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Found 75 results

  1. Hey I need legal help real bad. I purchase a purple honda from a used car dealership and right time I drove it off the lot and went down the road it stop on me. It would not start up again so the dealership had it towed back to they place. So the next day I went to see what was going on thy wouldn't tell me. I got pictures and all. They then came out the back with a 1999 tan honda accord for me I drove that one for like 2 days and I took it to my own person to look at it. He told me it need a transmission it was slipping on me. I then call them on my way to take it back to them it stop on me. I then ask for my 1000 dollars back and the 190 car payments I had made. They only had a check for 500. They then took the check back saying they was going to put a new transmission in the car but didn't it still did the same thing. So I stop paying the car note due to I was trying to buy a transmission myself do they came in got the car. Now they trying to sue me for the price they sold the car for. I got to go to court this month and they want me to bring all my possession. I really need help what should I do
  2. An anonymous insurance company refuses to pay my claim. (I only have minimum liability insurance.) A couple of weeks ago a girl turned left directly in front of my car. She turned when I was approximately 15 feet away and I was traveling the speed limit 40 mph. Then she proceeded to stop completely in my lane at a 90 degree angle from my car apparently she realized what she had done. Since it was too late to stop I swerved off the road to the right, since there were cars waiting behind her to the left and she was completely in my lane. I went over a curb and my car has a low profile so it completely ripped the bumper off, caused body damage, has something dragging from the undercarriage, and busted the radiator open causing $5,000 to $7,000 worth of damage. After the accident I made the girl stop and called the police to file a police report. I got her insurance information and all her personal and vehicle info is in the police report. In the report it says "Driver 1 did not see Driver 2 when she turned in front of him". To me it sounded like the report said exactly what I said and I scanned and faxed it over to her insurance company. Contrary to what the police and I said the girl claimed she never saw me and didn't know anything about it. I suppose she just stopped out of the kindness of her heart? When I spoke with her insurance company they are claiming there is no proof that she caused the accident. My question is what constitutes this "proof" since the police report seemed fairly straightforward to me? Additionally, there are 2 cameras nearby that most likely have the accident on tape but I am not sure how long they keep the tapes for. How do I go about getting the girl and/or her insurance company to pay for the damages that are %110 her fault? I have been on the phone with them for 4-5 hours over the past couple of weeks and an considering getting a lawyer based solely on principle even it it might not be worth it financially. The way one of the adjusters explained it if I had T-Boned the girl totaling both cars and possibly injuring her since she was sideways in my lane it would have been easier to prove it was her fault. But basically by doing the right thing and swerving off the road I can't get the insurance company to fork over a small chunk of what they would have had to pay? Has anyone else heard of anything like this ? Just seems like they are incentivizing bad driving. Might just have to get a monster truck now and get Full Coverage and not swerve next time? (J/K of course)
  3. I work privately as a home health aide and we believe a previous employee had stolen a valuable piece of property from the home before I was hired to fill their position. The item wasn't discovered missing until I had already been hired but only worked for this employer a few days and was told by a client one day that an item of theirs was missing. I had never seen this item but asked my relief when they arrived about the item which I was told had never existed. I then asked this person to please look through the residence for anything out of place or odd sense they had worked here a full year at the time which is when they discovered something valuable was actually missing I asked them to please call and inform our employer right away seeing as I had never seen the missing item and would not be able to properly inform our employer about the item which they did. Now my employer is having me followed by a PI after I leave work each day as well as tapping my personal cell phone conversations and I believe there are hidden cameras but employer hasn't informed us of them if there are. I briefly knew the employee i replaced and believe it's possible that I'm being targeted simply for that reason. I'm not sure what else they are having surveillance regarding myself and probably don't want to know. I just want to know if all or any of this is legal and if it is or isn't what should I do? Thanks
