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Found 65 results

  1. I am considering distributing photos of sculpture under creative commons licenses. The original sculptures are all tagged L***** ©20xx, all rights reserved as is standard. Previously, all photos had been tagged this way as well. If I understand correctly, that tagging gives some legal advantages and improves the odds of being able to enforce the copyright and/or collect legal fees when you enforce the copyright. If I distribute photos under creative commons, I can't tag them all rights reserved, because they aren't all reserved - some are being given away. However, I still want the same legal advantages you get from "all rights reserved" vs. having no tag on the work if someone violates the license, either by using it commercially or claiming it as their own work. What do I write on the work? Some ideas: ©201x L*******, Some Rights Reserved (in short, make them ask...) This photograph is licensed by L****** under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International license. (and optionally) The original work is ©L*****, all rights reserved [a bit wordy, want something shorter...] The creative commons logo for the license being used.
  2. My brother bought a 1986 RV that had alot of things not working and that was fine. He asked the salesman when doing a walk through if there was any mold or was it in risk of getting mold. He was told NO. When I talked with the salesman, I explained how my brother is an amputee Vet and served 13 months in Iraq early in the war protecting the Chaplain and went out everyday into the front line. He dealt with ambushes, bombings etc. All he wants is to get a camper so him and his furbaby Monki who thinks she is a human can travel. He has wicked PTSD and doesn't do well with people all the time. But alot of people helped him when he lost his leg so he wants to give back and travel and help others along the way. And this dealership saw how badly he wanted this and took complete advantage of him. The man said he would not let the camper leave the dealership if it would cause him harm in any way. I asked if it had been cleaned or at least all the pertinent things and was told yes. When in fact they never cleaned or flushed the septic system that had 30 yrs worth of sludge, bacteria and Lord knows what else. Had my brother known that and that there was in fact mold all through out the camper that they knew about he would never have bought the camper. He now as 2 spots on his lungs that they thought were cancer but in fact was mold caused from the camper. They told him to make 6 payments and they would put him something better. He did, then they wouldn't come down $600. He went yesterday to tell them about the spots and salesman lieing manager said well you chose to buy it, what do you want us to do. And then said they wouldn't come down the $600 bc it would have made them a little neg for the day. DO WE HAVE ANY RECOURSE? IS THERE ANY WAY TO FIGHT THEM ON THIS? They knew that camper had mold and a bacteria ridden septic tank and CHOSE not to say anything. Is that legal?
  3. In 2006, we loaned a man money for a personal short-term loan. He did not repay, so we successfully received a judgement for garnishment in 2007. It took 7 years of tracking him down and filing pro-sup's getting him to finally pay us back. He filed Chaper 7 in April 2014 after the last payment was made. With receipt of the last payment, our atty filed a "Satisfaction of Judgement" with the issuing court. This happened on the same day. He filed, and we released on the same day, without knowing of his filing chapter 7 filing. Now, the bankruptcy trustee wants the last 3 payments back (made over a 90 day period), which were a large part of the garnishment and payback. Do we have any rights of keeping our money? We seem deceived that we released his judgement and then he filed Chapter 7. Would anyone know the answer to this question? Thank you,
  4. My daughter and her boyfriend have a 2 year old and no paternity has been established and he did not sign the form for custodial rights when she was born. They took in a roommate and he has since decided to be with the roommate and break up with my daughter. He has taken my granddaughter to his parents 2 hours away and will not bring her back. Is it legal for him to keep my granddaughter away from my daughter when she has demanded he return her. This is all happening right now and legal aid is closed. I live in California and cannot physically assist her.
  5. Husband was extradited on an old warant from 2000. How long will this process take? How long can they have him on an extradition bus? Is there a possible way to get him to his destination faster? This is on an "u" felony. He has paid the back child support in full. It is just a matter of this old warrant. This matter take place in Indiana.
