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Found 108 results

  1. I enjoy reading case law on interesting subjects. However when looking for something very specific I have trouble. Here is my example: licensed contractor received money from homeowner to pay subs and buy material for remodel. Instead contractor used most of the money for personal use - paying mortgage and personal bills. Homeowner then paid the subs who were not paid by contractor. The homeowner paid twice for some labor and materials. I do not know the legal terminology to describe the situation. That makes research very difficult. Is it fraud? Or something else alltogether? Would a legal dictionary be a solution for me? Thanks for you help.
  2. Upon the divorce of my ex we did a property settlement contract that was notarized and sign both parties. In this agreement he was to cover all taxes for both business that he wanted to continue to run. It also states he is to cover all collections cost, fees and penalties if any shall fall back on me. He has and continues to threat that he is to 1099 for the taxes on the businesses. He can not prove nor have I gained any moneys directly to me. Can he still 1099 for any of his earrings for 2014?
  3. This is not necessarily workplace related, but it's the only forum I found related to discrimination. My boyfriend is a religious asylee from a Middle Eastern county. He came here after losing family members due to their religion. He is doing everything legally and plans on taking ESL classes at a community college next month if he has a job to help pay for it. He finally got his work authorization card and social security number but the job he really wants requires and Arizona drivers license. He has tried to get a driver's license at least 3 times but cannot pass the written test because he reads English poorly. I have called MVD, gone with him to MVD and e-mailed MVD. The website says he can request an oral test and bring a translator but he has gone to MVD and been denied the use of a translator. The test is translated into Spanish but they will not translate it into Arabic or allow him help other than a language dictionary. He knows the answers when I ask him, but he has problems understanding the not so basic terms used on the test. I would understand if the test was only in English being that this is America but I feel it is really wrong to afford assistance to one minority group (in this case Spanish speakers) but not to others. I was even laughed at by an employee when I asked for an Arabic test.
  4. I caught a groomer abusing my elderly dog. He had cuts, bruises and petechial hemorrhages and could barely walk after the grooming. I filed a police report and the police felt strongly enough about it to file charges on the groomer but it was understandably turned down by the Prosecutor for no likelihood of criminal conviction. I have pictures, a veterinary report documenting the injuries and witnesses to his condition directly after the event. I have also worked in law enforcement for 10 years and ironically I am an animal cruelty liaison at my job. I want to sue the grooming service because it was a horrific experience and I don't want it to happen to someone else. What kind of lawyer should I be looking for since it isn't a human personal injury. The groomer is still employed with the company despite everything.
  5. My main home is owned by an LLC in which I am the only member. I am about to put it up for sale, and the profit will be within the $250K capital gains allowance. Because the home is owned by the LLC, will I have to pay taxes on the profit? If so, would it make more sense to transfer ownership to myself as an individual prior to putting the home up for sale, or might that be considered a flip and I would have to wait? Thank you.
  6. My kids father received a domestic violence charge and is now on IPS. He is not allowed to live with me and had to move out. Here's my problem... We have a disabled son and older teenagers. I believe they have now put me in the position of being a single mom again. I'm stressed, tired and I can't do this myself. What rights do I have? I'm at the point of consulting a lawyer to be able to be heard by probation or whomever. Not to mention this man has been out of these kids lives for 16 years and I raised them myself he needs to be here taking responsibility. Again where is my right to get help. What legal recourse do I have?
