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Found 120 results

  1. i live in ga. and you must carry basic ins. to drive a vehicle and if the ins. is canceled the ins company notifies the state who then cancels your tag. what often happens is that no one contacts you. i had moved in august and during the move my purse with wallet checkbook atm card etc were stolen. i notified my bank and they put a watch on the acct and blocked activity to try and catch them..also so that regular scheduled payments could go thru til i could go there in person and get a new acct. then forensics wanted the acct left open. the upshot is that 200 dollars was removed from my acct and i assumed it was my ins. payment and never received anything from ins. company except updated info like my new renters ins policy terms and stuff like that.. but if they could notify me of that why not my car ins. being cancelled? it comes to be that i am pulled over and he is telling me i havent had a policy since aug. this was jan. so the cop was pissed and the car was towed. i even comb thru my emails later and find one single email informing me it was canceled in nov. but it has nothing that indicated it was important. just the lady in the service dept name.. the upshot being that if you have had other infractions of this same offense they can not only fine you but suspend your license 6 months and even jail.i am barely getting by with my autistic son and i coming from a battered womens shelter last summer anda license suspension will mean i cannot pick him up from school or go to work easily if at all.. i remember a long time ago i may have had tix for this but cannot access the records indicating such. court is thursday and its tuesday. i was told they might reduce fines since i currently hold ins and got tag reinstated... still i dont have money for food and power bill much less this unless they let me do payments. i am scared. .should i get a lawyer in hopes of a way to explain all this to a judge?
  2. Hello. I just wanted know do cops have to read your rights to you when you get arrested thank you
  3. My grandmother recently passed with no will and no real-estate. She has a life insurance policy for $3000 and they are based out of Florida. My aunt who has passed, along with all my grandmothers children and spouse, was the beneficiary. They are telling me that I need a small estate affidavit, however I am being told by the county that Georgia does not recognize that. Could you please tell me what I need to provide in order to get he policy released and get the funeral home paid. Is this something I am going to have to pay for out of pocket? Please help this has been a nightmare.
  4. I bought two name brand recliners from a furntiure store and they both became unuseable within 4 months due to shoddy manufacturing process. Credit card company affirmed my dispute and store that sold the chairs to me would not pick them up during the dispute. Now that the dispute is settled, what can I do with the chairs? Are they mine to repair or trash or do they now belong to the merchant since the money was taken from them for the sale of the furniture. I have sent the store a return receipt requested letter telling them to pick up the chairs within 72 hours or I will dispose of them as I choose. What is the status of the chairs if they do not respond within the 72 hours I have given them? I am unable to move these chairs due to my age and it is possible that an independent upholster can repair these chairs.
  5. I was making a sales call to an office building and my cell phone fell down the elevator shaft it was about 10:30 AM. Facilities was not available and could not give me an ETA to assist in retrieval. Someone in the building eventually called the elevator company. The elevator company eventually showed up and sent the elevator up and jumped into the shaft to retrieve phone, it was after 5:00PM. So this occurred on January 6th and yesterday I received a bill from the building service company. I don't think I should have to pay this bill am I legally obligated? I live in GA.
  6. !. Is Peremptory Calendar also referred to as a calendar call? 2. Is it a violation of Rule 20 if an attorney appears at the calendar call but his client is not ready to accept the plea that was offered and the attorney was not at all prepared to go to trial but the client was still scheduled for trial in a couple weeks. Rule 20. PEREMPTORY CALENDAR Periodically the assigned judge may cause to be delivered to the clerk of the court and published a list of pending civil actions in which the discovery period has expired or criminal cases upon reasonable notice requiring the parties (including the state) or their attorneys to announce whether the actions or cases appearing thereon are ready for trial and when trial should be scheduled. Failure to appear at the calendar sounding or otherwise to advise the judge or appropriate calendar clerk may result in the following disposition: (A) In civil actions, the dismissal without prejudice of plaintiff's action or defendant's answer, counterclaim, or cross claim; and, ( In criminal cases, the acquitting of the accused defendant or the dead docketing of the case.
