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Found 192 results

  1. My wife was addicted to drugs and spending our money on them instead of bills. We were evicted from one apartment and she asked her grandmother to borrow some money. My wife had me sign a paper saying that her grandmother would open a line of credit at the bank and I would pay pack any money borrowed. She told me I had to do this or she would be forced to leave me and take the kids to move in with her sister. My wife also made me change the direct deposit of my paychecks to go into her grandmother's account. We moved into the new apartment, which was $350 a month rent, so $700 it took for first month and deposit. Also, my wife had borrowed a $3,600 from her over time so she took that from the line of credit. Every 2 weeks my paycheck would get ACH'd to the grandmother's account. I was a database developer so I was making $83k a year, so after taxes and child support for my son with another mother, the amount deposited was about $1700. She would give me about $300 of it for me to get gas and food and things. After a while it was paid off and I changed the direct deposit back to me and I thought that was that. In July of 2013, my wife was driving in my truck and got pulled over and was arrested for possession of 8 bags of heroin. My vehicle was seized and later lost because I didn't have the $2000 it would have taken to get it out, so I got another, newer truck and paid for a lawyer for her. Her sister got DCFS involved, and my wife and I lost the children. They were placed with her mother while my wife underwent 2 years inside an inpatient drug treatment facility. In July of 2014, she informed me that she was seeing someone else and wanted a divorce a week after she used a duplicate of my prepaid debit card to help herself to $1200 that had gotten deposited from my employer. Last month she got a job and left the drug treatment center and moved into her own apartment. Last week they gave the kids back to her. Yesterday I was served papers to appear in small claims court for the maximum $10,000 you can sue for with a small claims complaint. She is doing it pro se and what is written on the complaint is: "A $10,000 xxxx Bank line of credit was opened in 2012 to help them rent an apartment and get out of debt" The court date is later this month. I am pretty certain that my wife had kept borrowing money from her grandmother and used up all that line of credit. I never cashed any of the checks for the line of credit, which was in her grandmother's name. That is all of the details I can think of possibly being pertinent to this. Is there any defense for me?
  2. A search warrant has a description of the home but no address. Is it unconstitutional and invalid?
  3. My boyfriend and I both signed a lease for an apartment in IL. We shared the rent and the deposit. He moved out without removing his name from the lease and has not paid any money towards the rent that is owed for the remainder of the lease. He wants to contact the landlord to get the deposit back but I am intending on renewing the lease if the landlord lets me. What obligation does my ex have towards the unpaid rent and what right does he have to the deposit?
  4. Four of us own a fairly small amount (38.5 acres) of farmland in SE Illinois. We inherited the land and 2 of us own 33.33% each...the other two own 16.67% each. Three of us holding 83.33% would like to sell but the fourth owner does not want to. Is there any way at all to force a sale without lengthy litigation?
  5. I have a question about the responsibilites of guardianship of a disabled adult. I have a sibling who has recently fallen severly ill and cannot make medical or financial decisions. Resident of Illinois. No spouse. No children. No known will, living will, POA or assigns. According to medical personnel, unable to communicate even the simplest yes or no responses. No hope of recovery. I am in California. Illinois social worker requested that I petition for guardianship and POA. I have questions: How would we find out if there is already a POA? What exactly are the POA responsiblities/liabilities on disabled person's behalf? Is an attorney required for "interstate" matters? What is the role of a Guardian Ad Litum? How is one appointed? What is the state's obligation to care for a disabled person? For how long? Then what? What happens when the disabled person dies? What are "next of kin" rights and responsibilities? What happens to disabled persons assets or property? Can a sibling or parent sign a DNR without being appointed guardian or POA? If so, what is the process? Any help is appreciated in this very serious and sudden matter.
