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Found 192 results

  1. My husband has sole custody of his child. The mother has visitation one day every other weekend. She rarely shows up and when she does, she comes earlier. There are times where she doesn't show up for months. Last week was her visitation and she asked my husband to drop off their child because she didn't have a car. My husband told her to find some way to pick her up because he wasn't going to drop her off. She texted him at 11PM the night before she was supposed to pick up their child asking him that. She then got angry and texted him saying there wasn't any specification of who picks up and drops off the child, but visitation has always been that way she picks up her child and my husband or I pick the child up. My husband did not drop the child off because she is always making up the same excuses. Before it used to be that her daughter or son was in the hospital and when asked for proof in court she never gave it. Now it's that her boyfriend works and takes her car until last week she changed it saying she had it in the shop, which is an excuse she used before already. Living in the city it is fairly easy to get around and she doesn't live far she can take the bus or a cab to pick up their child, but she's irresponsible and always wants things done her way. My husband has never denied her her right to see their child if she shows up she takes their child if she doesn't show up she later texts him trying to see her daughter on a weekend that is not a visitation weekend. After the child's mother didn't show up she texted him saying she filed a police report because my husband didn't drop the child off at her house and he is always threatening him, which is a lie because my husband has never threatened him she is the one always threatening him which is one of the reasons he has sole custody. We tried going to the police station and the police told us they couldn't tell us if there was a police report against him and that they usually don't get involved with that and that if she didn't show up he shouldn't worry about it. Now we don't know if it is true or not that she filed a report. She also hasn't paid any current child support nor any retroactive child support that she owes. Our lawyer told us that I could adopt the child once we were married if the mother didn't show up to visitations and didn't pay the child support. I want to know if I can adopt the child because I love and take care of the child as if the child was mine. I have been taking care of the child for three years the child will be turning five in a few months. For these four years I have witnessed the irresponsibility of the child's mother and how the mother always puts her boyfriends before her child, because there has been times in the past when the child had gotten sick and my husband had to work and the mother was never around, so I would have to take the bus to his house and I would take care of his child while he worked and he was always making sure everything was going okay he texted and called often while working; while the mother called or texted days later asking if she was better. She is a difficult lady that is what our lawyer said about her because she too has seen that she wants people to tell her what she wants to hear or else she gets difficult to deal with. My husband is tired of dealing with her irresponsibility and tired of her just showing up when she wants to because his child knows when the mother is going to show up and she doesn't show up. When she does show up the child doesn't want to leave because of the same reason that the mother doesn't show up regularly and when she does she doesn't give her child the attention the child needs. On one of the visitations the child told us that the mother didn't feed her that the mother only provided chips and soda, which is another pet peeve for us because the mother doesn't feed the child healthy food its always junk food: chips, soda, and McDonalds. I really just want to know if there is a possibility I can adopt the child so I can be more involved now that the child is going to start going to school? And if so will the child's mother still have visitation because I do not intend for the child to lose contact with the mother.
  2. My child just graduated from high school and she never received child support since she was 8-9 years old. I just didn't want to be constantly be harassed by my ex at that time and didn't get him to pay the child support due to his behavior towards us. She did receive child support from age 2-8 years old, but when I remarried he stopped completely. Now she is going to college, his agreement was to help pay for college until she reaches the age of 23 or gets married or has a full time job that she supports herself, etc. I don't know if my court decree that states that he should keep up his end is still valid or if it has a time period to it, no idea... Also when we divorced back in 93, he also agreed to pay back the child support payments he forgot to pay while she was 2-8 years old... is it too late to file?
  3. I was fired because of hear say, some customer made a complaint that a Latin person insinuated they were stealing... I have been working there for 6 weeks and was suddenly let go, practically I asked the manager to investigate the situation, but she refused and said another employee told her of the incident. I was working in a predominated African American store, where their was only one other Latin woman working there. Other African American employees aren't reprimanded for doing the same thing and also if they did the same thing they were amended for doing "a good job", not all company rules apply to the employees equally especially the dress code, they ask for professional attire for us, but other employees come dress in gym wear or sandals and never get treated or fired over their behavior... Am I suffering due because I wasn't born African American or can I do something about it?