  7. A while back I had a confrontation with a hot tempered guy. His girlfriend and I are good friends. She had fled to my house because of them two having it out. The guy kept calling my phone leaving harassing and threatening messages which I still have. I warned the guy several times to stop calling and not to come to my home. Well a little while later who shows up. Fearing the worst after the phone calls I didnt want him coming up to my door so I went outside. He jumps out with a bat like Superman. I snatch the bat from him like out of a Chuck Norris movie. After seeing the fear in his eyes I threw the bat back at him at the same time Im telling him to get the hell of my property. Well the bat misses him and shatters the side window of his car. He jumps in his Corvette at hauls. Well I go in and call the police and he does as well. The cops and him both show back up. I told them that he was before warned not to come around and he came looking for trouble and found it. I cant help his window is shattered but it happened while he was in the commission of a crime (Criminal Trespass) Then John law wants to throw a curve ball and says, Well when you snatched the bat away at that point you were the aggressor and you should have at that point went inside and called the police. What! Who does that? During the meantime Superman is jumping up and down yelling that I need to fix his window for me to pay his 500 deductible. I never agreed to it. But we both agreed not the press criminal charges on one another. A few days later I get the report and the cop stated we didnt want to press charges but that I agreed to pay for his window. In Georgia there is a NO retreat law which states I dont have to back down or run away when someone come on my property using force. That I have a right to protect myself from the wrong doings of others. Well I just now got served and being sued in a subrogation claim from his insurance stating I owe them 3500.00 plus court cost and attorney fees to fix his window. Now this is where I need some help. Im pretty law savvy but do I have a good case? Im I in the right? Should I spend 2000 on an attorney? Is this a slam dunk case where I can represent myself? What if any can I counterclaim and sue them for? Your input will be well appreciated. Thanks for reviewing.
  8. I have been given a "Criminal Trespass Notice" for patronizing a Denny's Restaurant. The policeman said that the restaurant manager had the right (by law) to refuse to have me there. I have NEVER given the restaurant any problems that I see justifies this. I go there, I purchase food and beverages, I tip well. It is something I think is totally personal with this manager and one of his waitresses. Do I have a legal case?? Can a public restaurant do such a thing??? It is a very large restaurant and I occupy one table??? and I usually only go there during the evening and late night or early morning hours when business is slow. I have never been there when they even had a "waiting list" for customers!!!!????
  9. our grandfather died and our aunt took the life insurance policies that were left to our dad and created a fake codicil giving herself ownership of insurance policies. This codicil was never filed in probate, We found the codicil 4 years after will had been probated and hired a lawyer he contested the will we dropped the suit and dismissed all assets in estate. we later found the insurance policies that were clearly left with beneficiaries on them and my aunt was not a beneficiary. When we went to court contesting will we had found the fake codicil but had not found ins policies at this time. we eventually found the insurance policies and copies of all checks she received and deposited into her acct. She changed the ownership of the policies to herself then cashed the policies in using this codicil to show proof to ins. companies that she was left ins policies to do as she pleased. We sought a lawyer and he tells us we can not go after her for ins monies she stold because we dismissed the first suit and all asetts. I was told ins policies with designated beneficiaries do not pass through probate. why cant we go after her to get our monies
  10. I have a question for any attorneys experienced in the practice of Criminal Law. Before posing my question for you, I am going to give you a set of facts for a criminal case. At the end of that scenario, I will pose my question and welcome any feedback offered. Scenario: You are appointed by the court to represent two defendants who have been charged with multiple counts of rape, child molestation, sodomy, child endangerment, and assault. The two defendants claim to be innocent. They cooperate with you on building a witness list for testimony that can cast reasonable doubt on the case. This is the evidence against your clients: A 10 year old girl claims to have been raped, sodomized, and molested by other forms of inappropriate contact every day, multiple times a day, for five years by two or more men at a time. You have witness testimony from the legal guardian of the alleged victim, who is also the angry wife of one of your clients, testifying to the night the allegations were brought to her attention. You have the doctor that examined the child testify that the examination of the child could neither confirm nor negate rape, sodomy, or molestation. You also have two other witness testimonies from mentors of the child, who also heard the initial allegations made by the child. After requesting that the witnesses listed for the defense attend the trial and be ready to testify. Why would an attorney suddenly give legal advice to the defendants, informing them that their was no need to present a defense case because the evidence of the prosecution could not prove them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? I am currently a Criminal Justice Major, working toward a degree that will allow enrollment in law school. I understand that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution to prove the defendants guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the attorney was correct in stating that they were nor required to present a defense case due to that. My question is, why in the world would an attorney with two defendants who are actually innocent, and the case has been build to prove that, who are charged with such horrible crimes advise their clients on the day that the trial begins to not present a defense?