  6. I need to know my options in getting rid of a renter that I feel is going to drain me dry financially. She has been there 6 months and has never paid the house deposit or the utilities deposits to get them put in her name. She is always late on rent and gets later every month. Last month she didn't pay it at all. I have been more than kind to her, even knocking some off the rent a couple of months when she said she was not getting many hours at work. Last month I went there and found that she was keeping a raccoon as a pet in the house, that was the final straw. I gave her a notice to vacate the next day but generously gave her 30 days to get out because I figured she would have a hard time finding something with a cat and a dog. What concerns me is that the utilities are still in my name and Im going to get stuck with them when she leaves. Remember I said she never paid the deposit so I have nothing to fall back on financially. I went on judici tonight and discovered she has a long record including property damage and several financial judgments against her as well. Yes I wish I had checked this before renting but Im not a professional landlord, this was my mothers house that passed away and I have been renting it in order to keep up with the bills and taxes on it. I think I have someone interested in buying it finally so I can get out from under the expense but I have to get her out and keep her from running up any more bills that I will get stuck with. So my question is, since the utility bills are still in my name, may I shut them off? If she is not out in 30 days, how do I get her out?
  7. I've owned a home in New Mexico with my 2 sisters, and one sister's partner, for 5 years. I want to get out of ownership. They've offered to refinance to buy me out. What do I need to know to protect myself?
  8. Say that a seller has posted a listing on Ebay and he tells another auction site that they can copy his Ebay listing and post it on their site. Is there any legal problem with that? Can Ebay object?
  9. I recently bought a vehicle off of craigslist and the person said there were no problems with it. When I got home I parked the car in my driveway and the next day there was a huge pool of oil under the car. I asked the guy to take the car back, but he said it was buy as is on Craigslist. Is this correct? Or, do I have any recourse? Thanks
  10. In need of some clarification on my family members sentencing. He was charged for 2 X Felonies on a Sexual Assault and Home Invasion. This was his first crime ever, and while this crime does not sound like it should not get him imprisoned. I do not believe he should have been charged for 18 years, registering as a sex offender for life and may have 3yrs to life on parole. He's 21 and has been in prison for a year now and has done everything he can to fix his wrongs before turning himself in. My question is what can we do as a family to limit his sentencing and find a decent lawyer to explain the law into more detailed. The Lawyer we had before was not someone I think fought for my family members case. I do wish to see some kind of mercy for him and with the community we are apart of, i do believe they will be more than willing to continue to help him with his drug addiction and counsel him through it all. We are apart of an amazing church community and pray nothing but the best for him. But we are just so sad to hear that this young man wasn't given a second chance to continue to fix his wrongs. He really is a good boy, he just got caught up in the wrong crowds and had hardly any guidance from his parents. Just a lost boy trying to live life. So please if anyone knows on who we can turn to get more information on reducing his sentence, giving him a second chance to life. sincerely, Very caring family member.
  11. Can a private religious employer enforce lifestyle restrictions outside the workplace with the threat of termination, even if those restrictions discriminate against the employees own religion?
  12. I am in Foster Care and have been for 7 years, at the moment I am 17 about to be 18 and I can't get out of care till i am possibly out of high school. I am currently a ward of the state of Illinois and live in a residential group home. I would like to know if it is possible that getting married could get me out of the system or if it would "emancipate" me from the state?
  13. My sister just bought a house that has tenant's living in the house. The previous owner was having trouble with tenants not paying rent and refusing to move. My sister is trying to figure out how to legally evict them
  14. I have a 17 year old son who was injured at school do to another student actions. My son is on the wresting team. Last Sat. he attended the matches. Him and and the other student ran to the wash room, without shoes on. The other student was in front of him. This child when through the open double glass and steel door and closed it. As my son was unable to stop, he slide into the steel and glass door which caused him to have stiches in his face as well as his arm. Now the school wants be to pay 50% for the cost of the door. I know that both boys should have had their shoes on and should not have been running. Had the other child not closed the door, my child would not have obtain the injuries. Since my child did not adjust the door, why should I be responsible to pay anything for it. Please advise
  15. I am an Illinois employee of a company based in California. I am paid hourly, and have to work a minimum of 30 hours a week as I receive medical benefits. I frequently work more than the 30 hours, but the number of vacation hours I accrue each pay period is constant. I used to be salaried, and my vacation time accrued each period was higher, so they've prorated it at 75%, 30 hours instead of 40 hours. Should I be accruing vacation time based on the number of hours I actually work?
