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Found 192 results

  1. Dear FindLaw Forum I had a property foreclosed on in 2008 that I had refinanced in 2006 with the notorious New Century mortgage. They were bought out by Countrywide which was bought out by Bank of America. I didn't address the issue at the time, and it was foreclosed on in default. I had a lot going on in my life right then, divorce, business issues, etc. So, now, years later, I'm wondering if I have any chance of taking the current designees to court to get some damages based on the fact that I never saw any clear chain-of-title. I certainly didn't see a "Master Agreement" (or series there of) to make it clear that there was a valid transfer of title through each of the parties. Right during my foreclosure in 2008, New Century was under investigation, and they did not disclose any of that investigation to me. Lisa Madigan (our IL Attorney General) got me about $1000 because of the poor business practices of my mortgage holders (in a group settlement) but accepting that agreement specifically said that I did NOT give up my right to sue BoA directly at a later date. So, that part of the settlement has rolled around in my brain for these years, and I know any statute of limitations will run out soon. If I will sue them, it should be now. Has anyone had any success in pursuing chain-of-title issues against a debt company, or defunct mortgage company? Am i crazy to even suggest it? Are there any prior successes in this kind of thing in any state that I can reference on this. Thanks for the opportunity to ask this question.
  2. I will be a witness at another persons criminal trial. I was arrested, my house was searched and thoroughly trashed by police, I lost my job and am still unemployed after 5 years, etc. I was entirely, unrelated, collateral damage during the incident. In other words my life as I knew it was completely destroyed because of this situation, and even though I am cleared now of all charges, it was the police and then the State who caused the majority of the damage to me. When I testify, my credibility will be attacked. As, part of that, the State will allege that the defendant has harmed me. This is a little true, but, again, it was the police and the State who have harmed me the most and affected the rest of my life. And, I want to speak this truth in court. I want to say straight out to the jury: It was the police and it was this woman and that guy standing there who by causing me to go through the last 5 years of stress, turmoil, and loss have harmed me far more than this defendant ever has. Problem is, the judge has ruled that my prior charges and acquittals cannot be entered as evidence at trial. So, then, can I still allude to my harm then indirectly as I indicate above? Appreciate your advice here on what is regarded as permissible by a witness and what is not.
  3. I work in a assisted living home for 65yrs and older we currently have a resident in the hospital with c diff and another who isn't in the hospital who has c diff also and many more not feeling good, the felicity is only providing gloves for protection . her room hasn't been cleaned the proper , she eats in her room but the dishes she uses are taken back to the kitchen with no special cleaning of them and her clothes are washed by the aides and the same washer and dryer are used for other residents. what can be done about this, they are putting other residents at risk, and the aides that work there
  4. My mother petitioned for permanent guardianship in August of 2015 of my then almost 3 year old son. Back story: I have battled a heroin addiction off and on for 11 years now. I am seven months clean currently, though.) Since I was homeless, (although she knew where I was staying!!) I did not get served with papers. Instead, the judge made her post it in the newspaper. Anyway, as of right now, I have a job, and I am staying in transitional housing, but I am very close to getting my own place. I went to rehab in February and stayed in the town the rehab is in. It is three hours away from my mom and son, but a bus ticket is very affordable. I am writing this because I want/NEED to see my son!! Seeing him every three months is absolutely unacceptable to me! I was wondering if anyone thinks I have a chance at just visitation or "parenting time" as Illinois law calls it now given my circumstances and life changes. I am not trying to get guardianship back yet because I know I am not quite in the position to take care of him yet, but I think seeing him every other weekend is fair. I wouldn't even have to go to court if my Mom weren't so against me being around. she claims she can't handle being around me because she is so angry at me still. Believe me, I more than understand that, but what does that have to do with me seeing my child? Any advice? Should I wait until I have my own place or should I go through with it now? And what exactly would I need to do? I saw online that she has an annual status update court date October 6th. Should I show up!? Thanks in advance!!
  5. I would appreciate opinion as to whether or not a conflict-of-interest exists in a murder case due to the connection between the State's Attorney's office and the family of the victim. Throughout the course of the case so far, the victim's wife has been given a lot of latitude in her movements in court. Each court appearance, she sits in the front audience row designated for court personnel and media only. The bailiffs do not direct her to sit elsewhere as they do with any member of the general public. She also fairly frequently and without being censored by anyone walks up pass the bar (line of demarcation for attorneys only without permission) both before and during court to converse with individual SAs. She has also walked up to the Judge's clerk on occasion. I thought this a little strange, but since the victim was in the legal profession, I thought everyone was just giving her some sympathetic consideration. Now, however, I have since seen this woman also appear in the audience of several different criminal defendants and in the company of the SA's Victim Advocate person and interacting with the victim families along with the Victim Advocate as if she is in training with the SA's Victim Advocate program or at least a volunteer in that program. If so, whether she is a volunteer or paid, does this create a conflict-of-interest for the State's Attorney with respect to this murder case? Her husband was well-known in the legal community but she was not in the profession and not previously involved with victim families. The defense PD knows of her behavior in court and has not raised it as a issue but does not know of her association with other cases.
