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Found 108 results

  1. I live in government subsidies housing and we rented here because it has a pool. The management closes the pool whenever they feel like it. Not for maintenance but for punishment.Is that legal?
  2. Greetings, I currently live near Salt Lake City Utah. I want to purchase a van that is for sale in Chino Valley Arizona. I've been communicating with the seller for a few weeks now and we agreed to meet on Friday June 10th 2016 to conclude the sale. A couple days prior to the 10th he said that he would be out of town on that day but that his wife would handle the transaction. When I arrived in Chino Valley she said that she was not ready to conclude the sale and that I should come back on Monday the 13th. I left Arizona on the 10th, disappointed that the sale had not occurred. I incurred air and taxi fare in excess of $400 to travel to their residence in Chino Valley Arizona. I believe that I should be able to recover my travel expenses, is that correct?
  3. Hello, I got a traffic ticket from West Virigina on Jan 1st 2016. I forgot to pay the ticket. Its been 180 days. I own a AZ driving license. I got a mail from AZ MVD today saying my license has been suspended. Can I reinstate the suspension by paying off the pending traffic ticket? What other steps needs to be taken to reinstate my driving license? Thank you.
  4. I'm selling my home and received notice from my HOA of three fee's totaling $1,090. Disclosure Fee - $188.50 Transfer Fee - $188.50 Reserve Fee - $713.00 My question is specific to the Reserve Fee. I've been told that Arizona Law strictly regulates HOA fees, especially the Disclosure and Transfer fees, however, this other fee seems excessive. Based on AZ law, is an HOA able to make up additional fees and charge whatever they wish without limit? Thanks in advance. James
  5. A friend (truly) negotiated a 4 month severance package prior to accepting a job at a new company (just over 3 years ago). This was noted in her offer letter but we live in an "employement at will" state so there's no employment contract. About a five weeks ago she was demoted and her pay was reduced significantly (35%). Despite that, she decided to make the best of it and stay at the job. A week ago her employment was terminated without cause. It seems to me that she was demoted in advance of termination so that the company could reduce the amount of severance they'd committed to paying. Are there any AZ laws governing this type of behavior? Does she have any legal recourse? She's hesitant to reach out to an attorney without knowing whether she's just wasting her time.
  6. My brother and I have a house together, about 3 years ago we had to fix a bathroom that cost about 12,500, we agreed to the both of us to pay for the bill, after two years of him making payments he refuses to finish paying his part which is about 4,500. This bill is under my credit.
  7. I am civilly suing someone for a injuring my dog to the point that he had to be euthanized. My question is...I know the statute of limitations for this type of case is 2 years. I filed a criminal complaint and she was charged so if I understand correctly that extends the limitations an additional year from the date of court disposition. I filed the suit in small claims already and the paperwork says I have 120 to serve her Do I have to have her SERVED before the statute of limitations expires or did I just have to FILE before it expired? The statute of limitations expired during the 120 days I have to serve her.
  8. i have warrants for traffic tickets in the city of tucson that are 21+ years old. ive tried many times to take care of this matter in and out of incarceration, only to be told that the only resolution is to show up in person to self surrender on the warrant. theres got to be another way... isnt there a statue of limitations????
  9. my friend left everything to me in his will. it was notary my friend left everything to me in will and i am executor. it was notarized and 3 witnesses, but his sister went to bank and after 30 days the bank is giving her the money
  10. There was no search, but could police have searched my room if they came in to arrest my room mate? If my room was locked? When a search is done is a locked door a common place in a apt. ?
  11. I friend of went to a show . I don't want to post the place. But what had happened was he got there late wasn't drinking there was some pot use. Now he health isn't the best. What can remember is very little he thinks he passed out. He can remember being dragged out by to big guys. He said he couldn't stand ,then being put in a taxi that he couldn't pay for. Then being dropped some were he has no cue how he got home. Sorry for the long intro. There the question . Should he have been giving some kind of medical help ?
