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Found 27 results

  1. I was ran off a country road by a truck that took off. I was sling shot off the road and my throttle was stuck I hit a tree and telephone phone and daughter n I taken to hospital. 2 witnesses turned around to check on me and gave same statement I did. But there statements r not in my report! I refused blood work and my seat broke that daughter was in now they r trying charge me with a DUI,endangering welfare of minor cause the seat broke and no insurance but I have that proof. How can they get me on endangerment charge when it wasn my fault it broke. And a DUI someone help me I am facing time n jail and possibility of a cps investigation which is crazy. I am a good single mom and refuse put my daughter through the system
  2. I am seeking advice in regards to my upcoming unemployment benefit appeal hearing. The following is a summary of the situation however I will gladly provide additional details as needed. I was terminated from my low level management position at a supermarket chain after I failed to retain an itemized receipt associated with a refund. I was unaware that it was necessary to keep refund receipts as I was never required to do so in the past. But as luck would have it a coworker who I did not particularly get along with in the past had been recently promoted to office manager. She brought it to the attention of my general manager who in turn verbally counseled me on the matter and the issue was laid to rest. The office manager subsequently contacted the corporate office and I was discharged a week later. My former employer maintains that it was store policy to keep refund receipts yet the associate handbook does not contain any policies directly related to or containing any mention of refunds. There is however an item within the code of conduct section that refers to the mishandling of cash, coupons, etc. In a statement provided to the unemployment board my former employer claimed that I performed a fraudulent return which resulted in a loss to the store. However they admit that the video recording did not show me removing any cash from the till and I feel it is important to note that there were four cameras recording my actions as I removed my till from the register, counted the till, and placed it in the safe. I was sure to include this in my statements to the unemployment board along with the fact that my till was not short on the evening in question. A subsequent statement provided by my former employer says, “There was no actual shortage because this was a fraudulent refund….We do not know what happened to the money.” Is it possible to win my appeal? Can my employer claim that I caused a loss when there is no evidence to support this?
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