  16. In the middle of a two-way public street, there is a Do Not Enter sign facing both directions that creates an invisible line, splitting the street into a north and south region (although they are not labeled as such.) You can drive on either side of the sign, driving in either direction; you just cannot cross that invisible line. I drove across the line (I live a block away), and received a ticket for disobeying a Do Not Enter sign. The officer agreed that it is legal to be on either side of the line, going in either direction. The signs are surrounded by homes, not in a private neighborhood. There are also Dead End signs placed further from the Do Not Enter signs, although clearly the street is NOT a Dead End. Is it legal for a Do Not Enter sign to be placed in the middle of a two-way public street?
  17. Hello. I was recently awarded guardianship of the person of my minor granddaughter. Her parents are still guardians of her estate. Our court order articulates both exactly as such. My grandson and I are debating if he and his wife would be responsible for paying for her daycare while I am at work, or, if I would be responsible for it out of my pocket. I asked our attorney and he said he would get back to me on it over 3 weeks ago and never has. I know he is busy serving other clients and I don't want to pester him about this anymore if I can avoid it. He did an awesome job on everything thus far, I just need the answer to this last question. I have scowered the Illinois Probate Act under which our order was granted and I can't seem to find this. Thank you very much.
  18. My fiance and I purchased a home in Illinois in August. Our wedding is not for another 6 months, so we will not be able to file our 2014 income taxes jointly. Both of our names are on the mortgage, she listed as the borrower and I am the co-borrower. We split the mortgage payments equally. For this year's upcoming tax season, who claims the mortgage interest on the taxes or do we both claim it? Thank you
  19. I own a small juice bar. Two employees quit via one email last week. One of the employees was a key holder. Their reason for quitting was they were not getting paid enough. There has been valuable items stolen from the store and although never accused, I have my suspicion it was them. I asked her to turn in her key right away to which she has not. Now I am forced to change the locks. She also called an employee who was working and gave her the safe code to go in and bring her the tips she earned from her last shift. The employee is not a key holder and should not have access to the safe. My question is, can I deduct the amount I'm being charged to change the locks at my store? And what action can I take with the ex employee for giving out the safe code? I have, of course, changed the code and documented a disciplinary action form with the current employee who went in the safe. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  20. I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on recouping the losses from an Arbor care company dropping branches on my families garden. I have a family of six and we all work on our garden together, we grow fruits and vegetables for ourselves. We rent our property, living in a town-home that shares yard space with the neighbors. Three weeks ago,on July 26, the arbor care company came to cut down a tree and dropped heavy branches on our garden, as well as having driven through part of it. They destroyed 3 yellow squash plants and 4 zucchini plants. Each plant produced about 3 vegetables a week, with each vegetable weighing around 3.5 lbs. There should be about 6 weeks of growing from when they destroyed the garden. After contacting the local organic foods store I was told that in all fairness I can't expect to receive the sale price of the vegetables, but to instead use the wholesale price that farmer's would receive. That price is $1.50/lb for both yellow squash and zucchini. Yellow Squash: 3 plants X 3 veg/wk X 3.5lbs X 6 weeks X$1.50/lb = $283.50 Zucchinni: 4 plants X 3 veg/wk X 3.5lbs X 6 weeks X$1.50/lb = $378.78 I estimate my losses at $662.28. However the owner of the arbor care business is only offering a $100 gift card OR $50 cash as compensation. I was told be a police officer that I can only file a civil claim with it being on rented property. Is there any more I can do to recover my losses?
  21. I filed a motion to transfer a will pro se. Before my first hearing, the trustee's lawyer filed a Petition to have the court approve the accounting so he can distribute the Trust. The Trustee also has a motion to strike hearing scheduled for next week. I did not receive a notice, so I do not know what the motion to strike asks for. The Trustee presented some of the beneficiaries with a proposal to settle that demands that I withdraw my motions in less than 24 hours, before I even know if the other beneficiaries agree to this proposal and before the lawyer writes the terms up. I received this proposal after the close of business day, which leaves me less than one business day to consult with a lawyer. The reason for the deadline is that if the proposal is not agreed to by all and if my motion is not withdrawn in less than 24 hours, the lawyer plans to file two legal actions. I have heard that he plans to file a lawsuit against me, but I do not know the cause or if that is accurate. Is this coercion? What recourses do I have?
