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  1. That's what I was thinking. I just didn't know and wanted to confirm. It seems like there are some exclusions to the rule but I still don't think they relate.
  2. Quick question At the end of March 2016, my child was removed from my home by CPS. In October 2016, my parental rights were terminated. (This all stemmed from lies my daughter told which led to a criminal case in which I was found not guilty.) The family court ruling is under appeal. Because my parental rights were taken until October, am I able to claim my daughter on my taxes for the 2016 tax season?
  3. Thank you for clarifying that for me. I was lost for a few. I even read it 4 times. That's what happens when you are away for a while. --------------- BTW...I've missed this site and people like you and badge, Fallen. Working 60+ hours per week and being a single father takes away a lot of free time. I'm glad to see you.
  4. Was there supposed to be a question?
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    spoiled food

    Carrying Renter's Insurance is always a good idea so that you can get reimbursed for certain losses that others wouldn't be responsible for.
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    Were you covered under FMLA? How long were you off work before you were laid off?
  7. A friend of mine recently had a family member arrested in Canton, MI. There was no information given to the family about the reason for the arrest. Eventually, some information was given, which leads me to my question. What does it mean when they say that is was an assault and that the assault was a high misdemeanor? What types of assault require a 20 hour detainment?
  8. Oh yeah...to be clear, since i clearly only found what you stated, I was wrong in my providing the court cost information.
  9. Guess_Again, Firstly, I never said that I was an attorney. Secondly, it looks as if I am wrong only on the court cost part , or at least, I can't find information to back up my side. Regardless, the only information I can find is about the uniform fee type stuff. I can't find anything on court costs at all, so at this time I must concede defeat.
  10. Guess_Again, Your answer is not totally correct. Neither was mine because I thought a thought and didn't write it down. If he goes to court, it will cost more than if he goes ahead and pays the fine before the court date.
  11. To create a handicap parking area for a GOLF CART?? Is this LEGAL? Are GOLF CARTS considered vehicles? Golf carts are vehicles and there can be a space created for them. When they leave to do laundry, park your car there. They can't tow it if it has the correct tag. If you are trying to find out if they have to have a handicapped space for you, contact the person from whom you are renting. You can also contact a local real estate attorney to see what they think should happen. A letter from an attorney can make changes. You can also contact the fair housing people and see what they say.
  12. What are you asking? You seem to have gotten all of the legalities. You go by what the law states. If he damages your vehicle, call the police and also sue him. If you don't want to risk him damaging it, towing it, etc., then don't park there. If you are out to prove a point, figure out whether or not it is worth the trouble.
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    What are you actually asking? Are you trying to find out if it is legal for them to say that you can't put that metal box on their property? VERDICT: 100% Legal. I called the regional manager and he said the same thing. He asked why I don't move in the traditional method And he's free to ask that. And he's free to deny your request. And he's free to have it removed if you put it there. And if you put it there, he's free to sue you for putting it there and the cost to remove it. This service is used alot by people and I don't see how they can dictate how I choose to move. They aren't dictating how you choose to move. You are trying to use their property though. They can dictate what comes on or doesn't come on it. You may want to look at placing it on someone else's property, if they allow it, and driving a Uhaul back and forth from it. The trailor would take 3 parking spaces, which are certainly available in an area where few people park. Buy your own apartment complex and you can create the rules. Your rationale doesn't matter. It is not storage, it is a moving company. Obviously, the metal container isn't a moving company. The box IS storing property, and if it is on their property for 3 days, it is storing it for 3 days--hence the term storage.
  14. On red, no cars in that direction should be in the intersection. So the intersection must be clear of vehicles from that direction. You'll have a hard time winning this one. Remember that when you fight a ticket and lose, your court costs will be higher.
  15. If you weren't paid properly, you would need to contact the Department of Labor--labor, wage and hourly area--and file a claim. You can find their contact information by going to www.dol.gov and look for your state.
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