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Found 67 results

  1. I am recruiter for a public accounting firm and was working on a position to fill. Long story short, the managing director over the whole firm is furious because his nephew was sent a standard declination email that is sent to all applicants who are not moved to the next step. Before I sent the notice, the hiring manager that's seeking this position was sent a copy of the resume and my interview notes and also did not select this applicant. Neither one us had any knowledge it was the CEOs nephew and have an email showing the CEO knew his nephew had applied but didnt tell anyone who he was because he wanted his nephew treated fairly but now mad because his own CFO didn't select his nephew over a phone interview? I'm very upset and feel I have a right to sue for discrimination as there are similar situations like this, if he wanted his relative why not just bring him in the office...I am African American and from day one had a very difficult time with management because I recruit for the entire firm and conduct normal recruiting methods based on a person's qualifications and skills and need NOT on someome's family member or friend/referral that is not qualified. Many people are refused by hiring managers at this firm because of their age or race or because the narrow minded manager doesn't want to hire someone they don't know. If I get terminated I will sue as I have no performance or attendance issues, no write ups and even got a raise within my first six months, but if this stupid idiot decides to terminate me because his relative was treated like all other applicants what can I do?
  2. I'm trying to find some information about disability income from Social Security. An adult has his parents as his guardians, has been married for 3 years and yet they're still his guardians. How can this be? They say that due to filing their taxes jointly the Social Security office knows of the marriage. What needs to be done to fix this situation? Are the disabled one & spouse going to be in trouble or would it fall on the guardians for not reporting the change?
  3. how does one go about switching public defenders?
  4. is it against the law to prosecute someone you know to be innocent???
  5. my public defender refuses to give me my discovery. don't i have the right to examine all evidence?
  6. If i cant replace my public defender when is my deadline for an entry of appearance pro se?
  7. Trying to form a 501 for a $2.5m project. Looking for a law firm to hire, who specializes in the following: 1. Contract Law in Indiana. 2. Endowments and Fund-raising. 3. Community Policing. 4. Police/Law Enforcement Community Relations 5. Security 6. Civil Rights 7. Public Relations Need to send an RFP to make an informed decision on how to define the organization legally, then set a legal operating protocol going forward.
  8. I bought a 91 Corvette about 6 months ago. I was looking to trade it the other day and the Dealer did a car fax and found that the vehicle was a total loos due to a flood in 1992. The dealer I purchased it from never said anything about the total loss issue. The dealer said the car might be worth a couple of thousand dollars. Do I have any recourse with the original dealer?
  9. Can I appeal my Indiana divorce decree with sufficient grounds? Ex-wife bought new home with hidden assets. May I seek to recover my share of these assets post divorce decree? Home purchase was processed while our final decree was pending (quitclaim on home property was signed). Court cross examination revealed $150K of undisclosed assets, obtained from mother's estate, post-filing. She was able to secure $450K home mortgage, having just started working after being unemployed for a year, and is still paying mortgage on prior residence. Her stated assets were less than $200K in final decree, dated Spring, 2015. If I can legally obtain her new mortgage application I believe it will reveal multiple hidden assets.
  10. A 17 year old needs to have their parents sign a parental conscent to allow them to join the military. Said 17 year old wishes to join a branch of the service to have their college paid for, having already been accepted into a college the 17 year old wants to enlist before the first of the year (2016) so they can attend recruit training and return in time to attend the first semester of college. This requires the consent of both parents. One parent has consented, but the other refuses to consent to allowing the 17 year old to enlist. Is there anyway to force the non-consenting parent to sign the parental consent or make it so only one parent needs to sign the parental consent allowing the 17 year old to enlist in the military allowing them to pay for their college?
  11. When man an woman live together as man an wife for 16 yrs. The parent who has custody dies who takes custody of minor child who has only live with his real parents?
  12. My brothers been locked up for the last 2 years. He's facing a charge of murder and another 2 charges of attempted murder. The murder case he has that's pending is under one cause # and the other two pending attempted murder case is under another cause #. The prosecuted a few months ago filed a motion for a Joinder of Two Cause Numbers, making it to where both the murder case and the attempted murder case will be combined into one trial. The prosecutor argued that both cases have similar or overlapping wittness's and that theirs evidence of a letter connecting him to both the murder and the attempted murder. He also brought up that it would save the county money by joining both the cases into one trial. I don't think the judge should grant this because the two case are said to have happen 3 days apart from each other and have two completely different motives from one another. The only wittness's that overlap both case are his codefendants and they said they were'nt even around for the 2nd case that they only heard about what happen. The only issue I see a strong ground on is that supposedly a letter connects him too both cases, but still they were two completly different motives and incidents. The judge granted the motion and now my brother is put in a position where 12 jurors will hear the story of two different cases in one trial, creating a bias outlook. I know it ain't looking good for my brother but he was only 17 when he caught the case and is now only 19, he's young and doesn't really know exactly how to go about things except for putting his trust in his attorney but I've heard you can't always let your attorney do all things, all I can do myself is ask for help from anyone else. Any case reference or anything at all can help. Do you think the supreme court will reverse this?
