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Found 66 results

  1. My husband and I live in Colorado, Rent is due tomorrow 6/1 and we don't have the money yet to pay for our rent(our payments have never been late since we moved in). At the mean time my husband is at Boot Camp - Fort Jackson - and he has not been paid yet. I've asked his recruiter (I also received a mail from my soldier) and he said to expect his first pay check 30-45 days since he shipped out. He left 5/10. He won't be paid till 6/10 or at a later date. I called the apartment and the manager told me that we still have to pay for the late fees till whenever we get the money but until then they would take us to court. Late fees apply on the 4th day of the month. Colorado State laws does not cover rent late fees. I want to know what i can do. Any help is appreciated Thanks!
  2. I purchased a used car from a Dealer about a month ago. I when I first took it to get smog test and it failed stating that the catalytic converter needed to be replaced, I had that done and the dealership did pay for it. I went back to the smog test but I did not know that you needed to drive the car for at lease 100 miles after the repair. Failed again. Family stuff came up and a month late I was able to get back to the Smog check but failed again for the same issue. I took the car back to the place that replace the catalytic converter and they are saying that something with the engine is causing the catalytic to melt. I'm now taking it to a someone that can fix that but the dealership is now saying it is not their problem and they will not pay for the repairs. I know that the law is that if repairs need to be made I have 3 business days to do so. The issue here is that I did get the repairs within the 3 days but they did not fix the real problem with the car only something that would allow me to pass emissions, If i would have had it tested right away. Please Help any advice will be amazing. Thank You Mike
  3. Life has been a nightmare for my daughter and I since about 2010. Co-parent was mentally and verbally abusive. Stalking/threatening. Restraining order was filed but not made permanent, judge said that since I was unprepared to file for divorce at that court date. (?) Judge gave him visitation. Father proceeded to be horrible, drunken, angry violent nightmare. Went to Metro Lawyers seeking pro se help with divorce. After 6 months I received a letter stating they did not have anyone willing to take my case. I snapped, seeing all the news about that mother being shot at McDonalds in front of her kids. I told him I wanted divorce and that he needed to go to AA/anger management, I took our child and went to my mothers. We had some communication, but mostly he was at the bar. I researched Colorado Law, completed all the paper work and told him I was filing. He said that was fine but he would not pay for it. Not only did I pay for the divorce, I was forced to pay for his co-parenting class or they would not put it through. (which he finally showed up for in a hung-over state.) (2012) The parenting plan was that the child lived with me 365 nights per year (he didn't want overnights - cuts into time at the bar) But that he could see her during day time hours one day of the weekend. He did so sporadically, but generally did take her for the day. Some times showing up late or coming back early. But, unfortunately, some days... not at all. He lost his roach infested apartment in Denver. He has gone from job to job since 2013. He has gone back to NY several times, coming back and staying with a woman he met at the bar, it lasted two weeks, she kicked him out. He landed on buddy's couch who surprisingly let him hang for several months. Since he was unable to find work and was literally starving to death and had no gas to come get the child, no where to take her etc. He went back to NY to live with his mother. (2016) In all this time he has never notified the court of his address. Nor has he been consistent with his parenting time. Now he has been out of state for almost 6 weeks. He is staying with his first wife and his mother, not really working and being overall, useless. If he has moved away and cannot afford to return, and only demands to speak with her every few weeks when he remembers... Am I still bound by the parenting plan? He moved. Can I move out of Colorado? I'm feeling like I have ptsd from this crazy, narcissistic, alcoholic and the courts have been no help at all. Colorado is too expensive, over crowded. I just came here to help my mom... I never wanted to stay.
  4. So I'm 27 and I have a 2year old son. His father abused me most of our relationship. He was even arrested and I had a protection order on him (while I was pregnant). Time has passed and although we are not together he continues to be verbally abusive. I'm in a new relationship and so is he. Him and his family bashes me on social media calling me "bum bitch" I have a 2bedroom apt and a full time job at childrens hospital. And also I take care of my 14 year old sister. Long story short im sick of this. We agreed to keep him weekly but he never has him and doesn't help out at all financially. I told him I wanted to go to court and he said go head you have no family and his family is behind him they have the money. Im scared because maybe he is right??? What is the next move for me to go to court to fight for my son against this abuser.
