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Found 192 results

  1. If I am in custody on two different cases and I demand speedy trial and state elected on other charge, does jail credit count up until the state elected and up until i was found not guilty on charge state elected on. does time count to other case?
  2. what evidence is necessary for conviction if no witnesses, yet arrested at scene?
  3. If I am in custody for two different cases and demand speedy trial one and state elected on other charge, does jail credit up until state elected count for other case?
  4. if you were age 14 and your victim was 34 at the time of his murder, will the 14 year old still be required to register as violent offender upon his release 20 years later?
  6. I have several questions in a complicated situation. Currently, I am incarcerated pending trial over a criminal matter (this is NOT connected in anyway to DCFS Court). I have been incarcerated for around a year. Before my incarceration My Son's Mother and I have NEVER been in a courtroom regarding our Son. Since I have been incarcerated my Son's Mother has had MANY issues regarding truancy and neglect. DCFS has been called SEVERAL times by my Son's School. They became involved and opened a case against her (which is also against me because I am his Father). I have been taken back and forth to his (Juvenile) court appearances. My Son has not gotten any better regarding his behavior (My Son has been suspended nine different times from School this past year) ... my first question ... Do I have any options while incarcerated to force (Jail) visitiation between my Son and I ? While incarcerated can I push for custody to my Family (My Mother and Father) ? If so, is it a good idea to contact/work with DCFS to help secure that type of custody hearing/situation ? If I am released from incarceration (bond or not guilty verdict) I have a job and stable housing/environment - how complicated would it be to push for custody myself and how difficult would it be to be granted custody of my Son (based on the information I provided) ? As of now - I will still be incarcerated for the next several months - If that happens - is there a way to become more involved in my Son's situation - meaning - (DCFS - My Son's counselor - School officials - etc.) ... I am highly concerned that the Juvenile Judge will grant my Son a ward of the court and upon that happening I am pretty sure anytype of custody hearing will be highly difficult and even more complicated. I am trying to avoid that at all costs. Would it be in my best intrest to bond out delay my trial and push this custody issue ? I appreciate any and all legal comments and answers.
  7. I am posting on behalf of my dad; My parents divorced 20 years ago. At the time my father had a pension plan with his employer; a QDRO was written stating that upon his retirement my mother would be entitled to a certain portion of his benefits upon his retirement to be paid out in her request. My mom eventually moved, remarried and began a new job. In the years since she has been promoted several times and now makes a considerable salary. Recently however my stepfather lost his job and the loss of his income apparently reminded her that she was still entitled to a portion of my dad's pension and she contacted his plan administrator in order to begin receiving payments. At this point the payments have not yet started, in fact the administrator denied her request due to not having submitted the correct documentation but in the meantime my dad acquired a copy of their divorce records and based on what I can tell from reading it's contents, she'll likely get it. That being said, I'm wondering if there is a statute of limitations perhaps on this sort of thing, and if not does my dad have any other of type of recourse in the matter?
  8. My ex wife and I got divorced four years ago. It was a bad divorce that caused a lot of anger and resentment between the two of us which I have moved past but she refuses to. Before I pay a bunch of money I really don't have to hire a lawyer I was hoping somebody could help me figure out if the courts will hear and/or help fix any of these issues or if I'm fighting a lost cause here. My ex is constantly picking fights with me and telling me I'm a bad father (I promise you I am not), threatening to minimize my time with them when I already only have them every other weekend (not by choice), telling me I need to "prove that I have changed since the divorce" before she lets me be a bigger part of the boys life, and refuses to let me come to any of their school or extracurricular events. Every time I have tried to she has threatened to call the police or to pull the boys out of the activity if I show up (and yes she would actually do that); which I feel is unfair to the boys and don't want them to suffer so I back off. A couple weeks ago I showed up at my son's tball game,she refused to tell me when and where the game was so i asked my son to tell me what day he plays and show me the field and I showed up an hour after they get out of school and waited until they showed up but she must have seen me because she called me and screamed at me and told me she wasn't bringing the boys until I left and if I showed up anymore she would pull them out of tball (just one example for you). I had financial struggles on and off after our divorce and owed some back child support which I am now paying back by court order through the state, but even though I am paying her back she constantly throws the child support in my face and uses it as justification to take away my rights. She refuses to give me information about their school, doctors, activities, etc.. and does not involve me in any major decisions regarding their life. She is remarried and has brought up multiple times that she wants me to give up my rights and have her new husband adopt our kids which i've made clear is never going to happen. I'm worried she shuts me out of their life on purpose to make it look to my kids as though I'm not interested or don't want to be involved in their lives. She screams at me in front of them and I don't know for sure but I am sure she speaks badly of me in front of them. As much as I'd like to I never speak badly of her in front of the boys and when she picks fights in front of them I just stand there quietly and let her scream at me. I have never been able to take my