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Found 75 results

  1. From 1985-1994, I was employed with a research Laboratory who was developing a one of a kind machine that ran a Specialized Medical test. The company went private in 1995. From 1995 – 2015, I was the only original employee with the company from its conception. I was a full-time employee working 40+ hours weekly. My lab was the only laboratory in the world that ran this Specialized Medical test and for many years I was the only trained Lab Tech that was trained to run it. As the company grew, more employees were hired and I trained each technician and monitored quality controls as well as completing my own duties. The company changed ownership three times during this period. Two years ago, I became ill with an undetermined illness (symptoms: light headed, dizziness). I have visited numerous doctors/ specialists running every possible test with no results. During this time, my illness did not affect my attendance or my quality of work. In March 2015, I experienced was described as a seizure from my co-workers. My manager advised me to go to the hospital and to stay off work until the doctors / specialist find out what is wrong with me. While seeking medical help for my health issues, I exhausted all of my sick time and vacation time. Not sure of what to do next, I contact my HR department to let them know that I did not have any answers with what was causing my health issues. I was then advised of FMLA to secure my position. After my FMLA was exhausted, HR reach out to me to let me know I did not have any more FMLA and to find out what I was going to do. I told them the doctors/ specialist are trying a number of medications to step the symptoms, but nothing was working. She stated that if I was not coming back, she would need my resignation. I told her I would love to come back, but based on what my manager told me in March and still experiencing the symptoms – I was not able to come back now. She then asked for my resignation in writing. I sent her an email. Weeks went by and I did not hear from HR. I called to inquire on my Severance package. I was then told I would not be getting one because I resigned. Do I have any options on getting my severance? What do you suggest? Help please!
  2. My bf got a letter from the judge today in jail saying he had to let this woman be his councillor, and I understand not giving him a new one... but we didn't ask for that, he just doesn't want her. She has not contacted him at all in the whole 2months, I have called her and left probably 20msgs, nothing. Why can't he get her off his case??? We don't have the right to represent ourselves anymore? Even if not why should ha have to have her, can't we get our own???
  3. I just recently received notification for plea day court appearance for the beginning of next week and have been doing some research online to better prepare myself of my rights and available options. I have a few questions that I would appreciate any feedback on to better my defense. 1) I currently have two court appointed attorneys assigned to my charges. Two of the charges are assigned were initially assigned to counsel whom is now deceased and were reassigned to a partner of the same law firm. This attorney expressed his desire to not be assigned to represent my cases and stated he would file to get them reassigned and I would be contacted by the court. No further communication has taken place between myself and this attorney and he is still assigned to my cases. I feel as that in order to receive the representation that I am entitled to it is imperative for me to be reassigned different counsel. So at this point with the plea hearing so close, would it be best for me to ask for the attorney to request that he is removed from the cases himself or should I request for new counsel to the court because of the assigned attorneys expressed desire for removal and the lack of communication in regards to my cases? Also, would it be possible to personally retain the assigned court appointed attorney for the other case also scheduled for plea on the same date, for representation on all cases? 2) Is it considered a conflict of interest if the prosecutor from the DA's office on my cases was previously the attorney that represented plaintiffs in a prior case in which I was the defendant? If so, how do I need to present the request for his removal to the court based off of this? 3) What motion would be relevant when the statement contained in the arrest report by the arresting officer for a charge of possession of a controlled substance listed the incorrect narcotic? Saturday, October 03, 2015 1:05 AM
  4. I want to purchase two homes next to each other, live in one and rent the other one to my daughter. I live in Mobile AL. The houses are almost identical as far as layout and condition. I haven\'t decided which one I will live in yet. One is vacant and one currently has a tenant whose lease ends in March 2016. Can I just evict the current tenant once I close on these houses as the new owner or do I have to wait until his lease is up? Does it matter which house I will be moving into as far as evicting the tenant? By this I mean, if I decide I i want to live in the house that is currently rented, can I evict him so that I can move in myself as the new owner? If I decide i want to live in the vacant one and evict the current tenant in the other house so that I can place my daughter's family in that house, can I do that? Thanks!