  6. I have an independent real estate business (LLC). Fall 2013, I hired an agent (subcontractor) because I was pretty busy and wanted to have someone that I could give buyers to, if necessary. Our "contract" was very simple, unclear, and unsigned-sent via email, stating her commission for a "normal" transaction (first attempt at hiring-I now know contract should be very detailed). "Contract" did not address termination. She lead me to believe that she was competent/had been trained, yet I found later that she had not. Since she was fairly new in the business (about a year), I was very patient & provided her with knowledge; however, I found that she continued to do unethical/unprofessional (licensing standards) and sometimes even illegal activities during her "work". Additionally, I was finding that I was putting in way more time and energy into her transactions than she was. I ended up firing her. After her termination, I completed 3 of her transactions. 1 I did completely free, even though it was a difficult preforeclosure, because it was her personal home and she threatened not to close if commission were involved, which would not have been fair to her estranged husband or the buyers. The other two would not have closed at all if I had not stepped in, but I paid her substantially more than what she had actually completed of the transactions prior to termination. Finally, I recently became aware that she fraudulently continued to act under my company name after her license was completely removed from mine and had written and closed another transaction, more than a month after her termination. I have not paid her on this transaction, as I have sent it to the real estate commission and am waiting to hear their response, since she acted illegally. In the mean time, she continues to threaten and harass me, wanting more payment for the first two and wanting full payment for the last one. Does she have recourse to receive more payment?
  7. I am thinking about filing a malpractice lawsuit against my lawyer that represented me in a custody case. She told me she was friends with opposing party. Before the court date we had a DRCB evaluation in which it was suggested that I maintain primary custody of my son and that my exh-husband and I share joint custody. When we got to court opposing party presented evidence of a child support worksheet with figures that my lawyer agreed that they be submitted as evidence. She did not request tax documentation or check stubs from my ex-husband to determine that the figures were correct or that the number of days calculated were right. In addition, my ex-husband was seeking to change my son's school to one within his district. She did not cross examine him in regards to the school he wanted to send him to nor offer any evidence why my son should stay in the school he was currently in. As a result, the court granted his request to move my son to the school he requested and I was ordered to pay child support based on the information that the opposing party submitted. I know I have to show a financial loss to be successful. Do you think this would be sufficient to be successful? Would it be better to just submit a complaint to the Indiana Bar Association in regards to her professionalism?
  8. I recently had a DRCB evaluation in regards to custody of my son. My ex-husband and I were practicing joint custody although I was granted physical custody. We requested the evaluation to solve this issue. The result was the judge ruled that I maintain physical custody but we still practice joint custody. This consists of the schedule Monday-Tuesday with one parent and Wednesday-Thursday with the other parent and rotating weekends. My son has been going to school from my home since Kindergarten. In court, my ex-husband was granted the ability to enroll him in a school in his district. I had a bad lawyer (who I plan to file a malpractice suit against) that did not present any evidence why he should remain in my school district. How can I appeal the judges ruling? Also, How should this arrangement be carried out with me being physical custodian?
  9. on a Monday an employee's mother texts me to let me know her 20 yr old son (my employee) is having an emergency surgery at 4:30am . I read this at 9:00am. I respond asking what happened, I am told the reason and that he would not be able to work his next scheduled shift, which was Tuesday. He also said he was to see the Doctor on Wednesday and did not know if he would be off work the rest of the week . After this "texting " form of communication I did not have any communication with said employee. He did not bring a Doctor's excuse to me or have anyone else bring one either . He was scheduled on Thursday , he did not call or text to let me know he would not be working that day or the rest of the week . At approximately 1:30 pm his mother brings in 2 doctor's excuses 1 for Tuesday and 1 for the rest of the week and the following Monday. My question is; Can I fire him because he did not call the day before his scheduled shift and had not turned in the slips until after the missing shift /
  10. We were drug tested today. I work in a factory. They had all employees, male and female line up and go into the mens bathroom in pairs to pee in cup. A man was in the stall next to me, and another man who was a part of those doing the testing was watching me through the crack in the door. After testing my urine they handed the bottle to me in front of the line of employees and said, "do what you want with it." I felt humilitated, embarrassed and degraded. Is this legal?