  4. Issue: Odds / legality for breaking my lease, without further complications, in regards to the above clause, given the following information Location: Homewood, AL Situation: In early April I put in a work order with my apartment complex that there was a hole forming in the ceiling of my bathroom and that our AC unit was leaking again, causing mold to grow in both spots. Most obvious potential cause was a leak from the upstairs neighbor for the former and a clogged pipe for the latter. About a week or so later according to the complete work order from their systems, their maintenance staff came in, fixed a leak with the upstairs neighbor and drained a pipe for the AC, but called the issue good. I went back in a few days later since the maintenance staff had said that repairs to the ceiling like that would have to be done through a contractor, but no one had showed up or contacted me yet. I also went back in to ask about the mold issue in the utility closet. Unfortunately I don't have any documentation of that visit. I was told again that the ceiling would have to be scheduled through a contractor, and to come back in a few days if I hadn't heard from them. Now honestly, I should have simply started recording every conversation from then on out, but I was planning to leave when this lease expired anyways, and screw it, they'll have to fix the issue anyways when I leave, but with documentation I cant be held liable for it. Circumstances of course changed otherwise I wouldn't be posting here. I lost my job two months ago and blew my whole nest egg while trying to find another. During the course of the job hunt one of my friends mentioned that they were looking for a new roommate. I intend to move in with them when the current lease expires on October 31st, but my apartment complex has yet again been giving me the run around and trying to shaft me. The new job wasn't quite covering the entirety of my expenses and bills, so I am still hunting for a new one to either supplement or replace it. With this in mind I went to the office to get copies of the various work orders I had put in, and speak with them about how I could go about ending the lease, on October 4th. And this is where it starts getting interesting. Thank god I knew that Alabama is a one party state for recording conversations. When I went in, I asked to speak to the maintenance coordinator. After a few minutes I was brought back to her office and explained how I was looking for all of my previous work orders, because the hole in the ceiling of my bathroom still hadn't been fixed. 10 minutes of searching later she told me that she couldn't find any records of any work orders on my unit. Despite the leaking AC having been treated multiple times. Despite replacing the glass on the bedroom window when it got cracked. Despite the toilet leaking continuously at one point. Nope, there are no records of any repairs being done on your unit. She said that she would contact me in the next day or two if she found anything. This whole conversation was recorded. My first thought was maybe when they went under new management they purged the systems or shifted everything to different directories. Still terrifying though and I went to home and started looking up how to end a lease due to negligence since I thought they might be trying to pin the costs of any and all repairs to the closet and the ceiling on me. Hence the statute in the title. 14 days written notice of the issues, letting them know that if it isn't fixed the contract will have been broken from their end. So I went back to the complex and spoke to someone else, since by that point the maintenance coordinator had left for the night. I was recording again for this. Through the course of the conversation I asked her if she could search for the repair records. Again she couldn't find them. I explained that I was intending to leave the complex and that I don't want to be blamed for the mold and water repair issues, just a precautionary measure, again she couldn't find them. So I told her of all the various Issues in the apartment currently so she could create a new work order to have them fixed. Her response was that she would have to get with the maintenance staff in the morning to create the order since it has to be done by one of them, but she would be happy to write it out for me and take care of it personally in the morning. Wonderful! Written notice and I had said that I knew about the 14 day statute if the issues weren't fixed. Got her to write it up, the leak in the AC (again) the hole in the ceiling that had been there for months, the rotten woodwork and dry wall in the utility closet due to the persistent leak issue, and the mold throughout. She dated it with a note that she needed to get with the maintenance staff, and I had her scan and print a copy for me with her business card. She said either her or the maintenance coordinator would get back with me tomorrow about dates for the repairs, and I went on my way. If it gets put in the issues are fixed, but either way I can't be held liable for the extensive work they'd have to do to make it livable again. The next day after work I went in, recording again, and asked to speak with one of the managers about my lease agreement. This is where I found out about the 60 days notice for leaving the complex in my leasse. I got her name to start, then we sat down and started discussing my situation. The job hunt, not being able to afford the apartment soon, etc. She said that she understood, that if I submit a written notice now that I'd only have to cover the remainder of the 60 days notice, subtracting from now to when my lease was originally set to expire. Well... damn. Hit straight to the kidneys but I have little interest in being un-rentable in the future if I caused a fuss. Asked her if that was one lump sum and she said no, that it and any repair issues just have to be paid off within a year. Workable, since I'm saving money by getting a roommate. I could/can afford 80 or so a month to pay it off, just