  5. I live in Alabama and my son and his two roommates was recently evicted due to non-compliance i.e. having a pet on the premises' in violation of the rental agreement. The pet actually belonged to one of the roommates sister but none the less the pet was on the property for a short while. Neighbors complained to the landlord and an eviction notice was delivered to them and me(I co-signed the lease (won't do that again) There are a couple of issues at hand that I can tell from my research. 1. The eviction gave only 7 days which according to my research should have been a 14 notice because it was not for non payment of rent. This is moot since they have all moved out pursuant to the eviction notice but non the less improper on the landlords part? 2. The landlord now wants to collect the remaining 4 months rent on the lease and keep the security deposit and charge them to replace the carpet (it was cleaned and undamaged on departure), a cleaning fee, a fee to replace stove top elements. He has threatened legal action to recover all the money he says he is entitled to. I don't think he is entitled to anything but rent from what I can tell. 3. From my research it appears the landlord is entitled to the remaining 4 months rent if he is unable to rent the apartment in that time. It is illegal to collect rent twice for an apartment. Finally to my questions: 1. What is the landlord entitled to given the above circumstances and if rent money is due when should it be paid to insure that the landlord doesn't collect rent twice on the apartment? 2. as a co-signer of the lease but not a tenant, what are my liabilities? Can the landlord post bad payment info on my credit report (this is a big issue. I have worked long and hard to keep a great credit rating and don't want it screwed by something out of my control!) if he doesn't get the additional money that I don't think he is entitled to? 3. should I pay the rent due and then wait to see if he sues in small claims court for the remaining monies? 4. The landlord seems to think that he is entitled to the security deposit because the lease was broken. I don't think so. He owes me a detailed list of how the money was used and refund the remainder in some period of time (that's unclear as to how long he has to refund the monies). Thanks for any advice.
  6. How can i find out if im on someones paperwork/motion of discovery? And how can i get a motion of discovey myself? Me and my codefendnt has already plead out to the charges 2 yrs ago. I thought you can only get a motion of discovery if the case was taken to trial. Which it was not. And i signed no statement on him either. Im wondering how i could be on his paperwork/motion of discovery if there even is one?
  7. In a search of a house in a suspected crime and evidence of another crime was found,can that be used to charge the suspect with a new crime?
  8. Can the police search through a cell phone that had been lost then found by someone else and turned in to them?
  9. I need (HELP) . I was giveing (1) year in county jail . l was in jefferson county 1st for 4 monthys same chage (probation volateson) had a (hold) for blount county (same charge) atfer 2 montys in jail jugde (restate porbation) now in marshall county were Iam doing a year.trying to get all jail credit with out a lawer.(please halp Me).Thank's mark,
  10. Once i go to court on my restitution and my family brings money to court $200.00-$300.00 can the person over restitution and recovery deny the payment? And if she takes the payment what are the chances of her releasing me?
  11. I am sitting in the County Jail, Marshall County,Alabama.Unlike most I am guilty,Can I plead guilty to information at preliminary hearing. And will that help at all at sentencing the charge is Forgery 2, and theres no way I can win at trial!Thanks
  12. Ok so I was arrested a month or so back, my vehicle was impounded. During that time my girlfriend, (now ex),was to sell my tools and get my vehicle out. Well after selling my tools she got heavy into drugs and blew the cash. She then got my title out of firesafe at home( the title was in my moms name it was signed), she then took my title to a towing company in town who then when and picked the vehicle up without my knowledge or permission and is holding the vehicle hostage!Do I have any legal recourse for the towing companies,without getting ex in trouble!
