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Found 30 results

  1. My child's father was arrested for indecent behavior with juveniles and a sexual assault his ex-girlfriend with accessory to indecent behavior and obstruction of justice. I went to the clerk of court the day after I found out and got a restraining order for my daughter. Since then his parents have been trying to see my child and I just cannot trust them. They bonded him out of jail and are calling the victims liars. I have also had two health care professional and the Chief of D’s tell me not to let the grandparents be with her unsupervised. The grandparents have called twice in the last 3 days and the grandmother showed up at my house today without permission, she has never been to my home before this. She had brought gifts for my daughter’s birthday. The visit did not upset my daughter at first but later she became upset when it hit her that her grandfather didn’t come and her father didn’t send her a gift. She also told my daughter about the ex-girlfriends children being in a bad car accident and told her the injuries the children had. This is something she should have told me privately and let me decide the best way to tell her, if at all. The accident happened the day of her birthday party and she feels responsible for it since the children were not at our house. Before the grandmother left she told me she wants to see my child at her house. I found out recently that my child's grandparents plan to sue for visitation of her, her half-sister, and the children of their son's ex-girlfriend. I have temporary full custody of my daughter through a restraining order; her half-sister's mother has full custody with supervised visitation for the father, and the children of the ex-girlfriend now live with their father who now has full custody. Should I get an attorney now, which I cannot afford, or wait until their son is convicted?
  2. my ex husband is a non working attorney ,he claims he hasnt worked in 5 years and couldnt pay child support for our twins that are now 6. i have been to court 22 times in the past 4 years fighting with him . he has made my life so miserable with stalking me, watching everything me and my previous husband do and anyone who comes around me or to my house that i finally gave him custody of the kids. i have just recently found out that on top of him having a law degree he owns a bar with gaming devices making 3 times what i make and now is requesting child support from me,even though he hasnt pais me in the past 4 years.. if i give up my rights as a mother will i be responsible to pay him in the stae of louisiana?
  3. I have two questions. I was in a wreak and my car had to be towed. I went to where it was towed and everything was still in my car. When the Insurance Company for the guy was @ fault everything had been removed. There were a lot of things missing. I have to sign the title over before they will send me a check. Is there anything I can do? Also, my company denied my medical leave because I needed 1,400 hours and I have 1,082. The problem is everyone is part time. I have been tried to for two years in a row to get Medical Insurance and have been denied coverage because you have to have at least 20 hours to get it and they said I averaged 18 hours a week. If you take 18 x 52 weeks it comes to 926 hours a year. So how could I ever make the 1,450 hours to get leave? Thank you.
  4. I had 3 Uncles who all lived together--all of who now are deceased. As heirs to one of my Uncle's (my deceased Mother's brother), who died without a will, would we have any "say so" on the sale of the 1/3% ownership of the house he left behind, as far as what it should sell for, what real estate agent will sell the house, etc.? And, shouldn't we all, (as heirs), agree on the final selling price of the house, even though we only have 1/3% interest in the house? (The other 2/3% of the whole estate was left, BY WILL, to a cousin, (as Executor), and an Aunt). Since my mother is deceased, would a succession necessarily be needed as inheritors, (as her children), of my Uncle's estate? My Mother really had nothing of value...however, as heirs to our Mother, would we all, (6 of us), still receive a share of the % of the sale of my late Uncle's home,(even though our Mother is now deceased)? Color us totally confused. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Can an estate be "challenged" even though a will is established, where said inheritor inherits all property (vehicles, home, monetary assets, etc.)? In other words, can an estate be challenged whereas a "freeze" can be put on the inheritor, as far as halting a sale on inherited vehicles, home, etc., even though a planned upcoming dissolution of estate will occur? Approx. how long does a "simple" succession take, if the person died back in 2008? Is there such an answer to this? What pertinent information will be needed to conduct a succession? This person had no will when deceased, and has only a possible inheritance due to heirship, which is in a preliminary status at this time. Sorry if this inquiry is so vague, I'm putting down words as best as I can, in my own way.
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