  12. My son was four months into 6th grade at a middle school in Arizona. K. now i know that the gun laws are really strict and I am not able to say that it is a bad thing either because of all the awful shootings that happen nowadays. This is a different situation and it involves discrimination against my son. My son was a star football player in 2013 and he loved anything to do with football. He had tons of friends and and was a good kid all around. He packed bags for the homeless with his church every wednesday. In December of 2013 my son was out at morning recess playing football. The kids all put their backpacks in a designated spot beforehand which is out of sight of him when he is on the field. Some kid that my son knew but didnt really hang out with because the kid always called him marshmallow man or whatever else he could come up with decided to bring an airsoft bb gun to school (the one with the orange tip from like walmart or something) and he then decided to try an impress some girls by showing them that he is cool and has a gun I guess . Whatever reasoning he had, it didnt work. The girls were scared so they ran to the office and told on him. The kid saw they were going to the office and went over to the backpacks and stuck it in my son's bag to get rid of it. The bell had rung and the kids were all headed to class and then the police came. The boy denied having the gun at first then he went on saying that he no longer had it in his posession and that he handed it off to a friend. he would not tell them who though. The police and staff lockdown the school for 3 1/2 hours and search. The kids were only told there was a gun on campus and were to remain in their classroom until it was found. # and a half hours go by and my son got cold so he decided to go in his bag and get his sweatshirt. As he pulled it out, he noticed the toy gun. He went to raise his hand to see if the toy gun was the gun they were looking for on campus when the police came in and asked for him. The kid finally broke and told them he stuck it in a dark blue bag with a nike symbol. One of the staff members knew exactly who's that was cuz my son was well known. When they escorted my son to the office, one of the staff memebers asked him if he knew why he was up there. Since he had seen the gun right before they came and got him, he said "yes" ONLY because he was wondering how it got there too. The man who asked the question automatically assumed that my son meant he knew it was there for the whole 3 1/2 hours but he didn't. He had no clue and they have a no tolerance policy that requires them to expell anyone with the intention to bring a firearm on school grounds. Well he got expelled because for some reason they assumed that my son did know because he said yes and because according the staff meember after the expulsion hearing, they couldnt just expell the other child because the media had astated that the kid HANDED IT OFF to another student and they were afraid that they would have controversy because the other kid is African American and my son is Caucasian. The office staffmembers words to me were-and i wont ever forget these words its still fresh in my mind- "Miss. You do know the reason I had to sit in today and say those things right? If we were to only expell the other child, you do realize the can of worms we would be opening today. The public does not take well to these kind of things when the minority is the only one punished." I hissed at him that it would be fine if my son had something to do with it but he didnt. So basically it is like saying if i were to put a gun or drugs in someone backpack and they had no idea it was there, they still get expelled? Ridiculous. My last few years have been replaying the whole thing in my head and still finding no reason for an expulsion on my son. The case I would have against them at this point is this: My son used to be a star football player, very popular and involved in the community. NOW he is depressed , has developed gastrointestinal issues where sometimes he cant control his bowels or he just repititiously throws up and IF he comes out of his room, its to go to the bathroom. His best friend cant even get him to go play basketball with him and his pastor has wondered where he is to the point he has shown up at our doorstep and all my son tells him is that he has school work to do because he does the online school cuz nobody will take him. Guncharges look bad right? I assume so. Anyway. He is now almost 300 pounds and I got him a football for Christmas and its still in its packaging thrown in his closet. I have proof of his downward spiral and I have proof that it is because of the districts false accusation to save face. I need a lawyer to represent me because I know they were wrong and so do they. The guy hosting the hearing, he said in the beginning that this hearing would not affect the outcome either way and that it was just a way of my side getting heard. I attended everything i was informed about even if it said i didnt have to be there because I knew my son was innocent. They took a good kid with a bright future and arrested him, mugshot him and put him in a cop car in front of his peers and turned him into a kid that WATCHES other people play minecraft....Why would anyone do this to a person and doesnt he have any rights? please get back to me asap.Theres got to be someone out in this circuit that is knowledgeable enough to beat this case and make thesde people accountable and restore my son's faith in people. Please help me. I love my son and I MISS HIM.
