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Found 192 results

  1. I was arrested in jan of 2015 for agg crim sex abuse that was not ever commited by me and they have no evidence yet the states atty keeps prolonging trial, etc... i am sick and tired over these false accusations.. 2 'victims' claim that this happened 16 years ago.. Please help me with any info..
  2. Please tell me what constitutes a battery by contact?
  3. my PD will not put in a motion to change judge.even when i told him i was involved in a B.N.E AT THE JUDGES HOUSE. what can i do. the b.n.e was back in 07, but the D.tec on the case made sure the judge knew IT WAS ME.
  4. I'm not sure what subject I should submitted this under, so here it goes.. I recently booked a room through booking.com. My fee for two nights came to $314. After submitting my credit card info, my invoice informed me that I would be charged a $100 refundable deductible, along with a $60 cleaning fee. That should have brought my total to $474. When I checked my credit card statement, I found that they had charged me $547. I understand that there are extra taxes that tend to get tagged on so I let it go. I recently received an email from this hotel stating that I owe an additional $500. We have emailed back and forth and talked on the phone. The only explanation that they have offered me is that booking.com often charges the wrong amount so it basically isn't their fault. They also claim that they sent me an invoice right after booking, but I never received it. In fact, the two invoices they have sent me this week had two completely different amounts (which they deny). One statement wanted me to pay $199 per night and the other wanted $299 per night. Also, the booking.com site explains that this hotel charges an additional $10 per guest, while the hotels website says they charge $20. So, my question is, what do I do about this? Is there something illegal going on here? It's definitely shady. I have since canceled, but am afraid of what they are going to charge me. Booking.com says $109.
  5. We are closing on a duplex we are buying today, and we have a tenant who just signed a lease with the previous owner in February. When we received the lease, it is very basic and does not include any of the agreements in which we would like to have in our lease moving forward. We are not looking to change rent or ask them to move, we do realize that we have to honor the lease upon acquisition of the property. Can we legally have them sign a new lease with us?
  6. In Illinois, when found not guilty, and you have a parole hold, is there a way to get the parole hold lifted without going to the penitentary? If so, what are my options?
  7. I had open-heart surgery to replace a Mitral valve oct. 22, 2015. The original plan, I decided best for me, was to go with a mechanical valve so that I would not have to have a tissue valve replaced every 10 years. With a mechanical valve I would need to be on Coumadin (blood thinner) rest of my life; a tissue valve I do not. While in operating room the surgeon stopped anistiea before I was under and said he thinks it would be better to go with tissue valve. Not realizing what was being asked, I said ok. I found out from doctor later what happened? Do I have a claim? Was it right for him to request these changes of major surgery while I was going under?
  8. Can a class 2 Arson sentenced to 4 years day-for-day, as a first time offender, receive ssc (suplemental sentencing credit)? 3 months or the 6 months? And as a first time offender, if with jail credit my time is served, will i be released immeiately? Or do i have to serve 61 days? This guy has 20 months credit. if he takes a 3 year plea ( day-for-day) will he be released the same day?
  9. How does that happen? Just to be indicted for a serious crime after 20 days?How can they do this ?
  10. was convicted of armed violence in Illinois based on location of firearm and controlled substances, even though cops testified at trial that the gun was found in about 5 various locations. Some cops say it was under the bed, while others said it was elsewhere. Can this conviction be overturned?
  11. while a traffic stop for registration suspended for noninsurance i showed proof of both and they still searched my car without my consent. they said my passenger looked strange thats why my car searched. can they do that?
  12. I have a friend that commited aggravated identity theft. The victim is her aunt. The victim does not want her niece to serve anymore time - she has been in jail for one year now. Because of the detinees backgroung, the sentencing structure was enhanced to class x, which is a range from 6 to 30 years. Is there anything the victim can do that will help her niece in this matter? Can she ask State to drop charges? Can she make a request to have the charges amended so that the penalty isnt so severe?
