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Found 50 results

  1. I have 3 children, 2 with complex medical issues. I was divorced this year and could no longer care for the 2 children with medical issues, so they are in medical foster care. Our parenting time agreement allowed for the father to 'nest' at my house with the children while they were in my custody, but are no longer here. Is our parenting time agreement null and void because the two children are in medical foster care? Father relocated several months ago and hasn't followed parenting time agreement but now want to enforce that he bring the children to my house for his parenting time. I have said no, but know that we need to renegotiate the agreement as well, but need to know that the old agreement is not enforceable either.
  2. Not sure what forum this goes in--- Several years ago I had a client who hired me to feed her cat,watch her home, pu mail etc when she was on vacation- I was a Pet Sitter at the time- Now retired. She never paid her bill. I tried calling her, emailing her, stopping at her home (never was home) She never responded to my attempts It wasn't a large amount of money, $140 I ended up taking her to small claims court. I won, she never showed up. I'm just curious what happened to the judgement against her? I never heard anymore from the court. Finally, being a small amount I said heck with it & accepted the loss. It wasn't worth my time anymore Do courts keep the judgement active? is it filed against her still? Just wondering what happened after the judgement was issued. She was the only client who didn't pay me in 12 years of business!
  3. My kids are going to a school that is collecting data and funds from the national Free and Reduced Lunch program; however, the school states that it is not participating in the program. They are encouraging all parents to fill out forms regarding the program and stated that even if qualified that this would not mean that your child would receive a reduction in the school lunch cost as they do not participate. They stated that this was just a method of getting funds into the school. My question is, it is legal to collect these funds for free and reduced lunches and not participate in the program or pass the cost reduction on to the students who qualify for a discounted or free lunch? Thanks
  4. My brother & I have a LE with my Mothers home. My brother has moved to NM. Do we need to redo the paperwork with his new address?
  5. I need to fine out how someone that has the best interests for the nice how I can go about being in charge of her money. Also how to go about being able to spend time with her when the father will not respond to any calls or texts. Before the mother passed away she has 40% custody of her daughter. All we want is to be able to spend time with our niece to be able to love her and help her through the process of losing her mother. Could use a lot of advice on this
  6. While driving an autmobile traffic officers are not allowed, in most cases, to stop you and demand your papers just because you are driving. Why then can DNR officers demand to see your papers just because you are fishing? Both types of officers are licensed by the state and so are fishing and driving state licensed. Yet traffic police seem in most cases to respect the 4th ammendment in that they must witness something susupicious, probale cause, to make a stop and demand papers. Of course this is not true when DUI road blocks are set up and the constitution is essentially ignored for the greater good. Like when Japanese Amercan citizens were sent to concentration camps during WW2. Is there something susupicious about fishing? When we cast a line into the water do we lose a portion of our constitutional rites? Doesn't the 4th ammendment to the constitution apply to all branches of goverment? Which activity, fishing or driving, has the highest potential for citizen harm? I'm pretty sure it's driving.
  7. Recently I called 911 from home and requested an ambulance be sent to my residence. The policy of this county and perhaps most counties in Minnesota is that the police also arrive with the ambulance at the residence. The officer who arrived did some surreptitious sneaky like walking and gazing about my property. My question is if the officer had spotted something illegal would I have been subject to arrest? Have I consented to a police presence and a cursory no warrant search of my property because I called 911 for an ambulance?
  8. My son got caught at the end of May 2015 with a small amount of marijuana, he never was given a ticket and then on the 6th of August we received papers that we are to be in court on the 11th. Is there a limitation on how long before you hear anything or getting the ticket. This is the first trouble he has ever been in and when the police officer had showed up he didn't run and voluntarily confessed to having stuff in his pocket. It wasn't until after he confessed that he called me to tell me he was in trouble. I want to make sure that the police are being lawful also. I understand my son did wrong, I just want to make sure this doesn't end up worse than it is.
  9. I am about 55k in debt to the IRS. I am not looking to wipe out / discharge what I owe - because I owe it. I have read, in a variety of places and publications, that one can pay off the tax debt over the Chapter 13 payment plan and that the interest and penalties are reduced by paying through such a payment plan. I am up to date on filing all my 1040's - but was late a few years back. I worked with an Enrolled Agent to file and set a payment plan in place. I lost my job about a year into the payment plan and my employment has been spotty. I mean I get consutling jobs but they are short term. Anyway, these taxes are considered priority because the IRS has filed some liens against me. So, can one repay the IRS during chapter 13 and does it reduce or remove penalties and interest? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I moved from my apartment on March 31 after living there for 12 years. I rented the lower floor of a duplex. I had the place professionally cleaned before I left. My landlady and I were on very hostile terms by the time I moved, so there was no walkthrough or anything before I left the keys. She was invasive and harassing; hardly ever gave me 24 hours notice when she needed to enter (not sure if that's a thing in MN or not). We used to be on friendly terms, so I have no documentation requesting that she take care of this or that; or notifiying me in advance when she needed to enter, etc. We just discussed it and that was it. Today, I received a bill for $156.55 for property damage beyond normal wear and tear. The items she's listing are cleaning costs for the things I had cleaned - shower stall, refrigerator, stove and a broken fridge shelf (for $121.55! ha!) I have pictures of everything that was cleaned and there's no broken shelf in my pictures of the the inside of the fridge. Some of the items I don't dispute, but still want to challenge her on whether or not those items are wear and tear. So, how do I dispute the items I don't agree with? Do I request a itemized receipts for them? Can she just list them and claim that's what she spent without validation? I am not paying her a dime until I receive further validation. Is that part of my legal rights as an ex-tenant? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I received a speeding ticket and it only list one offense on the citation. Called to pay my fine and they informed me that there are two offenses on my citation. One for speeding and the other duty to drive with care - speed greater than reasonable. The only thing listed on my citation is speeding. Can they just add offenses without notifying me. There are four spaces for offenses on citation so there was plenty of room.
