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Found 49 results

  1. Here is the story from beginning to end, Not sure if I should post this in Debt's or in Landlord/Tenant. I'll post it in both. I lived in an apartment complex with two roommates who eventually let other people stay in our home(9300) without being on the lease or paying money. I was dissatified and did not want to live at 9300 anymore. The lease for 9300 would end in May of 2013 which is when i found another person who already lived in the complex in search of roommates. We talked and we aggreed on moving in and numbers amongst ourselves. I personally went to speak with a lease agent in the office about my situation. I would be the only person leaving the 9300 to be added to the 9009 lease. I asked about when i would move into the 9009 apartment and she said it doesnt matter when we physically move but the lease on 9300 is up in May and we need to be out. I asked whats the standing of the 9009 lease, she claimed "MD law states that she is not allowed to give any information on a lease that is not connected to the tenant". Since I no longer wanted to live at 9300, I just moved at the end of May into June '13. again i went into the leasing office to speak with my leasing agent about how much the rent in and signing the lease and giving me a copy for my records. At this time she said she did not have a copy to give me nor did she have anything i could sign. I asked the receptionist for a copy of the lease and she gave me the previous copy with the past tenants names and signatures. It is now coming to an end in June and I receive a call from the leasing agent that If i or the current roommates living there did not add ourselves to the lease we would have to pay an additional $300 a month. I told her I had tried to sign when i could but she was never ready. Nonetheless, since she was the leasing agent and i was just a dumb student, I went into her office and signed the add on lease paper. After 1 month of signing the add on lease paper, I receive an eviction letter and a paper stating we owe 1600 dollars in past due rent. Of course, at this point I am mad at myself, my roommates and the leasing agent. I felt as if she had done this on purpose along with the roommate. I felt bad for not sticking to myself and asking about the condition of the lease and just paying the extra money. Emotions aside, I am now facing a an eviction and need to figure out what is going on. after two months, it could not be worked out and I decided to break the lease and move somewhere else. I felt tricked by both the leasing office and Jiovante(roommate). I felt they had both done it on purpose since they were already being sued for nonpayment. When she wanted to add me on and i asked about the account, she should not have let me sign without telling me the account was delinquent and had been for months. Now two years later, no one can find Jiovante to be served with papers, and myself and the other roommate stupidly signed the papers when we were served. We went to court and told them we would fight the charges so we could explain exactly what happened. After the back and forth with debt collectors and calling and seeing bills we decided to just settle the account to get rid of the bill. The court date was set for Sept 1. In August, we settled and paid the account with a rep from FMS solutions. He said we were cleared and the debt was settled, no need to appear in court. The rep paid my money to settle that debt to the 9300 apartment which no one was aware there was even a debt collection. When the rep noticed his error in paying the money to the wrong account,told me he couldn't say anything else and hung up on me. I tried calling back and speaking with different people and no one would talk to myself or my roommate. Someone messed up. Lastly, since we did not show up in court, we defaulted into the judgement which was in out heads paid for already. So at this point, myself and my other roommates now have a wage garnishment on both our employment checks and Jiovante still has not been served. I requested for another hearing so I could explain all of this to the judge since we missed our time in September bc of the mix up with FMS solutions. It was granted and we now have a new date in one month. I was referred to a lawyer through my job with a lawyer who hurried me though my consult, and had a horrible attitude. Just to be clear. Im not disputing that I owe money for 9009. I am disputing the debt for 9300, I think that was an error from the apartment complex, because I never recieved any bills or anything from that bill. I'm disputing the judgement for 9009 b/c the debt should have been settled in August if the collections rep was paying attention. All in all I just wanted to know, - should we go well when we go to the hearing, what do i need? - do we need a lawyer? - what kind of lawyer should i look for? - is this a good case, like is there a possiblity we could win w/o a lawyer? or with one?
  2. What relief is available under Maryland law against a creditor that has failed to notify the court in more than 3 years that a judgment has been satisfied?
  3. My ex-husband and I signed an agreement in 2008 stating that if our martial home is sold we are to spit the processed 50/50. In our divorce (2012)/separation documents it states under Real Estate : Wife's name is to be removed from all obligations related to said real property, wife shall transfer all of her right, title and interest in said real property to husband. Does this mean if he sales the home the agreement signed in 2008 in null and void?
  4. Aug.4 we had a storm come through our area and at the time I had a very large branch from a tree that is right next to my mobile home fall and hit the front end of my trailer and the owner don't think he should have to pay for my damages to my home I told him 2 months in advance to remove this branch from the tree and the only response I got is that it has leaves on it and it is no since in removing it so it fell on my home and I got like $1350.00 in damages done so I would like to know who is responsible for these damages?
