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  1. animals4u

    Deceptive pet store

    Thank you for your opinions. I'm happy to hear that you are aware of this issue. It is bad in Iowa. As for my words before the comma, I was referring to the recent change on the USDA website. They removed from public view, the breeder inspection reports that were available to the public to use.
  2. animals4u

    Deceptive pet store

    I got a yes and a no answer as to this being a consumer protection matter. I am a animal advocate and I am aware of what happens in many of our Iowa puppy mills. A reputable breeder will not sell to a pet store and this specific store has pups shipped from all over the U.S.. With the USDA no longer making it public knowledge on their website as to the breeders and their inspection reports.,how can a customer gain knowledge on where their puppy is coming from and what violations the breeder has noted on their report/s? A "local reputable breeder" is not much for a ignorant customer to go on, And this is what they advertise. That is why we try and educate as many people as we can. We do need to adopt and not shop,as adjusterjack stated. I just wish more people could know really where their pup is coming from. We have labels on almost everything we buy. This should be visible to a puppy shopper.
  3. animals4u

    Deceptive pet store

    I was at a local pet store after hearing others speak about deceptive answers as to where the pets come from. I asked the manager where a specific pup came from, he told me a "reputable local breeder". I asked for the name and area and he gave me a part truth with the last name actually being the first name and the breeder as being from Iowa when in fact it was Missouri. Can they do this and can they advertise that they buy from a local reputable breeder? Is this not a consumer protection matter? Can this be stopped? Janisum
  4. Can you help me find information on what would constitute unprofessional behavior shown by a judge during a social security disability hearing? I know judges are protected but this one was angry to the point of almost going nuts and for no reason my lawyers can find. This judge was moved from his position as head judge and is now out of state practicing. This happened a few months after my hearing. It could have been due to what happened in the court room but we are not certain. Any link to help me find how and why and how this judge got by with what he did? Thanks kindly
  5. My 55 yr old husband has been looking for work in Iowa where we reside. He's visited several temporary agencies and been told that his not having a GED and/or the Class D- Owi / non-violent felony, along with his age will deter most companies from wanting to even look at his resume. I was talking with another person who said their ex-son-in-law got his drug felony wiped off his slate. Does this take money and/or a good lawyer or can my husband do this on his own? He got in felony in 1993 or 1994. Thank you in advance...
  6. I am writing for my step son who was not married to the mother of his 2 children but is on the birth certificate and I believe have the fathers last name. They both, along w/ their children lived with his mother and she spent quality time with the 2 children. The couple split up and she lives in a different city w/ the 2 kids. My step son who is paying the minimum amt. for child support that was ordered by the courts, is not allowed to see his kids nor is his mother, the grandmother. The mother will not let either of them have any custody until he pays a amt. she has asked for but not through the courts. My step son fell off a roof while shingling and is waiting for his insurance to kick in to have surgery and get back to work. But he is paying the small amt. the court ordered. I have bumped heads wit hmy husbands ex-wife many times but in this situation, I feel bad for her because she and my step son are missing them so much and would be responsible with them and very loving! The mother just has a control issue and not thinking what is best for the kids. And the father or grandmother can not afford a lawyer and legal aid w/ not help them due to it being a civil matter. What are their rights.? The kid's want to be with their dad and grandma and they should beable to. The children are 5 and 3. Living in Iowa. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. We hired a very small real estate Co. to help us buy and sell. The commission was much lower so we couldn't beat that. Our home sold fast meaning we needed to hurry and find another. Our price range made it difficult to find one without problems. One evening we went w/our agent to a home being sold by owner with the help of a independent listing Co. charging him only 4% commission. Ok, first time in, it was dark so we couldn't see much but what we did see looked good. The seller didn't disclose 1 problem with the home. We liked the area, lot and home so we ended up buying it but owner flat out refused to go down any. We did know the windows were very old and not efficient. That same evening as we were leaving, our agent asked the seller if she would like to contract with him at 2% commission, she agreed at 1.5%. That left us with a agent who had to work for both of us. We did not hire a inspector because we running very short on funds in spending more than we intended. My next time over to the house, I took my mother and we found several problems. I brought them up with the agent and he did nothing. In this city our water is 18 grams hard and anything over 12 is considered extremely hard. We noticed the softner not running. Garbage disposal sounded like a train, the patio door was actually broken which she had opened that night we went through. It is a necessity to replace that and all windows throughout. The storms were taped in with duck tape and falling out. There's much more. We didn't get closed on time and seller had her water shut off which makes us believe she didn't want the stools, etc. showing rust from hard water and more. We were promised to close that week so we hired our help, got a truck and packed it up. The seller of our new home was already all out except for junk she left. We did get to move in early because the closing was put off again! We did pay her $30 a day to stay here and during those 3 days we had problems with the pipes backing up leaving a mess all over laundryroom floor. We had to pay 3 people to come because it kept happening. It was