not the almost 800 plus water plus repairs that she quoted me initially in one lump sum. So in apprehension about the issues I knew of already, I asked her if there had been a work order put in about my apartment today. Of course not. Of bloody course not. So I yet again explained the mold, the hole in the ceiling, the leak in the utility closet, the rotting supports for the units in said closet. She sat down with me there and put in a work order for the leak and AC, but I got the same message about the ceiling. Needs to be handled by a contractor. Well, she had actually put a work order in with me there and printed it out for me. Considering that the hole is in my shower, and the amount of time that it had been there, I can understand the need for a contractor. Moisture had been getting in for months, mold was probably all throughout that crawlspace and they might have to rip a few of the tiles altogether. With a date set for the two repairs they could handle though, I sat down with her again and signed a notice saying that I intend to vacate on the 31st, that the termination fee was 789 not including water and damages, etc. The next day I got a call saying that a contractor was scheduled for Monday. Even better. Not perfect with the termination fee, but bearable. On the seventh, there was a notice in my appartment that maintenance had come by and fixed the AC leak. Better yet again. Maybe this will actually get fixed? Makes sense since they'll have to fix these issues to rent the apartment to anyone else. Maybe they're calling in someone for the mold too? On Monday the 10th I got back from work, and when I went to the restroom, noticed the ceiling had been 'repaired'. Their contractors version of fixing this, was to slap a patch over the hole and cover the whole thing with plaster, paint and stucco. Make it look pretty. I know this because when I noticed the lack of a hole, I went up and touched it, still wet. I then touched where the hole used to be and felt give under my finger. Incredulity. I got my phone and started video recording, showing the still wet paint and the give in the ceiling. Sure. If it had hardened I'd be none the wiser, but looking for the details I could see the lines where new paint had been put up, and feel where there was still firm drywall on either side of the hole in comparison to the hole itself. Incredulity gave way to being pissed. I walked over to the utility closet, and there was still mold and cobwebs throughout it. So they yet again ignored the mold issue, and 'fixed' the ceiling by covering it up without treating any damage that might have happened over the past six months. I have pictures and videos of the closet and the ceiling on the 10th. When I went to the office, recording again, I asked to get a copy of the completed work order that the contractor gave them when he fixed the ceiling, and was told the maintenance coordinator didn't come in today. I explained to whomever was there that the repairs were not repairs, merely cosmetics and explained the patch, the hole, and moisture issue all over again to her. She searched but couldn't find anything about my apartments work orders. Being pissed gave way to being contemptuous. I had a copy of the work order from the 5th and she cant find any in their system? It was either incompetence or a deliberate hindrance and I can't stand either. Went in the next day, she still hadn't shown up, and they said she might be sick, but the lady I had spoken to on the 4th, Ariel, was working, so I asked her about it and she searched the systems for me again. By some stroke of god we found all of my past work orders this time. Printed off the ceiling and ac issue from April, and another copy of the ac from that past Friday showing who had come in and that they hadn't fixed the mold. Was told that they would notify me when the maintenance coordinator came in, and they actually did on Thursday, but when I spoke with her she said that she would need to call the contractors and have it faxed over here, and to yet again, wait a few days. It's been two and will likely not happen until I go in either tomorrow or Monday. Where I will be told to wait a couple blasted days again. How much are they going to try to fob off on me when I leave this apartment? The cracked foundation in the floor? The rot and mold? Fiver or Lincoln every single missing light bulb, the screen doors and window screens that they never replaced, the peeling paint on the cabinets since they used cheap adhesive and the entirety of the cover on the cabinetry is coming loose? Steam cleaning the entire apartment? I'm honestly expecting them to try to truly shaft me come the 31st, even though my actual plan is to move in with my friend this Friday and spend a couple hours for a few days deep cleaning it. You can always find something wrong with an apartment, and with me having signed something saying I would pay the fees over the course of the next year... *shivers* So my question is this: With the pictures I have of the hole in the ceiling, the 'repair' they did to the ceiling, and the mold and rot in the utility closet. With the work orders we found from both April showing when these became issues and this months fixes. With my recordings of our conversations throughout the past two weeks. With my copy of the hand written form that Ariel did on the 4th, detailing all of the issues I have in the apartment that haven't been fixed yet by today, the 16th. And with my notifying the maintenance coordinator that I am aware of and willing to invoke the 14 day clause in the Alabama