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  1. Why don't you bring this up with your union?
  2. Yes you can, all the store needs is intent, and if you place an item lets say in your book bag, even though you have no tleft the store, by law you have stolen the item. Most stores however will let you leave, before the stop is made just to make thier case stronger, but they do not have to
  3. That is an interview where the police ask you to come in for questioning on you own without being served a subpoena to make you appear. You can bring a lawyer to this meeting if you want to, they can not deny you the right to have your lawyer present Yes you can decline the interview if you want, that is why it is called voluntary. However, if you do not ado it, that will cast some doubt on you and the next time they want to interview you, you will not have a choice. Do they have evidence? You would know better than us, so do they? If you have not done anything, then nothing to worry about, if you did, then they may have the evidence they need.
  4. The answer depends on what state you are in as each state has different guidelines for this crime.
  5. You can't be removed. The statute that you were convicted under is pretty clear, and it reads as follows Lifetime: Offenders who are convicted of any of the following listed offenses must register for their lifetime: Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree (M.C.L. 750.520b) Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd Degree (M.C.L. 750.520c(1)(a) Kidnapping (M.C.L. 750.346) Leading, Taking, Carrying Away, Decoying, or Enticing Away Child Under 14 (M.C.L. 750.350) Child Sexually Abusive Activity or Material (M.C.L. 750.145c(2)) Child Sexually Abusive Activity or Material (M.C.L. 750.145c(3)) Offenders who are convicted of any second or subsequent listed offense must register for their lifetime Since you said in your question that you were convicted of a CSC 2nd degree, the judge told you that you had to register for life (which is the law-he did not go above the guidelines) The only way you could get off the list is to find a lawyer who would try to get the conviction overturned, but the chances of that are slim, and your lawyer at the time (which was over 3 years ago) should have appealed then if he thought there was a chance of this being done. And if you did find a lawyer you admited you did it, that kind of evidence is hard to overcome when the defendant admits he committed the crime he was convicted for. You are pretty much destined to be not only on the State of Michigan sex registry, but you are also on the National sex registry as well, and since a child was involved, the FBI also has your information on their sex offender list as well
  6. I agree, the ticket will not be dismissed because of weather Call the court and find out when you can come in and pay it, or for a trial if you want to plead not guilty. I don't know why Sarah gave you all kinds of links to check, you will not find any of them that will tell you that the ticket will be thrown out, dismissed or any other term you want to use because of bad weather
  7. You can not file criminal charges, only the prosecutor can do that What you need to do is file a police report giving them the details of the incident. The detective will interview you and your witness, and if there is enough evidence, the detective will send his findings to the prosecutor for his or her review. The prosecutor may interview you and your witness again, talk to the detective, and others and if he or she feels that a conviction can be won, then charges will be filed. However, why did you wait 11 months? That hampers your case and makes it harder to get a conviction. Did you seek medical attention? If not why didn't you Did you take photos of your injuries? However photos unless the time and date is stamped on them is not real good evidence as they could have been taken anytime Did you file a police report at the time it happened? If he was arrested for beating you in June, why didn't you let the police know when they arrested him then? Why are you bringing it up now? Talk to the police, and see what happens, if the prosecutor does file charges it will be hard to prove a beating that happened 11 months ago since you probably have no proof of it happening other than a witness who may or may not be credible. But you can not file criminal charges, you may be able to file a civil case against him, but if he has nothing to take, you can't get anything
  8. You sound like you are drivers license shopping, it won't work. If this judgement is on the books, it is on the books in Kansas as well and probably every other state as it has more than likely been entered into the NDR (National Drivers Registry)When your license is suspended in one state it goes on this data base so anytime you go to another state to apply for a license, this will show up and your license application will be denied. Also, if you go to Kansas to apply, you would have to give them a valid address of where you live, since you live in Missouri, you do not have a REAL Kansas address so you would have to lie on your application and that would be committing fraud on a state document Then you have real problems. The statute of limitations on this judgement does not apply, it will stay on the books until it is taken care of.
  9. GOOGLE this yourself. This is not a forum for homework. The definition is available, all you need to do is look for it
  10. Answer depends on the state you are in Some states allow it, others allow it if the people are over a certain age, others allow it with a certain number of people, and some states it is not allowed at all
  11. There is a real good chance as soon as you apply for a state ID, a criminal check will be done and you will be arrested on the outstanding warrants.