  12. Hello, Are there any states that have exemptions for small businesses from a state disability act or the ADA? They are exempt from compliance in regards to discriminating based on disability. * Small Business being less than 15
  13. Hoping that someone can lend some insight...I am a divorced mother to a wonderful boy, who I currently share 50/50 physical and legal custody of with his father, as laid out in the divorce decree. My son's father has been quite removed for the last four years or so and hasn't been in his son's daily life until after the birth of his second child with his current girlfriend. Because of that distance there is a strained relationship between my son & his father. My son is very close to my fiancé and they are inseperable. It's a wonderful relationship. Because my son has health issues (asthma & tic disorder), and his strong bond to the members of our household, and his breathing that is exasperated by his father's chain smoking, I am filing for custody of my son - we want to relocate to the Northern part of the state so that our children, including my sweet son, will have the chance to grow up in a rural setting...lots of fresh air, animals, 4H, etc. I understand that the burden of proof will be on me to prove that this modification is in my son's best interest. Any insight or experiences to share? We are in the process of interviewing attorneys but I thought a little extra research wouldn't hurt. Thanks in advance for the help!
  14. Hello, My aunt entered into a deed in lieu of foreclosure agreement. Following the terms of the agreement, she was required to vacate the property by Dec 9th, 2014. The lender has since been into the property, winterized the home, and changed the locks. On February 16th, 2015 my aunt received a letter from the city in which the property is located, to repair a water line leading to the home. She was given 24 hours to do so or the city would make the repair and send her the bill. Technically, her name is still on the deed. However, due to her circumstances that lead to losing her home, she is not financially capable of making this repair. Should she contact the city and explain the situation or let the city make the repair and send her a bill...which will go unpaid. Does the lender have any liability at this point? Thank You
  15. This is not a healthy family situation, in any regard. Child skipped so much school, gets kicked out and doesn't finish high school. The child is 18 and is so behind that she still has 1 1/2 years of school left to get her diploma (if she wants it), she otherwise would have graduated this year. She is rebellious and just wants to party. It is not known if she even wants to get an education. She says she does, but then continues to skip school. The father pays 1600/month for one child. He had four children with his x-wife and this is the last one to graduate. With each child, the mother claims them to be mentally ill and has made it easy for the children to not graduate on time. The mother definitely benefits financially by the children delaying graduation. The child won't live with the father, because there are rules. She is otherwise allowed a lot of freedom at the mothers. How long can this go on legally and the father pay child support, if the child and the mother aren't interested in seeing an end to the financial support? There are definitely times when an extension of benefits is important and needed. The father is very willing to get the child the needed help and financial support. The curiosity here is, when it really isn't serving the child and definitely taking advantage of the person financially responsible, what can one do? Thanks for your consideration of this matter
  16. I am 17 years old, I turn 18 in Less then 5 months. When I was in 3rd grade I was adopted by my stepfather. I agreed to this only because I did not fully understand what it meant. My bio father at the time was not a positive influence on me and had an alcohal problem and was getting in some legal trouble. He has struggled for almost ten years and has come a long way, he has 4 kids of his own and a wife, he is a wrestling coach at thier school, he is almost a year sober, and he is consistently working to support his family. I on the other hand am a senior in highschool and have been having a very rough year living with my parents. I am currently failing a outpatient drug addiction program for a diagnosis of "Cannabis abuse." There are countless fights at my house and i am very unhappy and depressed in the town and house i am living. I am 3/4 of a credit behind to graduate and my school filed me for truancy i denied at my initial hearing because my mom refused to excuse me on a day that i was in bed sick and another day that my truck wouldnt start and nobody was home to bring me to school. As far as my marijuana problem is concerned its unlikely that it will stop being that the two guys i hangout with the most and have grown up with are now dealers. I am currently Depressed and lacking the motivation to get out of bed each morning, let alone do anything at school. My grades are very bad and to graduate i am going to have to switch to either a sober school or an alternate learning center. Visiting my dad for the holidays he proposed the idea of me coming to live with him,something i have wanted to do for many years. But since his parental rights were terminated my parents dont have to let me and are not willing. I feel that this would be very beneficial and give me a clean slate for the remainder of my year. I go back to court on wednesday of this week and will most likely be put on a 90 day probation. I want to know if it is possible to transfer probation from one state to another, or possibly reverse the adoption so i can be with my father. I want to also know what rights i have as a minor within 6 months of turning 18. If anybody can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, happy new year
  17. I have been dating an illegal immigrant who has been in the USA for 10 to 12 years. He followed his USA student gf years ago to be with her, then became stranded here. Now that this Obama memorandem has been brought up he is really afraid. He wants to work here and get a VISA but he isn't "skilled" or a student. He works in the restaurant business. Other than entering and living in the USA has never committed a crime. How can i help him? What can he do to stay here? How much is an immigration attorney? What is he up against? ...any info is greatly appreciated. He is a good person and i am just trying to do some research. Thank you, Midwestgal
  18. Hello form the state of Minnesota. My question regards laws regarding the display of license plates in the state of Minnesota. What I was wondering was, would it be legal to affix (via non-permanent means, ie magnets) an opaque cover to the license plates on my vehicle when it's legally parked? I read the MN law regarding the display of license plates (Statute 169.79 Vehicle Registration; Displaying License Plates) and it only seems to be required when driving, operating, or parking the vehicle on public roads. What about parking lots? Private driveways or apartment lots? Wal Mart lots, restaraunt lots, etc...? Further, if I were to cut notches in the cover so that the current years tabs and month were visible, would that clear up any legal issues?