  5. my neighbor came to my home screaming and cursing my wife and i, after being asked several times to leave my property and refusing, he threatened multiple times to shoot us. I called the sherriff and they told me he did not violate any laws and would not be arrested or issued any citations. What defines criminal trespass , and harassment ? Did he in fact violate laws. We also had witnesses who informed the sherriff of her witnessing the entire episode and was disregarded
  6. I inherited $50,000 when my grandfather died. My mom, who is mentally ill, found loop holes to access this money. It was not supposed to be used until I was 18, it's intended purpose was to pay for my college. My mom spent all of it. Can I sue the bank for letting my mom access my money and spend it all?
  7. Is there a breach of contract (by Lender) when a contract is signed agreeing to purchase a home with closing on a specific date and that date is postponed by lender 3 times with out a signed amendment? Contract on Nov 16, 2015 with scheduled closing on Dec 29th, 2015. 1st postponement announced Dec 27th due to an amendment needing to be signed with a 3 day waiting period, which conveniently fell on a holiday (Friday) pushing it out to Monday. On Monday was informed lender needed a "couple more days" waiting for someone to clear the loan for closing. On Tuesday clearance was given with Thursday, then Friday as the target date. Tuesday evening my realtor calls to inform me that has changed again to the following Monday, again with no signed amendments. The initial change (29th to 4th) caused an interest penalty of $710.98 to be added to the balance of mortgage payoff, which lender, both realtors and I agreed to split (reluctantly). But this also may have put the home in jeopardy of foreclosure as I am behind on payments BUT have a 6 month (4 remaining)medical forbearance due to medical restrictions from doctors. This has caused further financial difficulties as I had moved out of the house per the contract closing date plus keeping the utilities etc going. And this has placed the buyers in an awkward position as well. Any recourse? Thanks
  8. So my current situiation is as follows: I have full custody of my three children from my last marriage ages 7,8,9. Full custody was granted after mother dropped off children with me and then was absent for 5 years. She did not exercise her court ordered parenting time for that period(6 wks during summer, return before school starts). She then contacts me via email in summer of 2015, she presents her lawyer who tells me that she wants to exercise her time over the summer in which I brought the issue to the court being that I had tried to locate her for that entire period to modify court orders but was unable to, until she made an appearance. Court ordered me to send the children from CO to HI. After children's visit, other party then makes false accusations that I am an unfit parent and makes a request for a Child Legal Representative. As well as a change of parenting time request, for the children to live with her and to leave me with visitation. In my opinion I think she wants me to pay child support. I don't know if stating that my ex-spouse and her husband are both active military and I'm a veteran will help. I believe she is making this move because her child support went up to more than $1k. My questions are: >I was told that the CLR will not investigate the other party being that she is in HI and she was trying to keep her cost low, even though the other party's lawyer vowed that his client would pay all cost. Is this proper procedure of a CLR? >Does the 4th Amendment protect myself, the children and my household from this investigation, if no why? >What stipulation do I need to bring up to help prevent the other party from keeping the children in HI during their next visit? (I ask because she has made comments of keeping them.) Thanks for the help!
  9. Hello, My Colorado landlord has insisted my dog is no longer welcome in my apartment due to two barking complaints. I received one warning, and then he immediately "relinquished pet privileges". I have a one year lease, which includes my pet on it. The only verbiage regarding Violations is as follows: VIOLATIONS: All notices to quit and evictions shall be issued in strict adherence to the law of the State of Colorado regarding forcible entry and detainer. If the resident(s) fails to comply upon demand landlord may without terminating this lease, take possession of the premises and furnishings, and rent the same upon such terms and conditions as landlord deems best, making such repairs as may be required, giving credit to resident(s) for the net rent proceeds actually received, less expense for repairs. Resident(s) shall, in any event, remain liable for all rent and other obligations under this lease whether or not resident(s) right to possession is previously terminated or surrendered whether by unlawful detainer action or otherwise. Resident(s) agrees that termination of his/her right to possession shall not constitute termination of the lease or of resident(s) obligations under the lease. In the event it becomes necessary for (REMOVED NAME) to prepare eviction papers, resident must be prepared to pay a $25.00 document preparation fee. It becomes necessary to pursue a contested legal proceeding for eviction and (REMOVED NAME) is the prevailing party, resident shall pay a $200.00 fee to compensate (REMOVED NAME) for the employee time incurred along with all attorney fees and court costs incurred in the eviction proceedings. If any pets are found on the premise that are not approved by (REMOVED NAME), tenant will be charged $50.00 per day until pet is removed. Any violation of noise, trash, pet or rules and regulations may result in a $75.00 charge and/or possible eviction. The parties agree that the charges set forth in this paragraph represent a good faith estimate of the actual damages likely to be incurred as a result of any such breach and further agree that these are reasonable liquidated damages and that actual damages would be very difficult to determine. In addition to all other damages landlord shall be entitled to recover from resident(s) all reasonable attorney fees incurred as a result of any breach by the resident(s). I paid the fee, of course, but I don't see how he can kick my dog out. He claims there is a pet addendum, but I never received, let alone signed that (which he acknowledged). Despite me explaining without that document it doesn't seem legal to kick him out, he will not relent. He has offered to let me sublease, but I simply do not see that as a viable option, especially since he has the audacity to charge $450 to do so. Please help, I can't get rid of my dog, I'm considering registering him as an ESA, as I have a condition to entitle me to that, but that will take more time than I care to be away from my dog. I appreciate any help, thank you.