  22. In the charges against me, all false... I have been lied about terribly by my "ex". My "ex" has also gone so far as to get a fellow employee to lie as well about an alleged phone call. My phone records AND a witness WITH ME at those specific hours of the day would prove this witness is lying absolutely....so the question is: If I was able to get someone, most favorably an attorney to send a letter to this witness citing knowledge of the lie and advising them that they should recant there statement before they get themselves into legal trouble, would that "legally channeled action" be considered "intimidation" for simply letting a witness know that their lie is provably false and they can get into serious trouble over it and they should correct their false statements with the authorities before it's too late? Edmond Dantes,
  23. ohhbob

    Bad Faith

    I was in an auto accident back in March, and the other parties insurance (State Farm) admitted liability after witness statements were released in the police report. The other parties’ coverage would not cover the cost of my car (totaled), so I claimed it under my policy and the companies are now under subrogation. The personal injury (broken foot) however it still ongoing. I've been using the State Farm claim number with the medical providers, but the medical bills have not been paid yet. I'm told that they will be going to Collections at the end of the month. This seems like Bad Faith on the part of State Farm. What recourse do I have? Thanks in advance... Bob
  24. My son works a summer job through a temp agency for light factory work. About a month ago he fainted and cut his head badly. Some witnesses said he had a seizure so that is on the incident report. He had follow-up medical tests which came out normal, but the first Doctor return-to-work note said light duty in case an incident happened again. Well that freaked out the temp agency and they are not clearing him to work at all, even though a subsequent Doctor note said he is now able to resume previous duties. They are dragging their feet claiming it is under review with Corporate. Does this not violate his right-to-work? Any advice?? Thanks in advance... Bob
  25. Hello- I am a 35 year old single full-time working mother from Illinois. I am in the process of going through another custody/modification process with my child's father. I was awarded Sole/Residential custody 2 years ago. Our parental agreement states he can modify and or request a change after 2 years. This time he has petition a modification for custody and wants sole custody of my 10 year old. My child has stated and displays that she is happy with the visitation she has now. She sees him every other weekend. We have secular holiday schedule, also 3 non consecutive weeks in June.July and August for her to spend with him. Also sharing half of her school spring/winter and fall breaks. We have even made a separate agreement that he can have visitation for Tuesday's and Thursday's (during the summer they will become sleepovers). She is happy at home and also when she visits with her father, whom is married and has 3 children and a newborn on the way. The problem is he doesn't like me and neither does his wife (it has been this way since my child was 3). They do anything they can to play this game of good parent and bad parent with me. They try to micromanage our parental agreement to any way they like, also do not abide it to their convenience. He is behind in child support by a very substantial amount, given that it start around the same time our agreement was determined (2 years ago). Our communication is email, so paper trail for me is perfect. Based on my summary provide above: what are his chances to obtain sole custody of my child? I have done some research and well, I am not a drug user or abuse alcohol in any way, shape or form.. I don't abuse my child or put her in any danger. I have been her sole provider since she has been born. She goes to a great school makes A's and B's grades. She lives in a great neighborhood. Also- to mention I currently reside with my mother (my child maternal grandmother). I don't keep her from her father or discontinue any visitation based on his bitterness with me. He utilizes my daughter as pawn for his good parent bad parent games, and I fear that its going to hurt her emotionally. He has a lawyer and I have appear in one court appearance, she flat out advised me that she feels he has no chance, but she is moving on with based on his requests... I was force to obtain an attorney but I don't feel my attorney is doing very much, as my rights and a mother.. I guess, I am scared to lose custody of my own child that I raised on my own. I should feel like that because I have done nothing to change the status of my daughter's needs and best interest...
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