  7. i am new to this site and i am looking for advice on a chain of events that occurred which may be mistaken identity or identity fraud , [which is leaning more towards identity fraud ] i will try and keep this as clear as possible . august 2014 i returned back home from a well needed rest holiday to find my front door with a big padlock on the door had obviously been forced open as the chub lock was missing .i assumed due to the recent flyers posted through all tenants doors regarding increased anti social behaviour that i was targeted by the same people who was causing the anti-social behaviour. i eventually located the whereabouts of the key to the padlock and surprised to find it was in my local police station, on arriving at the police station i asked the police what details they had regarding this break in [which i assumed was a break in ] to be told they did not no they did not deal with the matter. after returning again back home with the key as i entered my property it was clear the door was broke into , looking around my home though there was nothing out of place , and i did not notice any thing had been stolen i looked into the bedroom and found an anti-social flyer on my bed but nothing else to indicate who had entered my property after many phone calls and visits to the police station i eventually found out it was a police forced entry but the police men involved was actually off. it was around the middle of september before the police in question returned my many phone calls , the first police man said he was actually repaying a favour to his colleage when he forced entry to my property he went on to say that a youth was arrested and gave my home address as his place of dwellings , though he would not give me any name or what the youth was arrested for , he then gave me the second policemans collar number and name i acted on the information and again enquired with this second policeman who informed me that a youth was arrested and the police had legal rights to force entry if they suspect involvement in drugs , i do not entertain drugs in any way or form so i new this information was not true, i asked for a crime reference number then so i could at least have my door repaired and was told no that there was not any crime committed by the police so he did not have to issue a crime number.this policeman new his way around the law and how to answer every question i asked , his final words to me was not to go making waves for myself ? i was not satisfied with the answers i was given so i did decide to enquire again into this forced entry but this time through the complaints procedure of the police , whilst this enquiry was going on i started to receive letters from bailiffs again i acted immediately on the letters and found out they was due to speeding offences , which i thought could be easily rectified as i cannot or never learnt to drive in my life , but i was wrong these offences took place in 2011 which i new nothing of at that time i had temporarily moved out to assist with my partners treatment as he had cancer this was only till his tracheostomy was removed after his chemo and radio therapy , he was originally only going to be sent to his home on palliative care so i had to really fight his corner for treatment to even begin in which i am glad i did as he is still with us even though the treatment has left some terrible scarring , and effected certain parts of his body like his thyroid and heart his bed bound and peg fed but i was making progress in his overall health and it did look like he was on his way to recovery . i take care of his every need , i supply his nutrition , i administer his medication , and to be honest i enjoyed looking after him when i was told he was in remission but before that it was very traumatic for me and i was very depressed even though i still battled through these long days and nights of continuous care. the year after my son became became ill with toxic mega colon brought on by his ulcerative colitis so we have not had a good few years apart from the remission of my partner. after appealing out of time my case was heard in the crown court but it keeps being adjourned because new speeding issues keep arising so far 5 in total and some other case re-opened in the same year which i have still not got to the bottom of, the police eventually handed me some documents regarding the speeding offences so i could defend myself in court , there is no licence , or offences in my name so i could not understand why i was being pursued for these offences in fact the owner of the vehicle was clearly displayed on these police documents and it was not me , after examining all the evidence the signatures on all paper work incriminating me looked almost identical to mine to me i could see the errors but to another person might not , i approached a solicitor for help as it was becoming to much for me to bare and with such a great responsibility i held regarding the care i provide i thought that would hopefully give me time to catch up on the health needs of my partner and son , i cannot function under pressure it really destroys my ability to focus and makes me really ill, i am providing nutrition via a peg feeding tube and administering medication which is very potent and double takings of one particular medication could have resulted in death . whilst this was going on the incident regarding my door was also coming into perspective after speaking to the complaints team i was informed of something different to what the two original police told me . there was 3 people involved , a car and a search of that persons property , they apparently had mail with my address on which was edged towards the attention of the police this led to my property being forced open , i actually recieved a crime number then as the policeman new i had no involvement with these individuals , i also mentioned the other case regarding the speeding offences and if the two was connected and i was told no they was two separate incidents , but they do no who drives that vehicle and its been caught on more then one occasion even after me being falsely accused of again speeding . i have recently found out i am not entitled to legal aid as it would not be in the interests of justice , though i believe it would be in the interests as my identity is being used for criminal activities and i am recieving the back lash from it , i no i will not be able to put my defence across especially regarding the time frame when these took place that part of my life was so traumatic it really hurts to talk about and i end up in floods of tears which in return not gives me the opportunity to tell the courts about the other incident regarding my door , i feel my case will be taken only as speeding offences even though i cannot drive and my identity has been used for those offences . i don't no what to do my care is suffering , i feel the pressure of this everyday and i cannot think of anything else but this case , what grounds might i be entitled to legal aid if all was taken into account any help would be of great use, sorry this is so long such a lot has happened and i have tried to just focus on the main points. i cant believe the extent i have had to go to and the humiliation and judgement i have experienced makes me think there is no justice for victims , i have been so close to just throwing it all in because its dragging on and on and the more its dragging on the more vulnerable i feel and humiliated i cannot enjoy a peaceful life for worry of the next incident that may or may not occur every bit of evidence i have obtained i got myself because i found so little help , i do not no the laws and i fear i will be exploited