  13. I have a competency hearing tomorrow and I wonder if Im unfit what happens. Does anyone know the process here in illinois? Im nervous and anxious and could use some help. Thank you
  14. I'm fairly certain my workplace is making me ill. Last fall we had the roof replaced, and during that time when it rained, it leaked like a sieve. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I can smell the mustiness as soon as I step inside. I have a mold allergy and asthma, and after a minute or two I can just feel my lungs closing up. I spend an hour in the evening coughing and hacking up the pollutants I've inhaled during the day. I'm an office staff level position with a good amount of seniority with the company, but I only have so much authority. I've moved myself into a conference room with a different air handler system, but I still feel the effects. Of course, I've tried alerting the proper people, and it took some effort to get someone to take me seriously, but there is finally going to be an air quality study done. Assuming there is an issue found, and assuming it'll take some time for remediation, I'm still going to have to deal with this somehow for some amount of time. I'm just wondering what my rights are? Thanks... Bob
  15. im here on a home invasion charge with a firearm and to be honest i dont know what to do about motions im a 20 year old hispanic male one of the suspects where identfied as black but they dont have the firearm all they have is an iphone 4 tracing back and chinese currency i guess they have one person identfieing me but they only seen my face because they where there where the police arrested me my first offer was 15 years at 50% but i really want to know how to put in a motion to get out of here there where 6 people in the house but only 1 person knows me
  16. My child lives with his mother (we were never married). I pay child support. Our order states that the mother would provide health insurance for the child. Now, she has been laid off and no longer has access to insurance. If I were to add him to my company-sponsored health insurance (high deductible), I'm curious about how the deductible would work. It seems like it could be really unfair to either of us, depending on when medical costs were incurred. For example, the deductible on my plan (for employee+child) is $5800/year. If the child were to incur a large medical cost early in a calendar year, and his mother pays for it, she could potentially pay the entire deductible. Then, suddenly all of my medical expenses are covered at the post-deductible rate for the rest of the calendar year. This seems unfair to her and the child. The reverse scenario would also be unfair to me. Is there any way to structure this more fairly to both of us? Like, separate deductibles within the same plan? Should/can she get him on the affordable care act plans instead? Is that even possible given that I have access to get him on my plan, though probably not right away, because of the below: Second question...she just now informed me that she got laid off a while back and the insurance dropped. It was more than 30 days ago, so my employer won't allow it as a "life event" for adding him to my plan. Is this a situation in which a family court would generally order my company to allow him to be added to my health insurance?
  17. Hi. I am writing a novel about a murder. In it the prime suspect is at first interviewed briefly at his apartment, and the police detective decides he does not have enough probable cause to arrest the suspect. The suspect then contacts a lawyer. Shortly thereafter, the police ask the suspect to come into the station for an interview. The suspect informs him he has an attorney. So, the suspect goes into the police station with his attorney for the interview. This is where I need information. There is tons of information out there about how a detective would interview a suspect. But I have found virtually nothing about how a detective would interview a suspect with a criminal defense attorney present. So that is what I would like. Perhaps even a link to a transcript of an actual interview. I would like to know the questions asked by the detective, the things the attorney would allow his client to answer and the things he would tell him not to. I would like to know how deeply the detective would probe and how vigorously the attorney would defend. And when the attorney would end the interview. Basically the ebb and flow of the process. And any specific things that would be said would very helpful. And things like, would the attorney worry that an arrest was looking imminent? Would the detective suggest an arrest was imminent if further compliance with the questioning was denied. Just how it would play out. I know it's a lot to ask. Thanks very much.
  18. I got pulled over for a traffic violation and allegedly had been drinking and doing some drugs. I already had back problems that I had been in a lot of pain for and taking pain meds. I don't remember any of the arrest or even being pulled over, all I remember is waking up like two days later in the hospital getting a tube pulled out of my mouth. I was told that I stopped breathing and I think they said my heart stopped. I was in the heart hospital for a week before I was brought to jail. Anyway, ever since I woke up I haven't been able to walk. I'm in a wheelchair and I have a walker. I try everyday to get up and walk with my walker but the pain is too much and its not getting any better yet. My back has never been this bad prior to the arrest, and since I cant remember anything I don't know what happened. I need advice on what to do or what steps to take from here.
  19. My attorney, the judge and states attorney held a 402 conference and my attorney said that he and the State had agreed to a term of probation, but the judge refused to allow it. Once a 402 has occurred, is it an option to request a new judge? Thank you for reading, and if I wasn't clear about anything, please just let me know and I will clarify it.
