talks to them anywhere from once a month to once every two months. It used to be 2-3 months. He gets them in the summer and at Christmas time. I allow him more time for those visits as I have them during the school year. I'm considering only allowing him the 42 days in summer instead of the whole summer as he fills their heads with so much negativity about living in MI and with me. In August 2011, he decided he wasn't going to bring the kids back home from his visit ( at this time he lived in SC and I was in TX) he went 10 days past the time he was supposed to have them home so I threatened him with a 'writ of habius' (per an attorney) He left and 2-3 hours after leaving to bring them home he got in an accident. It was his fault. He texts while he drives with the kids in the vehicle. I asked him about this issue and he said my accusations were unfounded. My two girls (19, 12 at the time) told me he texts while he drives all the time and had many close calls. After the wreck he refused to bring them home so I had to drive down to pick them up myself. I dont think he has ever brought the kids home on time. Last summer, he would have had them home on time but stopped and went shopping for a few hours before returning them. I'm concerned with him talking to our children all the time about them living with him that he may try to keep them this summer. I make him text me so I have texts proving what he says to me. The kids always come back from visits with him full of negativity. I'm at a loss as to what to do. Is there any legal rights I have to get him to stop this behavior? What can I do to ensure he not only brings them home but brings them home on time?
  18. I am an adult female who had braces for over 7 years.I am now in so much pain from my teeth having cavities and the only reason the braces were finally removed (3/30/15) due to an email sent from the office manager to the chairman of the orthodontic school that said, "faculty practice is demanding that the brackets be removed". I am now having to suffer having the cavities that the school refuses to see me until 6/8/15! My mouth is full of cavities from wearing the d... brackets for over 7 or 8 yrs. I finally saw another dentist today because the cavities/ pain make me have to pull over while driving home from work. I was informed today that the brackets should not have been left on when the cavities started happening. I have had too suffer with dental pain everyday for the last few months. A tooth was twisted due to the brackets. I have lost a tooth and will likely loose more because of the brackets being left on too long. I trusted them and they clearly neglected my dental / health and emotional care. While under their care,I have had bilateral jaw surgery ('12 and minor jaw again to remove come metal that was irritating and my body was and still is rejecting. Save for the months I had extensive back surgery in Nov "11, I kept my apps unless I was in too much pain.I had to spend over $600 today just to begin treatment on the cavities that if not seen about, will cause me to loose all of my teeth. And the pain is just so unnecessary. I am a RN by profession and my mouth health is important. My social life is non existent.my husband and family are very upset with what I have been through just to have an outcome of disaster. Orthodontic assistants who have worked at the dental school for years stated to me that I need to receive justice as they have never seen an case/ outcome like mine. And too make matters' worse, they refused to see me until June 8. My case is extensive but will show neglect / malpractice if looked into. some of the metal. I have found out today from the new dentist I found to take care of me, is that I have too see an oral surgeon to remove a tooth and to evaluate a tooth that has an infection and not sure if that one can be saved. This infection has been going on for months and no one did anything. The school not only should never have taken a case like mine, they should have referred me to someone who could years ago. Now I have to suffer for their blatant mistakes. Please advise. Thank you so much for your attention
  19. I've been on probation for 9 months, paid everything off and was suppose to be off March 20th. I got a violation in the mail stating I missed a test on the 23rd. When I called my probation officer to talk to her about what was going on she stated that although she told me that I was getting off on the 20th my actual release date wasn't until the 26th.. So why would she tell me the 20th?! So I now have a violation hearing on April 21st and I don't really know what to do about this. When she asked me if I would drop clean I told her I wasn't sure. I thought I was free and in the clear. Is there some kind of law that makes it illegal for her to lie to me about my release date? I just need to find some answers, I just want my life and my freedom back!! Please help!!