  10. I am in Dallas, Texas, I purchased I product($750) on the internet through a website based in Colorado. The product was shipped to me defective and not working in a beat up box that looked like it had been through the ringer(have pictures). I contacted the seller, and sent him a short video of what the product was doing and, and he acknowledged something is wrong(email) and that I could to try to fix it myself, or I could send it back to him and he will fix it, or send me a new one. I sent it back to him after I could not figure out how to fix it based on his simple instructions. I paid to return the product to him. He received it and claims nothing is wrong and it works fine. I was completely baffled and shocked to hear him say that, and did not understand how that was even possible As I had a video of it not working. So he sent the product back to me saying it works fine and they cant find any problems. I received it and upon taking it out of the box, it still didn’t not work at all. I feel like nothing was even done to it, I'm skeptical as to if they even took it out of the box? I made another short video showing this and he again seemed surprised that something might be wrong and gave me some "tips" to get it working. Or I could send it back to him AGAIN and have them "look at it" I think to myself why would I do that again? They already claimed nothing was wrong, once... At this point, I was done with this product and his company, so I wanted to return it to him for a full refund. So I packed it up and paid AGAIN to ship it back to him(UPS). I told him I have sent it back to him and would like a refund. He responded and said the unit has been used and can not issue a refund now. He claims it shows signs of use. Absolutely incredible....The product has never worked right from day 1! ..and he admitted something was wrong to begin with? How can he claim it is now used and can not be refunded? So since I shipped the product back to him, once it reached him he refused the shipment and had it returned to me. Now I have a product that doesn’t work and out my $750. This is not right, you cant just steal peoples money like that. I mean at least he could have tried to fix it like he offered to do, and sent it back. Or better yet a good business practice would be to replace it and send me a new one and offer an apology for all the hassles. I am a business owner myself and would never treat a customer the way I have been treated during this transaction. This individual is young, upper 20's, and I assume doesn’t know how to deal with people from a business stand point. So now today....He does not answer my emails for a request for refund now, So I would like to know what my next step would be to get my money back. I have since contacted my bank to dispute the charge on my card(BofA) and have yet to hear back as they are "investigating" the claim, which is understandable. I just want to get my options lined out and know what my next course of action should or will be. All of my discussions with him are documented in email exchanges and I have pictures and video or the product not working as well as all the videos I have sent to him showing this. I just want my $750 back....although I should be entitled to the cost of shipping it back to him as well($100). Thank you for your help. Dallas,TX
  11. Recently my family and I were displaced from our home due to a fire started by our roommate as he was spraying for wasps. The city of Wheatridge has a hold on the property due to asbestos, and I was told by the landlord that we've got to find a new place. The roommate has admitted to causing the fire, and that's all. No attempt to rectify the situation on his part, monetarily, or otherwise. I need help.