  5. My ex-husband and I have joint legal custody of our son. lately when he gets an attitude he denies me to speak to our son and doesn't have me listed on any school records as POC, he basically since married and is not providing me any information to include his health status about him. Also, he makes at least 9k and month and i 2700 per month and the CS agency requested that i pay him and my expense are ignored when our son is in my care. I pay for his child care when he is with me (summer, spring break and other days when he is out of school, additional medication that he must have at both residence and etc). I need assistance because it seems as though to me that I will have to go to court to fight this man and i don't have the energy but if i must fight I will need counseling.
  6. I re-financed the house in 2008 but the title co. never had the deed recorded. The co-signer was supposed to come off the deed. Now, trying to re-finance again but the co-signer won't sign a new deed that will take the place of the 2008 deed. Claims they should have a separate document stating they were not a liable co-signer since 2008. Title co. lawyers keep sending the same generic deed with a quitclaim on it but co-signer thinks that just keeps them on the deed. Does it? And does the co-signer have to sign the new deed so they can sign off of the new re-finance deed?
  7. My daughter has been treated for mental health issues, and the insurancer has refused to pay almost all of the bills. What kind of Lawyer do I need to see whether I even have a case to sue the insurer?
  8. Two tenants signed lease but one moved out.Can the lock be changed for safety reasons for remaining tenant?
  9. I need help with a EEOC question. I have bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. I moved to MD from DE in January due to a job offer in Maryland. My previous employer was aware of my disorders and I was there for 3 years, with occasional outbursts sometimes, but they understood. I was on meds while in DE. While in MD, my meds ran out. I contacted my doctor in DE, but unfortuntely he would not prescribe me my meds unless I came to my appt in DE (which I had all ready cancelled due to moving, nor did I have DE health insurance anymore). After getting insurance through my new company in MD, I contacted a doctor but could not get an appointment until the June. So now I have been off my meds since March. In April I started having serious stress and anxiety related stomach problems. I started throwing up everyday and rapidly losing weight, at which I had to take time off work to have a procedure done, now I have bile reflux decease. At this point I decided it would be wise to tell my boss what was going on, so on Tuesday 5/19/15 I did. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER..... My boss went from saying good morning to me daily and smiling to saying nothing to me and being straight forward with me. Then last week I was told that my quality of work had declined, even though just weeks before that someone told me I was doing a good job. Unfortunitely, this week I actually had a stomach virus, while someone else in my household had been diagnosed with strep throat, which also caused me to miss two days. I come back into the office today and I was asked to been seen by management halfway through the day. I was told due to my performance decline and missing to much time due to "whatever it is" that you couldn't be here for we feel inclined to let you go. I sat there knowing he was talking about my disorder or what it was doing to me. Can they let me go "at will" even though it was my disorder causing all the problem?
  10. If I am late on mortgage and I want to catch up on payments, Can the mortgage company still foreclose on me if I do not pay the mortgage their lawyer fees.
  11. Recently, the father of my 6 month old son and I settled a custody agreement outside of court. My lawyer and I knew he'd be in contempt but to keep a detailed journal of each time and with copies of texts, emails, etc. I raised my son on my own since he was born. There's a very long story behind it all, but in the end I do want my son to have a father figure and am not one to keep him from his father (which is why I agreed outside of court). I agreed to 50/50 even though I know I likely could have gotten more but for saving costs and not having someone else choose the outcome, I agreed. In the 7 days that he had custody (2 on 2 off 5 on 5 off), he asked his mother to watch him twice, and me to watch him 3-4 times. He's attended weddings and parties at all times of day, etc. His whole idea prior to signing was that he would adjust his work schedule, which is 24/7 as he's MLM and thinks work is most important. I work a full time job as a civil engineer. I leave work for all doctors appts, days off for holidays that daycare is closed, etc. Anyways, my biggest push was for First Right of Refusal, knowing he would have to work a lot and would never be able to handle staying out of the limelight. Sadly, I was correct. My FROR is after him being away from my son for 2 hours (this is for me as well). He has literally told me he would stay away from 1 hour and 55 minutes to leave him with his mother over me (whom lives with an alcoholic, who has beaten her and domestic violence against, and who she admittedly told me held a gun to her). She HATES me, told me off the first day she met me (same with his ex wife...still mouths off about how she's a bad person...never her son). She lashed out because I drank a drink with red coloring in it when pregnant, told me its horrible my son is in daycare because of germs etc, said he WILL be homeschooled, etc. This is MY son. For a 6 month old to be bounced around so much it breaks my heart. He has FPIES (allergies to milk protein and foods, skin condition, etc.) where he sees a GI Specialist at Johns Hopkins. She doesn't' listen to anything we tell her he needs and argues that its not how they used to do it in her times. My sons father also does things against what het doctors say. My son has been so constipated, screwed up routine, etc due to bouncing all around. I know he's using her all the time to leave my son there. IF it is long than the 2 hours, am I allowed to call the police? What grounds would I have to stand on? I know I can ask for a modification but am not so sure that it would show "substantial change" as they'd need...and the costs I attempted to sit an converse about the situation and how we could work it all out and he refuses. My son has relied on me solely for so long, and yes he needs to be introduced, but don't you think one transition is enough this soon?! thank you for your answers and advice.