  4. Without going into too much detail, my son was recently arrested and was told he needed to provide the police with information on other people or they were going to "F" him up. He has been very cooperative with them, but they have continued to hound him. Needless to say, the stress of all this and other things going on have caused him to have an emotional break and I am in the process of having him hospitilized. I just recently found out that two of the officers involved have made comments to civilians in town that someone from the xxxx family is a snitch/narc. My immediate response was to contact the Chief of Police in regard to this, but I am not sure that is the correct route to go. I am very concerned of what may happen to my home/property/family memembers as this information is passed through the town. Haven't they violated his Civil Rights by doing this? I need to know what steps I should take after hearing this information. Thank you
  5. My parents volunteered to buy a car for me so that I could take my mom for her appointments. My mom purchased a new car from a dealership and was set-up with their insurance. Although I already had a car with full coverage insurance, the dealership volunteered to establish a policy with their preferred company, saying that they would take care of the first month’s premium, which they paid. My mom explained that she was purchasing the car for me and did not have a driver’s license now or ever. They established the coverage anyway, although they knew that she had never had a driver’s license and was purchasing the vehicle as a non-driver. She provided them with a state i.d. for identification which everyone knows is clearly not a drivers license as she had already told them. My dad however did have a license and they said it would not be a problem to sell the car to them. One week later someone side-swiped me on the expressway. Although he scratched the vehicle from the back to the front, the insurance company did not bother to even begin working on the case until 2 months later. I had the car checked myself and the damages came to over $7000-which included a broken frame and other damages. During the 2 months that we were waiting for the insurance company to respond to the claim, the other driver sued my mom using the same lawyer who has worked for our family for years and years! Although I felt that it was unethical for the lawyer who had just finished representing my dad a couple of months earlier to turn around and sue my mom and myself (same house/same address) we still moved forward to try and get the issue resolved. The insurance company has now determined that they are not going to pay the claim citing that there was a material misrepresentation in the application. Even though we have been upfront and honest about the transaction, they are refusing to do anything about the situation. We are not sure what our next step should be. The other insurance company decided that it was my fault and are suing us for over $10,000 (although my car is scraped starting from the back to the front) due to the lack of response from the insurance company. His insurance company has already settled with him and I have a brand new car that has begun to rust and look worse than ever due to exposure to the elements. I honestly feel like taking the car back to the dealership, parking it at their front door and walking away. The idea to use their insurance company benefitted them, as we have had nothing but frustration since this incident occurred and are not sure if we have any recourse. Illinois auto insurance is mandatory, but if they refuse to pay, then how is a new vehicle covered? To pay for this car for 6 more years in this condition keeps me up at night. The car looks terrible and my fear is that because the insurance company is declining the coverage, they will not pay the other side and they will come after us personally. I contacted the Illinois Department of Insurance and they were of no assistance. They simple said to seek counsel against the dealership. We cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for an attorney plus a car payment and insurance. The dealership knew when they made that first payment that I was going to be the primary driver but did not list me as such. It is evident because I was the one who went to the dealership, test drove the car, and took it home the night before. Is there anything that I can do short of paying for a car that is now a liability? This entire fiasco has been a nightmare for my mom and myself. Between paying $20,000 for the vehicle for the next 6 years, $7,000 in damages, plus the $10,000 that the other side is asking for, I feel I am up a creek. Four months ago when I got this car I did not contemplate paying more than $37,000 for a car that is not even worth the $20,000. Please help.
  6. There is a court order saying that my son gets 2 weeks vacation during the summer - the 2 weeks are non-consecutive. Does this include each others visitation weekend or is it, his weekend visitation and 5 days prior or after his weekend? OR He gets his weekend, then 7 more days? Where can this be clarified at?