boys or even see them unless it is my court scheduled visitation time, I am not allowed to take them on trips or vacations, not even allowed to move or switch weekends if I have a conflict on my weekends such as work or being out of town. Long story short she is beyond unreasonable and is letting her personal feelings toward me override what's best for our kids. I am not allowed to be a bigger part of their lives (which i desperately want) because she has issues with me due to our divorce. I know this is all wrong on her end but she does not do anything that is technically against the law so I'm having an extremely hard time proving this in court. I took her to court in the last year and got absolutely nothing. The mediator we talked to came to no conclusion and we reached no agreements. The mediator basically told us we were never going to agree and that was that, which doesn't make sense to me because that defeats the purpose of mediation. So my question is, how do I fight her? How do I prove that what she is doing to me is not in our child's best interest and that the way she treats me is harming the boys and will surely harm their psychological development. I am a father who WANTS time with his kids and am being refused that right. But since she's not breaking any laws the courts will barely even hear my case. I even hired a lawyer which was a waste of money because all that came of the court proceedings was her getting more money from me for child support and me somehow ending up getting nothing. I am paying close to 60% of my paychecks and only seeing my boys four days a month. I am constantly being belittled, put down, and harassed by her and it causes me constant stress and pain and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. In a day and age when I hear so many stories of father's who do nothing for their kids and don't want to be a part of their children's lives, I am a father who wants to be involved in EVERYTHING and wants to be as BIG a part of their lives as possible and I am being denied that and the courts don't seem to want to hear my case or help me, all they seem to care about is child support and money. So basically I need to know how to show cause that the boys well being and psychological, mental, and emotional well being is being put at risk because the mother of said children is selfishly and unreasonably putting her own needs and feelings above what they want and what is in their best interest. Said children are only 6 and 7 so their opinion can't so much be documented or brought to court, and I don't think they are ready mentally to be put under that sort of pressure. Someone PLEASE help me because I have no idea where to even begin or how to go about bringing this to court AGAIN, and if I do go to court again someone please help me figure out how to present this so that I have an actual chance of getting some sort of resolution instead of just wasting my time and more money I don't have again.
  9. I was arrested in jan of 2015 for agg crim sex abuse that was not ever commited by me and they have no evidence yet the states atty keeps prolonging trial, etc... i am sick and tired over these false accusations.. 2 'victims' claim that this happened 16 years ago.. Please help me with any info..
  10. My girlfriend just learned that after paying child support to her daughter's aunt that are daughter was living with for 5 years it was discovered that her daughter was staying with her dad and was not living with her aunt. None of the child support has made it to her daughter. What can she do to recover this money?
  11. My family and friends were in court everyday during my sons trial. When the jury went to deliberate, the judge told us we could not leave the court house or they would not let us back in. ( however we do not find her statement in any transcripts) When dinner time came we asked the security officer if we could go across the street to eat. He said no, that we could not leave the building. Then our lawyer and all the court personal left to eat we asked our attorney if we could leave and he said yes, I will bring you back in with me. When we returned we were not allowed to enter the building and our attorney said Sorry! My son had to hear the verdict all alone and we had to wait of the front lawn of the court house. Is this legal?
  12. Please tell me what constitutes a battery by contact?
  13. while a traffic stop for registration suspended for noninsurance i showed proof of both and they still searched my car without my consent. they said my passenger looked strange thats why my car searched. can they do that?
  14. my PD will not put in a motion to change judge.even when i told him i was involved in a B.N.E AT THE JUDGES HOUSE. what can i do. the b.n.e was back in 07, but the D.tec on the case made sure the judge knew IT WAS ME.
  15. In Illinois, when found not guilty, and you have a parole hold, is there a way to get the parole hold lifted without going to the penitentary? If so, what are my options?
  16. I'm not sure what subject I should submitted this under, so here it goes.. I recently booked a room through booking.com. My fee for two nights came to $314. After submitting my credit card info, my invoice informed me that I would be charged a $100 refundable deductible, along with a $60 cleaning fee. That should have brought my total to $474. When I checked my credit card statement, I found that they had charged me $547. I understand that there are extra taxes that tend to get tagged on so I let it go. I recently received an email from this hotel stating that I owe an additional $500. We have emailed back and forth and talked on the phone. The only explanation that they have offered me is that booking.com often charges the wrong amount so it basically isn't their fault. They also claim that they sent me an invoice right after booking, but I never received it. In fact, the two invoices they have sent me this week had two completely different amounts (which they deny). One statement wanted me to pay $199 per night and the other wanted $299 per night. Also, the booking.com site explains that this hotel charges an additional $10 per guest, while the hotels website says they charge $20. So, my question is, what do I do about this? Is there something illegal going on here? It's definitely shady. I have since canceled, but am afraid of what they are going to charge me. Booking.com says $109.
