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  1. To respond to a discussion, you can click the orange "Answer/Reply" button from the original question. It will help keep related posts together.
  2. Is this in reference to another discussion? It sounds like it might be. You can post to an existing discussion by clicking the orange "Answer/Reply" button.
  3. Please provide additional information. What is the nature of the claim you wish to bring? Where are you located?
  4. Renters do have basic, enforceable rights. One of which is called an "implied warranty of habitability" (LawBrain)--this basically means that landlord are legally required to ensure that rental property is livable. Here are a few resources that may be helpful: The Legal Standard: Warranty of Habitability (FindLaw) Getting Your Fix: Tenants' Rights to Minor Repairs (FindLaw) The Right to Repair and Deduct (FindLaw) Good luck.
  5. Where are you located? You may want to contact a local attorney. Below is a link to attorneys specializing in landlord-tenant issues. You can browse by state/city/county. Note also that some attorneys offer free consultations, which may be helpful in determining whether to pursue the matter. Browse landlord-tenant attorneys in your location (FindLaw Lawyer Directory) Good luck.
  6. A private nuisance (LawBrain) occurs when there has been an unreasonable use of property in a way that interferes with the another's use of their property. Private nuisance does not require an actual physical invasion of property. Broadly speaking, private nuisance civil actions are brought from one occupier of land against another. Here, all of the roommates occupy the same apartment. This may be be better handled internally, either through discussing the matter, writing out agreements and expectations, or perhaps pursuing mediation (LawBrain) Here are a few resources that may be helpful: Property rights: my neighbor is a nuisance (FindLaw) Renting a place with others (FindLaw) Why consider mediation (FindLaw)
  7. Here are a few resources on tenants' rights with regards to repairs and maintenance that may be helpful: The Legal Standard: Warranty of Habitability (FindLaw) Getting Your Fix: Tenants' Rights to Minor Repairs (FindLaw) The Right to Repair and Deduct (FindLaw)
  8. Adverse possession (LawBrain) is a legal doctrine which enables people who move on to property and use it in a certain way to be able to acquire title to the land. The requirements for use generally require using the land in an "open" and "obvious" way and for a certain duration of time. Adverse possession laws actually vary by state. The link below will connect you to individual state laws: State adverse possession laws (FindLaw)
  9. Can you clarify your question a bit. What kind of policy are you referring to?
  10. Someone on the boards may be familiar with that particular New York traffic citation. In the meanwhile, you can continue your research with this page of New York traffic laws. It also contains a link to the NY Driver's handbook which may specify rules for passing. Good luck. New York traffic laws (FindLaw)
  11. Here are a few resources that may be helpful: Deciding whether to fight a traffic ticket (FindLaw) Common traffic violations (FindLaw)
  12. Where are you located? Many traffic laws vary by state.
  13. A clarifying question, do the creators of the will/trust wish to modify/amend those documents? If they worked with an attorney to create the will/trust, that attorney should be able to help with the modification/amendment. Here are a few resources you may wish to share with them: When to change your will (FindLaw) How to amend a trust (FindLaw) For additional questions you contact a local estate planning attorney in West Virgina (FindLaw Lawyer Directory)
  14. Below is a link list of all of the forms for purchase on FindLaw. Note that you can also choose a Form Package which includes various forms (including state-specific forms) needed to complete a transaction. State-specific forms for all states (FindLaw Forms)Here are also a few resources regarding contesting a will: How to contest a will or trust (FindLaw Library) What does it mean when a will is contested? (FindLaw) Good luck.
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