statutes for me to break the lease... Can I start moving my stuff, get everything as clean as I can, then head in and turn in my keys at any point after say the 19th, considering that's two weeks past when the manager put in her version of the work orders, citing all of this. Or will they try to say that it wasn't sent certified return receipt. I mean I have Ariel on mic when we wrote it out, and her log in is present on the print out of the work orders that I got on the 11th. Proving it was her, could go one better and try to get their video tapes from the security cameras showing when I went in. Mold is also a health issue by Alabama Housing codes... can't remember which one honestly. I also have recordings of me talking to at least 4 people about the maintenance issues in the apartment. I honestly feel that the recordings and copies constitute giving them the 14 days notice. But if I raise a stink and it falls short... if I get told that it isn't valid and they then immediately bring in more contractors... I feel that they will charge me for as much as they can possibly get away with, in retaliation. Well not retaliation, it was a cleaning fee, you did of course leave it in such disrepair Mr.Probability. They also might say screw this and not say anything when I bring in my keys, then when I don't pay anything next month take me to court. The least risky course is obviously to duck my head and just pay it over the course of the year, but I'm worried about what they might try to charge me with in repairs. What are my odds if they take me to court... how legal is my potential course to break the lease. I feel I have everything set up but I'm running around in circles wondering if there's anything more I need to do... Help? Willing to answer and any all questions not requiring identifying information.
  5. A search warrant was served on this man and home for drugs on the property by the state. They found 4.5 onces on his property.The police asked him to contact someone to sell who he might know to come sell him 4 ounces of meth and he contacted a friend who lived 45 miles away to see if this could be done. This friend was able to bring the drugs but 10 min away got a phone call that the police were already there at the home so went to another house instead of the property where the police were at. The police had him calling, and texting this person many many times, he answered the phone and told him he had heard the police were there and was afraid to go there. At that point he said that it wasn't true, and how people run their mouths all the time not to worry everything was fine the police were not at his house. a few hours latter he had another person call to say she would come, pick up the meth, and bring it to him for my friend. He refused to let her come to get anything and stayed at the house for several more hours as the phone calls and text kept coming. My friend refused to answer any of them. After about seven hours my friend drove over there because once again the only time he answered the phone for these two people, and once again assured the police were not there went to his house, walked in and just opened the laundry room door to find two officers standing behind the door waiting for him to get there..... My question is, because of all the calls, and text and hours it took him to go there isn't that entrapment..... they had to talk to him and lie, and assure him no police were there when in fact it was the police who were telling him to make all the calls and text for about six hours in order to get him to go there ...... I will wait for your reply. Thank You for your time and advise........
  6. I am employed by a family owned business that was recently purchased by a large overseas company. I was on the board of directors but during the sale was replaced by a family member. There was no vote or knowledge on my part that this had happened. Was this illegal and do I have any recourse?
  7. Two and a half months ago, I financed a car. The cost was $12,000 and I made an $8,000 down payment leaving $4,000 remaining. Financing spread out the $4,000 over 60 months. Well, I recently came into some money and wanted to just pay it off. When I went to the financing company, I was told it would cost me $10,000 to pay it off. That s 2.5x what I owe!!
  8. I have been on salary for about 3 years. I am made to punch a clock for some reason but that is another matter. Last Thursday I left work at 1 PM like I have been doing for almost 3 years. When I looked at my time card I saw where the Practice Manager had charged me with 4 hours of PTO. I have been leaving at between 1 and 2 pm on Monday and Thursday for about 3 years and this has never been done in the past. Can she just arbitrarily do this without my knowing about it???
  9. I desperately need help legal representation I can't afford, I've been targeted for many years b/c my Father was fighting to prove his innocence from Death Row and 27yrs later it was proven,Sadly he died before his release. Due to my Father having to wait 27yrs&losing his life trying to get Justice. I have no trust in the Judicial System, he was framed by a Judge & prosecutor .I've been charged with charges I'm not guilty of & b/c I can't afford high dollar Attorney, I'm terrified a court appointed Attorney is going to cause me to have to take a plea bargain which is so wrong to have to say I'm guilty of something I'm not b/c I'm disabled and can't afford good Attorney on 1st Degree Assault w/deadly weapon and intimating a witness.My sister and I were both charged with assault charge.