  11. My daughter (who resides in Gwinnett County in Georgia) will be a teenager soon and her mother has already (unsuccessfully) tried to have our daughter's last name changed from mine to her's. Now that my daughter's mother has remarried Im afraid she will force my daughter to tell the courts that she wants her last name changed from mine to her mothers new last name. Can this happen? If so, is there an age where my daughter can petition the courts on her own? If so, would I be notified of this attempt? Please advise, Worried, scared & concerned father
  12. WIRE FRAUD Please help. I terminated appointed counsel as vital defense info was somehow leaked to U.S. Attorney office. I need to know specifically answer regarding Venue for wire fraud the following . Since 18 USC 1343 is a continuing offense my research shows that Venue will lie in any district where the wire originated, passed through, or was received. I need to know if Receiving Bank Main office which receives wire is located in one jurisdiction and has branches in other jurisdictions does venue lie in every jurisdiction. Need specific case law if possible.
  13. 2 years ago leased a house in Roswell Georgia for $2700 a month. Never paid late and I am a perfect tenant. First 3 days of lease, on move in form...I wrote "washer broken"....reported it. Been using it on 1 cycle since then and have asked for repair 4 times. Have texts, emails and proof to that effect.Have names of all who came and said the washer was shot....need a new one... my lease states landlord responsible for repair. This month, I cannot wash at my daughters and have gotten fed up with the mess and the one cyle washer and bad dryer. I reported again along with dryer and the line has been stopped up to drain the washer for all this time as well. I asked for priority help as washer will leak all over floor if I do not monitor its draining 100 percent of the time. I asked for compensation for the inconvenience in a rent credit..they said no and sent someone out 6 days later...meanwhile I bought brand new washer dryer at an estate sale because I NEED to be able to do laundry and it is piling up big time. I asked them to buy from me for $500 though it is a $1350 set but they do not have seemed to even have contacted the owner. They said no. Can I legally ask them to proove they asked the owner about it? So I had reported this on the 8th of the month for the 4th time and it is the 24th and they told me yesterday they are delivering $1600 new washer and dryer today... When I looked at order it is an electric dryer and this house has a gas hookup only. I now face MORE time being unable to do laundry because I know the dryer will be the wrong one. Do I have any right to charge them for the inconvenience, the coming lack AGAIN of laundry equipment for god knows how long, or for the fact I had to purchase my own and they were hooked up on the 10th and I have been able to wash but I did not share that info with them because I wanted to just see if they would contact me at all knowing I was waiting desparately and could not wash clothes. So this is 16 days with no laundry equipment as far as they know and they did not send me one email or text or letter. They called yesterday for the first time. Also can I contact the actual landlord legally for any reason if my lease if through a management firm? I have asked for a couple of other items that have also been lost or ignored. Thanks Kat
  14. Hi all: I am starting a credit repair and consultation business. Unfortunately, I live in Georgia where it is actually a misdemeanor to conduct that type of business there. My question/dilemma is, is there a work-around with that, outside of forming a non-profit, which is one way. So, would I be able to form let's say and LLC in a state more friendly to that type of business, establish an address, get licensed, bonded, etc. and still be okay operating Georgia? I will not have a physical location, as it will be 100% web based, if that makes a difference. Thank yo in advance for any help I can get. Alan
  15. My brother can no longer take care of his son, he has asked me to take him in. He gets an SSI check every month. I live in a different county for school. I called the school in my county to see about enrolling him in school. She informed me that I would have to inroll him as me being Guardian ship. I have a job and don't want is SSI check to be affected by my income! His check should go for him and his needs etc... I was told I would have to get it in my name. 1. how does guardianship work? 2. How will it affect his check?