  13. My son was charged with Battery resulting in bodily injury, criminal misdemeanor but was in self defense. There was an issue over a laptop, he was at a friends house and this guy kinda barged in the trailer where he was at and flipped his cigarette in my sons face and proceeded to jump him. My son had to defend himself to get him off of him. My son head butted him and swung at him and it did bust the others guy head. The other guy went to the police and filed charges and a warrant was put out on my son. When we found out there was a warrant my son called the officer that was on the case and told him the story that the guy jumped him and that he was just defending himself and told the officer that he has witnesses that was there and seen it all. He also contacted the friend over the phone whos house it was at and got a recorded statement saying that the guy did barge in his house and flipped the cigarette in his face and jumped him. (The guy did not have any idea that he was being recorded, or forced to say anything, my son just asked him questions about that day). We then gave the original recording to the officer involved for proof that he was defending himself. The officer brought the recorder back and he told ME himself he made copies of it and he put everything in his file even a copy of the recording for the courts. A few days later my son was arrested on the warrant. When he went to the first court date they were still going to charge him with the battery. My son said your honor I have witnesses that was there and there should be a recording in my file. The judge said twice, there is nothing in your file. Can a judge or prosecutor withhold this evidence? I still have the recorded statement. I contacted the officer and asked him why it was not in his file and he said the judge may of overlooked it. Can they do this and not let him bring in his witnesses? He was appointed a Public Defender, can a public defender be able to use this recorded statement and his witnesses? Any advise or info would be greatly appreciated.
  14. My neighbor and I share a 1.5 acre pond. I try to keep the cat tails down and the pond clean so the people can fish and enjoy the pond. My neighbor gets upset every time I do anything to the pond. about 3/4 of the pond is on my side of the boundary line. However, he keeps taking a backhoe and digging out on his side of the pond. Part of the dam is on his side of the pond, and leaks and is flooding my back field. Can I either have a dam build on the property line to divide the pond into two ponds, or can I drain my part of the pond? Draining would most likely drain the whole pond.
  15. I started smoking ultra low tar cigarettes in 1981; switching over from regular cigarettes, believing the tobacco company's claims that they were much less harmful. I was diagnosed with Copd, Stage 4/Very Severe in 2010. That was the year I became a former smoker. I need a lung transplant at age 56 for survival and improved quality of life (which I can't afford) in the near future. Three questions - has the statue of limitations run out? If not, what would be the state of Indiana's requirement for this kind of lawsuit? And would it be a class action or individual suit? Thank you for any information.
  16. My new landlord was the previous occupant. They left the place trashed literally. There are items in all the storage areas. The main storage outside has numerous old screen, old doors, as well as old camping gear, coolers, an old cabinet that is rusted and empty, trash, inflatable items. When I questioned her she said she hadn't seen it but her husband said it all stayed. Then the attic had old broken blinds, more doors, clothes, garbage, papers, boxes, etc. Under sinks there is garbage, cleaning products that are near empty or empty, just more garbage. There is furniture, tables, DVD players, books, pictures, you name. Not to mention the kitchen stove had layers and layers of black grease. The floors were nasty, the toilets were orange with several thick layers of scale in black and brown shades. The fridge was nice and the tubs had a little mold but mostly ok. I complained on the day I was supposed to take occupancy. She threatened to kick us out. I was unable to get the water turned on so I went back to my old place. I cleaned over the next two days several hours. Every shelf was black with gunk, every wall full of fingerprints. They said they would not paint but then decided to paint the front room . Hadn't been done in 12 years it was bad. Even the handy man questioned the place and asked why it was not cleaned. After several hours of cleaning already. Sunday I sent her another email with pictures of the storage area. I could not believe it was all had to stay. Again threatened to kick us out. Monday spend the entire day on the dining room floor and the stove. The lease is weird too it does not have an end date and says they can raise the rent with one month notice. She refused to sign the lease. Is that legal. I think it makes it null. She wouldn't sign it. The problem is we have no where to go after August. We will have to be there a little while. It was really hard to find space in our school district. I searched for months. I am stuck right now but don't know what to do. It also has this as is section I 've never seen before. We are renters we wouldn't be making repairs but the lease said we accept it as is. How can you do that? We aren't buying.