  12. If you bought it, then you are responsible for the license plates it makes no difference what state you live in. YOU knew the plates were expired, and your excuse of "not receiving anything in the mail" is frankly a weak one and the judge will not fall for it. Why didn't YOU call whoever it was you thought was responsible and ask? Why would the dealer be responsible? Why would the bank be responsible? They are not driving it, you are. To try to pull a I didn't know who was responsible, so I did nothing will not fly, you will not be able to get your vehicle back until it is legally licensed. The ticket is valid, and the impound is valid, the only thing that is not valid is your excuse which the judge will dismiss as soon as you try to give "I didn't know" speech
  13. Since they have gone from tickets to warrants, probably not However, you won't know for sure until you turn yourself in, which means being processed, spending a night or two in jail while you are awaiting your court hearing. You need to get these taken care of. If you are driving you are driving on a suspended license, you have no insurance and that means more tickets if stopped for any reason. Call a local lawyer, many offer free consultation to discuss this further, there is no way around paying these, and all you are doing by not taking care of them is putting your arrest date off, because sooner or later you will be arrested on the warrants and it will mean being handcuffed, transported to jail ,and those not so nice things. $2000 is a lot of money, but with that many warrants on that many tickets the judge is not going to feel sorry for you, so getting the fine amount reduced is probably not going to happen. If you hire a lawyer he or she may get some reduction, but what you would be paying your lawyer would probably eat up any savings, and it may cost you more in total when you add attorney fees into it for something that he may not be able to help you with anyway. Turn yourself in and good luck
  14. If the person pleads not guilty, he or she can request a trial by jury or a bench trial which only the judge hears the case. If the person requests a trial by jury or a bench trial a lawyer should be obtained.
  15. Badge203


    If this is his third offense, he is not going to get it lowered. He will stay in the county jail until he goes to trial
  16. He does not have to write what the fines will be on the ticket to make it a valid ticket. What should you do? You have some options available to you #1) Plead not guilty in court and request a trial by jury or judge and take your chances #2) Plead guilty, call the county clerk with the infraction number and she or he will give you the cost of what you owe #3) Hire a lawyer and have him represent you in court and he may be able to get the infraction reduced or thrown out depending on how good he or she is and the circumstances of the ticket #4) Just ignore it and have a warrant issued for your arrest Those are the only options you have I am afraid, you just have to pick the one you want to use
  17. Badge203


    Sorry, you can not do anything, and what you think is or is not fair has nothing to do with it The judge has to power to levy any bond that he or she feels is needed to make sure the defendant appears in court providing it falls under the state mandated guidelines. Bond is also determined by the crime, criminal history.. This is a felony charge he is facing I am guessing? His lawyer should have contested it at the time the bond amount was issued by the judge. If the judge set the bond, you can rest assured that it is within the guidelines of the state and there was good reason for it. If you think it is unfair, about all you can do is hire another attorney and have that attorney request a reduction in bail, but to be honest, that request is almost never granted
  18. Badge203


    Directly from the Maine Criminal Code From Title 17-A of the Maine Criminal Code: §16. Warrantless arrests by a private person Except as otherwise specifically provided, a private person has the authority to arrest without a warrant: [2007, c. 173, §7 (AMD).] 1. Any person who the private person has probable cause to believe has committed or is committing: A. Murder; or [1977, c. 510, §25 (RPR).] B. Any Class A, Class B or Class C crime. [1975, c. 740, §22 (NEW).] [ 2007, c. 173, §7 (AMD) .] 2. Any person who, in fact, is committing in the private person's presence and in a public place any of the Class D or Class E crimes described in section 207; 209; 211; 254; 255-A; 501-A, subsection 1, paragraph B; 503; 751; 806; or 1002. A. [2007, c. 466, Pt. B, §12 (AFF); 2007, c. 466, Pt. B, §11 (RP).] [ 2007, c. 518, §5 (AMD) .] 3. For the purposes of subsection 2, in the presence has the same meaning given in section 15, subsection 2.