  13. I currently accept various IT "assignments/jobs" from an out of state (outside of AZ) company on a per job basis. I believe that would make me an independent contractor. However, there has arisen a failure to pay issue on a project several months past, and despite numerous inquiry's and complaints I have not received the payments owed. ARS 23.355 provides the award of treble damages for failure to pay wages due. Thus my question - are payments owed for services rendered considered "wages?"
  14. Approximately 3 years ago I paid a bankruptcy attorney to help me file for bankruptcy. I've delayed completing this process, as I was hoping to find another way to pay my creditors, Home equity loan, etc. I learned this week from a debt collector that my attorney told them he is no longer my attorney. He has not called, emailed or sent any kind of written notice to this effect. Can he do this without refunding me the $1005.00 I paid him? Is there an expiration date I don't know about. ?
  15. Hello, I am a tenant on SSDI who has been leasing an apartment since March 2015. IN the month of November I was informed I have bedbugs as per an inspection I had prior notice of. I had neither seen nor been bitten or had any evidence that I could discern of bedbugs at this time. My rental agreement signed March provided an addendum on bedbugs, and according to that if I knowingly brought in bedbugs I would be responsible for reporting this problem and would be responsible for paying to exterminate. I neither knowingly brought them in nor had seen evidence to report them in the required 48 hour grace period. In fact, I had just returned from being out of town for almost two weeks and at that time had no issues and only when I returned (and no one besides management had access to my apartment in that time) was there any issue brought to my attention. I was then informed there would be a "heat treatment" done to exterminate these bugs though no one could give me, or would give me any idea when. I was quoted by my property manager the price would be $600 which she said I would have to pay, contrary to what my lease says.(Later on she claimed it would be $835 and denied ever quoting me the $600 figure, yet my mother who serves as my payee for SSDI and handles my finances was there the time the $600 figure was quoted and is thus a witness. I was told this could be broken up into payments but again, I am on a fixed income and am paying $650 in rent (which was supposed to be $597 originally but this is another issue) and I make $750 a month ($834 gross but I have had money taken out for an outstanding student loan since 2012; management was aware of this). I cannot afford any type of payment and furthermore as per the terms of my lease I should not be responsible. Based on my subsequent research on bedbugs (which I had no experience with before this) I am now aware they can lay dormant for a full year before feeding and reproducing. Therefore it is conceivable they could have been here in a dormant state a year previous, at which time I not only did not live here, but didn't even live in this city. I feel I am being railroaded and harassed to make payments for a solution to an issue I did not create. My lease is up February 29 and my trust and working relationship with management is so low I refuse to renew my lease, and in fact for other reasons may be leaving town altogether. What scares me is that if they continue to pursue this, and out of principle and financial lack of resources I refuse/cannot pay, this will be a serious black mark on my rental history and I will not be able to rent anywhere else in the future. I need to somehow prevent this but I do not know what my rights are or how to go about it. I have tried contacting legal aid in my area; they are severely backlogged and cannot attend to my issues and concerns. While I could go down in person to talk to legal aid, my mental disability leads me to be very confused, overwhelmed and a frequent victim of panic attacks and I would need someone with me. At present I have no one who can go with me to do this. I could utilize my case management through my mental health provider, some suggest, but they have also been ineffective in matters even relating to my mental health let alone anything like this. I am in desperate need of some advice. Please help.
  16. My father is in prison and he wants to take classes to help him rehabilitate himself. He had passed the test that allowed him to take classes but was unfortunately told that he could not take the classes due to an ICE hold. He has been trying to fight this but he has been denied. Is it legal to deny an inmate from education even with an ICE hold? He is a permanent resident and as of now, it has not been ruled that he will be deported or not. So technically he is still a permanent resident. I did some research, and there are International Laws that say it is a violation of rights to prevent an inmate from taking classes, whether they are an immigrant or not, however, I am not sure how to enforce international law. Could anyone give me some feed back please?