  20. I was wondering its possible to sue a state for failing to find justice? Then I was wondering if it could be done as a class action? I was pregnant at fifteen and that is rape in this state. It was never prosecuted. Instead, the county paid me to tell my story all over two counties. I spoke to hundreds including teachers and law enforcement, who never reported (rape is child abuse). It's interesting to me because my son's grandmother was pregnant at fourteen and instead of prosecuting his grandfather, a judge offered him the ability to marry her (he was off into college). That was on my son's father's side. That was all a long time ago but I have more than just unprosecuted rape (no one even to,d me it was rape). My 1st husband admitted to child pornography addictions to law enforcement and they didn't prosecute. They didn't even seize the computer. My oldest son was found guilty of a sexual offense as a minor and his probation officer wouldn't allow him to attend my baptism. The day of my baptism the lottery numbers came up my son's birthday. He was born on 9/11 and the numbers came up 9911. I'm sick to death of men thinking they have no accountability with pregnancy or at the very least if they feel all the way down to fourteen is an accountable age, they should change the law. Not ignore it. My son was born almost twenty years ago but since the law ignored my rape doesn't that mean I can ignore their statute of limitations? Regardless, he wasn't allowed to attend my religious services and that was less than ten years ago. I would like to see other young women hold these teachers, health care providers and law enforcement accountable for failing to report a criminal act. I was raped again a few years ago and that man hasn't been brought to justice either. I'm not going to spend the rest of my life wondering if I'm going to get raped, either.
  21. Short version: Worked at a privately held company for 16 years. Advanced to middle-management. "John" was my manager, or department manager for 13 of those years. Our families would attend a few events together outside of work. John was well known as a "pig" at work because of certain habits and mannerisms. Eventually, John informed me, during my yearly review, that he wanted to spend time with me, outside of work. I said no and my formally glowing reviews started to decline. After a few months, I was taken off work due to chronic, severe depression. After one year off work, I was fired. Now that I'm getting better, (6 years since losing my job), I am considering suing the company. The entire ordeal was poorly handled. My question is: In Michigan, what kind of documentation or proof do I need to pursue this, in Michigan?
  22. My home phone number is on the National Do Not Call Registry. I do realize that the registry does not include calls from certain entities, such as surveys, non-profits, and debt collectors. With that in mind, I have been receiving an amount of phone calls that I, personally, would consider "harassing" from one such survey company (I will tell you the name of the company, if asked, but for now, I will keep that to myself). Suffice it to say that this survey company specializes in opinion regarding radio programming. The calls have been coming in at a rate of between 3-5 calls, daily. Even so, the calls were more of a nuisance, than anything damaging... until yesterday. As of yesterday (Wednesday, March 18), this company has started calling at times that I believe are illegal, but I cannot be sure if survey companies are held to the same 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM times that collectors are held. On Wednesday, March 18, the survey company called at 9:37 PM (waking my children and wife), 7:57 AM on Thursday, March 19 (I was about to walk my child to the bus stop), and now again at 9:48 PM on Thursday, March 19 (again, waking my wife and children). As far as any sort of blocking goes, my phone company doesn't have that feature as "standard", which likely means I would have to pay for such a service. With that in mind, is this survey company calling illegally, by calling outside of the 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM time frame? And if so, what can I do to get this company to stop harassing us? Any information would be most appreciated!
  23. My mother passed in 2010 in Michigan. She was married to my stepdad (almost 25 years). She had a couple $100,000 life insurance policies and retirement funds. She has three adult children and my Stepdad has 3 adult children. While still healthy, she and my stepdad established a "Family Trust" in which all 6 children would split the remaining inheritance once both had passed away. My sister and his son were executors on the trust. Apparently my stepdad had Alzheimer's and some cognitive issues which my mother had masked the last several years of her life. After she passed, we think the Step family had my stepdad take my sister brother and I out of the trust but we have never been notified of these changes (including y sister) My stepdad passed a couple weeks ago and we haven't heard anything about the status of the trust or anything. My mother is probably rolling in her grave. Is it possible for this family to have changed my mother's wishes and write her children out of the trust that was to be for all 6 children? Wouldn't we have had to be contacted? Do we have have steps for recourse? My sister took care of my mother in her final years, cooking, cleaning for her and my stepdad as well as "nursing" her, taking them both to medical appointments and helping with hospice. After her death, my stepdad slowly deteriorated until he no longer knew who we were, (my sister was called one day by Ohio police because he had gotten in his car and driven into the neighboring state - didn't know how he got there and didn't really recognize her when the troopers had her come get him.) If anyone has knowledge of what steps we can or should take, it would be appreciated.
  24. We have an employee that is violating our company policy. When questioned about the actions, a sexual harassment lawsuit was intimated by the employee. The company wants to fire the employee for violating policy,but is afraid of a retaliation lawsuit. The employee has not filed a complaint with the company or the EEOC. Any suggestions?
  25. I am currently 16 years old living in Michigan. My parents are divorced, so I love with my mother and my father pays her child support. I know at the age of 17 in Michigan I can legally move out and my mother cannot report me as a runaway. My question is, if I move out is there anyway I can have it set up so my child support goes directly to me instead of my mother? Thank you!
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