  12. I have been living as a tenant in a Colorado (Weld County) rental property for a period of at least three years. Although it was agreed upon verbally before I moved in that the Landlord would provide a one-year lease for me to sign, none was ever produced. Recently I was served with Colorado legal form 13-40-107 Notice to Quit and given 45 days to vacate the property. My question is this; Is my tenancy considered month-to-month as stated in subsection (1), paragraph (c) or does subsection (1) paragraph (a) apply to me since I've been residing at the property for longer than 1 year? 13-40-107. Notice to quit. (1) A tenancy may be terminated by notice in writing, served not less than the respective period fixed before the end of the applicable tenancy, as follows: (a) A tenancy for one year or longer, three months; (b) A tenancy of six months or longer but less than a year, one month; (c) A tenancy of one month or longer but less than six months, ten days; (d) A tenancy of one week or longer but less than one month, or a tenancy at will, three days; (e) A tenancy for less than one week, one day. (2) Such notice shall describe the property and the particular time when the tenancy will terminate and shall be signed by the landlord or tenant, the party giving such notice or his agent or attorney. (3) Any person in possession of real property with the assent of the owner is presumed to be a tenant at will until the contrary is shown. (4) No notice to quit shall be necessary from or to a tenant whose term is, by agreement, to end at a time certain. (5) Except as otherwise provided in section 38-33-112, C.R.S., the provisions of subsections (1) and (4) of this section shall not apply to the termination of a residential tenancy during the ninety-day period provided for in said section. Any assistance with would be greatly appreciated.
  13. A little background - we've been divorced for almost 3 years. We have 50-50 custody of the kids, but they are with me all the time except for every other weekend when they are with their dad. He's a pretty angry guy even now about it. I pay him child support for the 50-50 still, and I also pay him maintenance. My sister married his brother, and he is not on speaking terms with his Mom, sister and brothers. My weekend is coming up. We will have my nephew visiting over this weekend. I want to take the kids to CA to visit Aunts, Grandmother, and cousins for the weekend (mostly his side of the family). The kids don't get to see them outside of once a year for the most part. When I sent him an email telling him what my plans were, he replied saying he planned to take the kids to Las Vegas for that weekend, and that the cousin could come with them. I reminded him it was my weekend, but he replied that since I had the kids during my vacation a couple of weeks ago over his weekend it is fair. I gave him over 30 days notice and he didn't object at all. I don't have time for a mediator to help with this and he wouldn't go anyway is my feeling. My questions are, if he does take them on my weekend without my consent, is that kidnapping? Do I need his permission to take the kids somewhere on my weekend? Even as I write this I believe the answer is no, but honestly he's a bully and mean. My oldest (15) isn't responding to my texts at this point, so I'm worried about what the ex has said to him. He has no problems disparaging me to the kids. Any ideas?
  14. I have two children with my ex-wife and we have a "Right of First Refusal" (ROFR) clause in our parenting plan. That ROFR allows for step parents and grandparents to be acceptable caregivers before offering the ROFR. However there is some dispute over who the parenting time belongs to when the Right of first refusal if offered and accepted. The way that I interpret this is as follows: One parent (parent 1) is unable to care for the children during his/her parenting time and neither the spouse of that parent or or grandparents on that side of the family are available. That parent offers the ROFR to the second parent (parent 2). The parent accepting the ROFR (parent 2) is then acting as a caregiver during the original parent's (parent 1) parenting time. That time does not become the second parent's (parent 2) parenting time but rather remains at the parenting time for the first parent (parent 1). This recently became and issue when I discovered that my ex-wife was accepting the ROFR during times she was not personally available and then having either her new husband or her mother watch them in her place. When I attempted to drop them off to her residence and discovered that she was not going to be there, I decided to bring them instead to my sister since my ex-wife was not in fact able to watch them. As I was trying to leave with the children her new husband demanded that I leave them with him because I had "surrendered" my time to her and they were now on her parenting time. He argued that since I had surrendered my parenting time to their mother, he could watch them in her absence since it was now her parenting time. Is either scenario correct or does the truth lie somewhere in the middle? I would like for other members of my family to spend time with the children when I am unavailable but cannot do so if she is allowed to do this?
  15. Basically I want to open a non-union Labor Company. My current employment is with a union labor company. I therefore am not allowed to own a non-union Labor company as it would be a conflict of interest. I want to keep my plan A (union employee) and try to build B, a non-union company(operator/owner). How can I go about my business with my business without the union taking action against me?
  16. One of my daughter's friends approached me and asked if I would adopt her. She was completely serious. She is living with her aunt, who from my limited point of view seems neglectful (but I don't really know the family dynamic). The child has even spoken to the school counselor about it. I live in Colorado and have three children who are in or approaching their teen years. This girl is probably near twelve years old. While I would take her into my home in a hot minute, I want to know what sort of legal mess am I looking at here? If the aunt is asked, and agrees to give up custody, how hard would it be to transfer said custody?