  7. I have put my two weeks in at my current job, when I had 6 days left to work my manager pulled me back to watch the cameras. He had apparently been watching me all day until a new employee stopped me to tell me a little bit about himself. This is what he showed me. Told me I had been "unproductive" all day, and that he didn't feel like paying me anymore and to go home. Not that I was fired. He didn't make me sign anything stating that I was fired. Never walked me up to the front. Just that I needed to clock out. I still have access to the employee website, etc. Today would be my regular day off so I of course didn't come to work today. I have been told by several of my coworkers that my manager is running around saying "He's getting fired because he had an unproductive day." Is that legal? I haven't even been TOLD yet. Also, it's pretty obvious why he wants to fire me. He's mad that I'm leaving. A week prior to this he asked me how much I was going to be making and made a big deal about me making more an hour than him, and had to make it apparent that he will be getting more in bonuses than me. ALSO I have been denied breaks and lunches on numerous occasions. This is a pretty big business too. I would figure there would be some decency and rules in place.
  8. I have a lovely letter from the village of Lakemont IL showing my wife's car not coming to a full stop at a right turn. I saw the video and is very picky. The questions I have is I know she wasn't driving so how can she plead guilty (ive read paying the fine is an admission of guilt) if it wasnt her that commited the offence? Also is she required under the law to reveal the driver? I could argue the video (I probably will) but im curious about what I've mentioned. Thanks
  9. I would like to know how to file a complaint against an employee from DMV in Illinois. My mother and I went to DMV and had a road test on May 27th 2014 morning around 11AM. This employee was yelling at my mother from the beginning of the test, because my mother doesn't understand English well and he told my mother that if she cannot speak English she should not drive. I told him that my mother is going to ESL class to learn English, but he said she should finish the class then drive. He clearly does not respect my mother or me and that was the most humiliating, degrading, horrifying moment of our life. He made us feel difference from him because we are immigration and because we come from difference race. And then there were more terrible thing happened after this. I was sitting in the car during the test to translate his instructions to my mother. This employee acted rude and unprofessional. He criticized on my mother's glove and my jacket, because we comes from different culture and wear clothes in a different way. During the test, he didn't give me enough time to translate his instruction to my mother. We got lots of pressure from him and he made my mother failed the test, even my mother had over 25 years driving experience and had a good driving record. When I complained about his behavior to his boss and request an apology, his boss asked me to take off the sun glasses when I was talking with him. I told him this is a prescription sun glasses and I won't be seeing things without it. He still insisted and won't listen and believe us and this made us even more embarrassing. I want to raise a complaint of race discrimination, please advice.
  10. Hello. I am a 22 year old male. Today as I was walking into my apartment from the grocery one of my neighbors approached me and told me someone was looking for me because I hit his car. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about (I never bumped anyone's car) and that if someone was looking for me then to tell them where to find me. An hour later I get a knock at my door, and it's the person who has been looking for me. He says that last sunday on the 18th somebody backed into his car and now he has 900$ worth of damages. They claim this happened at 10:00AM. Apparently my neighbor (the one I spoke to as I was walking in to my apartment) approached him, told him someone hit his car, and then pointed to my apartment and said, its the guy who lives in there. They say that a chrysler PT cruiser (I own a chevy HHR, very similar looking cars, but really how similiar? I and all of my friends can easily spot the difference, I even asked some random people online and they said they look different) was the one that did it. This man says that he has two people who specifically saw me do it and will testify to it. I've seen a couple PT cruisers regularly in this parking lot, and my neighboor who lives right next to me has the same color car and same skin color as me, but he drives a sedan. Even though I am innocent, here is why I am very worried: At 10:20 AM on that very same day I was indeed in a car accident. I have very bad asthma and experienced an attack while driving, was unable to find my inhaler and lost control of my car crashing into a tree. I've been charged with negligent driving for this. My car was completely totalled and I no longer am driving. Now, I left the house that day at 9:30 actually because I wanted to have some time to get food, which I did, before I had to be at work at 10:30. I tried finding the receipt for this, to prove I wasn't there at the time, but I cannot and I don't remember specifically which gas station I stopped to get food at on the way to work. My driving record is pretty bad and I just got off of court supervision for speeding. And with two people who apparently will point directly at me and say that I did it, how much is my word worth against theirs? All of that on top of the fact that I was in an accident in that very same morning, I think these look very bad for me. I have a feeling like I am going to be found guilty of this no matter what. And I CANNOT afford to pay any kind of fine... I barely have enough money to feed myself as it is. What should I do? Is someone who claims he was there and saw it, who picks me out and claims that I'm the offender, enough to get me in trouble? I'm thinking about just staying with my parents out of state until this all blows over.
