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Found 106 results

  1. what are the punishments for a failure to appear in the 1st degree
  2. Would the Guidelines for Preparation of Appellate Transcripts (for Court Reporters) in Appeals, Division 2 flow down from those set forth in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? Or, may they be found in the Civil Rules and Procedures? Thank you!!!
  3. Can any one tell me what AZ statute 3340 is and where I can find information about it. Thank you.
  4. when someone is charged with agg assult-entering residence what does that mean?
  5. my boyfriend and i got into a physical fight and i left the house.i called the cops and they went to the house looking for him.he was in the neighbors yard.an officer walked into our home and saw a weed bong on the table.so he went and got a search warrant.in the meantime my boyfriend was arrested and bonded out the next day.the first charges got vacated and about 5 weeks later they came and served him this time with 17 charges.were the cops breaking the law when they entered our home and nobody was in it?when i called 911 i made it very clear that i wasnt at the residence.he told the cops all the paraphanelia was him.if i went and told them at court that it was my paraphanelia would it help him?
  6. My husband is mentally ill and stopped taking his medications. He became very verbally abusive, not only to me but to our 3 year old daughter. I left the house one night intending to either quickly find another place to live or come back home till I could. My husband changed the locks 48 hours later. I gave it a couple days and then called the owners. They of course did not know about the lock change but took the rent check from my husbands father and told him he needed to buy me out of the lease and allow me to get our things. He has done neither. I was unable to find a place quickly enough and the hotel I was in was becoming expensive. I called the landlord and asked him if my husband could keep me from the property. I am on the lease so the owner stated no he could not keep me from the house. He refused to let me in so I called the owner the next day and he refused to give me a key without my husbands permission! I am still on the lease, reeive mail there, but am unable to enter the house without my husbands persmission. We do have a set of temporary orders in place but they only cover the minor child. Can I sue the owner for unlawful eviction? Would the damages also include the cost of the hotel I had to stay at until I found a house to move into? He refused to give me a copy of the key to the new locks.....pretty sure that isn't legal. We have resided in the house since 5/11. Thank you for any help/advice your able to give me!
  7. I am handling my own Pro se Appeal, Div 2 Appeals. As I gather Case Law citations, I see that some of the cases are unpublished (both Affirmed and Reversed/Remanded Cases). I'm using both LexisNexus and WestLaw as my resources. On the unpublished cases, the following statement appears: Not for publication under AZ Ruleof the Supreme Court 111©. This decision doesn't create legal precedent and may not be cited except as authorized. Does this mean that I cannot use those cases for citing? Thank you!
  8. I am filing a Pro Se Appeal and want to know if the Case Law that I cite must be State/County specific, or, can it be from anywhere in the U.S.?
  9. How do lawyers reject potential clients with very few details of their legal problem? On many websites an email can be sent to the lawyer with little room for details. How do they know the case is not a good one?
  10. I have asked for validation for a medical bill in AZ. How are medical bills categorized for SOL in AZ? I have read AZ statues and cannot discern the answer. I know it is not a credit card debt. If it is a closed-ended credit contract is the SOL under contract or credit statutes? I knew I should have gone to law school. Thanks.
  11. My ex wife and I were annuled on August 5th 2012. She has lost or moved to another job which pays considerable less and is trying to get more child support out of me. I cannot confirm this yet, but she is also trying to gain full custody of my daughter while reducing my visitation to nothing. I cannot afford to pay the child support she is requesting I have support going out to another child. I cannot live with that income! Please I am depserate! I feel hopeless!
  12. Our home backs up to a busy thoroughfare that carries over 20,000 vehicles daily. When we put the home up for sale our realtor asked to put a sign in the back yard to expose the sale to passing traffic - . The realtor told us that this was common practice and I verified this with other long time residents. The sign was mounted via a wrought iron bracket on top of one of the fence columns, very professional and unobtrusive. The HOA property manager contacted the realtors office and demanded the sign be removed, which was done. There is nothing in the CC&R's, Rules, or most importantly, in the Arizona statutes that prohibit us from placing a sign out back to take advantage of this exposure. Is there any way I can get the board to allow us to replace the sign without an expensive lawsuit?