  8. An equitable lien for a specific amount has been ruled on by the court. How does one go about collecting the payment?
  9. I was put on 2 yrs probation on 5/2013. I am now a felon at 45yrs old. My charge was forgery. During my probation i was a model probationer. All clean drug tests, classes, etc..all completed. My PO told me she would like to petition the court to get me off probation a yr early which would have been 5/14. All i needed was to make sure my restitution was paid in full. It was not so i continued on. Somewhere around 8/2014 my 16yr old son who was in Buffalo, NY (with my other 3 children and entire family) started to sound different to me on the phone. Long story short i found out he was using opiates and my Ex was in total denial. So, i hopped on a semi truck and had this driver take me all the way home to Buffalo to save my kid. That was in September. While in NY i have gotten a job, an apartment, a car and my children are living with me. My son is currently recieving the services he needs as well. Last week i flew to AZ with enough money to pay my restitution and turn myself into probation. I know leaving was wrong but I am a mother first, and i am here in AZ right now ready to clean up my mess. Im concerned they will keep me from my family, put me in jail for a long period of time. I need some advice on if I should tell the truth about my whereabouts or will they add more charges? Does turning myself in do me any good? Im pretty nervous about the whole thing. Any advice will help & please hurry i have to do this in the next few days.
  10. I am just wondering after the other grandparent went behind my back to adopt my grand children do I have any rights anymore.???? Seems unfair. We are in a good relationship with the kids and the other grandparent. But we were wanting to take the kids to a family reunion. She informs me that only if she comes with. Tat she is not comfortable. Now we come from a good family on both sides. No arrests. No trouble ever...Now we have the kids quite often. They spend the night take them places etc.. So why don't I have rights I don't understand???LOST
  11. a POA was hired which is a partner of a "well rounded Fiduciary Firm". Continually told protected that he had to sell his house, and car.Fiduciary told me that a special needs trust couldn't be formed because there were now children, wife, or parents to be trustees. Therefore the application for Long Term medicaid was pulled before it was denied for his attorney to justice? over allowed income limit. This POA/Fiduciary, in two months of representation: PAID HOUSEHOLD BILLS LATE INCURRING FEES, ALLOWED A CREDIT CARD TO GO INTO DEFAULT AND AFTER DEATH THE DECEASED'S HIS CAR WAS REPOSSESSED FOR NON PAYMENT. What kind of attorney representing the protected person and assets does this and what are the laws for bringing him to justice?
  12. My son is an American citizen. I'm a long term permanent resident of the US, he has registered a beneficiary deed in my name for the house in which we live in the state of Arizona. The house is under his name only and of a value of about $160.000. My question is: "How much estate tax would I be expected to pay (not being an American citizen) if I were to inherit this house?" My only son is not married nor have children. Thank you.