probably due to her never using the softner and corrosion of the plumbing. The hardwood floors had quarter size holes drilled in at least 2 places in each room, (cable?). One entire wall in bedroom had been torn down and put back up very sloppy!!, and holes kicked into the dry wall in 2 spots. Large scratches in living room hardwood floors. And the home with 3 teens was not cleaned at all. It was a pit so we spent 3 days cleaning and 2 weeks messing with plumbing issues. The I-beam in attic was totally split so husband spent 8 hours bracing it up. Eve's were full of leaves, etc. neighbors told us they were happy to see people care for the house. when I told the agent about the water softner not being on and garbage disposal being shot his comment was, "ours is about that loud" and "we dont like our softner because it makes our hair to hard to manage". To sum this up, the agent did nothing to get any of these problems taken care of by the seller. It was obvious she had the bad wall hidden and all holes in floor covered. The patio door was open the night we went through so we didn't know it was broken nor the windows has major issues. Since we had to move into the home early,(4 days before closing), we got no final walk through nor did the agent even mention having one. I'm sorry I've written so much and still not touched on it all. But what do we do? Since we didn't hire a inspector will that fall back on us.? Blinds fell down as I pulled on the string because she had no plastic thing holding them in place., what a surprise that was. So simply saying, she did not tell us of anything! big or small. Should the agent have asked her if she'd hire him to sell the place? We just feel we got nothing out of this but a soon to be bill for all new windows, patio door, garbage disposal and dishwasher (has a leak which she hid by putting a small dish under it to catch the drip just long enough for her to be free of it) yet we found it by having a floor of water. Can you help advise us in what our options may be? Wer live in Iowa and the disclosure sheet revealed nothing. She confirmed there were no problems. Thanks so much.
  8. My ex-neighbors/friends moved in Sept, 08' with their beautiful 2 little girls ages 4 and 7. The wife told me before then that she wasn't happy with husband because of his dominating personality. But husband was declared guardianship over wife due to her mental illness, suicidal tendencies, compulsive spending and more. A couple days fater they settled into their new home, the wife came to my house explaining how badly she needed to get rid of him for some freedom. She began telling me she suspected him of sexual abusing the 2 little girls. She had no solidity in the reaons she felt this. Next day she'd called the police who came and took husband to police station but immediately let him go due to him passing the lie detectors and other that she never told me aside from the fact she'd done this to him 3 years ago and charges were dropped then due to no evidence and wife's bipolar illness during a deceptive episode. Once husband was released she filed a restraining order keeping him away. A day later DHS tried getting her to drop the order but she wouldn't. Neither husband or wife were able to stay in their new home. Per a court order wife and 2 girls were assigned to live with another neighbor of ours who ran daycare from her home. They stayed there a few days until a court date to resolve the restraining order. The wife wasn't clear on what the outcome was but she did go home for a couple days and ended up back with the same family per court order again. Wife was showing up at our house most evenings just bumbing and letting her multiple personalities show. She made the comment,"I hope this sexual abuse isn't just in my head". I knew she was protecting and excusing herself by using her mental illness as a reason for turning her husband in. She stayed with us one night without the girls. She said she really needed some time away from everything. She was looney and seemed really high on something. She sat next to me by my computer and told me I needed children and she would give me one of hers. She kept it up so I changed the subject but still kept at, "which one do you want?" over and over!!! The next day my Mother had surgery so I stayed with her, about 20 minutes away from my home. When I came home several days later I noticed the wife hanging on my husband alot. She called several times to tell me she was bringing the girls over so I could see them but she'd never show until later and after my husband got off work. She would stay for hours, many times until 11:00 p.m.. and ever night her husband would call asking her to come home to bathe the girls or tuck them in. She'd promise to be right home. 2 hours later she'd leave here. She never did bathe the girls because she was either too tired, depressed or just simply didn't want the responsibility. She never worked, cooked, cleaned house or play with the girls. The husband had all these responsibilities and his work. This is where I strongly believe she found the weapon to use against him. Giving the girls baths. It wasn't until this last Fri. that I found out my husband was having an affair and with her. I was devistated and so hurt that they both could act so nice to me while this was going on. To sum this up, the wife has been staying at a homeless shelter only to show eligibility for welfare to live on her own. She was with my husband last night and went to file for all the welfare this morning and illegally. If the husband had sexually abused the girls in any way, then why did she leave them alone with him almost every night? Quilty of filing a false abuse charge on her husband which disrupted these 2 little girls lives terribly by being questioned many times and exams at the doctor's office. These 2 precious and loving little girls should not have to live with parents like this. The husband is supporting his wife now and as if nothing ever happened. Is this not a crime??? It makes me distrust our child protection agencies if they are going to just let things drop like they did 3 years ago. The girls are paying the price for every bit of this and it makes me sick!!! Can someone please give me some insight or idea's of a way/s of seeing these girls don't have to live with parents like this and on welfare? I have their school pictures hanging just above my monitor. The nother commented on how I went so far as to hang them there. I just sighed.