  10. My husband was in a previous marriage before me and he adopted his ex wife's child when she was 13, she is now 34 and she hates me and my kids, my husband saw the way I was treated and how she was raising her kids against me and my husband made the choice and have told her he didn't want nothing to do with her anymore, things would never work out because of the way I was getting treated. My question is to any laywer in mobile AL, Is there something my husband can do to unadoption or divorce from her where her mom and her family can not harass us any more and they are out of our lives completely? she is married right now and her mom always adds her adopted name to her marriage and it makes me sick! I want her out of our lives for good!
  11. I have a mass that was diagnosed as asbestos scarring and fluid around my lung from it. I have a Pulmonologist and a well respected Dr. who told me it was from my job in a steel warehouse(not a mill) and not from me smoking. Do I have any kind of case?
  12. After 4 years of a "bad" relationship, i moved on. Im 2 years into an incredibly happy and now engaged relationship..with a woman. She loves my children I think "more" than me...ok by me tho haha!! Treats them as her own but yet respects their father and kbows her place in our lives. Her family treatsmy boys like their own. I have no doubt that they will grow into great men now! We have the home the schedule the routine the family life that makes me a better person and mother. Not that "she"(partner) is all to thank, but its the healthly happy way of living life and posotivity she showed me that alone opened a brand new path for me. He lost all control of me so the kids are the last bit of control he has over me. He tells the boys they are not to be in the car with her, she is not to pick them up from school or attend sporting events. He takes their uniforms or halloween costumes to make sure they go with him. She politely backs out of attending to save fight in front of the boys..who are 5 n 6....it goes on and on.. no couet order or had we ever been married. PLEASE HELP OR AT LEAST SOME WORDS OF WISDOM. Im 26 she is 37. The boys mean the world to her and i see the toll its taking on ALL OF US. ...we never keep the boys from him and she still says how great of a dad he is to the boys, NEVER saying ill hearted things about him. She even buys him things for the boys to give him..ie. fav team hat, picture frame n puts their pict. To give. Trust we are no angels, but evil, hateful, degrading we have NEVER BEEN! thank you to all out there listing!!
  13. I signed a 12 month lease Feb 22, 2016 to include that I was a nonsmoker, which I am. This weekend my landlord had appliances delivered at my house, which he didn't confirm with me the delivery date and just showed up Saturday afternoon, which is another issue. During the 5 hours he was there, he found a cigarette package, on the table from a small gathering I had at my home the night before. I knew they were there but didn't think much about it when he was over, as I don't smoke and when I have guests over they smoke outside on the back deck. The next day (SUnday) after numerous calls, texts and emails, I finally responded to him on Monday, as I was already aggravated he just showed up Saturday ruining my afternoon since it was implied but not confirmed about him coming by..So Monday evening he comes by with a notice saying my lease is terminated and I have until April 30 to move out. The caveat to this is if I turn in my keys and move by April 30 he will pay me $250 for my "inconvenience". I just paid 3k in the last 30 days to move in, and my gut instinct is telling me he is looking for a reason to terminate the lease. New appliances, updates on the house and I saw that it was listed for sale before I relocated to this area. He put there was smell of cigarettes, which is a blatant lie, and I think he was accusing me of being a smoker. Is a cigarette pack justification to terminate my lease? There has never been smoking in the house. I am the only one who resides there, never had an overnight guest, and had only one gathering the night before with a few peope that Im sure smoked outside. I don't have the friends that would smoke in my house, as the house is beautifull and being an avid runner myself, they know I detest it. Not to mention I just lost my mother in January to lung cancer from smoking. My apologies this is so long, I'm very angry that he based his decision on this, if he is that against smoking, a clause in my lease saying not to have any smoking within 20 feet of the property would have sufficed. I had no idea I wasn't allowed to have friends who smoked. Is it legal? I really don't want to move since I just settled into the home.