  17. Are there any laws about forcing me to work night and then return to work the very next morning where I only have the opportunity for just a few hours of sleep, sometimes just two or three hours? I'm stuck on 2nd shift, where i work from 2pm to 10:30 pm but usually a little later or a few hours later. The new management team no longer has any care or consideration for 2nd or 3rd shift employees. They were forcing us to work our regular schedules (whether or not we had to work over) and then forcing us to work a weekend day on 1st shift (6 AM to 2:30 pm). They smart off to us about sleeping their hours. they say we should be sleeping the same hours as those on 1st shift... they won't listen to us when we mention that we are at work while they have been sleeping for a few hours. They just don't care that most of us on 2nd shift don't even get home until after midnight. Prior to this reign of management, our policy was that we could not go to work more than four hours early and that we couldn't stay over more than four hours. There have also been times where I've worked over and also had to go in early the next day. Anyway, they've been doing this a lot... work 2nd shift, then be expected to return to work on day shift. Considering working, driving time, bathing, preparing lunch for work, etc...that leaves me less than four hours for sleeping. Now, they are throwing in a day during the week sometimes. Work nights for a long stretch, then work 1st AND 2nd shift a day, then resume on 2nd shift the next day. Usually for me, when I MUST (to avoid getting penalized or terminated) work 2nd and then return the next morning for 1st, that usually means I don't get any sleep at all. Twice now, I've nearly crashed my car driving home because I fell asleep. Are there any laws to protect myself and my co-workers against this type of insane schedule?
  18. I was on my way from Chicago to Perrysburg Ohio for a wedding. En route on I-80 I was averaging about 80mph, as were all the other cars on the road. I was pulled over and the officer claimed I had hit 95. He was having none of the truth, that I was keeping up with traffic. I fully admit I may have gotten up to 95 in the process of passing another vehicle, but I did so because you're supposed to accelerate to pass. I believe that because it was memorial day weekend, and I had out of state plates, the guy decided to pick on me since I would be unlikely to challenge it. I want to show him what for. The ticket says I am allowed to send in a written denial, but the La Grange county website is so poorly designed that I can't find out if I can email that somewhere of if it has to be snail mail. Worse still, this happened after 4 on a Friday, so the court is closed until Monday and I cant call anyone to ask this seemingly simple question. I'd like help with the following: Whats my best avenue of defense? Does anyone know if emailed written denials are a common practice or not? How effective are written denials anyway? If anyone has specific experience or information about La Grange county that may be helpful, please share it.
  19. My niece has had two guardianship processes in her short life of 4 months, my wife and I have consent to adopt now, my question is how long should we wait to start the adoption process?
  20. I have an idea for a medical marijuana referral organization that could operate in states that don't yet allow it. I need advice about possible legal exposure. The organization would pre-qualify potential patients who meet the criteria for the use of medicinal marijuana. We would document a persons medical condition and provide a health-care professional who would examine the patient and write a recommendation. When the laws in the state change these patients will be prepared in advance. The organization would never condon or facilitate the use of marijuana before it becomes legal. Nevertheless, we would provide information (not assistance) for the most favorable way to mount a medical necessity defense should a member be arrested for possession. IOW, a series of best practices would be outlined for obtaining it, administering it, storing it, etc. In addition, the org would offer pre-arranged legal assistance so that the member would be fully prepared should such an arrest occur. This is where I'm uncertain about legal exposure: Can the org aggressively market such a service to people who may seek to use the organization to justify using before the laws change? Is there precedent for where the line is for such a thing? for example, People who own hydroponic garden shops must know some people will use their products to grow pot, eat... In addition, are there legal ramifications if (with the members' express permission) the org forwarded their contact information to, say, a marketing firm; and at some point down the road the marketing firm engages in helping the member obtain marijuana? Would the organization be deemed legally complicit in such a "conspiracy" between the two even at this minimal level of involvement? My question is obstensively whether an organization such as this would (or could) be shut down if it were in operation in, say, Indianapolis, IN? I'd appreciate any advice I can get from a legal professional, especially one that practices in Indy.
