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Found 69 results

  1. Hired a public defender to defend me in a five year old dui case and I turned myself into the courts one I have only been to two court precidings one was to get the public defender and the second one was a sentenceing hearing ,to the best of my knowledge also met with public defender at her state office for a so called conference and was told several different opinions about my case but it sounds more like how much time I will be getting not how to fight my charge.Then gave me a card with a date on the back for a motions hearing to my understanding was for my case but when I showed up for court the motion was against me as a add-on for reckless driving from a public defender in the same office as my council and ive never heard of this person and wondering if its legal to know what the motion was for and not inform me as a client from my attorneys office.Also ive had no documentation on the case at all and no communication from my attorney ive been told to be quiet and haven't went on record pertaining to making a plea muchless having a pre trial and now my next court date it jury trial! whats wrong with this picture I had to ask for the report which I don't think is the real report the courts are stating I was arrested on the case but have no booking photo or fingerprints and I have no clue who or where the da is ive never seen or heard them all I have to go on is the runaround that the public defender is telling me which is a bunch of lies she has withheld information and is going up on time and more of it and I have a strong witness who was on scence and loop holes in a report that was faxed over to dmv from governing agency requesting history on this case before I even turned myself in? whats going on I don't know but one more thing on the fax was the warrant was reactivated by a judge supposeably in my court and district and I cant find him on any circuit chair and cant find the case got lucky when I read the docket info and did my own follow up as to who added on the addon shouldn't I be more informed as far as legal representation and to whats going on and why im goin to jury trial and haven't had due process???HELP HELP P.S Thats just the tip of the iceburge
  2. Fled the state violating probation becoming a fugitive of justice in a new state with a new charge could revoking and reinstating with a global disposition be granted? Wouldn't it save the state money coming to get me so I can be close to my family?
  3. January 31,2015 my lease was up, throughout my year lease, my landlord repeatedly was on property unannounced. He would post breaches of my lease due to my moving a rock to parking 2 vehicles in driveway. He sent a notice 5 months into my lease informing me that he was withholding my deposit for damages to the rental. 1) I had his permission to paint, and that I would repaint to its original color in interior of rental, 2) I damaged a bush that I offered to pay for, instead of this from me he is wanting payment for 3 trees that were removed that were dead,damaged ect. prior to my arrival. 3)Garage bay door motor quit, that I informed him on which was never repaired and the list goes on. I never had a moments peace at this residence. In Jan, I received a notice that affective Feb 1,2015 rent was going to be raised and that I would have to pay, the new amount of Security Deposit, and that the amount that he stated in July,2014 that I owed for damages to the property that previous deposit did not cover. I then received a summons for court prior to lease expiring for Feb rent, Security Deposit damages to the rental ( painting, depreciated carpet replacement, damage to bush, trees removed, garage bay door fixed, and utilities that I pay for. I have enter a counter claim been to court and offered that he keep the original deposit to just be rid of him he is refusing and a trial has been set. I left the rental in ready to move in condition minus painting back to its origanal color white. I can't afford a high priced Lawyer, so what can I do to present my case properly in front of the judge that will be residing. I have pics, all notices he claims I was in breach of lease, not to mention suing me for amounts that he claims I owe prior to my lease ending and not properly informing me with the amounts. This man made it a living hell living there and I never got a chance to enjoy my home I paid on time even early for
  4. My HOA complained about fecal matter accumulation and had given me a letter of warning. This was a single instance were I had let my dog poop on my back patio because he had diarrhea and was had to go out every hour. I could not pick it up due to it being so liquidity. I was going to deal with it the next morning but woke to my fence torn down and a bunch of men in my back patio! I nor my landlord were notified about the fence being fixed. The workers reported the poop and I was sent a warning. I had cleaned up the mess even before getting this letter and so had complied. It was, after that one incident kept clean but I had received another letter and a $75 fine! My land lord and I had told them that we complied with the first warning and opposed. Then they said that they had photo evidence that we had not (which is untrue) and that Doug ( I have no idea who Doug is) also has photo evidence that my dog use to be the dog that lived at another unit, which the residents had been evicted and the have proven that we took it in. This can in no way be possible. I bought the dog as a puppy more than a year ago. So now the issue is that we have these peoples dog, which I have know idea who the are and am in no way affiliated with. Well today I was on my patio with my dog and a man came up with a camera and started taking pictures over my fence! I asked him what he was doing and who he was and he only replied with "I'm just taking pictures" Yeah of me! So my question is can this be considered harassment?!