  11. There was no documentation of the victims injury, pain or bruises by the police officer, EMT or the hospital. 18 days after the incident the victims sisters gave the police a CD containing digital photos of these undocumented bruises. The sister won't testify to taking the photos, but the prosecution says she don't have to. Are these photos admissible? Should an objection be made against these photos during trial?
  12. My husband has a court order stating that there is no set visitation it is whatever both parents decide on. She told the kids that they couldn't come visit because she was following the court order. But she won't tell them what the order states. The children are crying and very upset because they want to visit. They have no activities or appointments or other engagements keeping them from visiting. She also came and removed the children from our home the last visit they had stating she had custody so she said what goes. Again the children were crying saying they wanted to stay. What can he do to be able to see his children with out her coming and taking them whenever she wants or not letting them visit at all?
  13. Well, last year I was a minor at 17. I was less than a month from completing my graduated licensing phase for having my license for a year. I had two friends in the car when my brakes went out. I received 2 failures to reduce speed, 1 exceeding passenger limit under age 18, 1 improper backing( they hit me 100% and he had no license). Okay, well the thing is my house burned down a week later. I lost my tickets in the fire, missed all my court dates except one A month ago I missed my last court date due to medical reasons and failed to complete the online driver class. I have doctor notes exempting me from driving/school/ and too much computer time. I still have $285 to pay, I just got a 6 month suspension in the mail for missing court. I'm still enrolled in high school. I'm ****ed. i know, so is there any hope for me if I get a lawyer what are my options?what kind of price range would it be?
  14. I have been bar tending and serving in a small local restaurant for about a year now. I was told by the GM that I was being promoted to bar manager about 6 months ago. Nothing was ever put in writing and with every attempt to meet with my manager to get the tools and information necessary to do my job, he avoided it completely. I was given a $1 pay increase for the Title of bar manager but never was given the responsibility. I even let the owner of the restaurant know about this and nothing was ever done. Now about 6 months later, after countless avoidance, and countless fingers of blame being pointed at me with the title of Bar Manager in them, I was fired for sticking up for myself and saying something back to my manager after he tried blaming me for cost, shrinkage, and Not fulfilling my managerial duties. This conversation was via email and I have documentation of it. Other employees and the owners of the restaurant were included in the email as well. He accused me of not fulfilling my job duties and implied that I was unprofessional. Ive been with the restaurant for a year and have countless reviews and accolades given for my work. Like i said, my promotion was never put in writing and I was never given the information I needed to do the job, only the consequence. Is there anything I can do with this? Any case that could be filed?
  15. Hello, My city burns brush at a local dump and I am in the process of petitioning them to change this. My current thinking is to limit the frequency of burning to a set number of times per year. I would like to provide the city (a small city) with everything they need to make the change, even going so far as to draft an ordinance that they can use or modify. With that said, I would like some advice on the following ordinance: Ordinance Regarding City-Initiated Burning of Brush The City, its employees, or designees shall not intentionally create, cause, or initiate in any way a fire with the intent of burning brush at the City Dump without one week's public notice. The public notice shall take the form of an announcement in a local newspaper. Furthermore, the City, its employees, or designees shall burn no more frequently than four times per calendar year. Any City employee or designee found in violation of this ordinance shall be fined $100 per incident. Thanks for any help.
  16. I had a friend living in house I own and paying me minimal rent. When she and her kids left, she left quite a few items behind. I have called her numerous times and asked when she is coming to get them. she always says soon. And yet she has never showed. She left almost 9 months ago. How long do I legally have to keep items? I am tired or them taking up space.
  17. Parents have passed on and their house is in a trust. Brother is trustee of trust and executor of the will. I am a beneficiary listed in the trust. Simple straight forward trust. He is planning to buy me out of my share in a fair manner in a month or so with a check. He refuses to get a lawyer for buyout papers. What do I need to sign, if anything to give up my interest in the house ??? Is anything needed? 2. How does he get clear title to the home if I am not required to sign anything? How does he prove to county clerk that he did or did not buyout the beneficiaries who own the home in the trust? He of course is one of the beneficiaries listed. Thank you.
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