  14. My estranged husband and I are opting for an un-contested divorce. He has had limited visitation with our children (daughter 8, son 6) since we split up 2 years ago and has offered NO SUPPORT. He has made indications that he wants my SON ONLY to live with him, not my daughter. His reasoning, I believe, is so he will not be obligated to pay child support if we both have 1 child. However, with him living in Texas and myself and our 2 children living in Alabama, I'm worried that if he chooses to not return my son/children I may have to fight him in court to get them back. If he chooses to not return them (or not return my son), but files a legal petition with the courts while he has the children in his custody to retain legal physical custody of my son/children, will he be legally obligated to return them until if/when the order is changed? Will he be legally allowed to keep them until if/when the order is changed? WIll he have to file in AL or TX? We both offer stable homes. No domestic issues on file. The children are established in Al, enrolled in school and have family and friends close by. They have never lived in TX... only visited once before the separation.
  15. My son's 2 children, age 5 and 8, were placed in the temporary custody of the maternal grandparents following the death of their mother and the inability of their father to provide a safe home. My son was asked during a family meeting held by CPS who he wanted to take care of the children and he chose the maternal grandparents. I was present at the meeting and expressed desire for my husband and me to have custody. Now, 10 months later, the custodial grandparents are filing for permanent custody. Do I have any chance of getting permanent custody or will the custodial grandparents take precedence? They are providing a good home, and we are able to provide a good home, as well. Why was my son able to make the decision of who to give custody to when he wasn't deemed fit to care for them? He chose them because they told him that they would help him financially and help him keep his kids. They told him what he wanted to hear, he was allowed to make the call, and now we (paternal grandparents and aunt) are left out. Advice please!
  16. My husband has a almost 4 year old daughter and the mother of the child wont let him have any contact or visitation, He pays child support. They did live together until the child was 2 1/2 and the mother wanted to visit family in Missouri, After she left she lost all contact with my husband and when he was able to get contact with her she was pregnant with another mans baby and with someone else. She wont let him come get his daughter, and hes only been able to see her one time in the last two years. Were trying to figure out how we can get his daughter back, or at least have visitation. She wont let us have a number to contact her we have no clue where she lives because she keeps giving us different addresses and when we Email her about coming to see his daughter she always makes excuses to why we cant come and see her.
  17. I work for a small company and have been here for over 4 years. In the last year i have come down with some health issues. I have been having to take off to go to the doctor to try to get better. But my company is starting to threaten me to fire me because i have been having to go to a doctor. Even tho i use my vacation time for when i am out for my appointments. I dont get a lunch but yet they take 30 minutes away every day. They dont pay me overtime when i do get itat times. I have to buy my own supplies to be able to do the work most of the time. There is just so much to tell it would take for ever to tell it all typing it. What should i do? I am so lost and confused on if they can be doing this and is it legal for what they are doing. About ready to get me a lawyer and see what happens
  18. I have a 27 yr. old daughter who lost her health insurance and she is living back with me, if something were to happen could I be responsible for any of her medical bills.