  17. Hello: My husband and I are at our wits' end. We can't move out easily and would not resort to searching for a lawyer lightly. We have always avoided getting involved in a lawsuit. I will try to summarize the best I can. Firstly, I am disabled and in a wheelchair. I had some mobility with a walker and am now worse since cancer surgery, four C-spine fusion surgeries, several nerve blocks, exploratory stomach surgery and hernia surgery. I am also a heart attack survivor and have three stents and a rare blood disorder, requiring me to do Lovenox bridges and constantly monitor my INR at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. My biggest concern is not being able to vacate the building in case of a fire. Our apartment is easy for me to navigate with my chair, but our community hallways have stairs and no ramps. We used to have package delivery, but they have eliminated that. I cannot check my mail or get to the leasing office, the front door, community parties, the exercise room, or the pool. I feel like a prisoner in my own home -- as if I am under house arrest. I used to use The Ride Service. I am unable to get to the front door. A few years ago, I was able to take the elevator to the back door of the building and push myself all the way around the block to the front entrance, but it was extremely hard on me. Now it is impossible. I have no way to get out of the building and am held captive. It is an awful feeling. I do not know what to do. I talked to the new community director and she brushed me off ... but I was not prepared for what transpired next. After we have lived here as exemplary tenants for thirteen years, the handyman started complaining about us making lots of noise at night, which is out of character for us, as we have never had a prior complaint from anyone. The handyman had been blowing cigar smoke out his window and it came right into our unit. Several tenants complained about the overwhelming stench, and the new community director did nothing until the complaints became continual from the entire wing affected. It has only stopped as of last Thursday -- exactly seven days ago. We knew he began complaining about us as retaliation. We found a lovely, honorable lawyer to help us with this if it starts up again. We pray it's over. My main worry is how to get out of the building in case of a fire, because of little stairs all through the hallways; in case of fire, the last thing you are supposed to do is use the elevator. My other constant dilemma is not being able to get out to any appointments because we have no ramps. My husband takes me to medical appointments, but he is a busy paralegal in a three-person office and getting time off to do so is difficult. I am an independent person and want to go out using The Ride. Just because I am disabled does not mean I no longer count. I feel hurt and humiliated, and our having been the best tenants imaginable has had no impact on them. Now it appears they are actually trying to get rid of us. It is taking its toll out on me emotionally. This is just so shocking and undeserved. Can someone please guide us? I already talked to Fair Housing here in Denver. No one has gotten back to us. This is a nine-million-dollar property, with lots of room for ramps because the halls are quite wide. We have really made this place a genuine home. Is there any hope for us? Sincerely, nicecouple
  18. Feb 4th, 2014 my EX-BOYFRIEND beat me for the last time!!!!! We were renting a place together, the landlord changed lease to remove his name and then on March 5, 2015 the landlord came without notice. Landlord checked property, came into the house and NOW I have to move for the following: - Ex-Boyfriend brought trash onto the property due to his business of cleaning foreclosed/repo homes and I have to move - Ex-Boyfriend smoked in this house since the day we moved in (No smoking on lease) and I got blamed - Landlord finds out the Ex-Boyfriend Vandalized the property (Stole 200 gallons propane, messed with furance and hotwater heater were turned off), I am disabled living in Chronic Pain and that is when I was told "You have to move"!! *I paid ALL the bills for household & business with my SSDI. What a user!!!!!
  19. I have a couple questions: 1st, Illegal Medical Marijuana care-giver with NO papers! 2nd, Felon told Deputy he had a gun but sold it! I'm trying to find information on BOTH questions. Thank-You
  20. I was forced to worked with my Ex-Boyfriend with his companies! I'm disabled living in Chronic Pain!! - HAD to work with my Ex-Boyfriend with HIS COMPANIES: I NEVER got paid for 1 1/2 yrs. Got turn 2 Different times (1)Sponged Ankle (L) in 2013 - Billed to Medicare (2)Shattered Toe (L) in 2013, Ex-Boyfriend wouldn't let me go to hospital and on Oct 7, 2014 I had to have the Toe REMOVED - Billed to Medicare NO Workman's Comp **I also Loaned his Companies money and I didn't get that back. in fact, In 2014 the Ex-Boyfriend told me after he had beat me up stated "If you would of worked 100%, You would of got paid back"!! Help Me Please
  21. hello all. have been doing research regarding an imminent allocation of parental responsibility action. i am wondering if the theories of "hostile-aggressive parenting" and "parental alienation syndrome" touted on some sites related to divorce and custody are taken seriously by colorado courts, particularly the denver district court.