  16. We have been running our convenience store/gas station for 10 years. When we started renting the property we signed lease for 5 years with the option to renew every 5 years for 15 years. When this renewal was getting close my partner talked to landlord in June and tried to get him to give us new lease for 10 years so that we could justify spending money on some improvements needed for property. At that time our landlord said he would renew for another 5 years and give us one more option to renew for another 5 years after that. Every since that conversation our landlord has been ducking our phone calls. Now there is less than 2 weeks left in our current lease. My partner finally got a hold of him yesterday and and the landlord said he had been avoiding us because he might have a buyer. We have the right to buy first in our lease but may not be able to afford what this person is offering. We are fairly sure it is someone who wants our business and instead of paying us for it has decided to go to landlord and purchase property so they can evict us and take over the business we built over last 10 years. My questions are, if we have the option to renew can our landlord just ignore our request to renew. There is no mention of the right of landlord to refuse renewal except in cases where we don't pay rent on time. We have always paid on time. Also if we have a lease for 5 years can a new owner have us evicted anyway? Please any information you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated. I already plan to find lawyer on Monday but it would help me sleep this weekend if I had some idea what our rights are.
  17. Would the court typically approve a modification to lower Child Support if a career change was previously discussed? If there were multiple discussions/plans between the married couple (before divorce) of a career change that would significantly lower (by 60-70%) the income of the (now) noncustodial parent - even if it came down to utilizing a lie detector to prove that such discussions happened - would the court typically be ok with the modification to lower Child Support? The reasoning (when married) was to lower the amount of work-related stress on the (now) noncustodial parent.
  18. Frustrated with State of Florida. FL has recently started garnishing a portion of my child support payment because of a possible fraudulent IRS tax return in which the State intercepted and applied to my account.???
  19. A " Open Records Act Request" is given to a Gov't Agency and they returned with a "Video" where it appears the picture and audio has been obscured. What is the next step in getting this issue corrected ?
  20. Hello, I'm currently employed as a Diesel Mechanic for a trucking company in South GA. It's a very small town and I'm told the owner of the company pretty much owns the town I live and work in. I recently got a job offer from another company, Woody Folsom, when I when to buy a vehicle, I was offered more money so I told my Employer, the owner of the company, about it, and he said he could match it because he didn't want me to leave the company. A week after my "manager" said he had called Woody Folsom, the dealer ship, to ask how much they had offered me and if they were planning on hiring me. The person he spoke to, whom I've had no contact with, told him they usually start employees way less than what I was offered. I'm the Shop manager at the place I work. That day he deducted my pay and gave me NO information as of why.. other than he felt misslead, and that he was deductig my pay and I was in probation for a month... I called Woody Folsom my self, to get the name of the person my manager had "spoke" to and he refused to give me any information and advised me to pretty much stay away, he said no one his employees would ever do that because it will be braking the law. I have my boss, the owner of the company and also, my manager, admiting they had deducted my pay because they had called the dealer ship and directly asked how much will they pay me. on the recording, my manager says he does't want to reveal the name of the lady that he spoke with. I was paid one week at $19.00hr for my raise, and the very next week, on the date of the recording, I was supposed to get the same rate and instead they drop my pay to $16.00 without any information other than what I have recorded. I went to the main office today to get a copy of my paystubs with my rate on it, and they refused, and said they couldn't do that... I get my paystub by email, but the rate is never there... only the hrs. Is there anything I can do?
  21. 19 years ago my Dad sold his farm excluding two acres on which Dad/Mom's home was located. Dad passed away in 2008, Mom lived in their home until her death November 2013. I inherited the house and moved in February 2014. The man that purchased the farm called today and told me that since the septic tank was on his property we needed to resolve it. The septic tank is six feet on his property (excluding the lines). I asked if I could buy that section of land but he wants to exchange road frontage for road frontage. My frontage is a pecan orchard. His frontage is pasture land. I don't want to lose the orchard as my Dad planted those trees and they mean a lot to my family. After 19 years he wants to address this issue, what are my options?