  17. I was watching a video on this man, who lives in New Mexico and their laws although not practiced, state that a person on their own land is entitled to not only build a home on the land but no permits are needed. They took him into court and he won quickly. I want to know how to find out if this is a law for every state or just a few? Mostly I want to find out if this is a law in Arizona. I want to buy land and build a cob house. I just don't know where to look for this law. Just point me in the right direction or if you know please tell me. Thank you all in advance for the help.
  18. I just found out that I was defamed in a lawsuit between two people I know. Can I sue the person that defamed me.
  19. Last year I was pulled over for excessively speeding in the Arizona desert. Much to my surprise, Arizona has very strict traffic laws and I was charged with a misdemeanor for "Excessive Speed" A.R.S. $28-701.02(A)(3). Ultimately I reached a plea agreement with the DA and plead guilty. Perhaps it was naive of me, but I assumed that the charge was criminal and wouldn't affect my driving record. I live in Florida and I am not aware of any 'criminal' traffic tickets, it seems odd to me that I would be penalized by both a criminal misdemeanor and a traffic ticket which is now on my driving record. My question: Are there any steps I can take to request for the speeding violation to be removed from my driving record?
  20. I have been renting our apartment for one year and a month with utlities included now the landlord is going to charge utilities is that legal is there anything I can do about this
  21. ONe month prior to my moving out of my apartment because of my lease expiring, there was an attempted break in and in the process, the sliding glass door was shattered. I was not home and my roommate was out of town when this happened, I discovered this the next morning when I returned and called the police, filed a report but have no idea who or why this happened. I have renters insurance, but since I didn't cause the broken door, it was not covered. The landlord replaced the sliding door but now are deducting $200 from my deposit for that . I do not know who tried to break in, I do not know why it was my apartment that was chosen. This occurred through no fault of my own. This wasn't covered under my insurance because I didn't do it, and I filed a police report and did everything else within my power to do. Why am I responsible to replace this broken door? Do they have a right to withhold that money from my deposit?
  22. My husband got arrested, got Put on probation, then released. He got in trouble again the following year 2014, got probation, 1 violation, reinstated prob,and currently in 2nd violation for non- reporting for a year, a fugitive, for a Cl 6 fe open ended Poss of Drug Paraphenillia. can the Supervisor of Probation and 2-3 uniforms go to the home of the Wifes' Mom enter residence and ask mom if subject is there, then goes to backyard and asks the girlfriend if she knows where to find subject and states to wife that she also has a warrant that is active, not telling what charge with a bond amt of $1200, of wich wife informs supervisor that it been turned to collections. He says not accurate info lady, but I am willing to overlook this if you tell me where to find subject. Wife tells of last known whereabouts police leave, return in 2 weeks and speak to wife outside residence and wife asks to get in writing that for her cooperation no warrant reprocussions and for husband to have no knowledge that she helped get him arrested supervisor assures wife and agrees with a handshake from supervisor and uniform accompaniment. 2 more weeks pass wife is living in her personal residence and the supervisor and 3 uniforms show up at 9am force door open get wife out of bed search apt for husband he not there, and before leaving re-inerates to the wife about her warrant and states that if the uniforms want to take you in they can and uniform leader shakes his head to indicate NO and they leave but before supervisor shuts the door he asks the wife if she still has his card and to call him asap when husband returns and wife says to him I thought we had an agreement supervisor says Oh Yeah that still stands but you didn't call me for 7 days and sent me vague text wife says no home phone line sent text via internet and told him sorry for the delay, and super says I'll be back next week then shuts the door and talks to the landlord for 15-20 mins then all police are gone. How do I approach this situation?
