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  1. In Ventura county when someone is on probation the sheriff's will come to your home for what the call a probation search if your sleeping will wake you up say your under the influence. They make the arrest take you to jail and you will get released that night. What do they think your not under the influence later on that same night. It's not right to make an arrest then release someone for something that has not changed the original issue is it? Is it just to make the head count in jail so that tax payers are being charged. Does this sound right to anyone?
  2. I'm from Ca. and I owe back child support and my Mom has my brother and me on her bank account for the day she passes. I have not been able to withdraw or deposit money in this account and didn't even know I was on it. Can Child Support take her life savings from this account to pay for my past due child support? If not what can she do to get her money back as she can't hire a lawyer because she has no money left.
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    In the state of California durning a criminal trial is it ok for the courts to change D.A.'s in between the trial and sentencing? Also is it ok for a commissioner to poll the jury after decision there was a total of 4 charges. Two charges the jury found defendent guilty and two the jury were hung and before the jury was to be excused the judge ask for a poll on the hung cases.
  4. What can be done to stop a transfer from a California prison to another prison out of state.
  5. Is it a conflict of interest or is it legal for your former Public Defender (Now Commissioner) to be the Commissioner hearing your felony jury trial .
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