  22. Hi. I live in GA and also am treated by a dr for ADHD. This is a long post because I don't know how to summarize, sorry. I would like to know if I have a case for wrongful termination of my lease and harrassment by my property manager. I have lived at my residence with a Section 8 voucher since 2012. In 2013, a new property management company took over. This year, I started a new position at my job, with more demands and responsibility than I have ever been responsible for, and I forgot to turn in my recertification papers to the Section 8 program on time. Section 8 terminated my assistance and informed me that I would be responsible for the full amount of rent effective Feb 1 2015. I accepted responsibility and prepared to pay the full amount while appealing the assistance termination (I had to write a letter and submit the docs I forgot to send). I also fell behind in my housekeeping and failed an inspection by the leasing agency for the first time since moving here. Leasing agency said they would reinspect in two weeks (no specific date, they would contact me). I accepted responsibility for that as well and hired a housekeeping service to come out twice a month. Housekeeping was taken care of, however leasing agency never rescheduled inspection nor did they contact me about it. My lease states that rent must be paid by the first or it is late on the second day of month and a late fee will be assessed. If not paid by the 5th a notice would be mailed to the tenant. I always autopay my rent via the tenant portal to avoid forgetting and incurring fees. Since the Section 8 was going to be reinstated (according the the Sec 8 case manager) I chose to leave my autopay intact and pay the difference via the portal as well by adding payment to the autopay. However, the system would not accept my new payment until the first one cleared. I knew that would cause me to incur a late fee, so I informed the leasing agency of my situation. They simply replied OK. The first payment posted on Feb 4 and I immediately posted the second payment. It posted Feb 8. The actual property owner who hired the leasing agency also contacted me to see if I was having a problem, and I explained to him that it was paid in full. Owner has contacted me on a regular basis since moving here, and I assumed he obtained my information from the leasing agency. I expected a late fee and planned to use a coupon the agency had given to forgive the first late fee, but they never added the fee, nor did I get a letter in the mail. Since the system would not allow me to make a one time payment on top of an autopay, I decided to schedule two autopayments for March's rent, thinking it would post just like the section 8 payments did in the past (my portion would post along with the subsidized payment). The portal confirmed the second autopay. However, I was not aware that the second payment did not process. The property manager sent me an email on March 12 stating that I had paid a partial payment and needed to pay the remaining that week. I responded that I had put in an autopay for March 1 and I would check my portal. Sure enough, the autopay was still scheduled but did not process. I thought that since the first autopay had processed and posted, it would now be okay to do a one time payment and clear up any balance. Once again the portal confirmed my payment. It also showed a zero balance on my tenant ledger. I had not received a letter in the mail after the 5th, nor had a late fee been charged for March. I received another email on March 14 asking for the partial payment again. I checked my ledger and the payment was no longer showing as paid. It simply was not there. I posted a one time payment again and sent the property manager an email stating that this was the third time I had put the payment in their system. I also said that I had no idea why the payment disappeared but I had changed the autopay to one payment of the full amount of rent to avoid future issues. She responded the same day with a notice to terminate my lease (60 days) along with a late fee and dispossessory fee. She also deactivated my access to the tenant portal. I sent a text message to the owner explaining the situation that I had told the property manager, no response. I was told by the leasing agency that I was not to contact the owner ever again and that he had reported me to them for contacting him! I told the property manger he had contacted me for years and sent her copies of my phone log along with print out of my ledger showing the payment from the portal. I was served tack and mail, answered the notice at the courthouse and was given a hearing date. I called the day before to confirm the hearing date, only to be told that the leasing agency cancelled the disposessory 2 hours before I filed an answer. Then the property manager sent me another email warning me not to contact the property owner, which I had