  19. Chapter 521 states that if you get a ticket for driving without a valid license in Texas and it is your first offense, you will get a fine of not more than $200. If you continue to drive and get another ticket, the fine and penalty can range up to $500 and 72 hours in jail or both
  20. The State of Oregon does not fool around with this sort of offense and it has some pretty strict penalties that go with it for those that do It is considered a Class A Misdemeanor crime, punishable by up to $5,000 or one year in jail, or both. In addition to any penalty imposed by the court, you may also lose your drivers license for at least a year if you have one even if you are not convicted of the offense If you provided the officer with an altered ID and signed a different name This could be considered a forgery. Forgery is a felony, punishable by up to $10,000 fine, 5 years in jail, or both. As far as taking your "ID" goes? if it is just an ID, it belongs to you, you used authentic documents to get it, that will not be taken from you as it is only good for who you are in case of injury, etc. If your using a false DL, then you are in trouble and your real license will be suspended for up to one year and it may even prevent you from getting your license
  21. You will need to bring your prescription from your doctor, issued within the year, stating the medical condition that exists and the specific tint percentage needed above the state set standard allowance of 35%, plus or minus 3% for the Windows to the immediate left and right of the driver. You can not just tint them as dark as you want them to be, the tint darkness is determined by your doctor on the prescription Bring your tinted vehicle or vehicles along with your doctors note to your local Highway patrol headquarters and they will issue you the permit. Once you receive this permit, you must keep a copy of it in your vehicle or vehicles if you drive more than one, along with a copy of your prescription. The Trooper will then attach a sticker to the rear window or rear bumper of the vehicles that you will be driving. The permit is valid only for household members, if stopped they must produce your prescription and permit for the police officer. Without a State Police issued permit, tinted windows beyond the 35% is a valid reason for a traffic stop on its own
  22. I had no idea how to get it off and i do not live with her! But you got a warning so you should have tried. I mean you had 18 days to take care of this. Christmas and New Years and college registration make no difference it isn't like you had to take it anywhere for service, this is a 5 minute job and even if you did take it somewhere, it is a 5 minute job, that is a lame and poor excuse After my ticket of 158 dollars I removed it. OH so you found a way after the ticket was issued. Funny how all of a sudden you knew how to take care of the problem. Your excuse will not have any bearing in court, you were given a warning, you ignored it, you got a REAL ticket and then you made it right. You can't correct it after the fact. That is like being caught speeding and getting a ticket but telling the judge, I have not been speeding since so the ticket I got should be dismissed.-, Because I learned how to control my speed now. Fight what in court? The officer gave you a friendly warning telling you what you needed to do, you elected to ignore this warning for whatever reason. The same officer then spotted you driving the vehicle with no change, and this was 18 days (3 days short of 3 weeks for a 5 minute job) and gave you a ticket which you deserved, he could have given you one the first time but didn't, you played the "screw him" game and lost.
  23. It sounds like your city-town has an ordinance about private vehicles being sold in the public view. Many towns have this sort of ordinance to avoid making neighborhoods look like car lots, and having old cars just setting around. If you were told to move it by a police or enforcement officer, then there must be a law in effect, and you will be fined if they have to come back and yes if you really want to push it, jail time could be not far behind. List it in the paper, Craigslist, or post notices on public boards or pin boards at your grocery store, or wherever they allow these sorts of postings. Call your police department an have them explain the law to you and have them tell you where (if any place) you can park it. Nobody here knows what type of ordinances your city or town has, you didn't mention it. And even if you did, there is no way for anybody on this board, unless they are on your city or town council to know what or how it reads in regards to your issue. Call your city hall, call the police, call the mayor or your councilmen they will have an answer for you. It is not a state law, so the only people to assist you are those that passed the ordinance in your town.
  24. If the offense happened in the officers jurisdiction then yes he or she can If you were speeding in the officers city, and he could not get you stopped until you got out of his city limits, then yes he can issue you the ticket when he does get you pulled over. Just because you got out of town, does not mean you got away with the traffic offense.
  25. If this officer was involved in hiding or altering facts of your boyfriends case and she was convicted of that, then he could contact the Prosecuting Attorney through his lawyer to have the case reviewed. (it will not be an automatic dismissal of charges) But if he was convicted of check fraud (only an example) and she was convicted of murder then there is no relationship. Just because a police officer (law enforcement agent) gets arrested, that does not mean that everybody he or she has arrested during his or her career is let out of prison because of that. If she was assigned to the lab where she was in charge or handled evidence and she altered the evidence that got your boyfriend convicted, and she was convicted of that crime, then his attorney should be talking to the prosecuting attorney, and to be honest his lawyer should have been all over this if this was the case.
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