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  1. Usually, I pay no taxes. In 2018, I sell some land for $24,000 in Tennessee. I live in California. Do I pay California taxes on the sale of that land? what line item on what California tax form do I list the sale? what line item on what federal tax form do I list the sale?
  2. What is the job of a court appointed mediator in determing custody and visitation rights of parents, especially when the male parent is establishing a legal history of battering girlfriends? what is the judge's respnsibility in relation to the mediator?
  3. How do you present out of court testimony ( esp. from another state) about ownership of personal property in California small claims court?
  4. What case law or area of law on debt collection explains the different types of debt collection, especially the ones that let the creditor take from the till of the debtor's business cash register upon immediate receipt of any cash and the creditor take the debtor's property in lieu of payment on debt, especially in the state of Tennessee? what is the law on garnishment of wages, especially in Tennessee?
  5. In a class action suit, involving landlord-farmers (Plaintiffs) and tenant-corporate farmers (Defendants), over failure to pay rent for crop failure, soil erosion, etc., does lack of a meritorious claim by one of the Plaintiffs allow for dismissal of the suit for all of the Defendants?
  6. December 17, 2016 In Tennessee, can the landlord do an unlawful detainer trial by phone? how does he request trial?
  7. What does the 9th circuit federal court think about the unreasonableness of an Assumed Receipt of Benefits clause in a long term disability contract when the clause essentially makes destitute the pursuer of a claim? upon receipt of the benefit the claimant owes money to the insurer for overpayment? does the court think the clause voidable? in what case?
  8. Is the ultimate responsibility on the owner of the animal or land for the landlord owns the animal and land with other co-owners who do not own the animal but the land? can the landlord who owns the animal inspect the damaged property and take pictures?
  9. The animal is a pig. The tenant feeds the pig. The pig's owner is the landlord and the tenant's girlfriend. The pig goes into the neighbors' yard as they are moving into their residence. The pig destroys a drone and sundry other personal items in boxes outside the house.
  10. If a tenant lets loose one of the landlord's animals, and the animal goes onto a neighbors property and destroys property, who is responsible? the tenant? the landlord? if the tenant releases the animal as an act of mischief?
  11. Where does one find a printable PDF Tennessee civil warrant form for general sessions court or small claims court on line?
  12. It refers to the petition or referendum.
  13. I lack access to any Tennessee case law, but by computer. What is a good site on line to find Tennessee cases about the duty of a renter of a farm to pay rent after a low crop yield? what Tennessee statute covers that subject?
  14. Does Tennessee allow a petition or referendum to make a state law? how? does the legislature have to refer it to the ballot? Can a person distribute a petition to put a proposition on the ballot to make a state law in Tennessee? how many signatures must sign the petition?
  15. What forms do you need to complete and file to pursue a civil action in a Tennessee small claims court? to collect past rent and damages to property? Also, can another non-attorney person or relative represent the complainant or filer of the action in court?
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