not. I responded that the one text message was the first and only time I initiated contact with him and had not contacted him since her first warning. I also asked her to not send me any more messages regarding contacting the owner. By this date (March 31) the section 8 voucher had been reinstated and I was told by the case manager of my new rent amount. I paid the new amount for April via money order on April 1 and enclosed a note saying this is what the case manager said I was responsible for, please contact me if there are any problems. No one contacted me. I called a few days later and was told my money order was being refused and returned because it was not the full amount of rent due and they had heard nothing from Section 8. They had in fact heard from Section 8 and declined to reinstate the lease or sign a new contract. However, my money order was not returned. They applied it to April's rent (I had to call the money order company and find out what happened, leasing agency still would not give me a copy of my outstanding charges). They also still processed the autopay for the full amount of rent without my knowledge, but it was refused by my bank. I had taken the money out of my account to purchase the money order, thinking I had no other option of paying at this point. Leasing agency also charged me a $50 fee for NSF, when I was told my tenant portal acct was deactivated. If I would have been aware that they could still process payments, I would have left the money in the account. Leasing agency filed another dispossessory on April 13 and charged me for that as well. I called leasing agency on April 14 to inquire again about a copy of outstanding charges and they connected me to a different property manager. She was surprised that my tenant portal was deactivated, yet I was still asked to pay fees that even she didnt understand. She explained that the portal will not process any combination of two payments, no matter if they are autopay or one time payments and that my property manager should have explained that. She agreed that I should not be evicted because I didn't know that and would not know unless property manager explained that (it is not stated in the lease or anywhere on their website), reinstated my tenant portal so I could see the charges and offered to talk with my property manager to see if it could be resolved out of court and I could have my lease reinstated. I was able to change my password to the tenant but not access any data. I tried again the next day only to see it was deactivated again by my property manager, along with an email stating that she "knew" I was talking to another property manager and that I still had to go. She then said I had to be out by May 15 (original 60 day notice said May 18) and warned me not to contact the actual property owner, again! Do I have any kind of case for wrongful termination? Because of my ADHD, I never delete emails and have copies of every email she has sent stating that I have to go, stop contacting the owner, I know you are talking to other property owners, not giving me a copy of my outstanding balance and repeated attempts to draft my bank account while telling me to pay with money orders and denying me access to take my information out of their portal system and cutting my 60 day notice short by 3 days.. I still have voicemails from years past from the owner contacting me and asking me how am I doing, do I want to buy his house, I'm just checking on things, etc. I also have a letter from my doctor stating that I am medically diagnosed with ADHD and receiving treatment in case I need proof and written confirmation from another tenant who had the same problem with the autopay during the exact same months as I did, and was not threatened with eviction. Sorry for the super long post, wish I could learn to shorten and not talk so much.
  23. Hi. I live in Georgia and want to know if the property management company can tell a tenant to pay in certified funds only, then try to process a payment through their tenant portal. I usually used autopay (first mistake, I know) to pay rent, but had issues with it and property manager disabled my account. I was told to pay in certified funds, ie a money order or certified check. So I withdraw the money out of my bank account and bring it to the office on the due date. That same day, the autopayment tries to process on my account, but of course is denied because I withdrew the money to pay via money order. Now I'm charged an NSF fee by property manager. Can they do that? I could have easily stopped the autopay via the tenant portal before withdrawing for the money order, but without access to it, I can't. I thought disabled meant deactivated, and all online payments would not work. I'm afraid they will do the same thing this month, when I still do not have access to stop it. Going to visit their office tomorrow, but advice is appreciated.