  21. My nephew has a child which he will not allow my sister or son-in-law (his parents) to see the child or even talk to him. My sister gave my nephew and his family (wife and child) a place to live when they had no other place to go. While they lived with her, the mother of the child would sleep and let the baby cry for hours. My sister couldn't take it anymore and went into the bedroom to see what he needed, diaper changed or feeding. What was she to do, let the baby cry. My nephew and girlfriend (now wife) told my sister and her husband that they were no longer able to speak to the baby, even while living in their home. They have moved out but will not allow my sister any type of grandparent's rights, no matter what the law says. What can my sister do to keep a relationship with her grandchild? Thanks, concrndcitizen
  22. I am non custodial parent in Indiana, father. Our 11 year old daughter got a new iPhone for Christmas in which her mother owns the phone and pays the bills. The phone is of course brought over for visitation. What are my rights as a father, if i see her posting anything that don't seem reasonable on social media sights like Instgram, Kik, Snap Chat etc? Or see her deleting texts also. Her mother hates my guts to also put some more to the story, and in and out of court for ever. As a father, do I have the right to get on the phone, look at her social activity ( since apps on phone are usually still logged in ), try and see if she was texting a boy she wasn't etc, while UNDER my roof? Daughter tells me that her mother says I am not allowed on her phone, and that I will go to jail if I take it from her for any reason, and sometimes will change the pin if she see's that I might have seen her enter it. I knew the pin once, and when she went to bed, looked thru a few online social apps, and seen she took some screen shots of herself giving a punk kid her cell number, and a few other things etc. And also, if something seemed unusual about a secret text or something, can I use that in court against her mother? Like, daughter telling mother that to tell dad that she is not working (when she really is), so she doesn't have to come over. She gets caught up in a lot of lies and is grounded a lot. So of course she doesn't want to come to her dads and be grounded. In general, just want to know what rights a father has for cell phone usage. 11 year old tween lies a LOT, and has a real bad attitude. And currently going thru a a 3rd therapist. Thanks for any general or specific feedback.
  23. My sons were adopted legally in Indiana by my now ex-husband. My son's birth father was murdered recently. Are my son's responsible as next of kin for the birth father's arrangements???
  24. A family member was found guilty at trial a few years back ago due to a large part in a witness, since then the witness has went to the police and changed the statement saying something completely different. How can he benefit from this?
  25. After a three year battle in Indiana, the judge awarded me full physical and legal custody of our girls last spring. Now 6 months later, the ex has hired a new attorney and has filed for change in custody. I am aware that in order to win his case, he must show evidence. Herein lies the problem. He does not have a case to speak of. His "case" is based on some supposed evidence from a counselor of which I have not ascertained yet because he has not revealed it to my attorney. Also, I have been advised not to ask for the records from the therapist myself, but to let the attorney do it. Despite not knowing his "hand," I know that he has absolutely no grounds; any supposed grounds he has will be found to be slanderous allegations. The ex went against the judge's dissolution decree and took the girls to a biased counselor 5 times without my knowledge or consent. Also, he has pattern behavior of bypassing me by falsifying school and other records. Apparently there is nothing that can be done about this according to two lawyers I've consulted. My lawyer believes we should get a deposition so that he has to be put on the defense about his habit of falsifying records and being non-compliant with many court decrees. He also states that it may come to getting a guardian ad litem. I have also (unbeknownst to my current attorney) consulted a lawyer with a reputation for winning cases. He states that he will not take me without a guardian ad litem (and 5K retainer). My concern is for my girls. They are confused and don't want to be in the middle, and I agree with that! I feel they have already been through enough with the custody investigation and the guardian ad litem aspect would be like starting over with all the emotional tumult. Is there no way to put ex-husband in his place before being pulled through the mud again? The original intensive custody investigation lasted about 3 months and countless hours and recommended I get full custody. Ex was undaunted, went on to testify for over 10 hours only to lose custody in the end. What legal recourse(s) do I have right now? I have been told that it's a possibility to append a statute when it's all over asking him to pay my attorney fees for unreasonable litigation, yet that's a long way off and does nothing to protect my girls. Is there any solution that will switch this around so that I am on the offensive demonstrating his non-compliance and also his lack of concern for the girls in dragging this on endlessly? I don't see the wisdom of undermining the custody investigation by guardian ad litem; how can a less-educated, less-trained court advocate produce a more reliable response? It seems to me to be going a step backward. Is there no other way? Thank you for your time and consideration.
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