  19. I was asked to give a loan to a man known to be a bully but I was told if I didn't give the loan this man would be angry. He seemed to have changed and told me that the loan would go through escrow and he would repay it with 6 months probably 2 or 3 months. I had already told the man I could not afford to have the money tied up any longer than 6 months. He was to give me a Deed of Trust on property he used for his Auto Tow company and was in process of buying junk cars to use in same yard for parts resale and dismanthing. I knew little about the business but I saw he was excited and had the drive to make this business a success. My friend drove me 2-3 hours North of my home in California saying thisomething man was closing escrow and needed the 20k I was loaning him at 10%int. for 6 months from March due in full October, with interest only paid monthly. We made it to his property but several days went by without me being brought to the title co., though they left early not returning til late and I was paying motel bills and food. Finally, the 5th day we left and I was told we were going to the Title company after lunch. I was drive to a small strip mall, I was confused no restaurant but a grocery store. My friend got anxious when I asked him what was going on and he left the car. He's friend runs up with papers in hand reading the terms of loan, this washould the Deed of Trust. I got out and went into store where I see a small bank branch he goes to teller asks for notary. I'm completely becoming little scared and leary, he assured me this had to be deposited into his account and waa being wired to title co. immediately so that new property he was buying was closing right then. I've never bought a home and the man I traveled with assured me that this is how things worked. The gentleman signs the DOT as officer of his Business under an LLC. This corporate Name is different from his Businesses names. He signed DOT dating it that day. Then I sign the back of cashiers check made payable to me, he also signs back of check and deposits it into his bank account. I'm not sure now if it was his personal or business account. I later a month or so overhead discussion that his property just cleared escrow. I hadn't recorded DOT because my friend was in a hurry to leave not giving Meach time to drive another hour out of our way to the county seat. I also noticed my lastime name wasn't listed next to my first.Since I have not recieved a payment and have been told so many times he had money was going to pay me. Then he has over excuse after another why he can't pay me. I have been extremely patient is I've asked that he changeven the date of DOT so that I could record it but he's not done that either. He's told my friend he didn't sign the DOT, sounds like he never intended to repay the loan as he's made no attempt to make a payment. Is this DOT fraudulent? he didn't own property when he signed and took my money and deposited it. I've been lied to even the man I thought was my friend of could trust has gone so far as to take casher while I was in the hospital from my purse bought a car, told me i would recieved 1/2 profit but when sold didn't pay me $0.00 from the sale. The two men took 5k in cash from me while I showered and spent money at a car auction. I loaned my friend 6k over 3 months to pay rent on a building filled with old classic collector cars (they all are dirty, don't run and he's got junk piled on top. I found he once owned the largest dismantling yard on the Peninsula but he lost it by draining toxic fluids onto the ground. I've found both men have lengthy criminal records. Using other people's dismantling license since they can't obtain onemail themselves since they are felons. I don't know how to handle this. I canthink afford and attorney for obvious reasons. I was ill and going through a long divorce while this all was taking place. I need to get ther money back, but I was told that if I brought a friend with me 3hr drive from my home, I'm not up to the drive myself that he would never pay me because it would be disrespectful of me. He also said if I foreclosed on him he would file for bankruptcy. I had a really bad attorney during my divorce so I'm gun shy, I am in need of a medical malpractice attorney but again between divorce and the stress these two put me under I'm afraid I may have gone past statute. Can you tell me if the Deed can be recorded I should have been the first but I was not able to drive to record it when I did get up there I was told my last name needed to be added as well as a trustee/beneficiary also my address is no longer correct. What recourse do I have, do I need to report this time the authorities. I don't want them to do thisomthing to anyone else. I recently found that my friend has been charged with realestate fraud as well as two of his friends in real 1989 for recording false documents and forgery. I believe he's putting homes in other people names now to hide from leins. I don't want to do anything illegal I just want to get back to living my life with them not in it. please help me if you can. thanks
  20. My older brother is the executor of our mothers estate and he is not splitting assessets of sale real estate ,I live out of state what are some of my options?
  21. My grandmother died recently and he will states that all of her property "real and personal" is to be divided three way among her heirs. One of her checking accounts was jointly held with someone else who took the money from the account. Can we ask for this money to be returned because it was taken out after my grandmother died or was it legal for them to do this because it was joint and not subject to the will?
  22. My ex wife put my mom and grandma on the deed shortly after we separated not divorced at the time they was added to the deed anyways my ex wife signed her 3rd interest over to me had it notarized and then recorded with the county then my grandma dies what happens with her 3rd
  23. The water company has decided to add my ex husbands water bill from 2/2001 to oct 2002, we were seperated in 2/2001 and the divorce was final in 2/2002, to my current water bill. And they stated that they would turn my water off even though my bill was current. My ex husband died in 2/2008. Is there a statute of limitation on this or do
  24. I don't feel my public defender is defending me as well as she could
  25. Our daughter-in-law came to the United States legally from Guatemala in the 1990's. And has been here mostly since, except for returning to Guatemala for a college degree, and a couple of times for medical care. She has been married to our son almost six years. We are native Americans, (white). She speaks fluent English and has a college degree. She has been denied citizenship because of one hospitalization for a serious acute illness in Las Vegas almost 3 years ago when she had no insurance. The bill is astronomically high. What are the rules for citizenship in a case like this? Thank you very much.
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