  6. Maybe this is stupid, but here goes: I had two prior County burglary cases prosecuted against me in 1993. Now, I have a murder case pending in same County. My murder charge arises now not because of actual evidence of my involvement in it, but because of the allegation that the physical description of the murder suspect is applicable to me. Of course, that same physical description also fits a large number of other people in the general public. It just so happens however, that the person directing the murder investigation happens to be a police officer who was involved in my two prior burglary cases and who testified against me in them at the time. It also happens that the prosecutor in my murder case is also now the same prosecutor who prosecuted me in those two cases back in 1993. One defense I am raising now is the argument is that the police officer was not impartial in his murder investigation, and if that police officer had not been in charge of the murder investigation, then I would not have been charged today based on the lack of actual evidence of my involvement. Back in '93, the prosecutor was also first-hand privy to a lot of background info about me from my PD regarding things such as my mental health. Now, this prosecutor is calling this prior PD as a witness against me in some manner in my murder case. So, all this old info is being dredged up in an attempt to probably use it out of context against me in some way, because the State's murder case is otherwise very weak. My questions are: what privilege do I now retain with respect to what was said or known between myself and my old PD, and then, is there any sort of conflict-of-interest issue with respect to the prosecutor now handling my murder case?
  7. I've been having issues with a new property owner who owns the property surrounding half my property. Since day one he's been intimidating. The one who sold him the property and my father in law who built the House we live in now had a verbal easement agreement for convenience not necessity. My father in law passed last year which negates any agreement made as well as the sale of the property. The new property owner never used the easement as an easement but as a parking lot for his equipment. It's a 3-400 ft old driveway and he parks it in the spot closest to my house!! And carries his tools the rest of the 200+ feet to get to his property! Just to harass me and be in the way where my children play ball. For 3 months we asked him to remove his vehicles from our property. After a month we started telling him to remove his vehicles or we will contact authorities. His attitude progressed negatively and he became more aggressive and confrontational. Finally, I gave him his final warning beginning of April. Asked him to remove said items and if he parked them on my property again I'll calling police and press trespassing charges on him have his vehicles towed at his expense. He then broke out into verbal assault, which I did return. He threatened bodily harm if I contact authorities where I turned and did such that. 20 minutes for police to get to me due to where I live. I realised I didn't have a fighting chance against him and his business partner was in the truck who obviously wanted no part of this. And I was home alone with my 3 young children. Went out to inform him police were on their way in hopes he'd flee, and to stand between him and my home which held my children who were standing in the door way behind the glass patio doors. They could see it all. He was already advancing towards me armed and dangerous staring me down and not speaking. I drew my weapon in defense which he didn't expect and stopped his advancing but he just stood their staring. He eventually turned back for his truck and started to flee. But before he left my property he told me he hopes I like my house cause he has nothing to loose. Police confiscated my weapon for defense, and told him he can come to my home and use the easement which he has no legal right to nor necessity to use, but has to park on his property which is over 300 acres and we have 3. The other day I received a disorderly conduct ticket for brandishing a firearm in such a manner to alarm said property owner. And no charges brought on him! How can this happen? What do I do? And how can I reverse charges from me to him? What kind of lawsuits and restraining orders do I need to file!? Am I going to jail for defending my family and my self and home?
  8. I have a Defamation case pending against a lawyer and her client in Illinois. The two of them are involved in a separate case against me, and they chose to include extensive irrelevant personal assassination statements against me in one of their published briefs. They included these disparaging statements in the "Statement of Facts" section which make them even more clearly libelous and malicious than if they had been in the argument section of their brief. The attorney is licensed to practice law in the State of IL where both cases are taking place. However, the attorney does not have malpractice insurance. Should I be successful in my defamation case and obtain a judgment against the attorney, I do not want her just to declare bankruptcy and move on. I would like to put a lien on the attorney's ability to practice law in the state. Is there any precedent in IL or any other state to put a lien on an attorney's law license in order to make sure that a debt is paid? Thank you so much. Mr_Pro_Se.
