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  1. Sounds like an issue of he rented whatever it was for the weekend and didn't get a reciept when he returned it (instead they told him verbally) Maybe the employee that failed to give him a receipt stole the item and reported it as never returned.
  2. Just call the court and reschedule or even better yet show up to the court early in the morning and ask if you can be put on that day's docket. Believe me you'll be doing yourself a favor by doing this unless you intend to stay on the run and never turn yourself in. If you show up in the next day or two at the court and tell them you missed your date yesterday but you are hoping they can schedule you in for that day, they will not charge you with the failure to appear, and it will also make an insanely good impression on them you will most likely get a much lighter sentence. You can turn your missed court date to your advantage.
  3. Just ask the probation officer why the first one would say you can get second opinion, whereas he is saying you can't. Also ask him who you should talk to if you have a complaint regarding the matter.
  4. If he's behind in paying for his living facility and paying expenses for another person, that to me clearly says he is unable to provide for his own needs (food/shelter). I would work on having him put on an involuntary hold and 72 mental evaluation. Being well spoken does not necessarily mean he is capable of making his own decisions for his own well being. That is for a mental health professional to talk to him and decide whether he thinks his finances should be handled by someone else. Not having paid his own rent and paying expenses/rent for another individual should be more than enough to alleviate him of these troubles.
  5. Look on the bright side... you haven't killed anyone yet. I'd happily go to court and count yourself lucky.
  6. This post is so poorly written that I actually thought I'd come across a word I didn't know "Delendency" the state of being insecure, easily breached. What is PLMS? "I have had plms" Is someone supposed to be able to figure that out? If you are willing to write this gibberish on a discussion board without so much as a second thought as to if anyone will even be able to figure out what in the hell your talking about, I think technology is the least of your troubles. On a positive note, I believe what he is saying is he has trouble with everything being tied to the internet and email. I have no idea what he means by his 'address' unless he is referring to possible investigations into his IP address.
  7. OP should have never ever approached this man or went on his property or even came close, much less trying to hand deliver papers to this animal or baiting him on by standing on his property line holding out papers. (that he supposedly asked for). This is the type of individual you deal with only through registered mail and the courts.
  8. My take on this would be keep in contact with the police and retrieve any record that they are keeping the clients property in possession. After all it is not illegal to send money through the mail even if it is "hidden" in something within the package. The police most likely would have a set time limit in which to either file charges and make a claim that something illegal has taken place or return the item with the money in it to the intended recipient of the package. I'd say the focus should be on getting some kind of 'declaration' of the exact amount etc that the police are in possession of and how long they have to either file charges or return the package to the intended recipient. My question for the other respondents would be lets say in the case of a historical researcher and/or antique dealer doing research finds evidence that something of value was hidden in a certain antique object. The researcher (client) tracks down the item over a period of years and finds it listed on Ebay. If the item itself is not contraband.. would the police have reason to keep the item simply because there was something else of value that is not contraband (i.e money) hidden inside the object? The police either need to file charges and make a claim that something illegal took place or return the property to the intended recipient. I would guess that there would be some type of court order needed to return property if no charges are filed within a specified time.
  9. I worked extremely hard to get into one of the top universities in the world and was then diagnosed with a disability before being able to complete my degree program. I now receive monthly disability but it is such a small amount that it is utterly impossible to survive. I have tried to find all avenues of assistance including signing up for housing assistance in 2006. The supposed wait is 5-7 years but I've heard nothing even though I have kept it updated with my contact info. I have been told that people who become disabled after they have 'paid into the system' from working over a series of years will get additional benefits, i.e. what I am receiving as well as an additional payment based on how they paid into the system. I am not greedy or trying to get more but the fact of the matter is that the money I receive on a monthly basis simply does not allow me to live anywhere. It would barely pay rent for a room somewhere and there is not enough left for food or basic necessities. Is there any recourse for my situation? I am told that sometimes when people become disabled they are able to receive a portion of wages that they would have earned. Once again I am not trying to get more than my share but I simply do not understand how I am supposed to survive on the amount of money I get each month. I appreciate any insight anyone might have into this situation.
  10. I'd say it rather is on point considering he could possibly investigate a little further by going over the salesman's head and find out if his car actually was sold to another customer or is not still in their inventory. This salesman most likely looks at the cars he has to sell and pins each customer with what he thinks he can get away. Dollars to donuts says that if somehow he does get called out, i.e. the customer were to somehow find out the vehicle in his contract was not sold to another customer, he most likely already has some feeble reason to explain it away, thinking the customer has no leverage to press the issue or question his 'mistake'
  11. I highly doubt they sold your car to another customer. They probably think they will have an easier time selling the car you bought so they figure they can push you off with another one of their choosing. They will most likely use the car "you purchased" to sell another unwanted vehicle to another unassuming customer.
  12. Im thinking... feeding you a bunch of cake and Ice cream until you get diabetes:? A boss that makes you work out in the sun so you get skin cancer? Sending you to Transylvania in hopes that you will be bitten by a vampire? Am I getting colder? Warmer?
  13. 1) Keep a copy of the police report stating that it is the landlord's responsibility since they can't hear it outside. 2) Write a letter to the landlord demanding he rectify the situation and noting the date you first complained. 3) Record the disruptions and keep a log each time it happens. Put it on a $5 8 GB thumbdrive or something. 4) buy a white noise/ocean breeze/rainstorm type CD or download it and listen to it when you are sleeping or studying with small headphones. 5) keep paying the rent and move out when appropriate. 6)sue the landlord to get your rent money back for lack of quiet enjoyment. Be sure you get a copy of the rental agreement/contract and note where it says rules about disturbing other neighbors. It will be breach of contract because the landlord only 'asked him to turn it down' at the meeting and utterly failed to enforce it resulting in a daily ongoing disturbance to you for the entire period you were there.
  14. The way that this company just completely fabricated something and then 'declined to respond to the rebuttal' very much reminds me of the way someone can completely fabricate a charge against someone, have that person arrested, and then 'decline to press charges' and be completely off the hook no questions asked. Meanwhile the person who was arrested now has that on their record whether charges were filed or not. And conveniently enough, most people who conduct background checks don't even know the difference between an arrest where charges were filed or they weren't.. Seeing the arrest is all it takes to move on to the next applicant.
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