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  1. I know that it was a medical magazine with the article about the childbirth in the water. The photos of my friend giving birth accompanied that article. Who took the pictures is unknown but she definitely didn’t take them. She just recently discovered that 4-year old issue. She was unaware of its publication. She lives abroad and asked me to help her to find the answers to: a) legality of such photos publication, under what law it falls (criminal, civil, human rights, copyrights, violation of privacy, C) statue of limitation on such publication, d) what lawyer will be dealing with such issue. Thank you.
  2. The friend of my recently found her private photos published in the Santa Fe’s medical magazine. The issue is 4years old. What law specialist should she find to defend her rights? What is a statue of limitation on such publication? Is there a legal right to sue that magazine?
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