  11. My job now requires me to work around a lot of chemicals which are new to me. Some of the processes have mixed chemicals which I do not know the mixture. The acids are hydrochorlic, sulfuric, nitric, and maybe more. The other chemicals are "etch" (not sure what this is), copper, nickel, chrome, and maybe more. Our new safety manager says that we must receive training that includes: the dangers of each chemical, the written procedure for performing each task with each chemical, the required PPE for working with each chemical, and the first aid responses for accidents or exposure with each chemical. He says that all of this training must include instruction AND demonstration of each procedure and how to properly use and wear the PPE and that it must be verified that we are doing all of those things properly and safely. There are at least a dozen of us risking our lives and we have had none of the described training. We have quick little safety meetings where they are very vague and have not explained, taught, or demonstrated any of those things. What laws are there and what should we do?
  12. My child's mother behind my back failed to notify me that she planned to ask the court to dismiss my paternity action. I have been fighting the court for one and 1/2 years to see on what grounds that a paternity action can be dismissed even after I attended the hearing and admitted that I was my daughters father. Paternity was established at that time and then the only thing left to rule on was the last name and visitation. While I have been doing this all on my own to see if my case was still pending (the courts refuse to say anything over the phone) she files a petition for a stepparent adoption. This is after me sending countless emails and messages, gifts and child support to my child for which she admitted in court that I did do and she admitted she purposely didn't respond. So, I was officially notified May 6, 2014 that she opened the action and it was dismissed at her request, however I received no notification from her or the court on this. I do believe I deserved official notification and it took the court over a year and 1/2 to even send me a letter and the prosecutor would not state what grounds it was dismissed on. I assume for her to have had it dismissed with prejudice that she would have to say I am not the father, correct? Anyone know any case law pertaining to the grounds of dismissing a paternity action with prejudice in Indiana? Or know how I can get an official record of the proceedings in that action as the court refuses to give me any information? The reason I need it is because I have to file a motion to correct error as the judge ruled the stepparent adoption in her favor even though she admitted I was not a physical or mental threat to my child and admitted to purposely thwarting communication attempts with my child. I brought up in court she had the action dismissed without my knowledge and she told the court because I moved to another state I didn't deserve knowledge of anything! I cant believe the court ruled in her favor to begin with. I am shocked! Thanks!
  13. Ok, so in April we discovered my boyfriend of 17 years had a possible son. He was asked to do a DNA test. He did. He's the father. 18yrs ago when the mother first found out she was pregnant she told my bf he was NOT the father, another guy was. Guy #2 paid the support and stepped up to the plate, until he discovered by DNA he was NOT the father. The child was born in 96, mother lost custody until 98. In 98 Guy #2 took DNA and found he was not the father. (We learned all of this yesterday). The state of INdiana is now taking my bf to court for reimbursement of welfare, medicaid and foodstamps the child received. Oh, and child support for the last 17.5yrs. Our attorney asked the court to only go back to the date the petition was filed, which was march of this year... There was no mercy or justice shown yesterday. He was ordered to pay almost $100,000 to the state and this worthless mother. She is worthless, as shes been in prison for Neglect, Assault and drugs. She is still on drugs, doesn't work, the 17.5yr old boy is currently on drugs as well. My bf never had the opportunity to be in his life, let alone KNOW he could be the father. How is it fair that after ALL this time HE has to pay? Why not make that deadbeat mother pay it all back?
  14. Mother and father have joint physical and legal custody. Child has made clear to mother that she only wishes to spend minimal time with mother and to only spend time with her 3 younger half-siblings. Mother has allowed child to live with father full time. By that I mean that mother has allowed the child to stay with the father on mother's time, the child has spent about 14 days with the child in the past six months. The mother's husband (childs step-father) has told the child that she is not allowed to spend time with her younger half-siblings because the child has chosen to spend the majority of her time with the father. The stepfather has made clear to child and father that his reason for this is because the child has technically moved out of the mother and stepfather's home. Until the child starts spending more time at their home she is not allowed to spend time with her younger siblings. The mother has agreed with the stepfather that the child cannot see her siblings until she "moves back in." Can they do this legally? Where indiana child custody requires that parents encourage and if necessary force all siblings involved to spend time together. So which is more important? Indiana state custody requirements or a parent's wishes? Child is now 17 and siblings are 8, 3, and 5 months.
  15. My question is am I aloud to be present in my home or renter home when police are searching it or can they really tell you no??? And if they are aloud to tell you no how is that right when that gives them a open chance to plant something because I don't care what anybody says there are crooked cops in this world....
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