  12. My employer went under in August 2013, but not before not paying me my salary for a bit. The bankruptcy court sent me a check for back pay (which was great) in June 2014, but now I need to figure out how to pay taxes on it. The employer issued 2013 w-2s, but is long gone now, and won't be sending out 2014 tax documents - and the check came from the bankruptcy court anyway. Any help anyone can provide - even a nudge in the right direction - would be really appreciated.
  13. Xena11

    No warrant

    I was a victim of an attempted aduction and kidnapping in an apartment complex parking lot, However, someone saw what was happening and called the police to report the crime. when the police arrived. They ask me what apartment did I come from, I told them I went to an apartmen t to see a girl but no one answered the door. Tthey asked me to come to the police station with them, I have a short record for drugs. And hour or so later one police officer at the station decided their may be someone hurt at the apartment. He went to the apartment complex without a warrant went into the apaetment and said, he found drugs instead. later he would apply for a warrant; Is his action legal.\? He also said I own the apartment and I was arrested. Also, they towed my car and search it and found nothing. Xena 11
  14. Background: Bankruptcy Ch 7 Discharged in 2011, Maryland Property was included. Bank kept my name on title and the loan, apparently never discharging the loan (unknown to me). I find out when in Nov 2014 I try to purchase property only to find out the bank foreclosed on the MD property in January 2014 and that my name is still on the title and on the loan. I received a 1099-A this week showing Fair Market Value of Property (4)above the Balance of principal outstanding on the loan (2)..all this happening in my good name. I researched and understand that the bank may owe me for the overage. Other items to note, the bank was paying the taxes and insurance for the whole 3 years and it was vacant since 2009. I live in California and never lived in the property. Have you ever heard of such and what should be my next move?
  15. I am currently rooming with my daughter in a 2 bdrm apt. She is the lease of the apt. We verbally agreed to split the rent, (which is paid up till the 15th) while she pays the electric and I pay for the cable and internet. She got the electric bill for this month and is now demanding that I pay for half of it. She said that if I don't, i'll have to immediately leave the premises. What are my rights in this situation? thank you.
  16. My partner lives and works in Maryland. Last week the directors and senior staff did not receive their pay (the admin etc did). It seems the company is struggling financially right now. My partner was talking with a staff member, who told him that in 2006 the same thing happened and that pay was never reimbursed to them. What is the law in Maryland regarding not paying staff and what is his recourse?
  17. An inmate was sentenced to time in a Maryland state prison and additional county jail time. He has completed his prison sentence and transferred to the county jail by the state. He was also sentenced to addition probation time upon final release. Due to a minor infraction while he is incarcerated at the county level, he is being threatened with possible probation violation. My question is can his probation be violated even though he is still serving his time and has never been released to begin serving his probation?
  18. It is 2 business days before my 341 meeting and my attorney just emailed me stating : " Please note that I intend to send you a form letter indicating my intentions to withdraw from your case as soon as I fulfill my duties at the Section 341 meeting of creditors. Once the court strikes my appearance, you will need to seek another attorney to address any issues you have". This is his response to an email i sent yesterday asking for an explanation for the lack of communication and professionalism I have encountered since hiring him. My repeated emails to him, as directed - updating my finances and asking specific chapter 7 questions such as finding employment, closing a checking account, and how to answer one of the trustee questions went unanswered let alone there being any acknowledgment of the reception of the emails. I had previously addresses the lack of communication and asked to be treated with the expected standard of conduct for his profession over a month ago with no response or improvement. I tried to appeal to his humanity by indicating that I had spent a large some of money for his services and being kept in the dark let alone ignored was affecting my anxiety and irritability conditions. Yesterday, less than a 4 business days before my 341 meeting, my therapist called my lawyer and his paralegal (?) assigned to my case said that they had emailed answers to my last email that i sent over 10 days ago, which is false. Indicating i had not received anything she said she would resend this email to me and my therapist right then. We did not receive this phantom email as i believe that she got caught in a lie as it still hasn't been sent to me even after i requested in writing that she please follow through, and now they are withdrawing I guess they are safe and the fact that she stated these things to me and my therapist is null and void. The paralegal did however mistakenly emailed me instead of my lawyer saying that i was at my therapist and was "freaking out" about my unanswered questions. The email he was supposed to receive included the very email i sent them both 10 days ago. Moments later my lawyer then called my therapist and when i spoke to him he stated that he was unaware of my latest unanswered email sent 10 days ago, and knowing that he now had it, he still stated that he didn't. He finally did answered my questions in a smug and condescending manner as I had to read the email to him. And of course there was no apology for the lack of communication at such a late date or having to have my therapist get involved for his firm to do their job. So, now that he is dumping me what can I do? Do I need an attorney for after the meeting of creditors? What questions should i ask my attorney while he is still my attorney in relation to what has happened and how it may affect the process post 341 etc.? Am I entitled to a partial refund? Is he required to specify where in the retainer contract it is written that he can withdraw as my attorney if i ask him to? Would filing a complaint/grievance give any satisfaction or is it just a hollow formality that favors the attorney? Thanks for any help or feedback, I truly appreciate it.
