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Found 127 results

  1. I live in Georgia and my family is being harassed by the defendants in a civil matter that didn't go as the other party wanted. In October of 2012 we sold a dumptruck, front end loader and trailer on an installment plan, to an individual my husband had worked with. The first few months the payments came as agreed and then became very sporadic and after August 2013 we never received another. In December 2013 we sent a letter of demand, requesting our equipment back or we would file a civil suit. We never heard a word back so that is what we did in January, 2014. In April of this year we learned the dumptruck was on the road. I had this feeling it was uninsured since it also had no tag. I contacted my insurance company and learned that if the vehicle was involved in an auto accident WE would be liable since we are the registered owners. I contacted the Tag Office in our county and was informed that an individual had been in the previous week trying to title the dumptruck in his name but without a bill of sale he couldn't. I contacted our Sheriff's office and was told this was a legal matter and would have to wait till my day in court since ownership was an issue at this point. I was told I could call them if I saw the dumptruck on the road since it had no ins. and current tag. Sure enough a few weeks later I saw it on the road and called 911. (I was not out looking for him!) The dispatcher asked if I felt comfortable following him until deputies arrived. I did and after the stop I was told I could be charged with stalking because I was following him. I informed the officer to review the 911 call and was asked to follow. At this point he had insurance but they wrote him a ticket for the tag which expired in 2010. The next day I contacted the tag office and learned that this person had brought in a bill of sale with my husband's signature on it and the dumptruck had been titled to him. (this was done the same day after he was pulled over) I immediately filled out a subpoena and turned it over to the Tax Commissioner. After getting all documentation I went to the Sheriff's Office and tried to have charges pressed. We never gave him a Bill of Sale and my husband's signature was forged. Once again I was told it was a civil matter. I was also told after our court date we could come back and ask for an investigator to look over the matter. I did have a report written. We have gone to mediation and won our case. The meditator was made aware of the forgery and even had the defendant sign off that he was never given ownership of any of our equipment. He was not to move the equipment and we had 24 hours to get it moved. I went by after court and took pictures of the dumptruck at his residence. A few hours later we go to get it and he has had it moved. Contempt of court order. The other party has no idea we are seeking a warrant for theft, fraud and contempt because up till now we have not discussed the matter with anyone. So for the past week the girlfriend of the defendant has been pulling in my driveway, spinning tires, driving thru my yard, doing donuts in the road, sitting in the driveway across the street (which is used for deliveries) reiving up her car motor. She works at the business across the street too. At this point I have videoed everything inside my home. Honestly, I am scared of her. We have now installed motion sensor lights and video camera's to document things. Last night, we see her turn her light car lights off (she is in the driveway across the street) we immediately begin documentation but because of the light reflecting off the glass we go sit on our front porch to film. All we did was sit on the porch and film, no hand gestures or anything. Next thing we know she has called the Sheriff's office and states she is terrified of the large crowd of people across the street in the yard and can't leave. Two people on the front porch is a large crowd? The Deputy didn't believe her story but he didn't really want to hear our side either. I even asked him to come inside and view the footage of what had been going on the last week. We were told it's a public road she can go up and down it. I tried to tell him I had proof she was doing more than driving up and down the road. This is intimidation/harassment. He then told us not to go outside if we saw her. Well, this morning once again she is across the road but left before I could call them back out or get the video camera. This person knows how to manipulate the law, knows I can't do anything and eventually law enforcement is going to get tired of this and I am fearful it will be us that is told we are abusing the system. What can I do? How much video footage do I need before I get help? These people are not gonna go away, this is how they get thru life with intimidation/harassment. Things are only going to get worse when they learn we have requested a warrant hearing and for the contempt. Any suggestions would be great!
  2. My mother was divorced. She had 3 children. My father died before her. My brother and my sister passed away before her. So I am the last living heir. She left me as Executor of her will. She say she directs her executor to pay all of her funeral expenses, done, all enforceable debts, all succession, legacy, inheritance, death, transfer, or estate taxes, including interest and penalities thereon imposed by any law, testamentary or non testamentary, out of her residuary estate, without any appointment thereof or reimbursement from any beneficiary. I am her only living beneficiary. All the residue and remainder of the property, real and personal, of every kind and description, which i may own or have the right to dispose of at the time of my decease, I bequeath to my daughter (my name is listed here), absolutely and in fee simple. my house is to be given to (my name is here). I am disabled and alone. I have a mastercard attorney calling me. My mother had no car in her name. Her life insurance from the company she retired from paid for her cremation and service. I paid to close out her checking out. And caught up paying out of my pocket the electric, gas, phone, water and cable bills. The house was willed to me. I had a home and sold it and bought 1/2 of mother's house and she used my money to fix up the home, rewiring, new roof, new plumbing, vinyl siding so the house would last for whom ever of the two of us me or her remained. There is no money or valuables as she lived on 7,800 a year SS retirement, and I lived her in the house and drew $1217 on my disability SSDI. It's based on my disability and it's what I paid in. We were poor but we lived. Now I am in the house, trying to keep the house up with my fixed income. Now I have not probated the will and she pasted in Sept, 2013. Now mastercard she owed about $10,000 is coming after her estate? There really is no estate left, she had no car. Only her name is on the deed of the house but in the will it goes to me so I have a place to live til I pass. Can mastercard keep me from getting the house. I have not probated the will, the house is still in her name? What can I do to keep from loosing a $40,000 house which is paid for and is my only roof. We never did go and put my name on the deed, but my mother's 2 best friends new I sold my house and brought 1/2 of this one from mother. Can they take my home from me and leave me homeless and me disabled. We are not talking large estates or money here. Just poor factory workers. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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