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Found 108 results

  1. Just got hired on as a cashier at V*****t as a seasonal position. Getting 0 hours. Scheduled to work, but always get a call that am not needed. This lack of hours happened after I was pulled aside by the manager stating that I was not being quick enough on the register. Getting no hours whatsoever at this point. Is this discrimination in any way? I literally have worked for less than 10 hours altogether (for the past 4 weeks) and they keep saying hours are maxed out, that is why they keep cutting me. If they cannot prove that hours are maxed out and are cutting me for whatever reason, is that legal? Just want to be sure if this at all a good case, before I make a fool of myself by asking a lawyer. I have tried calling human resources as well, but keep getting sent to voice mail.
  2. I am a recent widow, my husband owner his own business which was incorported, he had a partner and the two of them were the only corporte officers. the business split was 60/40. How responsible am I to all company debt including employer tax withholding. Corportation was formed in 2001 and my husband started the business in 1969, what part of the business does the corportation own, as to vechles and equipment most of it was purchased prior to being incorporated and taking on a partner, no inventory was taken.
  3. A spouse owns a house before marriage and keeps it as separate property during an 11 year marriage. Completely traceable. After 11yrs; the spouse owning the separate property files for divorce. During trial, the other spouse claims equitable lien against the seprate property house because $68,000 in mortgage payments and improvements were paid directly towards the separate property with community funds. The judge, at trial, denied the equitable lien against the separate property and also denied motion for new trial regarding the equitable lien. An appeal was filed to the Court of Appeals, AZ. A year and half later; the Court of Appeals rules in favor of the equitable lien against the separate property reversing and remanding back to trial court to implement equitable lien against the separate property with designated formula. However; in the last fourt months, before the Court of Appeals reversed and remanded back to the trial court, the plaintiff spouse sold the home and it sold again with in the 4 months. The retrial is scheduled 6 weeks from now. Will the trial court find the plaintiff spouse in contempt of court and obstructing justice; or should I file those charges in criminal court? Once the trail of buyers have been identified does the court issue injuctive relief or do I have to motion for that? What recourse do I have to get paid on the funds that will be due me? Do I sue the buyers? Since the house sold the first time in 3 days! and no one moved in and for a month or two it was renovated and fixed up and then sold the 2nd time with in a week; I suspect my ex wife did a behind the scenes deal to aquire the house via 3rd party flip it and take the profits. Please advise Thanks
  4. do I need a attorney to file the initial paperwork to file a petiton for hearing to challenge a will?
  5. My dad retired from Caterpillar he put 20 years. He moved hear to AZ retired from Honey well . He has pass away now. He has full retirement from both. Now my mom is being told that she has to pick one or the other Cat or Cigna. My uses both Ins. Cigna for her Doc. & Cat for prescriptions. She don't pay anything threw Cat & with Cigna she to pay a small fee. I think she should be able to keep both. My dad worked hard for those benefits.
  6. Hello! I work at a warehouse in Arizona. Basically, we deliver furniture and other things to customers homes and businesses. I am an hourly employee. One of my work requirements is to load the delivery trucks each day for delivery the next day. There are many orders or stops on each truck. Very rarely, but it has happened, a wrong piece of the order is added or omitted. That causes problems and additional costs to the company. Another trip out to the customer's location with the correct piece and/or to complete the installation would be needed. An example would be that we would have to put a bed frame together. As I said, this happens very rarely. If I had to quantify it, maybe once every month or two. Sometimes there are three or four people bringing pieces into the truck rapidly. The pieces have to be correctly placed and strapped down to prevent damage and it can be difficult to crosscheck the order paperwork for accuracy when the orders are in place. We get it right most of the time... but... even the boss and the manager have made mistakes. When it gets to be 6 PM and we are hot and tired, I'm surprised it does not happen more. With all that said to, hopefully, set up the situation for you.... here is the problem: The young manager has made a new policy. If a mistake is made on the orders, the person that signs off will go to remedy the situation even if one of the helpers made the mistake. That may include a long drive, time to build or install the item or items and the time to return...doing the companies business... all on their own time... as in UNPAID. My question is: is that legal or ethical? People's pay have been docked for losing equipment off the trucks. This is different than just docking pay. What do you think? Is there any legal ruling on this? Thank you for your help.
  7. My neighbor has told others he has cameras watching and recording everything I and my family do, in and around our home, and he knows when I come and go! We've blocked out most of our windows that face his direction, and stopped using our front door. It has upset my wife so much that she wont go outside to even do laundry because she feels too uncomfortable. She hasn't left the house in so long that now when she tries to she has panic attacks, and has been diagnosed as agoraphobic. I've called the police on numerous occasions, they tell me he has a right to watch his property. I understand and if that were the case, fine. But it's not. He has numerous cameras and they are not aimed down at his property, they are in the air and are pointed straight across another neighbors property and directly at my driveway, yard, doors and windows. I live over seventy five feet away, halfway down the block from him. What can I do about this? Are there laws in arizona relating to this kind of harrassment?
  8. "In 1994, the Arizona Supreme Court decided the case of Hernandez v. Arizona Board of Regents and found a duty of care to avoid furnishing alcohol to underage consumers. If in 2008 a Flagstaff, Arizona plaintiff brings a lawsuit against an Arizona university’s fraternity for providing alcohol to members under the legal drinking age, the Hernandez v. Arizona Board of Regents case will serve as precedent."
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