  19. We are newly married, 2 years and want to build a new home this year. We have the land in MD and found an architech we like. Since we have never done anything like this we want to know who is the right profession that would guide us through the legal part of the entire project. We have started with recieving an agreement from the architech but would like to speak with a legal professional. Is there such a person who does this type of work, reveiw agreements, contracts and understand the entire process for building? Thank you
  20. We live in Maryland and We have a joint legal custody arrangement with every other weekend being his. We have an 8 month son who he never visited till he served me papers for custody. We are unmarried. Now Wile at our court conference the father stated the first weekend after the conference would be perfect to start things up. But a few days later went back on his word stating he did not have the weekend off and wanted to change the weekends off his visits. I have plans for the following weekend. And he nor family came to pick his son up. What should I do when he works on his weekends and does not make ample arrangements to be of work to be with his son. When I know his work is flexible enough to do so as he has told me personally.
  21. I own a unit at a condo building and am also a member of the Board of Directors. I started an email listserv to keep in touch with people living in the building. I send them copies of public documents handed out during our Board meetings, I respond (where possible) to their complaints, and I pass along their ideas and complaints to the Board sometimes. I am careful never to mention other Board members' names or to divulge secret Board deliberations. In one mass email, however, I got very impassioned about a terrible policy the Board had just passed, and I talked about how bad it was, why its passage was procedurally flawed, and how I was going to try and get it rescinded. Our Board President recently discovered the listserv and flew into a rage. She claimed that the listserv was illegal and that unless I shut it down, she would report it to our condo lawyer. What is the deal here? Am I allowed to run the listserv?
  22. I own a unit in a condo building and am also on the Board of Directors. In my capacity as a private unit owner, I sent an email to the boss at the management office requesting a copy of a contract our building has signed with a vendor. The boss refused and said that I needed to get permission from the "Board Liaison" first, who happens to be the same person as our Board President. The boss cited a vague, two-sentence section of our condo's Bylaws as proof that the Liaison had the authority to control all communications between Board members and the management office, the implication being that since I am also a Board member, any business I want to do with the office must go through the Liaison. Apparently, whatever rights I might have had as a private unit owner are revoked. I responded by citing a passage from the next page of our Bylaws, which clearly says "all unit owners" are entitled to view and make copies of contracts our condo is a party to. This email was ignored. I am 95% sure I am right about this and they are breaking the law. Advice? Could this "Liaison" stuff be legitimate? Has anyone ever seen something like that pass legal muster? BTW, yes we have a dysfunctional Board. The President has a pathological personality and is obsessed with controlling the flow of information. The office manager has some real anger issues and is hated by every single person I've ever talked to (still can't figure out how she's still employed), and the two of them are a pair.
  23. I am on a condo Board of Directors. Two months ago, our Vice President pressured all of us to vote to hire a new lawyer to handle a court case for our condo. We were only given three hours to decide because we purportedly "had to file court papers by 5:00 pm" and had to do this over email. We voted yes, and the lawyer was hired. Last week, while looking through publicly available online court records at the official Maryland Case Search website, another Board member and I discovered that our Vice President had used this lawyer for four different personal lawsuits in the recent past. He did not disclose this to us before the vote. I called one other Board member and told her what I found. My friend on the Board told a second Board member about it and then talked with the Vice President over the phone and confronted him. The V.P. became enraged and threatened to sue my friend for defamation and misuse of public records. I'm 99% sure this is B.S., but I'd like to be sure. My friend won't admit it, but I think he's shaken up by the threat. We haven't gone to the police or a lawyer. The only people we've told about this so far have been other Board members. We're concerned because the V.P. basically tricked us into hiring his friend.
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