  19. I had a police officer come to my home on another crime and when unable to charge me with anything else issued me a driving after revocation ticket. This happened 4 hrs after "suppossedly" driving my grandmas car. I admitted to not having a license but not to driving exactly. Nothing happened on tape is there anything I can do. Thank you so much for any help im desperate to keep this off my record -sara55435
  20. I own several properties in Texas. Vacant desert land. A oil & gas company from Texas has contacted me wanting to buy my land with mineral rights I also own. I have no idea if what they offered is a fair value or not. How would I find out what mineral rights are worth on my land? Never dealt with this before
  21. We own land that has an easement or right-of-way granted to neighbors so that they can use a driveway on our land to get to their property. Thus their driveway and the township road is on our property. We recently put up a garden fence that is close to, but not on the edge of the MN township road that is used to get to the neighbor's property. The township has asked us to move our garden fence, farther back from the road, but they did not specify how far back and why this placement is a problem. So, we don't know how far to move it and if we actually have to move it. Thus, I would like guidance about how much it has to be moved if it has to be moved at all. It is possible that a neighbor has asked for this fence to come down because he/she doesn't like it and doesn't want to ask us directly. It is also possible that the township authorities spotted it and doesn't want our fence close to the road because they plow snow in winter. We don't think it would interfere with the plow at all, but we don't want to have a fuss about this. We just want to knwo what the rules are that apply to how big the right-of-way/easement is and how much space we have so that we don't have to move the fence more than one time in order to get this settled. It's really a big disappointment because the garden was a joy to us and it is in just about the only sunny spot in our property which is heavily wooded. So we placed the fence in order to maximize sun for the garden, but not to mess up what we thought those people, including the plows, would need in order to use the road. Please advise! Cheers!
  22. I had a representative payee for my social security benefits in Willmar, MN for the first three weeks in June of this year. He began withholding my benefits, lying about sending me money and refusing to take my calls. My daughter has been my payee since June 25. The social security office has contacted him via phone and mail several times. Four weeks ago he said he was 'putting the check in the mail'. I have filed complaints with the OIG and BBB. Today, I spoke with the Commissioner for my area. This man, or business, refuses to return almost $1300 of my benefit money he received between June and July. He does not respond to anyone trying to recover my money. I'm thinking I may have to sue him, but am not sure which attorney to hire or what I can sue him for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He has basically stolen 1/6 of my yearly income. Thanks.
  23. I live in Minnesota and am on SSI and was on my husbands checking acct, but my SSI check was NOT directly depostied into this acct. Can a dept collector still take from my husbands acct? Also, I made purchases thru the Internet on a cell phone which is under my husbands name and the payments were taken out of this checking acct also. But now he has filed for a legal separation and taken my name off of the checking acct. I do suffer from a documented mental illness which is when these purchases were made. Am I still liable for these charges?
  24. I'm the vehicle owner, but not the offender- DUI arrest, revoked license. Do I need a lawyer? or Will they return my car?
  25. Hi, I just have a quick question. I just learned how to crochet and I have been making stuff for myself with patterns out of books and and patterns that I find online. People have have told me that the pieces I have made I should make and sell - and when I told them that some sites (I am pretty sure about the books as well) say that the patterns are copyrighted. Before I even consider in making and selling anything I just want to be 100% sure if it is legal for me to make crochet pieces and sell them using patterns that are not my own (I do not intend to sell the patterns from other websites or books - unless that is legal too). I did e-mail the U.S. Copyright Office with this question but could take 5 days for a reply and friends and family just don't get that there may be copyright laws for crochet patterns that I need to know and abide by. I have looked on the internet and have been told different things and can anybody give me a straight answer in simple language of course? Thanks for taking the time to read this
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