  22. mcrobb


    I caught a dui in 2010,my third. I fta on my first court date. I surrendered to the court in July of 2014,I then received my PD then on the next date they were going to sentence me. I asked my pd for my file and noticed a few mistakes such as they had me convicted in April of 2010 and I never been to court yet and never entered a plea, they don't have a BAC or a mugshot or prints though they said I was booked in even tho I wasn t .The arrest report has me arrested and convicted on these charges in 2007 and FTA on my sentenceing then arrested in 2010 my original offence date.They sent the conviction to DMV in April of 2010 and last month they added a reckless driving charge also said I had a refusal when I did consent.I asked my PD to explain to me about this and she said that it happens all the time and take 9 mos on a plea bargin not much of a deal,also I haven't received not one piece of court paper even though I requested them.I also have physical and mental disabilities that haven't beenbrought to the attention of the courts.Im not sure of any options I have.Can anyone help me
  23. Hired a public defender to defend me in a five year old dui case and I turned myself into the courts one I have only been to two court precidings one was to get the public defender and the second one was a sentenceing hearing ,to the best of my knowledge also met with public defender at her state office for a so called conference and was told several different opinions about my case but it sounds more like how much time I will be getting not how to fight my charge.Then gave me a card with a date on the back for a motions hearing to my understanding was for my case but when I showed up for court the motion was against me as a add-on for reckless driving from a public defender in the same office as my council and ive never heard of this person and wondering if its legal to know what the motion was for and not inform me as a client from my attorneys office.Also ive had no documentation on the case at all and no communication from my attorney ive been told to be quiet and haven't went on record pertaining to making a plea muchless having a pre trial and now my next court date it jury trial! whats wrong with this picture I had to ask for the report which I don't think is the real report the courts are stating I was arrested on the case but have no booking photo or fingerprints and I have no clue who or where the da is ive never seen or heard them all I have to go on is the runaround that the public defender is telling me which is a bunch of lies she has withheld information and is going up on time and more of it and I have a strong witness who was on scence and loop holes in a report that was faxed over to dmv from governing agency requesting history on this case before I even turned myself in? whats going on I don't know but one more thing on the fax was the warrant was reactivated by a judge supposeably in my court and district and I cant find him on any circuit chair and cant find the case got lucky when I read the docket info and did my own follow up as to who added on the addon shouldn't I be more informed as far as legal representation and to whats going on and why im goin to jury trial and haven't had due process???HELP HELP P.S Thats just the tip of the iceburge
  24. Fled the state violating probation becoming a fugitive of justice in a new state with a new charge could revoking and reinstating with a global disposition be granted? Wouldn't it save the state money coming to get me so I can be close to my family?
  25. January 31,2015 my lease was up, throughout my year lease, my landlord repeatedly was on property unannounced. He would post breaches of my lease due to my moving a rock to parking 2 vehicles in driveway. He sent a notice 5 months into my lease informing me that he was withholding my deposit for damages to the rental. 1) I had his permission to paint, and that I would repaint to its original color in interior of rental, 2) I damaged a bush that I offered to pay for, instead of this from me he is wanting payment for 3 trees that were removed that were dead,damaged ect. prior to my arrival. 3)Garage bay door motor quit, that I informed him on which was never repaired and the list goes on. I never had a moments peace at this residence. In Jan, I received a notice that affective Feb 1,2015 rent was going to be raised and that I would have to pay, the new amount of Security Deposit, and that the amount that he stated in July,2014 that I owed for damages to the property that previous deposit did not cover. I then received a summons for court prior to lease expiring for Feb rent, Security Deposit damages to the rental ( painting, depreciated carpet replacement, damage to bush, trees removed, garage bay door fixed, and utilities that I pay for. I have enter a counter claim been to court and offered that he keep the original deposit to just be rid of him he is refusing and a trial has been set. I left the rental in ready to move in condition minus painting back to its origanal color white. I can't afford a high priced Lawyer, so what can I do to present my case properly in front of the judge that will be residing. I have pics, all notices he claims I was in breach of lease, not to mention suing me for amounts that he claims I owe prior to my lease ending and not properly informing me with the amounts. This man made it a living hell living there and I never got a chance to enjoy my home I paid on time even early for
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