  23. I own a 16 acre parcel in a Arizona development which is governed by an HOA. Each year the HOA performs road repairs and removes pavement from areas requiring repairs. I live out of state but when visiting my property during late 2013 I noticed that the association had dumped and spread large chunks of pavement along a 400 foot stretch of roadway directly in front of my property. The original gravel surface was entirely covered with this material. In January 2014 I sent a note along with my annual dues payment requesting the association's plan to remove the unsightly material as I was concerned that it would hinder my effort to sell the property as planned during that year. Shortly thereafter I received an email from the road committee chairman (copied to all members of the board) indicating that he decided to do this and he planned to pulverize the material and then cover it with new gravel, but was resigning from the road committee. He then said that I would need to confer with the new road committee chairman who was leaving his post as VP of the board. In my email reply (with copies to all members of the board) I indicated my desire to have the new chairman contact me to discuss next steps. Shortly thereafter the new road committee chairman sent me an email (copied to the board) indicating he had no plans to remove the material and that I would have to live with it. In 2014 I was forced to drop this issue to tend to the needs of a sick relative and during this entire time nothing was done to correct the problem. As a result I lost 3 for sale by owner sales opportunities with prospects who were dissuaded from the road situation and board inaction. There is no evidence in meeting minutes that the board actually reviewed my original complaint and conferred to both investigate it and provide direction regarding the final response I received. The road committee charter does not provide for anyone on it to unilaterally decide upon scope of work ("I decided to do this") and control complaint resolution. I can only conclude that the first road committee chairman acted unilaterally and without board approval in deciding to dump this material in the first place. As well, it appears the second road committee chairman (the outgoing board VP) also acted unilaterally in developing the response I received from him. This past July, following a second episode of dumping more broken pavement (which I warned the board to not allow again) and under threat of a lawsuit, I insisted the board president come to my property to view why I had lost 3 sales prospects and had written replies from 3 experienced agents that said it would be a waste of their time to list my land until the road situation is rectified. One agent told me I had lost at least 25% of the property value due to this situation. This president, who had been copied on all of the mails as noted above, determined the condition they created was "unacceptable" and repairs were completed swiftly. It seems to me the board breached its fiduciary duty to protect the value of my property and that it did not act reasonably in both investigating and responding to my complaint appropriately and on a timely basis In support of this, it permitted both committee chairmen to act unilaterally in executing an inappropriate scope of work that was not authorized by the board. As well, it permitted the outgoing VP / new road committee chairman to act unilaterally in inappropriately responding to my complaint. Now the agents are telling me I've missed the window of sales opportunity for the year and need to wait until next spring to list my property. I am contemplating legal action for damages incurred over a 19 month period but am unsure what type of damages are pursuable and if my case warrants enough damages to justify the expense. Can anybody offer an opinion on this? Thank you in advance.
  24. I am not sure which forum is correct for my question. the grocery store has a hidden policy regarding their shopping carts. If the cart does not go through the check out line and it approaches the door to leave the wheels lock. There is no warning near the doors or on the carts. I slammed into the cart handle. My insulin pump was clipped to my bra. It cracked my pump in two places. I got the use of a loaner pump from the company. I filed a complaint with the store. A third part admin company contacted me. the adjuster wanted my insurance info. I declined to provide that info. Why should my health insurance pay when the liability is on the store? I will have to buy a new pump. the grocery store should pay for it. Am I wrong in my thinking? The store manager told me about the wheels locking on the carts. My husband and I shop together. We get 2 carts and each take half the store. We meet at the front and put all the groceries in one cart. I was taking the extra cart back outside to the cart area when the wheels locked. I want to talk to a lawyer. I don't know what kind of lawyer would talk to me about this. It's not personal injury but it is damage to my property. A brand new insulin pump, without insurance would cost over $4,000.00. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  25. I received three different summons - three related offenses - in the mail for my son pulling over into a portion of the Phoenix airport reserved for shuttles. He did not receive parking tickets at the time. He had just started driving for Lyft when this happened. I am going to court tomorrow - with him. The vehicle is registered in both of our names - because I cosigned the loan - but my name is first on the registration. I understand that if it was registered solely in my name and someone else drove it I am responsible for the parking ticket. But this is his car, he makes the payments, he is on the registration, and I made sure it was specifically so he could be responsible. Do you have any recommendations for a defense? How, if at all, does the two names on the registration help us? Thanks for your thoughts on this.
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