  17. We are closing on a duplex we are buying today, and we have a tenant who just signed a lease with the previous owner in February. When we received the lease, it is very basic and does not include any of the agreements in which we would like to have in our lease moving forward. We are not looking to change rent or ask them to move, we do realize that we have to honor the lease upon acquisition of the property. Can we legally have them sign a new lease with us?
  18. I had open-heart surgery to replace a Mitral valve oct. 22, 2015. The original plan, I decided best for me, was to go with a mechanical valve so that I would not have to have a tissue valve replaced every 10 years. With a mechanical valve I would need to be on Coumadin (blood thinner) rest of my life; a tissue valve I do not. While in operating room the surgeon stopped anistiea before I was under and said he thinks it would be better to go with tissue valve. Not realizing what was being asked, I said ok. I found out from doctor later what happened? Do I have a claim? Was it right for him to request these changes of major surgery while I was going under?
  19. I have a friend that commited aggravated identity theft. The victim is her aunt. The victim does not want her niece to serve anymore time - she has been in jail for one year now. Because of the detinees backgroung, the sentencing structure was enhanced to class x, which is a range from 6 to 30 years. Is there anything the victim can do that will help her niece in this matter? Can she ask State to drop charges? Can she make a request to have the charges amended so that the penalty isnt so severe?
  20. How does that happen? Just to be indicted for a serious crime after 20 days?How can they do this ?
  21. was convicted of armed violence in Illinois based on location of firearm and controlled substances, even though cops testified at trial that the gun was found in about 5 various locations. Some cops say it was under the bed, while others said it was elsewhere. Can this conviction be overturned?
  22. I am a mentally disabled inmate held in a specific area of the jail that houses detainees of whom have been identified as having special needs or have mental illnesses of all ranges and symptoms. I have written several grievances and closely followed administrative procedures, to no avail. The jail maintains an 8 year long practice of beating inmates, pepper spraying disabled persons in their cell, and specifically excluding every and all disabled persons, whether housed in the medical or mental health units, access to religious services, aa classes, n/a classes, coping skills, anger management, or any other educational, rehabilitative or helpful class, meeting or service of which are offered to every other general population inmate to attend. Every disabled person on the 2nd floor eat with spoons made of paper. Mentally ill inmates have one board game, have no microwave to make soups or coffee, have no water cooler with ice delivered everyday, eat from a styrofoam tray with 3 slots and all the food jammed on top of each other, no special commissary food sales of Burritos and Ice Cream and huge hamburgers that are only offered to general population inmates on the 3rd floor, and are offered no law library services and have no one to help with their cases. Many are incarcerated for misdemeanor charges are awaiting to go to Elgin for fitness reasons. There are constant disturbing use of force incidents involving the padded cell, restraint chairs and pepper spray that affects everyone on the unit. My Freedom of Information acts are often denied by the Captain of this facility, as I try to gather info pertaining to the documented use of force, mental health training for the constant rotation of correctional officers in the pod, religious attendance records by those with disabilities and other information of which would be suitable to include in a Rock River times guest column. Its my belief that just because the jail houses many persons suffering from mental impairments, they should not be subjected to such indignities and blatant discriminations. People are being handcuffed and forced on their knees and forcibly injected with medicine they don't even know what it is. It seems the jail administrators should be criminally liable. Can criminal charges be filed?
  23. I have a competency hearing tomorrow and I wonder if Im unfit what happens. Does anyone know the process here in illinois? Im nervous and anxious and could use some help. Thank you
  24. I am an inmate in a county jail.am at Winnebago County Jail. I had open-heart surgery. I am on Coumadin, a blood thinner to control clotting. For almost a month I complained of blood in my stool and pain in abdomen. Without any assessment the nurses told me it was just hemorrhoids. I continued to complain. I would get sarcastic remarks about it being hemorrhoids. Three weeks in to this I was hemorrhaging from my rectum. The following day, the hemorrhaging was extreme and I had to be rushed to hospital. There doctors said my INR levels were "dangerously high"(from too much Coumadin). And the bleeding was from precancerous polyps that ruptured. Obviously not hemorrhoids that I was diagnosed with. AND WHEN DID IT BECOME LEGAL FOR NURSES TO DIAGNOSE? Do I have a lawsuit? If so, would it be a state tort claim or 1983 federal lawsuit? I filed a 1983 Civil suit in Northern District. It has made it through first stage and a lawyer was appointed to represent me. Does anyone have any input?
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