  13. I am awaiting to be transported from Coconino County Sherrifs Office Jail in Flagstaff, AZ to Yavaipai County Jail near Prescott, AZ. My arrest date for probation violation warrant was 8.29.2014 and today is 9.11.2014. How many days does Yavaipai County have to transport me to their jail so I may finally see the Judge? Tomorrow is 15 days; 14 full days and 9th business day since my arrest. Also how can I get this transport sooner than later?
  14. I have had court ordered valid CA guardianship over my grandson for over ten years in which he has lived with me continuously, since 2004. Due to the economy, I lost my business and moved out of CA. During the move I sent my grandson to stay with his aunt in AZ temporarily while I transistioned to lessen the stress on him. School is about to start now and she is refusing to send him to me. Upon further inspection I found she filed a temporary guardianship without my consent or knowledge which expired September 5. She also filed for a permanent guardianship without my knowledge or signature and I feel her paperwork will be thrown out because: ~~There is a valid court order in CA ~~I have had him in my custody for 11 years without issue ~~His father is deceased and mother terminated from ever having custody ~~I am his only living grandparent and my signature is required for any legal action reguarding him My questions is this: Is there some way that she can get a temporary guardianship extended until the permanent one is granted? Is her temporary guardianship even legal considering the facts at hand? Since I found out I filed an objection and awaiting the hearing. Legally I have been told I can go and get him as soon as her temporary guardianship is expired with police escort. The only thing stopping me is if her emergency guardiansip can be extended while awaiting the hearing. My grandson has started smoking while there, runs the streets at 2AM and has starting cutting himself. The urgency I feel to get him here is something I cannot express and the police nor the CPS will do nothing until her temporary guardianship is expired. He is 13 and he is like my son. Thank you for your time.
  15. On Saturday July 26, I went to my mothers house that she is renting to help her out with a yard sale. We were out there for a couple of hours when the owner passed by and stop telling us we couldn't make a yard sale then he left and came back about 10 min. later yelling and saying that he's calling the cops. The cops came about 2 min. later. we were already putting thing away. The cops were puzzled why he called the cops. I told the cops why they were called instead of talking to my mom. On August 1 he came to my moms house to pick up the rent; then the next day the manager came by to give my mom an eviction letter for having a yard sale. Can he do that? What can I do to help my mother with this situation.
  16. I need help???? My mom is renting a house and the swamp cooler gave out about 3 weeks ago. She notified the manager it wasn't working and still to this day its still not working, about one week ago my mother went to the hospital cause she wasn't filling good. The doctors said she was dehydrated and she needs to stay cool. There are no smoke detectors in the house or fire extinguisher. I fear for her safety in this matter what can I do or where can I report this to?
  17. I have not file my taxes this year cause I lost them and had to get a copy of them. My question is what can I do about filling and claiming my daughter on my taxes if her father claimed her without my consent and he does not support her in any way. What can I do?
  18. I use to work for this Super 8 hotel for 2 years as a housekeeper. I recently got let go for throwing a toilet paper to my brother that I found in one of the rooms cause they thought it was one of there toilet paper. I got paid every two weeks, when I started we use to work more than 80 hours in two weeks but use to only get paid for 80 hours with no over time, any hours over 80 was put on the next check. I got paid per room, 2 rooms per hour. I had to be there at 8:00 a.m. until I finished my last room. We got rooms taken/deducted from us if we forgot something in the rooms or if someone complained on a room. I got one room deducted from me cause the t.v. wasn't plug in, even thought I cleaned the whole room I didn't get paid for the room. Is it legal for them to deduct rooms/pay from us? What can I do about this situation? My last day there was in February 2014
  19. Hello ~ I currently work from home for an IT company (private), and I am a non-exempt employee. We have to work rotating weekends, and currently my employer does not compensate us unless we get a call. It is a 48 hour shift in total (Friday night thru Sun night, and we need to response within 15mins - so I cannot leave my house. Can they do that, is this illegal? Respectfully, SimpleLife
  20. I am in Az. An was with my ex for 16 yrs. We had 2kids together. She has a long history of clinical depression an one day she tried to commit suicide at home while it was just her an my daughter who was 3 at the time. My son came home from school to find a street full of emergency vehicles an his mom being taken away in ambulance. She was in a medical induced coma for 9 days an released to a behavioral facility. That was almost 3 years ago. Since then she has gotten even worse an started staying in hotels with my daughter an dating a registered sex offender. Since then I refused to let my kids go with her or be around him. She hasnt seen or called the kids in several months an had no known place of residence. Three months ago they both got arrested her for forgery an possesion of narcotics an paraphernalia. She has been in custody since then.I While she was in custody I have filed for full custody with supervisd visitation. My question is ive always been the sole provider for the kids an primary guardian they both live with me an currently enrolled in local schools and I currently pay for medical insurance an everything else they need. She hasnt worked in 15 years so has paid for nothing for the kids. I am signed up for a parenting class in August , is there any chances of her getting any type of custody an me being screwed out of my kids futures. She is getting out of jail tomorrow an her mother works as a paralegal at a local attornies office.