  5. Hello, A real estate agent is selling a property in Las Animas County CO. The property has had the price dropped down to 1/4 of beginning asking price which is now $10k. An inspection of the county treasurer's site shows the house is under foreclosure for $40k. Ad does state the property is bank owned. What do I need to do to make sure the agent is authorized to sell this house? Are there any other gotchas possible? I'm an out of state purchaser. Advice is appreciated.
  6. Im in Colorado. I guess I had a judgement, I say I guess because I went and fought it and was thrown out but later the debt collector went and filed again or added new paperwork? I do not know. All I know is, it was never listed on credit report and then all the sudden 2 years ago, a co bank account was frozen with $1000 in it. The money is my husbands VA disability and I do not work. So for some reason they havent been able to withdrawl the money as we stated on the paperwork it was his money and this judgement was never on my credit report. Now from what I found out was the judgement has expired as of last October 2014, I was never served ne paperwork to renew it. The money is still frozen in my account and I do not know how to get it unfrozen. I do not live in the same county where the judgement was issued. I would like to know what I need to do to get it relesed and also can I sue the debt collector for freezing my acount for 2 years?
  7. Can I file a criminal and or civil complaint against an individual who is threatening me with violence on FaceBook. Additionally can the same be done regarding fabricated stories of things that I have done that are not true and can be verified by several different uninvolved individuals. For example: Slander charges.
  8. I'm trying to figure out how this could happen, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! My husband has been divorced with primary custodial care of his two boys since 2009. In July 2011 his ex stopped paying child support, saying she couldn't work due to health issues. In March 2012 the court found that she was voluntarily unemployed and shirking her responsibilities and raised her support from $687 a month to almost $850 a month. We opened a support enforcement case in April 2012. Since then she has gone back to school and working part time, and although her arrears exceed $20,000, CSE has been garnishing her wages. In 2014 my husband received both her State and Federal refunds as offset for the arrears. It was less than $100 total because her fiance claimed her as a dependent. For 2014 taxes we know they filed married, joint because my husband got almost $1000 from their State refund. Federal offset also showed on his FSR account in excess of $6000 in February. As we expected, her husband filed an injured spouse claim. By mid April we figured the claim had been processed because the offset no longer showed on the disbursement history. After talking to his CSE caseworker this week, the best we can determine is that the ex and her husband were able to get the entire federal refund from the injured spouse claim, because CSE did not get any of it after the claim was processed. For the life of me, I can not figure out how this could happen! She had more income in 2014 than she did in 2013....granted, it still wasn't a lot but, it was more. Based on what we know about her income (from the garnishments), his income (based on his tesitmony in court), and the amount of the original offset, we're sure she also had an education credit on their return (we know it's hers because we know she's going to school) and that they also had an Earned Income Credit. They also have a child together, so we know there were credits/exemptions for him that her husband would claim as his. She is supposed to provide my husband with a copy of her tax return each year by June 1st per court order, but of course we haven't seen it, and she has ignored his attempts to get it so we can verify everything. Based on all of the research we've done we just don't understand how it is possible for him to get the entire amount back and not have her portion offset. Any insight would be appreciated because we would like to keep this from happening again.
  9. I am trying to research the possibility of a real estate raffle in the state of Colorado. Do you have to be a non-profit with profits going to charity? Can a private person choose to raffle their home?
  10. Out-of-state attorney planning to commence trademark lawsuit in Central District of California federal court. In order to do this I need local counsel who is admitted to this court; I will file application for pro hac vice and litigate the case. The lawsuit includes monetary claims. Plaintiff has no funds for legal fees, and so it can only offer a contingent fee arrangement. This would be a good way to get involved in trademark litigation. Reply to: trademark404@yahoo.com
  11. I have a question about the laws in Colorado in regards to traffic violations. I was at a friends house and my car was parked in her driveway. My tags and registration was expired. We walked out to her car and were sitting in her car, in her garage getting ready to leave and a police officer approached the vehicle we were sitting in and started yelling at us to get out of the car. The officer asked who the owner of my vehicle was and I informed her that it was mine. She asked if I had driven past her 2 minutes prior. I told her no. I had been at my friends house for at least 10-15 minutes. She asked if i had taken a particular route to the home and I told her no that I didn't (I had entered the neighborhood on a different road but didn't volunteer that information) she continued to bully me and asked me for my driver's license and registration on that car. I gave it to her. She left to her police car and after a while returned and cited me for having my registration expired. Is this legal? She claims she saw me driving but wasn't able to prove it and as i told her, i had been at that location for a while and i didn't enter the area the way she described and asked me about. Can she cite me for expired registration when the car in question is parked in a private driveway? Also, did she violate my rights by walking onto our property without a warrant? I'm thinking about fighting this, but can't find any laws in regards to this particular issue. Thanks for your help!