  9. I'm fairly certain my workplace is making me ill. Last fall we had the roof replaced, and during that time when it rained, it leaked like a sieve. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I can smell the mustiness as soon as I step inside. I have a mold allergy and asthma, and after a minute or two I can just feel my lungs closing up. I spend an hour in the evening coughing and hacking up the pollutants I've inhaled during the day. I'm an office staff level position with a good amount of seniority with the company, but I only have so much authority. I've moved myself into a conference room with a different air handler system, but I still feel the effects. Of course, I've tried alerting the proper people, and it took some effort to get someone to take me seriously, but there is finally going to be an air quality study done. Assuming there is an issue found, and assuming it'll take some time for remediation, I'm still going to have to deal with this somehow for some amount of time. I'm just wondering what my rights are? Thanks... Bob
  10. 2 weeks before the move in date of 5/15, I emailed a representative of this property company, telling them to cancel my lease, and to obtain a refund for my security deposit. I still have this email as evidence, but after this email was sent I received no further correspondence. So, naturally I assumed the lease was summarily canceled 2 weeks before the move in date and that they wanted to keep my deposit in their pockets. I decided to not pursue this. Fast forward , to now, July, the employees at this company, are trying to offload accountability to me and are asking me to pay a fee to break the lease. I think I have a pretty strong case against them seeing as I have recorded evidence of me expressing interest to break the lease 2 weeks before I ever moved in, and I paid first months rent without even moving in. Moreover, they should have noticed that there was no tenant and yet they were still keeping me in the billing cycle. A clear case of corporate negligence, but what should I do now. Any attempt to reason with them is met with corporate bureaucracy, as expected. The rent is for an apartment in South Loop, Chicago for about $1700/mth , I had to break the lease because I was discharged from my school, after signing the lease contract.
  11. Copped out to felony probation wih a stipulation thatthei is no contact with a person. now i went to court and they said thai had contact with this person so they violated my probationbut on top of that they also served me with a violation of order of protection. and ive never been served a copyof that. so my question is can they do that or no? since ive never been formally served......
  12. In Illinois, if there is no record of the proceedings, no transcript of a court appearance, a Bystander's Report can be entered. Are there any guidelines for such a report? Is it like an affidavit? Or a declaration? How would one be written and presented? Or rules governing their use? Is there a site or guide online? I've yet to find one. Thank you.
  13. vehicle was pulled over driver had no valid L'S or insurance three people in the car driver ,front passenger ,and one person behind passenger (both passenger and backseat person have priors) the vehicle was searched and upon compeletion of this search their was pills(prescription only) found underneat the front passenger seat both the front passenger and back seat person were questioned the person the in the back seat denise any knowledge of these pills the front passenger conffessedand saidthat they belonged to the backseat driver. so this person was arreseted on simply on that fact. the car did not belong to any of the three passengers. so my question to you is if the driver comes forth and writes a affadavit saying that the front passenger was lying and that his statement is false. hat good would that do?
  14. need help on how federal court process works. charges: poss/intent to dis./con subsatance. 10.2 grams of cocaine title 21, u.s code.sec 841(a)(1) :poss/of/firearm/ .32 cal colt revovler previously been transported in intersstate commerce... title 18. u.s. code sec 922(g)(1) :drug trafficking while in poss/of/firearm title 18. u.s code sec 924©(1)(A)(i) QUESTIONS: sentencing guide lines max and minimum? loop holes? ways around to make it back to a state case? does federal court allow to make plea agreements? what is the smart thing to do at this point? lawyer isnt really telling me much at this point. if u can share anything that is related to this please comment anyhelp is better than any help. please thank you.
  15. what options do I have to contest a divorce while in custody. I was not given the ability to file for alimony due to being in custody even though I sent notice to both my wife and the judge about a previous court appearence on the same date as the hearing. Any insight will be helpful, and thanks for your time.....
  16. listen...... i am currently being charged with a crime that i didnt do. my first and middle name is Turtle Man. the rockford police dep. told me someone named me and said i commited a crime. saying they named me by my nick name. witch they stated that is "turtle man" thatis not my nick name but my real name so how is it that im being charged simply because it so happens that my name is Turtle Man and the witness said she cant even identify they person in question and can only give that name because she over heard someone else call such person by that name..............
  17. To begin with, a court order was signed to revoke bond. Is that court order a valid order if it is signed by a judge, but not filed? Recently, this issue arose. It was discovered that the trial court signed an order revoking bond. This was done late at night at the judges home and there is a docket entry by the clerk of the county for that day. But, the docket entry is incorrect. The paper was not entered into the record at 11pm (the courthouse was obviously closed then), it should have been entered the following day. But, it was never file-stamped, placed in the court file, nor made available to the public or published. Requests for the order could did not produce the document. Finally, this order popped up (in discovery) and was used as justification to hold the defendant in custody pending charges. But a filed, stamped copy by the clerk, could not be produced by the State. If the order was never made public is it a valid order? If the order was signed, yet improperly filed or not docketed is it still a legal order or document? This all took place in Illinois.