  13. My boyfriend and I was recently involved in a domestic violence case in Arizona. We were arrested because my boyfriend hold my arms and I damaged one clothing that I gave him in the past. We were alone when the argument happened. I was not hurt by him, he hold my arms because he wants to explain things to me. I have explained it to the police but they still decide to arrest both of us. The cost of that clothing is below 100 dollars. Now both of us is going to set for trail. The only evidence that the prosecutor has is our recording before our arresting and photos of that damaged clothing. If both of us would not testify in the trail, would it possible that the judge decide we are guilty with the recording and photo alone? I have all purchasing records of that gift, it was sent to my own address, there's no information on that invoice indicating that item was given to my boyfriend as a gift. Is it possible that I argue it is my property ? Although that is a male clothing, I also wear it when I visit him because it shrinks after washing and my boyfriend seldomly wear it.
  14. Hi everyone. On 01/16/15 I was pulled over. I was driving home after i was done dropping off my sister to school. As I was driving home, a police officer was behind me. I didn't pay too much attention to it as it wasn't a problem for me. I was stopped at a light to turn right. There was a white truck in front of me and when the light turned green to make a right, a pedestrian was walking to the other side on the crosswalk. As soon as the pedestrian was 1/4 of the way there, the white truck turned. I waited for the pedestrian to be halfway before i could turn. I thought he was halfway but i guess not. The sun was hitting my eyes so i had to squint. The police officer that was behind me pulled me over and explained that the pedestrian wasn't halfway and that's why he stopped me. Understandable. I asked why he didn't go for the white truck and he told me that he can only get one car at a time. All right. So we talked more about the incident and had a couple of laughs here and there but when everything was done, he gave me a ticked for driving on a suspended license. I don't have a license. Not yet. I'm working on it. I had court on February 5th, 2015. The judge gave me a hint to plead not guilty so i can come back on a later date with my license. I will go back to court with my license but i just wanted to know what could happen if i go to court for driving on a suspended license but I don't have one? Also, if this helps, on 03/31/2014, I ran a red light. A car wasn't paying attention and went in front of me and I had to brake hard. It could have been a collision but i'm glad it wasn't. I paid off the fine and went to Traffic school and it got clean.
  15. Hi I recently felt i have been so screwed over by the priced of the car I financed and i guess the dealer felt really happy about it that they just let me drove the car off the lot without even showing my insurance. and now because they don't have any insurance proof of the car they have called me and pretty much begged me fax it over to them in order for them to be funded....Do i have to? if they are not funded will they ask for the car to be returned? i would gladly to...lol
  16. I am 62 and I am on Social Security Disability will they lower my benefits if they are informed I am married?
  17. I was not ordered by sentencing judge to wear GPS ankle monitor when placed on parole. when on parole, parole officer placed me on a GPS ankle monitor. Was he required by law to acquire a warrant to impose this action? If more details are needed, please ask. I am unsure what is necessary to help in answering this.
  18. A trial is set for 2/2015 for financial ruling in divorce resulting from Court of Appeals remand and mandate back to the lower, Superior Court regarding applying 2 specifically designated formulas to determine community equitable lien. I, respondnet/appellant, am providing the court with tons of 3rd party financial documentation ie, cancelled checks, previous bank statements, financial ledger entries etc. Rather than copy 10 years of ledger, statement records etc.; I'm providing copies of selected targeted entries as evidence, but will bring the entire records to court for viewing only on an as needed basis. What would having the entire 11 years of journals, bank statements etc. available to the court, for viewing puroposes only, on an as needed basis, be termed since the record in total would be too voluminous and costly to photo copy and entered as evidence.? Is the amount of equitable lien on separate property divided in half, being shared, or does it go 100%, in total, back to community (That would be me respondent/appelant) ? The formulas specifically state funds toward principle on separate property. What arguemnts, case law, statutes, rules of court, etc., are there to argue for equitable lien or direct reimbursement for separate loan interest, fees etc. on separate property? The petitioner/apellee has not provided any 3rd party financial documentation for principle balance over 11 years. She is estimating, assuming approximating etc.. I, the respondent, on the other hand have a preponderance of 3rd party financial documentation as stated above. Will this documentation be to my advantage in court? Will the judge rule, without 3rd party documentation from the petitioner, that 100% of community mortgatge payments made towards sparate loans on separate property be counted as 100% toward principle? Thanks in advance for your reply
  19. i have full custody of my son and i was told she can take him out of school with a state id and a birth certificate!!