  12. My HOA requires that I submit an Architectural Design Request prior to building a balcony and patio. The Architectural Review Committee is allowed 30 days to respond by covenant. I submitted my request 34 days ago and have received no response. ... I have sent several follow up emails and voicemails but have received no response. Is it safe to assume approval? What are my appropriate next steps?
  13. I bought a condo unit in a 55+HOA community. This community has been here for 30 years. There has been no restrictions on smoking in your own private unit or in public smoking areas in the past. We are now in a position that several board members and some residents have now decided this should be an item that is banned due to the possibility of imposing smoke on those in poor health and as a nuisance to those who do not smoke. Does the HOA board have the right to make this decision? What legal issues/rights need to be addressed before proceeding with this decision?
  14. I'm a seller of a property that just went under contract. During the inspection, the inspector: 1) broke a small part of the house alarm - magnetic strip to back door 2) tripped a GFI circuit and can't locate the outlet box to reset It is guessed that the outlet box that needs to be reset is behind drywall in the basement. The drywall in the basement was installed by a previous owner and was, to our knowledge, done to code. What do I do? They, the inspector, did not know they tripped the circuit and did not put the issue in the inspection report. We've been the owners for over 6 years and have done numerous remodeling projects - all to code and all permitted- without any issues. Is the inspector at fault here and who is responsible for fixing the issue?
  15. My son was involved in an auto/bike accident. He was the auto turning right. He passed the bike with his turn signal on and proceeded with his right hand turn. The bike left the bike lane and went up onto the sidewalk and proceeded to the crosswalk in front of my son's vehicle and struck the right front wheel well of my son's suburban. The biker was thrown off the bike and injured (needing surgery). At the scene the city police were called and took statements from several witnesses. The city officer told my son it was not his fault and did not ticket my son. The investigation was turned over to the campus police. The campus police came a week later and ticketed my son for careless driving resulting in injury. Several statements by the witnesses place the biker behind my sons car on the street. They (and the biker himself) place the biker 36 feet from the corner when the biker chose to leave the bike lane and go up on the sidewalk. One of the witnesses to the accident cannot be reached. Doesn't my son have the right to have the witness questioned? Is it required that the witness appear for the proceedings? what happens if they cannot produce the witness? City/State law states the bike is considered a vehicle. Campus/City law states that if there is a bike lane that the bike is not allowed to use the sidewalk. Any help would be appreciated!
  16. I was pulled over for speeding in Colorado, and was ticketed for aggressive driving as well as speeding. however, when issued the ticket and the summons. the officer failed to have me sign the summons. will this effect the proceedings in anyway?
  17. I was charged with a dui in 2007 in the state of Colorado.I was working there and when work was over I went home to Idaho and never went to court. My question is is there a statute of limitations or will I have a warrant there forever?
  18. I have a question of my rights and the law regarding being charged by a lab that performed a urinalysis-drug screen for being hired for a company that subsequently went out of business and did not pay this bill. Am I legally responsible for this bill. What are my rights and how do I get the lab to stop trying to bill me. All other employee drug screens were paid for. The primary insured was the employer. And the drug screen has three charges of 125 $ each for confirmations ( makes no sense, who would order 3 confirmations) Thanks
  19. I believe this is going to be rather complex my wife’s father died last month he had a residence in Ohio but I believe he also claimed residence in Colorado and most of his children live in Washington except one that lives in Utah Ok now the rest of the story last year he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his brain both his son and ex-wife went out to Ohio to take care of him while he had the tumor removed and subsequent chemo and radiation after several months the son went home for a one week stay at home during that time the ex-wife talked him into giving her power of attorney and to open a new account in both of their names so that she could put all money that he was to collect while he was still alive (sale of house, retirement, all of his other accounts IE investment and bank) trying to keep it short then the son came back to help with treatments and he did not learn of this till several months later after approximately 6 months the doctors gave him permission to travel so the ex-wife talked him into buying her a motor home in her name so they could make the trip to Washington where the family could care for him he was there 4-5 months before he died he never had a license or id in that state he did however receive more treatment Since his death he had no will that has been produced by the ex-wife that claims to hold the will and she will not put the estate in a trust as for his wishes a she is not forthcoming in how she will distribute if at all she seems to be sitting on it So it looks like she is going to just keep the cash there is still one property in Colorado that has not been sold. I guess I need to mention he was single And for starters I need to know which state I should be filling for probate
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