  18. two people were apprehended in a stolen vehicle and their was a firearm insuch vehicle. they werequestion about a third person that got away. they said that he was the one that had the vehicle and that the firearm was his. but this person was not caught at the scene nor was their any fingerprints in the vehicle or the firearm and on top of that their is no valid video of such person that was arressted becuase of the two ppl statements. so why is it possible that such person is arreseted simply because they said that he was their. and ontop of this such person hasan alibi for the time and place for when the say he was their. can anyone please shed some light on this please and thank you.
  19. Recently, a University of Illinois students debuted a website. www.illinoisausterityatlas.com The student created this information packed site which chronicles the effects of the ongoing Illinois state budget stalemate. The site has some good graphics and data in categories like: Higher Education, Youth, Health & Social Services. The student was recently contacted and asked if she would include "Legal Services" as a seperate category, as many on those effected by Illinois' financial woes would also be in need of those types of services. Encourage the student to update and provide these statistics on her website for all to see.
  20. A friend of mine was arrested for obstructing a police officer. Police claim they lied. My friend went to trial on the charges and was found not guilty. Despite this ruling, the judge still stated that he thought my friend did indeed lie, but that the lie did not hinder or obstruct the officer in doing their duty. My friend is adamant that they did not lie, claiming they answered the police truthfully and honestly, rationalizing, that afterall, they were found "not guilty". Right? Now, my friend is a witness is another case related to this first accusation of lying. If my friend repeats the same information they initially gave to the police, now as a witness, would it again be considered lying? Do they open themselves up to new charges being filed? Does the judge's opinion have any bearing or weight?
  21. The police were actively pursuing and investigating an individual of whom they believed to be involved with drug sales. I bought a vehicle from that suspected dealer, and thus became actively investigated as well. I found this information out later, as stated within the police report. A month elapsed and my girlfriends home was subsequently raided by police who carried a search warrant of which had no name at all imprinted on it. Further, the police were calling me by the name of the individual from whom I had previously bought the vehicle from. Following the search, a gun was found under the couch cushion, as well as a tiny amount of heroin and crack of which was located somewhere within the vehicle I had bought previously. I had never seen a search warrant at all for the vehicle. The police had printed a statement for my girlfriend to sign saying everything was mine and she did so, only after officers warned her that her unborn child could be taken forever and other such threats. All investigative reports and police interrigations seemed to point to the fact that they were clearly looking for another person with another name and of which really had nothing to do with me in any way, other than the fact that the truck had been recently purchased by me from the person of whom they were really investigating. The truck in which the alleged drugs had been found was not legally mine, as it had not been registered to me. Is there any illegal search and seizure issues of which anyone might be able to see within the context of this narration? It seems to me that there is alot wrong here, but I would like some feedback. This has been written for a friend, and in no way can be damaging to any pending court procedings. Am just seeking your opinions and will say thank you in advance for any insight for which you might be willing to share. Any further info will be gladly shared if it will help you to better form an opinion as to the legalities and intrcicities of this case. Thanks for reading...
  22. This isn't really a Trust issue, but I didn't know which category, if any, would apply. How can I resign/quit/decline further coverage from my Medicaid plan? Does Illinois Medicaid have a specific form I need to use or can I try (again) by sending a signed letter to the DHS office stating my intent to decline further coverage? Should that letter go to a Springfield office or the local DHS office I am assigned to? I already sent them a signed letter stating my intent, but have not received a response in 8 weeks and it is becoming urgent that I get off the plan now. I have repeatedly called and held for long periods without being able to speak to a live person at the local DHS office, and don't know who to contact in Springfield. Thank you in advance for your help.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm in Chicago as a J1 visa student to work during the summer but a woman wants to adopt me but I'm 20 years old so can anyone tell me if there's a chance that she can adopt me even if I am this old and I come from Europe. Please somebody respond here. Thank you
  24. I need information on leaving and expatriotating the country in lieu of prosecution. I know we have the 14th amendment right and the nationalization act right to expatriate, but I need case examples of the right being used instead of going to trial or prosecution (State or federal)... Does anyone know of cases or can anyone look cases up for me? Thank you in advance!
  25. Is anyone familiar with the FEN-PHEN class action settlement? What if a person within the last year found out he/she recent complications are a result of ingesting that product and has a licensed professional attesting its legitiamcy? I know the claim is time-barred, but not sure as to the stipulations of the settlement agreement. The staue of limitations in Illinois states 2 years from the time a person found out or should have had reasonable knowledge of the injury. Is there still a number to call? Or how can a person obtain a claim form?
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