  21. Short Version I was being Harassed by a boss who I thought was fair and intelligent in the past. He then started blaming me for his failures and we started having verbal and email rifts. He told me he was being told to find a way to fire me, I was painting myself out of a Job, everyone hated me None of which is true. Since then I filed a EEOC complaint and told them, informed 3 other state agencies about the potential for massive data loss an Personal Identifiable Information and security breaches ( whistle blowing manner) I was locked out of the systems and not allowed to be at work since june 19th 2014. I have email communications with HR daily abut when I can come back to work, said they don't know. They said they would pay me as well but I don't know if this is true. This AZ State Retirment System I was able to go back to work but with a few restrictions 6/26/2014 Today I am locked out of the system again I am expecting to be ambushed and ifred when I get in they are extremely mad. I was asked to cooperate with a state agency and answer questions and I did, I was still being harrassed yesterday I don't think they get it. I told them in a ver articulate fashion I know my rights and would document everything they said and did. Their security breaches are bad enough that if the media found out they would get killed by them. I have not done that and wil not but sure is tempting. I have followed state protocol but I know the director is dying to fire me and may already have I just don't know it yet.
  22. Hi I have a like 3 part situation. My boyfriend has 2 girls, yes he is listed as dad on birth certificates who live in California. His ex has left them with her mom and does not see them as far as we can tell its been since april 18, 2014 since they have seen or talked to them. We talked to his dad in California who has them now for summer and he said that his youngest looks malnourished and doesn't eat. They have taken to feeding her ensures to make sure she has enough nutrients and his oldest has taken to overeating. His oldest also told him that she wants to come back to Arizona. My questions I guess is how do we go about getting legal custody established? They have been currently just doing it between them but now the maternal side of the family will not respond to fb messages or text msgs or allow him any visits. Also with them being in California and him in Arizona, where do we file? They did live with us up until September of 2013 in Arizona. Also would this be an emergency order type of situation? Any help would be appreciated. We have no way to get in contact with his ex; we only have her mom's information i.e. address, email, work and home number.
  23. Applied for Writ of Certiori, filed several hours after deadline, for a variety of reasons including computer failure. Has there ever been a successful reversal to untimely filing in Arizona Civil Court (Industrial Commission appeal)?
  24. Just got hired on as a cashier at V*****t as a seasonal position. Getting 0 hours. Scheduled to work, but always get a call that am not needed. This lack of hours happened after I was pulled aside by the manager stating that I was not being quick enough on the register. Getting no hours whatsoever at this point. Is this discrimination in any way? I literally have worked for less than 10 hours altogether (for the past 4 weeks) and they keep saying hours are maxed out, that is why they keep cutting me. If they cannot prove that hours are maxed out and are cutting me for whatever reason, is that legal? Just want to be sure if this at all a good case, before I make a fool of myself by asking a lawyer. I have tried calling human resources as well, but keep getting sent to voice mail.
  25. I am a recent widow, my husband owner his own business which was incorported, he had a partner and the two of them were the only corporte officers. the business split was 60/40. How responsible am I to all company debt including employer tax withholding. Corportation was formed in 2001 and my husband started the business in 1969, what part of the business does the corportation own, as to vechles and equipment most of it was purchased prior to being incorporated and taking on a partner, no inventory was taken.
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