  20. My girlfriend hired a well known attorney to aid me in the defense of 3 alleged felonies. Before hiring this attorney, extensive research was conducted to effectively gauge his level of competence and trial court experience. I was extremely satisfied with this attorneys statistics and feedback I received from his past clients, and also news reports regarding several acquittals he obtained for his clients. We paid an initial retainer fee about 2 months ago and have made several payments as required, and have so far paid $2000.00 of a $5000.00 dollar fee. For the $2000.00, this attorney has opened my file maybe once, and that was to request a T.A.S.C. evaluation. I have been to court 3 times in 2 months, and once he didn't show up but sent someone else to reschedule a continuance, and the other time he set it for a "status". He has came to the jail to see me twice, and both times has never sufficiently answered even one of my questions. To this day, he don't know what my blood alcohol content was from the hospital, nor will he provide me with even the basic amount of discovery. I have asked him several times to call my girlfriend to answer her questions as well, mostly because she is the one paying his salary, and he absolutely refuses to call her. Although I'm not totally aware of the amount of time and energy and resources an attorney must endure in relation to mounting a successful defense, I do know that common courtesy and even a tiny bit of respect goes a long way. I also understand that, although he used to be employed by the Public Defenders office, some of those adverse and rude and "holier-than-thou" attitudes and behaviors might be somewhat instilled and integrated within his personality. The question I have is, at what point can I say enough is enough, and retrieve some of the money back, so that we can start a new search for an attorney who is actually going to open my case folder with the intention of mounting some sort of competent defense? Illinois...
  21. if x is found in a car under the seat at time of arrest but its someone eles car other than the one driving and being charged how effective is it for the rightful owner of x to sign a statement taking claim of x
  22. I don't remember being pulled over or arrested I just remember waking up in the hospital. I know I consumed a lot of acid in the previous few days prior and a lot of alcohol and cocaine and acid the night in question. im charged with a gun in the car and drugs the drugs could be mine but the gun not for sure. the person who owns the car says the gun is theirs and didn't tell me it was under the seat when I took the car. I need advice on what to do. my background is bad. ive been to prison 4 times for guns and drugs and im on parole for a gun and drug case. I need help
  23. I am a mentally disabled inmate held in a specific area of the jail that houses detainees of whom have been identified as having special needs or have mental illnesses of all ranges and symptoms. I have written several grievances and closely followed administrative procedures, to no avail. The jail maintains an 8 year long practice of beating inmates, pepper spraying disabled persons in their cell, and specifically excluding every and all disabled persons, whether housed in the medical or mental health units, access to religious services, aa classes, n/a classes, coping skills, anger management, or any other educational, rehabilitative or helpful class, meeting or service of which are offered to every other general population inmate to attend. Every disabled person on the 2nd floor eat with spoons made of paper. Mentally ill inmates have one board game, have no microwave to make soups or coffee, have no water cooler with ice delivered everyday, eat from a styrofoam tray with 3 slots and all the food jammed on top of each other, no special commissary food sales of Burritos and Ice Cream and huge hamburgers that are only offered to general population inmates on the 3rd floor, and are offered no law library services and have no one to help with their cases. Many are incarcerated for misdemeanor charges are awaiting to go to Elgin for fitness reasons. There are constant disturbing use of force incidents involving the padded cell, restraint chairs and pepper spray that affects everyone on the unit. My Freedom of Information acts are often denied by the Captain of this facility, as I try to gather info pertaining to the documented use of force, mental health training for the constant rotation of correctional officers in the pod, religious attendance records by those with disabilities and other information of which would be suitable to include in a Rock River times guest column. Its my belief that just because the jail houses many persons suffering from mental impairments, they should not be subjected to such indignities and blatant discriminations. People are being handcuffed and forced on their knees and forcibly injected with medicine they don't even know what it is. It seems the jail administrators should be criminally liable. Can criminal charges be filed?
  24. I was working with a guy and we traveled to another county for a job. We got in trouble for theft and went into the county jail. I went to court, and the judge said I needed a fitness hearing. The doctor said I was unfit for trial. The next day I bonded out, went to another county, then got a dui. I am currently in jail for the dui, and after that is done I have a hold for the other county. Will I still have to go to Elgin hospital in the other county when this dui is over? Any help will be appreciated.
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