  20. My friend Jason and his ex have a 3 year old son, James. Jason has James Monday-Thursday while the ex has him Friday-Sunday. Jason has multiple photos of bruises on James that he would discover upon returning from his moms. James has told his daddy his mommy punches him. I've seen first hand how she treats her children, she curses at them, hits them, throws things at them etc. When it's time for James to go back to his moms, he cries and begs to stay with his dad. The mom had even sent texts to Jason in the past stating she has had dreams of drowning her kids. All messages and photos have been shown to CPS and judges. Monday afternoon the ex refused to bring James to Jason and will not disclose where they're at. Police were called but seem to be doing nothing. What else can Jason do to not only get his son back, but find out about his safety?
  21. Property Manager did not complete proper background criminal check on tenant - is there a a number of years required by AZ law that they must look back.
  22. My daughter attended a barber college that lost its qualification for Title IV funding after she was mid way through. The financial aid person working for them hadn't properly processed the Title IV funding that my daughter and other students had filed for, so by the time the students discovered that the school lost funding eligibility, they all had huge balances and no way to pay them. The school treated the students as if they had done something wrong instead of the school. They were hostile toward them, claimed that they hadn't received some of the funding that they in fact had, threatened them loss of the many hours that they already had invested toward their completion. It was a mess. They told all of the students that they had to now pay cash. Most were unprepared to do so, including my daughter. Many just dropped and disappeared. My daughter (being one of the very few who refused to be intimidated) requested a formal meeting that the owner and their financial aid representative reluctantly agreed to. Hostile disposition in tow, they still insisted that a Pell Grant that showed by the government to have issued was not. After much around and around, they agreed to give my daughter a scholarship of 12,000.00 toward her full tuition and she had to make payment arrangements towards the balance of about 3,000.00 (Pell Grant was for about $3800) AFTER she completes her hours, and almost 6 months after they lost their title IV eligibility, they come forth after a discovery that they could go ahead and file for the financial aid money that my daughter had filed for before they lost their funding, AND they come forward now and admit that they had in fact received the Pell Grant that they long denied having received. They got the $12,000.00 in title IV, are reneging on the SCHOLARSHIP that they gave her and are keeping the Pell Grant money too. AND to add insult to injury, they still have not released her hours to the state barber board so she can take her exam to become licensed. My daughter has in her possession, the ledger log that they provided her indicated the scholarship, her monthly payments made and the balance due. Does she have any legal standing to sue them, forcing them to acknowledge and adhere to the scholarship granted and return the title IV funding that they have now received all this time later? BTW, it was never revealed to any of the students what the school did to lose their Federal Financial Aid/Title IV funding eligibility. (And the FAFSA folk are not at all helpful except to say what was issued, to whom and when)
  23. in az do the people residing in the residence have to be shown the search warrant by an officer before the officers enter the home,and does someone have to be home while they search?
  24. A lawyer ( so called) or so she claims ( no proof, come to find out ) has messed up my husbands applications. She did it on purpose, because she wanted be able to fix it for more money. Anyways she filed this application with false information without our knowlage. And now a different lawyer has told us that there is nothing we can do; and do to the falso info. already haved beeing filed, my husband is to be punished for 10 yrs. is there anything we can do??!!!
  25. My ex and I have a very specific court order due to the multiple problems we have ran into. That being said we have an order that neither parent is to take the child out of state at any time without a written notice 30 days before hand and without each others permission. Also each parent must give contact info where the child can be reached at all times during the vacation. Each of us are allowed one week vacation time a year. My ex had already had his vacation time this year and then recently my ex had the child for the weekend and decided to take him out of state. No written notice, no permission and no contact information. I didn't even know he was gone until he came home and told me. Had I known I would have called the authorities right away. And not to mention it was his parents that took the child and he stayed here. (which we have a first right of refusal order as well) But because I didn't know about any of it and it violates our order is there anything I can do about this?
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