  24. No evidence on son just police statement
  25. From January of 2014 til now, my apartment complex has changed managment and office staffing 3 times within a year and a half. The new mgmt staff that have taken over within the recent months have successfully made me feel unsafe, unheard, disrespected and harrassed in my home. Due to the changing of staff, I believe that our entire property has changed Site Managment as well to a new company. I know for a fact that they have a whole NEW leasing agreement established for new tenants that is different from what I currently have. My roomate and I have recently purchased a puppy(non aggressive breed), that does not go against the policy on aggressive breed dogs list. Since we purchased the animal on a weekend day our leasing office was CLOSED that day so we could not change/modify/update our lease and to let our office staff know of our new furry friend. That following Monday, we received a note on our door, NOT dated, NOT signed, just typed up and stuck to our door saying that because we failed to alert the staff of our pet we have to not only pay the pet fee of 300$ but an additional "fee" of 300$ bc we were in "violation" of the pet procedures... NOW, our lease said, If resident acquires an animal to occupy the apt. AFTER taking occupancy, then Resident agrees to update,modify this Addendum to provide addition info about the animal and obtain permission to have the animal in the apt. Which is what we planned to do that Monday we recieved the notice, but were slapped with this.So with this being said, there was NO time limit nor frame in which to notify mgmt about the pet being here in the lease at all, they were NOT available to adjust anything since it was the weekend, and it gave an option as to if a pet is acquired AFTER we've taken occupancy. My roomate went to the leasing office next day to discuss matters. The leasing manager was extremely foul, belligerent, disrespectful and completely threw the matter out of the window. We brought our lease in to show her where things did NOT line up with what SHE was saying, what the letter said etc. She had nothing else to say except, "Well, right here it says...". No matter how many times we've showed her the contradiction no matter how much my roomate asked her to just listen to what she was saying and to actually look at what this issue is and what the lease says.It was like the manager ONLY saw and wanted to see what SHE wanted to see. All this is about money. She cut my roomate off and told her "she is NOT going to argue about this and that we MUST pay 600$ and she doesnt want to talk about this anymore." was the last thing she said. My roomate was in shock and in disbelief at how nasty and callous mgmt was. She had no regard for our concern. Then I went that following day (Wednesday) since I was off work, to the leasing office to discuss matters, she TRIED to do the same thing to me with being unprofessional, I let her know her tone was not required and unnecessary. I then let her know this was to voice concern reasonably without any negative outburts or disrespect. She bypassed that and continued to be rude and condescending towards me and said the same things to me as she said to my roomate.Twice we've tried to voice our concerns. Now we feel like our mgmt staff seeks to NOT assist with anything that is in opposition of HER agenda, regardless of what our lease agreement says. More recently, yesterday we received another letter from the leasing office manager CLAIMING that we left our pup outside on our patio for exactly 20 mins locked outisde with our patio door shut. FIRST and foremost we do not let our pet outside w/o us being home, we definitely will not and have not closed our pup outdoors unable to get back in. Like anyone who doesnt like bugs, and reptiles crawling around in their home we open our patio doors just enough for our pup to easily and safely come and go as he pleases and hes NEVER outside for more than 3 mins. I enjoys being with us than outside.Something that boggs my mind is, this manager said SHE saw him out there for 20 mins as she drove around the complex...How much sense does that make if she drove around? Was she standing outside our apt staring with binoculars at our pup for 20 mins while we are on the TOP floor and cannot SEE our pup unless he tries sticking his face in between the patio guards? Does she have someone in the apts.watchin us? or did she jsut drive by numerous times and each time our pup just so happen to be outside eahc time she passed our apt? So once again we went up to the office to discuss this. My roomate went and as usual the manager completely dismissed my roomate as she told her how false that accusation is, how it makes no sense, and how we DO NOT do any of what she suggested. When my roomate brought up the point that we NEVER close our doors to keep our pup outside she interjected aggressively basically yelling " I KNOW WHAT I SAW AND IT WAS 20 mins I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS ANYMORE I KNOW WHAT I SAW IM NOT GOING TO ARGUE WITH YOU".. My roomate told her she wasnt arguing she just has a concern for false accusations placed on us. Roomate asked her when did she see this "occurance" and the manager said sometime last week....HOLD UP....No exact date, no exact time, NO NOTHING NO PROOF?? On top of that, if this ACTUALLY happend why didnt you come to us when this supposedly happend. Why would you wait a whole week????? .but she insists that it happend when clearly it did NOT. We do not neglect our pet as she has made it seem. We feel like we are being targeted, harrassed, we dont feel safe in our home because we think we are being watched, and we feel that they are trying to find some way to keep our 600$ and make us get rid of our pup. WHAT SHOULD WE DO? I already contacted the company that manages those apartments and was told I'd get back to but ive gotten nothing. WHAT DO WE DO??
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