  13. I need to know how long the court system has to take you to court on a revoked bond
  14. I owe $1500.00 in restitution. Ive payed $200.00 to $300.00 dollars on it. I was set up on $100.00 dollar payments here recently. I missed a payment and a warrent was sent out for my arrest. I am now in Marshall County Jail. My mother got in contact with restitution and recovery and it was said that she was sending me to work release. But I am disabled. I Have been since birth. I am now 23 but my disability check stopped once I turned 18. I was in progess of getting it back started. But I still have all my disability paper work of me having a mental disorder (ADHD) and heart mummer. (When I do go to court for my restitution and I present my disability paper work can they still send me to work release?) I still have a mental disorder (ADHD) and heart mummer.
  15. Iam in marshall county jail now ,trying to get my jail credit I dont have a lawer becase i have been sentened,
  16. I understand this question may belong in the Divorce forum, but it is a question regarding real estate. My husband and I married while living in another state, then moved to Alabama 6 months later where we reside today. Another 6 months later, I purchased our marital home under my name. Both the mortgage and the deed are in my name alone. I am planning to ask my husband for a divorce and believe it will be uncontested. I plan to write the divorce documents up myself. I don't want the house and I know that he does. Is it possible for me to sell the house to him so that he can get a mortgage in his own name and transfer the deed in the process of the sale?
  17. Is there a particular time frame a county jail has to transfer a state inmate to prison? I have been violated since April 20th,2012, and finished with court since May 07,2013 and still here in Marshall County Jail. I have asked the administration here numerous times about sending me to prison, but they only reply with DOC will call for you. I have no holds anywhere or pending charges. What do I need to do??
  18. I'm originally from Texas.I moved here to Alabama.I have 3 cases here that is a class c felony (burglary 3rd,and top 2nd x2).I was wondering if Alabama can obtain my Texas records and base a decision on them in court?I wrote my lawyer numerous times and still haven't received a response yet.I go to court Monday in Marshall County ,Al.I also want to know if someone gives me and the lady I'm with at the time contract phones that are in his name yet i paid for them, can he put charges on me even though I kept the bill paid? This all started during a family dispute.Investigators searched me and didn't arrest me,but 7 months later I have a warrant. Is any of this legal and what do I need to do?
  19. I went to court bck in May 07,2013. I was charged with TOP 2nd.I got a 20 year sentence that was suppose to be ran concurrent and coterminous with an already active 20 from another county. However,on the Alabama doc website the coterminous is not there and my eos date has changed and i was set off on parole because of this.The lawyer i had was court appointed at the time and now he wont come and see me to correct this.The court clerk wont correct the transcript and re-send it.I have written doc and explained my situation and sent the paperwork from court showing the error,and its still not corrected. All this happened in Marshall County,Alabama. And im the only parole violator still here or been here for the longest time and cant leave.What do i need to do?
  20. I went to court on a TOP 2nd back in May 07 2013. I was sentenced to 20 years to be ran concurrent and coterminous with an already active 20 that is almost complete. However the court transcript sent to Alabama doc did not include the coterminous part of the agreement.My lawyer will not come see me because he was court appointed and claims to have no recollection of my case. I have been denied parole because of this error.And this is in Marshall County ,Ala. What do i do to correct this?
  21. I have been sentenced to lifetech and I am on a split sentence. The judge put me on probation and ordered me to lifetech, my lawyer says i will leave from the county jail. Is it possible for me to go straight to lifetech or will I have to process through Kilby. If so how will that work with me not being a state inmate, I am just trying to figure out how i can go to lifetech while on probation. Thank you.
  22. Hello. We have a Polaris Slingshot. While it is classified in Alabama as a motorcycle, it has seat belts. We have been wearing helmets also, since the law is vague on something. It says the exemption for the helmet law is 'persons riding in enclosed cabs.' There is a roll bar, and we sit well down into the seat. And we wear seat belts. What would make this different than a jeep with the top off? Thank you.
  23. sine may,9th 2011 I have registered at my add ever sine the day i got out of pirson.(OK) The county i live in has charged me with failure to register my address more than 2 times .i have never moved from that address.my question is can they do that?
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